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Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets

Pdf Romance Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets

Pdf:Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets.Rose and Rosie are known for their candid and hilarious YouTube videos...but now they are taking oversharing to a whole new level. Discussing sexuality, revealing secrets and empowering others, Overshare is a book packed with Rose and Rosie's unique take on friendships, fame, mental health and LGBT issues.As visibly out members of the LGBT community, they open up about their own experiences, both together and as individuals, and have written this book in the hope that it gives strength to those who have faced similar difficulties. They are spreading a message of positivity and inclusivity, and want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their sexuality. Delve deep into the unfiltered highs and lows of Rose and Rosie's life: family relationships, secrets of a happy marriage, struggles with OCD and anxiety, finding love and navigating the world as a gay couple. Get ready to laugh, cry, cringe and overshare.

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Tattoo Book Two: A Twisted Cherry Romance (MM and MC Tattoo Romance) (Twisted Cherry Series 2)

Pdf Romance Tattoo Book Two: A Twisted Cherry Romance (MM and MC Tattoo Romance) (Twisted Cherry Series 2)

Pdf:Tattoo Book Two: A Twisted Cherry Romance (MM and MC Tattoo Romance) (Twisted Cherry Series 2).I was seven years old when my life spun out of control. When you've got a big mouth and a trigger-tongue like mine, life can be a real bitch. I use words like weapons and don't worry about who I hurt, so long as they don't hurt me. At least I did, until I met Evan.That man turns me upside down and inside out. I just have to figure out if I can handle him or need to cut him loose. I don't know what to do anymore…

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Irresistible: Cloverleigh Farms Standalone

Pdf Romance Irresistible: Cloverleigh Farms Standalone

Pdf:Irresistible: Cloverleigh Farms Standalone.“Sexy, heartfelt--did I mention sexy? With the perfect touch of the forbidden, Melanie Harlow has outdone herself with single dad Mack and Frannie’s story!”—Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling authorI’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. I don’t have time to fall in love—I’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.Sure, Frannie Sawyer is beautiful and sweet, but she’s twenty-seven, the boss’s daughter, and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits. It’s bad enough I can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?(Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking.)Actually, I’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away.  She makes me feel like myself again. She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined.I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start.But I didn’t. And now I have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.Even if it means giving her up.

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Slow Burn (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 2)

Pdf Romance Slow Burn (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 2)

Pdf:Slow Burn (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 2).Tobias Gamble knew from a young age precisely the kind of woman he was going to make his. She was not going to be like his mother. She was going to be like the mother he claimed. In other words, she was going to be just right.And when Toby returns to his hometown of Matlock, Kentucky and claps eyes on Adeline Forrester, he knows she’s the one.The problem is, his brother Johnny has a new girlfriend. And Addie is her sister. Last, Toby would do nothing to hurt Johnny’s chance at happiness.Toby hangs around town to get to know the woman Johnny fell in love with. He also hangs around to get to know Addie.But he’s fallen hard, and he knows the best thing for him—and Addie—is for him to leave.Addie Forrester is thrilled her sister Eliza found a good, solid man. Johnny Gamble is the salt of the earth. The best guy in the world.The best except for his brother, Toby.Toby doesn’t know it, but Addie’s fallen hard too. He’s perfect, except for the fact that he’s hands off and it’s torture, being friends with Toby when she wants so much more.Addie also has a lot on her mind. She’s got bills to pay, her young son needs food, Christmas is coming and her job at the grocery store just isn’t cutting it.Toby is steering clear of Addie. Addie is steering clear of Toby. But everyone around them knows this is the slow burn.Because just like Eliza and Johnny, Addie and Toby were made for each other.

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Fae's Captive

Pdf Romance Fae's Captive

Pdf:Fae's Captive.My college roommate is the worst. Cecile steals my food, brings guys over at all hours, and parties instead of studying. But those quirks pale in comparison to what she does next. She drugs me, and I wake up imprisoned in an alternate universe full of terrifying creatures. Now, the biggest and scariest creature of all--a fae king--believes I'm his mate. He's freed me from the dungeon but keeps me close. So close, in fact, that I'm beginning to like his wintery gaze and ice-chiseled body. But secrets and villains lurk throughout this new world, and I don't know if I'll survive long enough to figure out how to get back home.Author's Note: Fae's Captive is the first book in a series that will set your imagination--and other parts of you--on fire. Mind the cliff, but book 2 is already out.

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Gypsy Moon (All The Pretty Monsters Book 4)

Pdf Romance Gypsy Moon (All The Pretty Monsters Book 4)

Pdf:Gypsy Moon (All The Pretty Monsters Book 4).Imagine searching your whole life for answers, and then finally finding them. A part of you is excited to know the truth. Another part of you is damaged, because you realize why it was so hard to learn answers.Secrets aren't usually very pretty.In the midst of all of it, the four monsters I've gotten too attached to are about to be reunited with the one woman they all once loved so deeply that they sacrificed everything to have an eternity with her.They said they hated Arion, but I never see hatred when they're around him. I see frustration, resentment, anger, and pain, but never hatred.They say they hate Idun, but until she returns, I won't know how true that really is. All the pretty monsters don't have simple emotions, because everyone has lived so long that it's gotten entirely too complicated to feel anything too much.The only way to figure out what happens next is to stop stalling and start doing, while silently hoping it doesn't cost me everything I never knew I wanted...until it landed in my lap.My life sucks so hard sometimes.**Reverse Harem**Mature content**Language warning**Dark Humor**CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND-ALONEReading Order:Gypsy BloodGypsy FreakGypsy OriginsGypsy Moon

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The Kiss Thief

Pdf Romance The Kiss Thief

Pdf:The Kiss Thief.#1 Contemporary Romance#1 New Adult Romance#2 Most sold book on Amazon#2 Most sold Fiction book on Washington PostTop 2 book in the entire Amazon Kindle store“My absolute favorite L.J. Shen to date. Indulgent and addictive.” – USA Today Bestselling author RS Grey"This book will ruin you for all other books in 2019" - Bestselling author BB Easton From USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author L.J. Shen comes an enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist...They say your first kiss should be earned.Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky.They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred.Mine were broken before we left church.They say your heart only beats for one man.Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end.I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit.Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage. They say that all great love stories have a happy ending.I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter.One kiss.Two men.Three lives.Entwined together.And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.

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The Knocked Up Plan (One Love Book 3)

Pdf Romance The Knocked Up Plan (One Love Book 3)

Pdf:The Knocked Up Plan (One Love Book 3).There are three little words most guys don't want to hear on the first date. Not those...I mean these... "knock me up."This single gal has had enough of the games, the BS and the endless chase. I know what I want most, and it's not true love. It's a bun in the oven, and I'm not afraid to hit up my s-e-x-on-a-stick co-worker to do the job. Ryder is gorgeous, witty and charming -- and he's also a notorious commitment-phobe. That makes him the perfect candidate to make a deposit in the bank of me.I won't fall for him, he won't fall for me, and there's no way baby will make three.Right?****There are four words every guy wants to hear on the first date -- "your place or mine?"When my hot-as-sin co-worker makes me a no-strings-attached offer that involves her place, my place, any place -- as well as any position -- I can't refuse. Besides, I've got my own reasons to take her up on her deal even with her one BIG condition.There's no way I'll want more from one woman than any position, any where, any night? Except . . . what if I do?There are four standalone books in The One Love series. The Sexy One (Simon & Abby)The Hot One (Tyler & Delaney)The Knocked Up Plan (Ryder & Nicole)Come As You Are (Flynn & Sabrina)

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Road to Winter (Fae's Captive Book 2)

Pdf Romance Road to Winter (Fae's Captive Book 2)

Pdf:Road to Winter (Fae's Captive Book 2).The fae king is growing on me. Every touch, look, and night spent in his arms is slowly melting my resistance. When his feral side takes over, something inside me wants to let go and give him everything. With each passing day, the pull is getting harder to deny. But the road to the winter realm is full of danger, and I need to concentrate on finding my way home, not on the promises of pleasure Leander whispers in my ear at night. Even so, how long can I resist the intoxicating kiss of winter?Author's Note: This is book 2 in the Fae's Captive Series. Be sure to read book 1 first, or risk being lost in the enchanted woods with a growly fae king.

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Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons: a Paranormal Romance (Fated Alpha Book 1)

Pdf Romance Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons: a Paranormal Romance (Fated Alpha Book 1)

Pdf:Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons: a Paranormal Romance (Fated Alpha Book 1).A female Wolf in danger. Four Possessive Dragons determined to protect her. A paranormal romance.Elizabeth is certain she’s not meant to rule the Southeastern White Tooth Pack. Since birth, she’s been told she was the wolf pack’s fated leader. She is, after all, the first-born of the pack Alpha. But how can she lead them if she’s never shifted? She doubts herself, but her fate is tied to the moon and Elizabeth is honor-bound to fulfill her destiny. To help Elizabeth, her mother presents her with a secret diamond necklace, magical jewels that have adorned the neck of every female in her family for hundreds of years.But evil forces lurk in the shadows.Not every wolf shifter in the pack wants Elizabeth to take power. When the Wolf Council sanctions Elizabeth as the official Fated Alpha, enemies attack her family, killing her parents. When they discover that Elizabeth survived, she must flee for her life. With nowhere to go, help comes in the form of four sexy and powerful Dragon shifters.The fierce warriors offer her their protection in their secluded mountain home. As Elizabeth mends, it’s clear the four Dragon shifters crave more from her. All four men desire her. Each wants to claim her body and heart and soul. As her enemies close in, can the men keep Elizabeth safe by their side and help her reclaim her place as leader of her pack? ***Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons is Book One of the Fated Alpha Series. Each book features a paranormal romance with one woman and four demanding, protective shifters. ***Buy now to dive into this paranormal romance world!

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Prince of Ice (Frozen Dragons Book 3)

Pdf Romance Prince of Ice (Frozen Dragons Book 3)

Pdf:Prince of Ice (Frozen Dragons Book 3).Luka, the last unmated ice dragon, knows exactly how to win over the sassy, sweet scientist he fell for at first sight. He's going to take it slow, let her warm up, and show her how hot an ice dragon's kiss can be. All while hiding his identity. But when someone breaks into Iris's lab, Luka's careful plans are ruined, and it'll take all his strength just to keep the dragon in him from unleashing on whoever is threatening his mate. Iris Jensen has worked hard to become a renowned scientist in her field. Now that she's about to get tenure, and the financial security she's always longed for, nothing can distract her. Except maybe a man with beautiful, icy eyes that seem to stare into her soul and hands that are just perfect for holding her. But with someone threatening everything she's worked for, she can't let herself fall into Luka's arms just yet. Even though Luka wants to take things slow with his mate, the dragon in him knows he has to hurry if he wants to protect her from outside forces. Because Iris may be close to losing everything, and in the modern world there are some things even ice dragons have to fear. Prince of Ice is the third book in the Frozen Dragon series, and contains scenes of intense action adventure, mystery, dragon hijinks, and steamy, romantic scenes.

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Joker's Wild: A Mafia Romance

Pdf Romance Joker's Wild: A Mafia Romance

Pdf:Joker's Wild: A Mafia Romance.HE KIDNAPPED ME. HELD ME PRISONER. I knew Junior Tacone was dangerous. I worked for him once taking care of his mother.I thought when the job was over I’d be safe.Out of his awareness. Out of his reach.But his brother took a bullet and Junior chose me to be his nurse.So I’m his prisoner, trapped in his beautiful house, subject to his rule.And it seems he’s developed a thing for me.Which means he may never let me go...Note: This steamy stand-alone romance is the fifth in USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose's Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers.

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What He Never Knew (What He Doesn't Know Series Book 3)

Pdf Romance What He Never Knew (What He Doesn't Know Series Book 3)

Pdf:What He Never Knew (What He Doesn't Know Series Book 3). NOW AN AMAZON TOP 100 BESTSELLERA standalone teacher/student romance in the What He Doesn't Know series. I never learn my lesson.And I always want what I can’t have.When Sarah Henderson walks into my life, I tell myself she’s off limits. She’s my student, sixteen years younger than me, and my boss’s niece. It doesn’t matter that I see the same pain reflected in her eyes that I have in my own, or that the dead organ better known as my heart kicks to life when she’s around. I’ve been here before, and I know how this ends.It’s been two years since I fell for the last woman I knew I couldn’t have, the one with the ring on her finger that I chose to ignore. Two years of trying to overcome that heartache when Sarah slides into my life. Another woman I can’t have. Another woman I can’t stop myself from wanting. I never learn my lesson, but with a constant reminder of how that last forbidden love burned, I think I’ve finally learned this one.This time, I won’t chase what’s off limits. This time, I’m staying away. And I’ll keep telling myself that until I believe it.

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Wild Ride (Powertools: Hot Rides Book 1)

Pdf Romance Wild Ride (Powertools: Hot Rides Book 1)

Pdf:Wild Ride (Powertools: Hot Rides Book 1).Can a marriage of convenience turn into true love? Maybe...with the help of the right man.Quinn has made mistakes—like sleeping with the wrong people. It’s taken him time to figure out what he wants in bed and out of it. Understandable, since he’s attracted to both men and women and surrounded by a network of friends who seem to have no trouble finding love in any combination.When he meets Trevon—the sexiest man ever—on the side of the road, only one thing keeps Quinn from pursuing him: Trevon’s even sexier wife, Devra.Like Quinn, Trevon and Devra have led rough lives. Financial and safety concerns forced them into a marriage of convenience they both secretly wish was more.The lessons Quinn’s past taught him should put the brakes on his fantasies of propositioning Trevon and Devra for a one-night ménage. But the need to atone for his previous transgressions, along with pure temptation, drives him to bring the struggling couple closer, even if it means breaking his own heart in the process.This is a standalone book in the Hot Rides series and includes an HEA with no cheating. The series is part of the greater universe where both the Powertools and Hot Rods books are also set, so you can visit with many of your previous favorite characters and see what they’re up to now!

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Dragon Guardians: Complete Series

Pdf Romance Dragon Guardians: Complete Series

Pdf:Dragon Guardians: Complete Series.All 8 Dragon Guardians books bundled together.This bundle includes:KianTo claim her, he must tell her things she can't imagine ...A shocking discovery leads to nanny Everly and the baby being kidnapped by vampires. Can Prince Kian find them in time? And even if he does, will Everly accept the truth of who he is?DaxTo make her his, he must earn her trustWhen Dax discovers Aria's secret, his graceless ways could ruin everything. Can a gentle songstress trust the brash warrior with not only her magic but her heart? And when it all seems lost, can Aria find her inner strength and discover the true extent of her power?AidenTo claim his mate, he'll have to come out of the shadows...When vampires arrive, Aiden can no longer conceal his dragon nature. He whisks Winnie away, but her rescue comes at a terrible price. Winnifred wants nothing to do with him! Will Aiden ever come out of hiding again? And if he does, can the self-sufficient painter admit she needs love, not only to the secretive warrior, but to herself?CatoTo claim his mate, he'll have to be the hero she needsWhen Cato finally shows Penelope his dragon, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place for her. Cato and crew track down the vampires responsible for her sister's disappearance, but can they get there in time? And even if they do, will Penelope's twin ever be the same?Storm HaremWhat will she do with three dragon mates?Before Krista can admit her growing affection, she is rudely awakened to the truth of her dragon mates and the vampire threat that lurks in the shadows.Even if Krista can accept her new reality, will it be possible to choose just one mate?HanishTo come together, they'll have to let goCan a bossy nanny and a cocky captain work together or will their differences tear them apart?RaidenTo find his mate, he'll have to believe the impossibleWill Flora find the missing ingredient before vampires drive the human race to madness? And can Raiden claim the love he desires without the help of his inner beast?ZephyrTo claim his mate, he’ll have to follow his heartPushed to the brink by the vampires, humans, and his own inner dragon, Zephyr must make a choice between his heart and his head. Can this logical scientist follow his feelings, claim his mate, and save the world? Or will he let his rigid beliefs rob him of everything he's ever wanted?

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Think Twice

Pdf Romance Think Twice

Pdf:Think Twice.One couple risks it all, while the other may lose everything...At eighteen, PJ was full of dreams. She was on her way to becoming a serious artist and moving across the country, away from the unrequited, tortured dream of her much older brother’s irresistible best friend, Dylan. But when she forced herself to let that dream go, she never expected it to bounce back and refuse to let her. One fall may have cost Jack everything. After being severely injured while responding to a fire, he lost the girl, the use of his leg, and possibly the career he’s dreamed of all his life. While away at rehab, he connects with Danielle, his physical therapist and a girl from his past. She can heal him in more ways than one, but she’s nursing her own wounds. When your heart is warring with your head, there’s no time to Think Twice.

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Warrior Undone

Pdf Romance Warrior Undone

Pdf:Warrior Undone.From Amazon Bestselling Author Jessica Ruben comes the latest Contemporary/New Adult Romance....I have no intention of finding happily-ever-after.At least, not anymore.Fighting for my country was an honor,returning home is a curse.My demons need to be fed.How else can a shattered man stay afloat?When a wild night in Las Vegas with the sexiest woman I've ever met turns into hell, she attaches to me as though I'm her savior.But what happens when a woman hangs her hands on broken glass?She bleeds.*Warrior Undone is a stand alone spin-off from the Vincent and Eve series. This is a full length novel.

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Ryan's Obsession (Romance Bites Book 1)

Pdf Romance Ryan's Obsession (Romance Bites Book 1)

Pdf:Ryan's Obsession (Romance Bites Book 1).Gwen Riley is my former partner's widow and the object of my obsession. I've waited two long years for her heart to heal. Waited for a sign she was ready to allow another man into her life. I positioned myself to be the one she turned to and what did she do? Go out on a date with another man. Before tonight is over, my lovely lady will learn what I've always known--she belongs to me.Author's Note: Ryan's Obsession is a short, sexy romance meant to devoured in one hour or less reading time. Great for lunch breaks or those moments when your need for romance is greater than your time available.

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Asher (Men of Versteck Valley Book 1)

Pdf Romance Asher (Men of Versteck Valley Book 1)

Pdf:Asher (Men of Versteck Valley Book 1).Mya Burch and her five-year-old son Colin, Jr. left home for a job and the start of a new life across the country in a place called Versteck Valley. It was time for her to jumpstart her career and enroll her son in a school for gifted kids. On the surface, Versteck looked like a perfect place to live in peace and raise her son. But Versteck had secrets that Mya couldn’t imagine and the residents refused to share.Asher Pendergrass had built his security company on grit and determination. He and his cousins had invested millions to make their teen-aged dream a reality. Versteck Arms was a place that accepted the best talent from around the world and they’d defend their piece of heaven against all outsiders.Asher isn’t too keen on Mya living next door and even less so when an unknown threat arrives in town harassing the single mother and her son. Strangers weren’t welcome in Versteck, those who started trouble even less so. With a threat against Mya and her son rising each day, Asher and the men of Versteck have to make a decision to either band together to help the newcomer or step aside.

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Real Men Bite (Soren Pack | Paranormal Werewolf Romance) (Real Men Shift Book 5)

Pdf Romance Real Men Bite (Soren Pack | Paranormal Werewolf Romance) (Real Men Shift Book 5)

Pdf:Real Men Bite (Soren Pack | Paranormal Werewolf Romance) (Real Men Shift Book 5).His wolf wants her to submit. She wants him to heel.After years of kicking ass in the Army, Captain Valerie Logan needs a break. And she can’t think of a better place for some R&R than her best friend’s small mountain hometown. Except her sister from another mister no longer lives in Tremble, Georgia. Who does? Her BFF’s frustrating, domineering, sex-on-two-legs older brother. Zeke Soren is a born alpha—when he growls, his werewolf pack listens. Unfortunately, there’s one beautiful, bad-ass, human female who refuses to follow a single order. He’s already dealing with humans infringing on pack territory. He doesn’t need one invading his life—no matter what his wolf thinks.The only problem is that Val is everything he’s ever wanted in an alpha female—strong, fierce, sexy, and his. He’ll just have to turn her into a werewolf. No big deal, right? Unless he’s wrong about her being his fated mate and he kills her instead.Don’t miss the rest of the "REAL MEN SHIFT" series:THE BLACKWOOD PACK1. Real Men Howl 2. Real Men Snarl3. Real Men Growl 3.5 Real Men HealTHE SOREN PACK 4. Real Men Bite5. Real Men Claim (February 2019)6. Real Men Hunt (March 2019)

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Jack of Spades: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 2)

Pdf Romance Jack of Spades: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 2)

Pdf:Jack of Spades: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 2)."Raw, addictive, and absolutely luscious. Renee Rose never fails to deliver!" ~USA Today Bestselling author Jane Henry“YOU’RE AT MY MERCY NOW, AMORE.”Sorry, bella. You got dealt the losing hand. Witness to a crime, you’re my prisoner now.I didn’t mean for things to happen this way,But tying you to my bed and making you scream is an unexpected pleasure. A privilege, really.And even if I did trust you, now that I’ve had a taste, I’m not sure I’d let you go...Jack of Spades is a stand-alone romance in the interconnected Vegas Underground series. No cliffhangers, no cheating.

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Claimed by the Warlord

Pdf Romance Claimed by the Warlord

Pdf:Claimed by the Warlord.One people, divided by treachery and greed. A fiery, ruthless Warlord, a beautiful, ethereal Princess They are drawn together by an intensely intimate connection, and when fire and ice meet, its explosive.Abducted, caged, and auctioned to a red-horned alien devil whose black eyes foretell a very bleak future, Aurelia should be grateful to be alive. Though a rescue comes just seconds before the alien ship bursts into flames, she's sure death would have been more merciful when she discovers her hero is the powerful Warlord of Voltarre, sworn enemy of her people. After boarding a slaver's barge to recover three women inexplicably stolen from his planet, Lord Darios is shocked to find the Princess of Aeldor also on board the ship. Though their planets have a turbulent history, Darios can't leave an innocent behind and risks his own life to save the frightened captive beauty from certain death. With the crisis averted, the mystery remains - someone wants Aurelia dead. Though as different as fire and ice, Darios choosing to claim her to protect her; is it out of honor, or in light of the intimate connection neither of them can deny? Can these unlikely lovers mend the rift between their worlds, or will the evil conspiring against them, spawned of jealousy and greed, bring them to the brink of war, yet again?Publisher's note: Claimed by the Warlord is a steamy, standalone sci-fi romance that contains sexual scenes and spanking. If this isn't your cup of tea, you might want to give something else a try.

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Island Captive: A Dark Romance

Pdf Romance Island Captive: A Dark Romance

Pdf:Island Captive: A Dark Romance.I was hired to apprehend a monster - a Dom who’d been sentenced to life for killing his submissive. I’ve seen what he’s capable of, and the images will haunt me forever. I swore I’d stop at nothing to put him behind bars.But then our plane back to the States crashes.We are the only two survivors.And the monster will make me wish I’d died along with the rest of them.

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Ace of Hearts: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 3)

Pdf Romance Ace of Hearts: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 3)

Pdf:Ace of Hearts: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 3)."I hit the jackpot with this sexy page turner." ~USA Today Bestselling Author Vanessa ValeTHE SWEET LITTLE SONGBIRD'S IN MY CAGE NOW. She owes the Family money. Big money. And I'm the guythey sent to put the squeeze on her. So now she's playing at my casino.Strutting around on my stage in her tight little shorts. Killing me softly.I promised she'll be treated with respect, so long as she does as she's told.But I didn't count on her barging in my office and tempting me,begging for a taste of my authority.I didn't count on her getting under my skin.And the last thing I want is to see her debt paid.Because then I'd have to set her free...Note: This steamy stand-alone romance is the third in USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose's Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers.

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Mafia Daddy: Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 4)

Pdf Romance Mafia Daddy: Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 4)

Pdf:Mafia Daddy: Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 4).SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN MINEDon G gave me an order--find his daughter.Straighten her out. Bring her home.Sure--taking the mafia princess in hand will be my pleasure.But she's not going home--she's staying with me.Because despite the marriage contract to another family,Jenna Pachino has always been mine. Publisher's Note: This is a steamy stand-alone short story from the Vegas Underground series. It originally appeared in the USA Today bestselling anthology Daddy's Demands.It contains graphic sex including spanking. If such material offends you, do not read this book.

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Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow

Pdf Romance Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow

Pdf:Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow.The New York Times best-selling Queen of Erotica, Zane is back with a new novel about a testy love affair that emerges between a woman who's had enough and a man who's had it all. Jemistry Daniels is a bitter woman and not trying to hide it. Even though she is beautiful, intelligent, and makes six figures a year as a high school principal in Washington, DC, one man after another has failed her. So she decides to give up and join the party by adapting the entire "friends with benefits" mentality with a couple of men that she beds on the regular but refuses to hold any kind of real conversation with, in fear that she might actually catch feelings. Everything is going according to plan until she meets Dr. Tevin Harris, a prominent vascular surgeon, one night at a poetry slam. Tevin listens to her deliver her male-bashing poem and instead of steering away from her like most men with any common sense would do, he asks her out. Tevin has been casually dating for years, ever since his failed marriage to Estella. They had suffered several miscarriages and the emotional pain had become too much for either one of them to bear and still wake up with each other every morning. Opening up, gaining trust, tearing down barriers, and ultimately, having the audacity to love again is not easy for either Jemistry or Tevin. It takes a lot of transparency, emotional honesty, and patience to even begin to build a life together by helping each other rebuild what has been broken. The Other Side of the Pillow examines, explores, and exposes what it means to truly fall in love. It proves that true love stories do not have a happy ending. True love stories never end at all.

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Banking the Billionaire (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 2)

Pdf Romance Banking the Billionaire (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 2)

Pdf:Banking the Billionaire (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 2).A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you more from their sexy, laugh-out-loud new series. Can you ever get enough Billionaire Bad Boys?Uninhibited. Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed. Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin. At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny. Wild for wild. Prank for prank. The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep. Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words. Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy.Suggested Series Reading order: #1 Tapping the Billionaire #1.5 Tapping Her #2 Banking the BillionaireAnd available for Preorder... #2.5 Banking Her (September 2016)#3 Scoring the Billionaire (October 2016)#3.5 Scoring Her (November 2016)

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Luck of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 2)

Pdf Romance Luck of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 2)

Pdf:Luck of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 2).New York Times bestselling author Meghan March continues the story of ruthless, calculating billionaire Jericho Forge in Luck of the Devil.My poker face has always been one of my greatest assets, along with my grit and determination.I was beholden to no one.Asked permission for nothing.Then Jericho Forge took my life by storm.I traded my freedom for something infinitely more precious, but I didn’t realize he was holding an unbeatable hand.Now, all I have to do is survive the high-stakes game that is my life—with my heart intact.But not falling in love with Forge? That will take the luck of the devil.Luck of the Devil is the second book of the Forge Trilogy and should be read following Deal with the Devil. The Forge Trilogy concludes in Heart of the Devil.

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Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 1)

Pdf Romance Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 1)

Pdf:Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 1).“You can put that man in a suit, but he'll never be tame." One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me.I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.I was wrong. Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil.Deal with the Devil is the first book of the Forge Trilogy, which will continue in Luck of the Devil and conclude in Heart of the Devil.

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Heart of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 3)

Pdf Romance Heart of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 3)

Pdf:Heart of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 3).From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes the stunning conclusion to the Forge Trilogy. In this final volume, ruthless billionaire Jericho Forge faces his toughest challenge. To emerge victorious, he’ll have to give up the one thing he’s never offered a woman—his heart.It started as a game. She was nothing but my pawn.But I was quick to see the error in my ways, and now she is everything I never knew I needed. The value of a woman like India Baptiste is beyond measure. But the problem with being a man like me? I’ve already screwed this up, and there’s no guarantee India will take me on for one last bet.I'll do whatever I have to do. Drop to my knees and offer her the only thing I have left. The one thing that’s only ever been hers—the heart of the devil.

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IRL: In Real Life (After Oscar Book 1)

Pdf Romance IRL: In Real Life (After Oscar Book 1)

Pdf:IRL: In Real Life (After Oscar Book 1).Conor:It starts with a drunken text pic. The kind I would normally never send. Only, instead of it going to the flirty hotel bartender, it goes to some random stranger who actually responds.I tell myself an unexpected night of hot as hell back-and-forth is the perfect way to blow off a little steam while I’m in New York closing an important business deal. Little do I know the man on the other end of the line is none other than Wells Grange: the most controlling, egotistical, emotionless SOB I’ve ever met.I spend my days squaring off against Wells in the boardroom, and my nights succumbing to the sexy stranger’s commanding texts in the bedroom. Within days, I’m falling for someone I shouldn’t, and I have to remind myself that none of this is real.Wells:The first thing I notice about Conor Newell when he sits down in my high-rise conference room is how delightfully nervous he is. Then I see his tie. The same geeky tie that’s held hostage on my phone. The one that belongs to my anonymous late-night texter. And it changes everything.I should confess. Tell the truth about who I am. Instead, I decide there’s no harm in flirting. After all, once our business is concluded, he’ll be out of my life for good.The more I get to know Conor, however, the more I start to fall for him. Which is a problem, because I made a vow long ago to never let emotions interfere with my life, either business or personal. Except I can’t stop thinking about him night and day. If it’s only in my head, though, it doesn’t count.After all, it’s not like we’re falling for each other in real life...

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One Bad Idea: A Billionaire Loathing-to-Love Romance

Pdf Romance One Bad Idea: A Billionaire Loathing-to-Love Romance

Pdf:One Bad Idea: A Billionaire Loathing-to-Love Romance.'I loved the chemistry between these two!' Loathing leads to love in this new standalone romantic comedy from a USA TODAY bestseller. Allie Brewster has a problem, and his name is Jaden Bishop - the most impossible person she's ever met. So why, oh why, is he haunting her dreams like some kind of rock-hard shirtless nightmare? It's all so wrong, especially when hating him feels so right...right up until Allie realizes something terribly inconvenient. Turns out, there's a lot more to her billionaire boss than meets the eye, and just maybe, she's been haunting his dreams, too.***From a USA Today Bestselling Author, this new adult contemporary romance is a full-length romantic comedy with a guaranteed happily ever after!***

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The Arrangement 2 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 2 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 2 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 13 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 2 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery's life is slipping between her fingers. Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesn't take this job. The idea of being a call girl doesn't appeal to Avery, but her first client does. Sean is too difficult to resist. The few times she's gotten close to Sean, he shuts down. This might be the opportunity to fix her finances and find love. She just has to have enough guts to go through with it. Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense approx 125 pgs ea ~Boxed Sets of The Arrangement Series have begun! ~Individual volumes of the The Arrangement Vol 1-25 are on sale now. ~The Arrangement is a fan-driven series. Vol 26 is coming soon~THE FERRO FAMILYThe Arrangement (Sean & Avery)Damaged (Peter & Sidney)Stripped (Jon & Cassie)The Proposition (Bryan & Hallie)Easy (Jocelyn Ferro)Broken Promises (Trystan & Mari)The Wedding Contract (Nick & Sky)Secrets & Lies (Kerry)H.M. WARD'S NEW YORK CITY LOVE STORIESSecrets (Cole & Anna)Scandalous (Jack & Abby)A Little Christmas Romance (Chris & Brooke)Christmas Kisses (Ryan & Holly)REVIEWS:"H.M. Ward writes an emotional, deeply felt story that will rock your world." -Carly Phillips, New York Times Bestselling Author"H.M. Ward takes this series to a whole new level of intensity!" -Cary Mattiller"One of the most emotionally charged novels I have read all year." -Crystal via Goodreads"If you love The Arrangement, then you will not be disappointed with The Proposition." Linda Wallace"Amazing, awesome, and unbelievably sexy." -Cheryl, via Goodreads"You can't go wrong with any book written by H.M. Ward." Christon Benford"This a a story about true love/ first love never dying and making it through all odds. An incredible book." -Gabby's Book Blog"This has to be H.M. Ward's best work yet!" -Sheri via Goodreads"The tension is palpable and so physically powerful; it was beautifully erotic. When a story elicits so much emotion from you, you know it's good." Tessamari Reviews"I want to marry this book and have it's fictional babies""Move over Christian Grey and welcome Sean Ferro." Reading, Eating, & Dreaming"You can't go wrong with a book written by H.M. Ward." Christon Benford"I thought nothing could top Damaged & The Arrangement Series. I was wrong." -Curious Kindle Reader"Serious sexual tension!" -Spare Time Book Blog"Jack Gray was perfect.. Naughty, professional, drop dead GORGEOUS!" Reese's Addict to Fiction"Hilarious, witty, with a 'gut punching' story line." Workman"The sexual tension is great, the characters were great. It has everything....the fighting to protect the girl, sexy scans, hot men, and the funny scenes." Loving Read"Amazing, hot, sexy, and leaves you wanting more." -ENAAUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: H.M. Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who sold 13+ million books, placing her among the literary titans. Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few. You can interact with this bestselling author on Facebook at AuthorHMWard. Text HMWARD to 24587

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One Night In Paris

Pdf Romance One Night In Paris

Pdf:One Night In Paris.From the New York Times bestselling author Sandi Lynn comes a new standalone romance.AnnaI have two rules in life:1.Never marry someone you’re not in love with.2.Do what makes you happy and not what’s expected of you.I flew to Paris to spend my honeymoon alone after I left my fiancé and my life standing at the altar in California. I had my reasons and I wasn’t going to let a perfectly good trip go to waste. My first night, I met a captivating man who was there on business and leaving the next morning to fly back to the States. I knew nothing about him, only his first name. Our one night together left a mark on me that I’d never forget. Little did I know that when I moved to New York, he’d be the man I’d be working for, a temporary job that fell into my lap by accident. My life was complicated enough, and it was about to get a whole lot more complicated.WesOne night in Paris. That was all it took to make my trip complete. She was beautiful, smart, and addicting. I wanted to stay, but I couldn’t. Why make things harder than they had to be? I flew back to New York and went about my business, trying to forget the one night we shared. Imagine my shock when I saw her standing in the doorway of my conference room as my temporary personal assistant. I had trust issues as it was when it came to women and for good reason. She lied to me and I couldn’t trust her. She was complicated. Her life was complicated and now my life was feeling the same way.18+

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Dearest Stalker: Part 4

Pdf Romance Dearest Stalker: Part 4

Pdf:Dearest Stalker: Part 4.What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker?I'm not the type of woman who actually inspires passion in any guy, much less one who makes it a habit to watch me because he's obsessed.I'm a curvy, plain Jane. I like my chips, chocolate, and junk food, and it definitely shows.I'm an educated geek who would rather have my nose in a computer instead of a fashion magazine.But none of those things seem to matter to Stalker. He sees something in me that I don't see in myself, and I don't know why.I'm terrified, yet I'm inexplicably intrigued.I'm cautious by nature, but something makes me want to know who he is, and why he gives a sh*t about somebody like me.I know falling for a man I've never seen in the light of day is dangerous.Does he stalk me because he wants to own me, control me, and make me into the woman he thinks that I am?Does he want to hurt me, or is he just a lost soul like me?And why did it feel so good to touch him under the cover of darkness?Is he my nightmare or my dearest stalker?Getting to know him might be foolish, but for some reason, I just can't walk away...Author's note: This is a red-hot, sexy, curvy girl serial romance with an obsessed, alpha male stalker. Read at your own risk. The stories will come out in quick succession so you won't have to wait long for the conclusion.

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The Man In The Mirror: A Billionaire Romance

Pdf Romance The Man In The Mirror: A Billionaire Romance

Pdf:The Man In The Mirror: A Billionaire Romance. Brett King, Billionaire.-Yeah, that's me. Once, I had everything: power, looks, fame, an obscene amount of money, a trophy wife, and a beautiful little boy. Then, in a blink of an eye my enviable life was taken away. I was left with nothing except my dirty money and my heart of stone. I looked in the mirror and could not recognize myself. God had a sense of humor. I was ugly inside and now I was ugly outside too. It was divine justice. I retreated to my castle in Wales and allowed no one to come face to face with me. My staff carried out my instructions and asked no questions. The only thing left to me was to acquire more money that I would never spend. The months passed and I grew accustomed to my isolation. As I roamed about alone I even began to appreciate the darkness of my life. I lost interest in the world outside the thick walls of my castle. Nothing held any interest for me anymore.Until she came. Charlotte Conrad, the nanny.At the end of every evening we communicated through the intercom system. She kept me informed about the progress she was making with my son, Zachary.I was just an employer listening to his employee, but slowly, insidiously, I began to imagine her young body; soft and sensuous against mine.I wanted to take her. I wanted to hear her talk dirty to me.I wanted her to unleash the wild, unrestrained animal that was lurking inside me. I was becoming addicted...A full length novel with guaranteed HEA.

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Nanny and the beast: A Billionaire Mafia Romance

Pdf Romance Nanny and the beast: A Billionaire Mafia Romance

Pdf:Nanny and the beast: A Billionaire Mafia Romance.Yuri A year ago Yulia, my niece, lost both her parents. Two months ago she completely stopped speaking. Her psychiatrist thought a gentler presence around the house might be good for her. She suggested a nanny for the child. Naturally, I would do anything that would help her regain her happy childhood. But I didn't expect the woman who stepped into my office. Yeah, she's got my attention, all right, but for all the wrong reasons. I sure as hell don't need this ripe fruit to distract me day and night in my own home. I tell her she hasn't got the job, and watch her leave my study, but Fate has other plans. Resistance is futile. April He lives in a white mansion in London's Knightsbridge, a magnet for playboys and Russian billionaires Big, burly bodyguards look at me as if I've not come for a job interview, but to steal the family silver. Whatever. I maintain my professionalism, I'm determined to get this intriguing job of caring for the girl who refuses to speak. A prim woman leads me to his study. She knocks, and a deep, smooth voice beckons us to enter. The door opens and I set eyes on Yuri Volkov. OMG. His eyes are like a wolf's. Pitiless. Mesmerizing Dangerous. Obviously he Is drop dead wrong but, I can't stop imagining his big, tanned hands caressing every inch of me. After the briefest interview in the history of interviews he informs me I haven't got the job. As I walk away, humiliated, from his study, it happens. The unthinkable. And I'm suddenly back in the game. -There's a saying though: be careful what you wish for...This is a standalone book with guaranteed HEA.

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Pdf Romance Accalia

Pdf:Accalia.Elizabeth Stanton is as shy as they come, but not even that could keep her from Robert. When it came to him, there was this undeniable attraction like a moth to a flame, but everyone knows how fatal it is for the moth when it reaches the flame. That's why her best friend, Jasmine, warned her to stay away from him, but couldn't tell her why without revealing a secret of her own. Jasmine Lett has learned something about herself that she can use to help her best friend, but she risks being found out by her parents who hunt and kill people with powers like hers. What's a girl to do when the only way that she can help her best friend is to step in the line of fire? Jerome Stevens has had his eyes on Robert and his family for a long time, waiting on the perfect time to get his revenge. It isn't until he sees how Robert looks at Elizabeth that he knows exactly what to do. He knows that killing her will break his heart, and killing Robert's crew will break his pockets. With the perfect plan in motion, Jerome sets out to take over the city that is rightfully his.

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The Sea Lord: Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Pdf Romance The Sea Lord: Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Pdf:The Sea Lord: Pirates of Britannia Connected World.Can a beautiful heiress lure a pirate to life on land?When offered a royal pardon, Pirate Kevin MacAlpin accepts an assignment to rescue a kidnapped heiress. Unfortunately, the beauty is found on his ship and the discovery could lead to dire consequences. What is worse, the woman turns out to be more enticing than a siren and soon Captain MacAlpin wonders if the one captured is him.Gailyn Brighton finds herself kidnapped and then stolen by highway robbers, all while in a crate. Her escape plan is foiled when the ship she is on leaves the harbor. Now she must use the only weapon available to survive. Her wit and intelligence. After careful consideration of the consequences of her kidnapping, Gailyn decides to propose marriage to the handsome pirate.Love can appear in the most unexpected places!Read all of the Pirates of Britannia books in the Pirates of Britannia Connected World!

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Dark Moon (The de Russe Legacy Book 6)

Pdf Romance Dark Moon (The de Russe Legacy Book 6)

Pdf:Dark Moon (The de Russe Legacy Book 6).Medieval England comes alive in Book one of the exciting new sub-series, THE DARK SONS (part of the de Russe Legacy).Read the USA TODAY Bestseller!1518 A.D – As the eldest son of the knight who betrayed Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth (Gaston de Russe of THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT), Trenton de Russe bears the dark legacy of men who changed the course of history. The name de Russe is both hated and revered in England, and is well-known to the kings of England who have depended upon the family for their strongest, most noble, and sometimes most controversial knights.Trenton is a man with great burdens to bear.As a special ops knight for Henry VIII, it is Trenton’s duty to carry out the king’s command and he has been known to have accomplished some questionable as well as dirty tasks. With Trenton as Henry’s attack dog, enemies fear de Russe more than the king himself. Trenton suffers a dysfunctional relationship with his father because of it. Gaston never wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Trenton has become so deeply entrenched in Henry’s dirty dealings that is it all he knows. In a desperate move to lure his son away from Henry once and for all, Gaston calls his son home under false pretenses. Begrudgingly, Trenton heads for Deverill Castle, seat of his father’s dukedom.Enter Lysabel Wellesbourne le Mon. Daughter of Gaston’s best friend, Matthew Wellesbourne (THE WHITE LORD OF WELLESBOURNE), Lysabel is a widow with two young children. In a chance meeting with Trenton, whom she has known since birth but has not seen in several years, an unexpected spark ignites between them.Unfortunately, it is a spark that can burn down the strong relations between the House of Wellesbourne and the House of de Russe. Matthew doesn’t want the dark and fearsome Trenton for his daughter, but the fire that burns between the pair is stronger than Matthew can control. No amount of water will douse it and Matthew turns to Gaston for help.Will Gaston side against his estranged son? Or will the relationship between two old and dear friends be destroyed by a love that cannot be denied?Welcome back to de Russe’s Medieval England in this spectacular tale of adventure and romance. This is a full-length novel over 100,000 wordsNote: The de Russe Legacy series can be read in any order, as they are all stand-alone novels, but the chronological order (by the year the story is set in) is:1 Lord of War: Black Angel 2 The Iron Knight3 Beast 4 The White Lord of Wellesbourne 5 The Dark One: Dark Knight 6 Dark Moon

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Dark Steel: A Dark Sons novel (The de Russe Legacy Book 7)

Pdf Romance Dark Steel: A Dark Sons novel (The de Russe Legacy Book 7)

Pdf:Dark Steel: A Dark Sons novel (The de Russe Legacy Book 7).Read the USA Today Bestseller!The Dark One’s adoptive son, Dane Stoneley, finds his own epic love story in Dark Steel….1512 – Dane Stoneley de Russe is a hardcore knight, bred for battle. His father, Gaston de Russe, is called The Dark One, a knight so deadly and legendary that he is more myth than man. Dane has a lot to live up to.In a nasty battle on the Welsh marches, Dane is forced to make a bargain with the dying Duke of Shrewsbury. On his deathbed, he rewards Dane with his only child, his heiress. Now, it is Dane who will inherit the Dukedom of Shrewsbury and become a powerful man in his own right.It is a gift that any man would be glad to accept, and Dane is no exception. Except for the marriage part. Focused on the dukedom he will inherit, he gives little thought to the means by which he will acquire it and only on his wedding day does he catch a glimpse of his bride, the Lady Grier de Lara, for the first time.Then, the situation changes markedly.Grier is a lovely young woman, raised in a Welsh convent when her mother died, and far removed from her father and his English legacy. Thrust into a marriage she didn't want, she is nonetheless intrigued with her new husband, handsome Dane. As Dane and Grier come to know one another, feelings develop that neither one of them can admit. When rumors of a Welsh uprising against Shrewsbury began to circulate, it is Grier who decides to involve herself where she doesn’t belong – in her husband’s war plans.Enter a great world of Medieval pageantry and battles, where love crosses lines and battlefields, and where betrayal is inevitable as two countries remain at odds. Can Dane and Grier overcome the prejudices they’ve always been taught in order to love their enemy?Dark Steel is the romance of a lifetime! ******The de Russe Legacy series are all stand-alone novels, but the chronological order by the date the book is set is:Lord of War: Black AngelThe Iron KnightBeastThe White Lord of WellesbourneThe Dark One: Dark KnightDark MoonDark Steel

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Love, Remember Me

Pdf Romance Love, Remember Me

Pdf:Love, Remember Me.Lovely Nyssa Wyndham, fair and proud as her mother, Blaze, is lady-in-waiting to Henry VIII's fourth wife. . . . Scandalizing all of England, Henry has his marriage annulled, for the Queen cannot meet the bawdy desires of the insatiable king. Henry seeks a spirited, lusty new wife--and eyes the beautiful Nyssa. But in a land rife with conspiracy and rebellion, there are those in secret power determined to thwart Henry's intentions. A drugged Nyssa awakens in the arms of the notorious rake Varian de Winter. Her virtue destroyed, the outraged king orders them to wed.Handsome--and soon smitten--Varian de Winter dares to conquer his spitfire bride. But the intrigues and dark side of the court intrude upon their brief happiness as Nyssa is trapped in a devious plot and witness to the deadly wrath of Henry Tudor. Suddenly, jealousy and revenge grow bloodthirsty, and all that Nyssa holds dear is in dire jeopardy. . . .

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A Notorious Vow: The Four Hundred Series

Pdf Romance A Notorious Vow: The Four Hundred Series

Pdf:A Notorious Vow: The Four Hundred Series.An Amazon best book of the month for October!  Joanna Shupe returns to New York City's Gilded Age, where fortunes and reputations are gained and lost with ease--and love can blossom from the most unlikely charade With the fate of her disgraced family resting on her shoulders, Lady Christina Barclay has arrived in New York City from London to quickly secure a wealthy husband. But when her parents settle on an intolerable suitor, Christina turns to her reclusive neighbor, a darkly handsome and utterly compelling inventor, for help. Oliver Hawkes reluctantly agrees to a platonic marriage . . . with his own condition: The marriage must end after one year. Not only does Oliver face challenges that are certain to make life as his wife difficult, but more importantly, he refuses to be distracted from his life's work--the development of a revolutionary device that could transform thousands of lives, including his own. Much to his surprise, his bride is more beguiling than he imagined. When temptation burns hot between them, they realize they must overcome their own secrets and doubts, and every effort to undermine their marriage, because one year can never be enough.

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The Scalawags

Pdf Romance The Scalawags

Pdf:The Scalawags.Union Army sergeant Sam Walker returns home to Iowa after leaving a prisoner of war camp, only to discover that his sweetheart has married his brother. He heads down to Mulberry, Texas, to keep a promise to his fallen Union army brother-in-arms, Joe Farrell, to make sure that his family is safe. But what Sam finds is the Farrell family in shambles: a gang of former Confederate soldiers are harassing them because of Joe's Union service. In desperation, Joe's widow, Julia, has married the gang's sadistic leader -- a man Sam had haunting his dreams since the war. To rescue Julia, Sam will need to rely on his wits as much as his guns, and he'll need the help of the whole Farrell clan, including Joe's disarming younger sister, Mary. This is a new release of an edition originally published by C.J. Petit.

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Violet's Wish

Pdf Romance Violet's Wish

Pdf:Violet's Wish.Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.Violet did. After her husband died, she swore off lackluster men and a dull life. She wished for someone to put a sparkle in her eyes and excitement in her life, like an old love did year ago in Blue Ridge, Texas. Little did she realize that when she made the wish it was already in the process of being granted.Orrin Wilde did. He wished he'd never chose the lure of the gold mines over the love of his life. But his sins are coming back, screaming for payment. Four bandits follow Orrin for days and finally catch up with him outside of Guthrie, in Oklahoma Indian Territory. He tries to outrun them, when they wing him. He rides down Main Street and, unable to find a doctor, he crawls up on the porch of the last house in town. Violet hears the thud when he falls and finds him bleeding and unconscious on her front porch.If Violet had been doing the shooting, Orrin would be graveyard-dead. Eight years before, he ruined her reputation; now, he was ruining it again. Orrin still loves Violet, but after the trouble down in Texas she refuses to trust him.Suddenly they wonder why they ever made such crazy wishes after all. Will they ever find forgiveness in their hearts for past mistakes and go on to a love-filled future?

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Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf Romance Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf:Marry Me by Sundown.The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Tempest and Make Me Love You brings her “mastery of historical romance” (Entertainment Weekly) to 1880s Montana where passions and gold fever run high as an American heiress turns to a rugged mountain man to help her locate her father’s fortune. After a social whirlwind in London, Violet Mitchell is summoned back to Philadelphia only to discover her family living on the edge of financial ruin while their father seeks new wealth in Montana’s gold fields. With the family’s home and social standing at risk, Violet makes a drastic decision. Meanwhile, Montana rancher Morgan Callahan rode away from his family’s cattle farm to make his own fortune. Now as he finishes exploiting a mother lode of silver, a young woman claiming to be his late partner’s daughter turns up wanting to be taken to her father’s mine. Suspecting that the pretty schemer works for the mining outfit that is trying to steal his land, he has no qualms about snatching her and holding her at his camp where she can do no harm. But he underestimated the new thorn in his side. Determined to claim what rightfully belongs to her family, Violet summons up the courage and grit to cope with the hazards and discomforts of an untamed land and the disturbingly masculine stranger who holds her fate in his hands. But an error of judgment brings down a hailstorm of danger that upends her plans and deepens her bond to a man who may turn out to be all she desires. With her signature “strong characters, humor, interesting plots—and, of course—romance” (The Cincinnati Enquirer), Johanna Lindsey crafts another irresistible and adventurous love story.

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Gypsy (Promised Land Romances Series Book 3)

Pdf Romance Gypsy (Promised Land Romances Series Book 3)

Pdf:Gypsy (Promised Land Romances Series Book 3).Gypsy Rose Dulan just knew there was a secret hidden in the stars. She just didn't expect to fall sleep while searching for that secret. And she sure didn't expect to be awakened by a rude, overbearing, short Irishman by the name of Tavish O'Leary. That he called her a squaw was contemptible enough, but to have to withstand his barbs for more than a month was more than she figured she could endure.Meanwhile, Tavish had been waiting for a prophecy from a gypsy named Paqui to come true. He'd been told that when it was time for him to choose a wife, a pretty young woman with eyes the color of a robin's egg would come into his life, but the gypsy had failed to mention that the woman with those eyes would be holding the sharp, hot blade of a knife against his throat the first time they met.During their harsh, dangerous journey, Tavish and Gypsy discover the secret written in the stars. But can they hear their hearts' desires when they don't want to listen?

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Redemption (Love's Valley Historical Romance)

Pdf Romance Redemption (Love's Valley Historical Romance)

Pdf:Redemption (Love's Valley Historical Romance).Geneva Garner's mind was fixed on survival, her unborn child, escaping out of Savannah, and getting away from the men in the white robes with hoods over their heads. Covered in dirt and smoke from the cellar where she took refuge when the Klan burned her plantation home, she fled on the first stagecoach headed north. She vowed never to trust a man again as long as there was breath in her body. They were all scoundrels and the past would haunt her forever.Harry Reed Hamilton was on his way home from Savannah to Love's Valley, Pennsylvania. The Civil War had been over for two years and his term of enlistment was finally over. The only thing marring his happiness was the fact that he was riding with a dirty, heavy woman in the stagecoach. After consoling himself that it was only for a day, he was surprised to find himself and the large woman tossed out on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere after a stage heist.Trapped together by fate, they travel by any means possible heading to Lynchburg, VA, where she hopes to find relatives.A friendship buds amidst the difficulties they face. A love is born from the friendship but neither of them are willing to admit that the past can truly be forgotten and a sweet future can lie ahead.

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Chances (Love's Valley Historical Romance)

Pdf Romance Chances (Love's Valley Historical Romance)

Pdf:Chances (Love's Valley Historical Romance).Adelida Broussau took a big chance by saying she was Rueben Hamilton's new bride. But even a rat will stand up and fight when it's cornered and she was surely feeling the pinch of being pushed in the corner. Her sister, Maria, was dead. Her sorry, Yankee loving brother-in-law, Victor, had issued her an ultimatum to be out of New Orleans by night, or else; then stole the rest of her money so she couldn't leave. Then there was Rueben, hit on the head for attempting to thwart a bank robbery, his memory gone and leavingtown that very day. All she had to do was say she was truly his wife. Everyone in the chaos after the robbery already thought they were newlyweds. So she took a big chance andlet them go right on believing she was.Rueben Hamilton went to New Orleans from southern Pennsylvania at the request of the President of the United States to help with the reconstruction of Louisiana after the Civil War. He'd gone into the bank to finish his business before boarding The Queen for the first leg of his journey home. He didn't remember the bank robbery. All he remembered was awakingwith a headache, no memory, and a wife fresh from the Acadian bayou country. None of it made a bit of sense.It was supposed to take a month for them to reach Love's Valley, an obscure little valley near Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania. That was if everything went according to plan and Rueben's memory didn't return; if he didn't toss Adelida off at the next port of call to fend for herself, or worse,throw her overboard. But fate played her hand and dealt the two of them some unforeseen cards that turned their world upside down.Their hearts didn't care that there'd been a war and it was the worst possible time for a Yankee soldier and a Louisiana bayou woman to fall in love. But listening to the stirrings of hearts bound for love isn't an easy thing to do.

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A Trick of Light (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf Romance A Trick of Light (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf:A Trick of Light (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance).Angels would have trouble getting along with Micah Burnet, and Tempest Lavalle's halo is twisted plumb out of shape by the time she gets to the plantation where her two married sisters are living. Micah was the handsomest of the three outlaws who escorted her and her sisters from San Antonio to Louisiana but he also has the biggest ego. Add that to Tempie's fiery temper, and the two could burn down the whole western half of Mississippi. Micah isn't happy about Tempie coming to the plantation, but it's a big place and he can stay out of her way ... right? Wrong! He and Tempie are drawn together the minute he shares a deathbed confession with her. He knows that little apparition appearing over her head when she's being nice is darn sure not a halo but just a trick of the light, so why does fate keep throwing them together?

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From Wine to Water (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf Romance From Wine to Water (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf:From Wine to Water (An Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance).All Tyrell Fannin and his cousins Isaac and Micah Burnet want is to get out of a Texas jail and go home to Mississippi.Delia Lavalle didn't need three outlaws to escort her and her sisters to Louisiana but she doesn't really have a choice.The outlaws aren't happy about escorting nuns, but figure they might bring them luck, because not even Santa Anna would harm a holy woman. A week into the trip, however, the outlaws find that the nuns are sisters but not of the cloth and that their tempers would make an angel's wings shrivel up and fall off. Tyrell is determined to finish his job and forget all about Delia's piercing blue eyes, that tumble of black hair, and her hot temper. Delia can't wait to be away from Tyrell's constant judgment, but along the way she finds herself drawn to him.Will they get what they want safe travels home or will fate intervene and bring them something altogether different?

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Walkin' On Clouds (Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf Romance Walkin' On Clouds (Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance)

Pdf:Walkin' On Clouds (Angels & Outlaws Historical Romance).Isaac Burnet didn't want to go to Louisiana to deliver the letter from Delia to her sister Fairlee, but he did. He sure didn't want to be party to kidnapping the sassy, spirited lass on the eve of her wedding, or journey two weeks with a woman who didn't like him, but he did.Fairlee Lavalle was determined to marry Matthew Cheval no matter what her sisters, aunt, or uncle thought. She had all the adventure she wanted the spring before when her father hired three outlaws to bring her and her two sisters, Delia and Tempest, home from Texas. She would marry Matthew and they would be happy.She continued to believe that he would love her right up until she was drugged and kidnapped by one of those outlaws who'd escorted them home. And to think it was with her sister's help.During the two-week journey, their hearts begin to see qualities they both like in the other. Will they ever admit it or will their stubbornness keep them apart forever?

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Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf Romance Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf:Marry Me by Sundown.About the Author Johanna Lindsey is world-renowned for her “mastery of historical romance” (Entertainment Weekly), with more than sixty million copies of her novels sold. She is the author of fifty-five previous national bestselling novels, many of which reached the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Lindsey lives in New Hampshire with her family. Read more Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Marry Me By Sundown Chapter One “I DON’T THINK SHE’S GOING to stop crying, even for this party,” Sophie warned Violet as she returned to the bedroom the two girls shared. Violet Mitchell sighed, knowing Sophie was talking about her aunt Elizabeth, Sophie’s mother. But then Violet put her arm around her cousin’s shoulders and squeezed gently. She was good at consoling, good at mothering, too, having tried to be a mother to her two brothers when they were all still children. “She doesn’t want me to go,” Violet remarked. “None of us want you to go!” “She shouldn’t have arranged this party, which is just going to remind her that I’m sailing back to America in the morning.” “If only that letter hadn’t arrived four days ago,” Sophie said in a grouchy tone. “If it had come next week, you would at least have been here for the first ball of the Season. I can’t believe you’re going to miss them all!” Violet was going to start crying herself in a moment. She had so looked forward to the festivities this summer and sharing them with Sophie. She and her cousin had both turned eighteen this year, Violet last month, Sophie in early spring. Violet had continued to grow this year, ending up at five feet seven inches, while Sophie was quite petite at only five foot three. And Elizabeth had spared no expense in having beautiful wardrobes made for both of them. Violet had lived with her aunt and uncle and their large brood of children these last nine years, ever since Aunt Elizabeth had come to America and visited Philadelphia, where she and Violet’s mother had been born, and swooped into the Mitchell household insisting that Violet was returning to London with her to live with her and her husband, Lord Edmund Faulkner, and their six daughters. Violet’s father, Charles, hadn’t protested too much. Violet actually understood why her father was relieved to have her taken off his hands. Raising a daughter without his wife, who had died of consumption a few years after Violet was born, had probably been a bit much for him. Her brothers, Daniel and Evan, hadn’t protested either. They didn’t exactly enjoy her bossing them around, but with no mother to guide the rambunctious boys, Violet had taken it upon herself to assume a motherly role toward her brothers, even though they were two years older than she. But there had been no one to mother her, and by the age of nine, she’d definitely felt that lack. So she hadn’t protested much either when she’d been told she would be leaving her immediate family and moving to London. It had been hard trying to be a mother. Yet the behavior had been ingrained in her by then, and she’d done her fair share of bossing her cousins in England, too. But at least they didn’t mind. They called it her being American! “You should be happy for me,” Violet remarked. “It will be wonderful to see Papa and my brothers again. You don’t think I’ve missed them?” “You never mentioned it, so, no, it’s not something I gave much thought to.” Violet tried teasing: “If I’ve learned anything from you Brits, it’s to keep unpleasant emotions under wraps.” “As my mother is currently doing, flooding her bedroom with tears?” They both smiled before Violet continued, “You know what I mean. And you, my girl, have kept me too busy and entertained to darken your moods by sharing those occasional twinges of sadness I’ve felt when thinking about my brothers and father. But I wrote to them weekly, and while the boys aren’t as good about replying as I would have liked, I understand that they have other things on their minds besides writing letters. And I know my father hates writing. I was lucky to get eight letters from him in all the years I’ve been here, but he always had the boys include a few lines from him in their letters. And at least they all visited twice.” “They should have come more often.” “I’m surprised there was even a second visit five years ago, considering how terribly Papa and Evan suffered with seasickness on the first voyage.” “Oh, I forgot about that. Still, they should have braved it for your come-out. If you hadn’t sent them that portrait of you last year, they probably would have, just to see for themselves how you turned out, seasickness or no.” “Stop being annoyed for my sake when I’m not. I told them not to come again, that I would visit them instead. They might have enjoyed touring London, but they already did that twice—and while they would never say so, I don’t think they were all that comfortable with the formality of British society. But mainly, I felt too guilty that my father and Evan had to suffer like that both coming here and returning home. And I did plan to visit them this year, just not this soon. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that I hoped to bring a fiancé with me. They weren’t very happy about that.” “Did you really tell them that?” Sophie squealed happily. “Why wouldn’t I? Your mother has been talking to us both about this particular Season for years, so, yes, I thought it was something that might happen, and I shared that with my family. After all, your mother expected us both to get engaged this Season.” “What exactly did your father say about it?” “Nothing yet. There were no lines from Papa in that reply, or in this last vague letter. But Papa will want me to be happy, so I expect to receive his permission to marry an Englishman when the time comes. In any case, it will be sorted out when I get home.” Sophie suddenly gasped. “Is that why they want you home immediately? They are afraid to lose you to an English husband?” Violet frowned for a moment as she considered that possibility, but then shook her head. “No, they wouldn’t dare try to pull a ruse like that. Daniel just wrote that it was urgent and sounded desperate about it.” “Yet failed to mention what is so urgent,” Sophie reminded her in pique. Violet sighed. “I’m sure he meant to explain, but he did mention that Evan had warned him not to write me about whatever is going on, so Daniel probably rushed the letter off so Evan wouldn’t find out about it. He might have thought he did explain better than simply saying, It’s urgent, Vi. Only you can fix this.” “But you will return soon, won’t you? You’re good at fixing things, so it shouldn’t take you long a’tall to fix whatever is wrong and be on the next ship back to us. Then you won’t miss all of the Season. And bring your brothers back with you, your father, too. It’s been five years, and we’re their family, too!” “I’ll ask them, but there’s no guarantee I’ll be back before the end of this Season, not when it takes three to four weeks just to cross the ocean. Tonight I should be finishing my packing, not socializing. Shall we see if your mother is ready to go downstairs? I hope she didn’t invite many people to this bon voyage party.” “I wouldn’t count on that, Cousin. The Season does start next week. Besides, a lot of the ton lives in London as we do and others come early to make sure the hostesses know they are in town. At least you will meet a few of them tonight.” Violet laughed. “I’m going to meet them just to say good-bye?” “No, no, you can assure them you’ll be back soon. Or not tell them a’tall. Mama didn’t exactly mention this is a good-bye party in the invitations, she just so wanted you to enjoy at least one party before you sail off tomorrow. And you’re so pretty, Vi. You were destined to break some hearts this summer. And no, I’m not the least bit jealous. You can only have one, after all. There will be plenty of young gentlemen to go around. And maybe you’ll meet the one you want tonight. Wouldn’t that be splendid! You’ll be yearning to return quickly,” Sophie ended with a laugh. “But the packing—” “Is mostly done and the servants will finish that while we’re downstairs. There’s no help for it, Cousin. You’re destined to simply enjoy yourself tonight.” Enjoy herself? Violet thought. Maybe if she hadn’t been worried about her brothers and her father since Daniel’s letter had arrived four days ago. And maybe if she didn’t feel like crying herself because she had to say good-bye to her family here whom she’d come to love so much. But she’d been keeping these feelings to herself, mostly. If she’d learned anything during her stay with the Faulkners, it was how to put on a good face for all occasions. Aunt Elizabeth did that now. She’d dried her tears before Sophie knocked on her door and offered a brilliant smile as she looked over her two favorite girls. Sophie was blond and blue-eyed and wearing an evening gown of palest aqua. Violet was also blond but favored lilac, the color of many of her new gowns, since it went so well with her dark-violet eyes. Tonight’s gown was trimmed in white satin and she was wearing her mother’s cameo on a ribbon about her neck. She hadn’t had much occasion to wear any baubles until now. Her father had sent her all of her mother’s jewelry for her sixteenth birthday. She had hoped he would surprise her with a third visit to London that year, but he didn’t. Her father actually expected her to return home about this time, now that her schooling was done and she no longer needed Elizabeth’s mothering. He’d said as much the day she’d left home. But he hadn’t mentioned it again in those few letters that he actually wrote himself, merely saying that he loved and missed her. She really was going to give all three of them a good scolding when she got home for not writing more often, particularly Daniel for not explaining what required her to rush back to Philadelphia. She’d hoped he had immediately sent off another letter with a full accounting, but no further missives had arrived in the last four days. And while she had come up with all sorts of reasons, she could never, ever have guessed what awaited her at the home where she was born. Read more

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Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy Book 1)

Pdf Romance Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy Book 1)

Pdf:Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy Book 1).He’s fallen for a woman . . . Anxious to meet her soon-to-be husband, Dallas Leigh, for the first time, mail-order bride Amelia Carson is en route to Fort Worth, Texas. When she steps off the train and locks eyes with her betrothed, she immediately feels drawn to him. But the cowboy standing before her isn’t Dallas. Instead, Dallas’s brother Houston has been sent to accompany her on the three-week journey to the ranch where she’ll begin her new life. Who belongs to another . . . The war Houston Leigh fought has left him with visible scars, a daily reminder of his cowardice on the battlefield. Denying his intense attraction to Amelia, he is determined to deliver her untouched, as promised. But during their long dangerous trip, he can’t help but admire her inner strength and fearlessness. And when she looks at him—as if she can see beyond his scarred face and read his innermost thoughts—he loses his heart to her. Now as they near the ranch, Houston must choose to remain loyal to his brother—or find the courage to fight for the woman he’s convinced is his destiny . . .

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Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf Romance Marry Me by Sundown

Pdf:Marry Me by Sundown.Number one New York Times best-selling author Johanna Lindsey takes you on a captivating adventure in 1880s Montana, where passions and gold fever run high as an American heiress turns to a rugged mountain man to help her locate her father's fortune.  Summoned back to Philadelphia from the social whirl in London, Violet Mitchell never expected to find her brothers living on the edge of financial ruin while their father seeks new wealth in Montana's gold fields. With the family's home and social standing at risk, Violet makes a drastic decision.  Morgan Callahan rode away from his family's cattle ranch to make his own fortune. Now, as he finishes exploiting a mother lode of silver, a young woman claiming to be his late partner's daughter turns up wanting to be taken to her father's mine. Suspecting that the pretty schemer works for the mining outfit that is trying to steal his land, he has no qualms about snatching her and holding her at his camp, where she can do no harm.  Morgan underestimated the new thorn in his side. Determined to claim what rightfully belongs to her family, Violet summons up the courage, grit, and spunk to cope with the hazards and discomforts of an untamed land and the disturbingly masculine stranger who holds her fate in his hands. But an error of judgment brings down a hailstorm of calamity and danger that upends her plans and deepens her bond to a man who is not the brilliant match a lady wishes to make but could be all that a strong, passionate woman desires.

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The Scotsman Who Saved Me (Seven Brides/Seven Scotsmen Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Scotsman Who Saved Me (Seven Brides/Seven Scotsmen Book 1)

Pdf:The Scotsman Who Saved Me (Seven Brides/Seven Scotsmen Book 1).From New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell comes a brand new series featuring the MacEnroys, a family of seven strong, seductive Scottish brothers who have come to America with nerves of steel—and who will take no prisoners when it comes to love…     A brutal attack on Emily Stanton’s family has left her for dead . . . until she is found in the woods by a handsome stranger with a thick brogue who vows to protect her. There’s only one problem: As a woman with a noble English background, she has no business keeping company with such a man.     For Scotsman Iain MacEnroy, Emily’s high-tone accent is a bitter reminder of the oppressive regime he left behind. The last thing he needs is to be burdened by the needs of a beautiful, blue-eyed Englishwoman. But taking care of elegant, educated Emily begins to transform Iain in ways he never imagined. Could it be that the deep divisions from the old world no longer apply in the new—and that Iain and Emily can share a passion as lush and wild as the Scottish highlands themselves?

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Best Laid Plans

Pdf Romance Best Laid Plans

Pdf:Best Laid Plans.That time I had the brilliant idea to ask my good friend for lessons in s-e-x-ploration...Awkward? Maybe. But how else is a good girl going to find out if she likes being naughty? I might be sweet as cherry pie, but I'm also bold and damn curious. And Gabe is charming, trustworthy, aces at seduction (or so I hear) and--bonus!-- willing to give me lessons. But to guarantee it won't ruin our friendship, I have some specific requirements for his instruction. I want these classes to be hypothetical more than hands-on. So what if he's hella sexy? I can handle that, no problem.***I have it bad for Arden. She's bright, brilliant, insanely fun, and I want to take her home and spend all night together--and then spend the day with her, too. When she asks for my help, I see my chance to win her sweet heart by showing her how much fun we can have getting spicy. Trouble is, she has a different idea of what "bedroom exploration" should mean. Now I'm going to have to get really clever to win her over.Good thing I know exactly how to upend her best laid plans.Best Laid Plans is a standalone romance!

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Knocking Boots (Lucas Brothers Book 5)

Pdf Romance Knocking Boots (Lucas Brothers Book 5)

Pdf:Knocking Boots (Lucas Brothers Book 5).This cowboy will stop at nothing to lasso his bride. Too bad she won’t cooperate. I don't know who Jansen Reed thinks he is, but I'm pretty sure he's the reason God gave me the middle finger.He’s frustrating and likes to play on my last nerve. He's also drop-dead gorgeous and my walking fantasy.Which means he's bad news.As a single mother, I don’t have time for his nonsense. Except when he tips his hat and gives me an easy smile, with those twinkling dark eyes, I forget that I’ve given up on men. He promises me forever, and tries to prove that he’s one cowboy that won’t ride away in the sunset. Something about him makes me want to believe in fairy tales again.But, girls like me don’t get happy endings and we sure don't fall in love. Do we?Welcome back to the world of the Lucas Brothers. This is a complete standalone romance. So, if you're new to the series, this is a great place to start! Plus, there's a guaranteed Happy Ever After inside.

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Best Laid Plans

Pdf Romance Best Laid Plans

Pdf:Best Laid Plans.That time I had the brilliant idea to ask my good friend for lessons in sex-ploration...Awkward? Maybe. But how else is a good girl going to find out if she likes being naughty? I might be sweet as cherry pie, but I'm also bold and damn curious. And Gabe is charming, trustworthy, aces at seduction (or so I hear), and - bonus! - willing to give me lessons. But to guarantee it won't ruin our friendship, I have some specific requirements for his instruction. I want these classes to be hypothetical more than hands-on. So what if he's hella sexy? I can handle that, no problem.I have it bad for Arden. She's bright, brilliant, insanely fun, and I want to take her home and spend all night together - and then spend the day with her, too. When she asks for my help, I see my chance to win her sweet heart by showing her how much fun we can have getting spicy. Trouble is she has a different idea of what "sex-ploration" should mean. Now I'm going to have to get really clever to win her over. Good thing I know exactly how to upend her best laid plans. Make sure you listen all the way to the end for a bonus behind-the-curtains conversation between the two narrators!

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The Real Thing (Sugar Lake Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Real Thing (Sugar Lake Book 1)

Pdf:The Real Thing (Sugar Lake Book 1).Bakery owner Willow Dalton’s friendship with Zane Walker has always been a bit complicated. Now a scrumptiously hot A-list actor, Zane’s always had a reputation as a player. He’s arrogant, and he’s definitely not boyfriend material. Sure, he did Willow a favor by agreeing to take her virginity before college, but is that reason enough for her to go along with a fake engagement a decade later—even if it comes with a real diamond ring?Zane should have known better. Nothing involving Willow has ever been easy. Still, he knows her better than anyone, and becoming America’s hottest new leading man means cleaning up his reputation. An “engagement” to curvy, sass-mouthed Willow is the perfect PR move…provided no one gets hurt.Now Zane and Willow’s little white lie has turned into an irresistible recipe for sweet temptation. And soon no one will be able to tell the difference between their fake engagement and the real thing—including them.

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Consumed: A Dark Paranormal Romance

Pdf Romance Consumed: A Dark Paranormal Romance

Pdf:Consumed: A Dark Paranormal Romance.My body will burn with need. My mind will go mad with lust. Then he'll consume my soul.I thought I knew how to handle a man like him, but there are no men like him. Though he is a billionaire, when he desired me he did not try to buy me, and when he wanted me bared and bound he didn't call his bodyguards. He did it himself, even as I fought him, because he could.He told me soon I would beg him to ravage me... and I did. But it wasn't the pain of his belt searing my naked backside that drove me to plead with him to use me so shamefully I might never stop blushing. I begged because my body knew its master, and it didn't give me a choice.But my body is not all he plans to claim. He wants my mind and my soul too, and he will have them. He's going to take so much of me there will be nothing left. He's going to consume me.Publisher's Note: Consumed includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Gypsy Blood (All The Pretty Monsters Book 1)

Pdf Romance Gypsy Blood (All The Pretty Monsters Book 1)

Pdf:Gypsy Blood (All The Pretty Monsters Book 1).I'm not all that special, really. Or uncommon. I'm sure there are a lot of girls with old gypsy blood who see the dead, have killer cults hunting their family, and turn into something that gets scary when they panic. Yep. Completely unoriginal, if I do say so myself.Move along. Nothing to see here. Nope. I'm just an ordinary girl.I wish people would believe that.I've been labeled as one thing or another for most of my life:Death Girl.Crazy Gypsy Girl.Gothic Chick.Monster...It took my mother's death for me to finally start getting answers about what's really been going on. Unfortunately, most of the answers come from men...who aren't just men. Somehow, I've gone and landed myself in a world truly filled with monsters, and I'm starting to think this is where I should have been all along.Only...I don't understand what's going on. I'm walking into the middle of a story that's thousands of years old, and I'm the new girl on the block who doesn't have a clue how this world even works. My only guides happen to be the most lethal of the bunch.They decide who lives or dies. They decide who gets stabbed or tortured.Yeah...I've gone and drawn attention to myself, and the ones paying attention are the ones everyone else seems to fear.How do these things always happen to me?**Reverse Harem**Language warning**Sexual content**Dark Humor

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The Beasts Inside: The Purgatory Series, Books 1-4

Pdf Romance The Beasts Inside: The Purgatory Series, Books 1-4

Pdf:The Beasts Inside: The Purgatory Series, Books 1-4.Hot vampires and alpha werewolves are waiting for you...Enter the sexy world of New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Eden’s “Purgatory” paranormal series. “The Beasts Inside” anthology contains the following titles:THE WOLF WITHIN (Book 1)FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire spends his days—and his nights—tracking real-life monsters. He hunts the monsters, and he protects the innocent. Duncan just never expects to become a monster. But after a brutal werewolf attack, he begins to change.Dr. Holly Young is supposed to help Duncan. It’s her job to keep him sane. But as Duncan’s beast grows stronger, the passion that she and Duncan have held carefully in check pushes to the surface. The desire that is raging between them could be a very dangerous thing…because Holly isn’t exactly human, not any longer.As they give up more of their humanity and embrace the beasts within them both, they realize that the passion between them isn’t safe, it isn’t controllable, and their dark need may just be an obsession that could destroy them both.MARKED BY THE VAMPIRE (Book 2) The creatures that you fear in the darkness? They’re all real. And the baddest of the paranormals…those who love to hurt humans…they’re sent to Purgatory, the only paranormal prison in the U.S. Deadly forces are at work within Purgatory. FBI Agent Shane August, a very powerful vampire with a dark past, is sent into the prison on an undercover assignment. His job is to infiltrate the vampire clan, by any means necessary.Dr. Olivia Maddox wants to find out just why certain paranormals go bad. If she can understand the monsters, then Olivia thinks she can help them. When she gets permission to enter Purgatory, Olivia believes she is being given the research opportunity of a lifetime.When the prisoners break loose, there is only one person—one vampire—who can protect her, but as Olivia and Shane fight the enemies that surround them, a dark and dangerous passion stirs to life between the doctor and the vamp. Some passions can push you to the very limits of your control…and the growing lust that she feels for her vampire…it’s sending her racing right into a deadly storm of desire.CHARMING THE BEAST (Book 3) Connor Marrok never intended to work for the Seattle Para Unit. He’s not one of the good guys—he’s a real monster. But now he finds himself being blackmailed into a new assignment. It’s supposed to be his last gig. His mission? Protect the beautiful Chloe Quick. Easy enough…until he starts to fall for Chloe.Chloe is tired of being a prisoner. She wants to get away from her Para Unit guard and run fast into the night. So what if Connor is the sexiest guy she’s ever met? Chloe knows trouble when she sees it, and Connor is one big, dangerous package of trouble. But, when an obsessed werewolf begins stalking Chloe, she realizes that her paranormal bodyguard may just be the one man she needs the most.DEAL WITH THE DEVIL (Book 4)Eric Pate is used to making his own rules—as the director of the PARA Unit, he is the boss. Everyone rushes to obey his commands, and no one knows his secrets. No one ever gets too close to him. But then he meets her.Ella Lancaster is tired of being a prisoner. She escaped one hell just to find herself in another, though Eric doesn’t consider her containment with his agents as punishment. He actually thinks it is a form of protection. But Eric is so very wrong. Ella doesn’t need protecting, not from anyone or anything.As Eric falls deeper and deeper under the mysterious Ella’s spell, his legendary control begins to crack. The beast that he has kept chained so carefully inside rises to the surface. Unfortunately, when the devil loses his control…there is real hell to pay.

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Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters Book 3)

Pdf Romance Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters Book 3)

Pdf:Gypsy Origins (All The Pretty Monsters Book 3).I'm like a snowball rolling downhill.That's the first thing that pops into my mind when I try to explain my life. I don't know exactly 'what' I am, but I do know who I am.At least...I did.Sometimes life sends things your way that upend everything you thought you knew, and then slings you in another direction without any sort of harness or warning.Sometimes it drops someone like me off in the path of four wildly different monsters, who all used to be best friends, but now sort of hate each other and compete over absolutely everything, including...me.Life would be easier if I wasn't already attached to those four monsters, but they occasionally let their guard down around me, and I get a glimpse of what has to stay hidden under all those snowball layers, since they already rolled downhill a long time ago.I'm tired of losing people I care about. I'm tired of searching aimlessly for answers. I'm tired of not having the right questions to ask.I'm really tired of feeling like my vagina is cursed, but that's obviously lower on the list of priorities. But in my vagina's defense, it may not do tricks, but I keep it pretty. It shouldn't keep scaring men/monsters off so easily, and it's honestly starting to make me feel a little insecure.Anyway, I'm finally closer than ever to having all the answers. So long as no new secrets emerge.**Reverse Harem Romance**Dark Humor**Intended for mature audiences.**Cannot be read as a stand-alone**Language warningPrevious books in the series:Gypsy Blood (book 1)Gypsy Freak (book 2)

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Awakened and Betrayed: The Lost Sentinel Book 2

Pdf Romance Awakened and Betrayed: The Lost Sentinel Book 2

Pdf:Awakened and Betrayed: The Lost Sentinel Book 2.My name is Vinna and I am a Sentinel. I’m the last in a line of a hunted, magical race, coveted and killed for our power and abilities.I was hidden and protected, but now that I’ve been found, it’s a race to see who can command and control me. Joke’s on them, I bow to no one.I need to master my magic, and protect the five guys I’ve marked as my own at all costs. Because the line between friend and foe is dangerously blurry, and I’m collecting enemies like Sentinels collect runes.It’s time to prepare for battle, claim my place, and get ready to fuck up anything or anyone that comes for me and my Chosen. Authors Note: This is the second book in The Lost Sentinel Series and ends with a cliffhanger. This book is a medium burn Reverse Harem story, intended for ages 18 years and older. This book contains swearing, graphic sex, and violence.

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The Lost and the Chosen (The Lost Sentinel Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Lost and the Chosen (The Lost Sentinel Book 1)

Pdf:The Lost and the Chosen (The Lost Sentinel Book 1).My name is Vinna, and I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets.You would too if you'd experienced some of the weird shit I have: red-eyed monsters chasing me, markings on my body appearing out of nowhere, a strange power that crackles colorfully over my skin from time to time, and don't get me started on the weapons I can conjure up almost out of nowhere. Lucky for me, I have yet to meet someone whose ass I couldn't kick, inside the ring or out. I put that to the test when I run headfirst into a fight that brings all my secrets, and reality as I know it, crashing down around me.Now, I'm looking for answers and trying to piece together what the hell is going on. Paranormal is my new way of life. It's not going to be easy, and I'm not exactly welcome. That is, until I meet the boys, and trust me, they are anything but boyish. I'm up against elders who think I’m too powerful, a family who views me as a threat, and something lurking in the shadows that's been coming for me my whole life. There’s not a chance in hell I’m going down without a fight. I’m not lost anymore, and I'm about to show this world exactly what I can do.Author’s Note: This is the first book in The Lost Sentinel Series and ends with a cliffhanger. This book is a medium burn reverse harem story, intended for ages 18 years and older. This story contains strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Book two coming in January

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Gypsy Freak (All The Pretty Monsters Book 2)

Pdf Romance Gypsy Freak (All The Pretty Monsters Book 2)

Pdf:Gypsy Freak (All The Pretty Monsters Book 2).What's it like to be a monster in a town full of monsters, who don't know you're a monster?Complicated and a little scary, but doable.What's it like to be the girl who can't die...that everyone seems to always want to kill?Frustrating as hell.What's it like to accidentally raise psychotic alpha vampire everyone fears, who drops a lot of bodies on his first day out as a 'gift' for your troubles?Terrifying, if I'm being honest.What's it like when that crazed vampire tells you he wants you to be the happy little intermission, during an ongoing ancient story, and expects you to use your vagina to draw in a werewolf alpha, a Van Helsing alpha, and a sexual deviant alpha, so he can have his old friends back?That's when a girl has to stop, look around, and question her life choices.I really don't know how this stuff keeps happening to me. Life was simpler when it was just me accidentally blowing myself up while trying to create potions and shampoo.I've lived my life in such secrecy that I've spent most of it lonely. So lonely, in fact, that my best friend is a delusional ghost. I'd rather focus on her than all the crazy things happening in my life at current. Ever since coming to this town, I've had my throat slit by vampires, attracted way too much attention from some powerful alphas, and did a lot of regrettably stupid things because...I'm too gullible for shady monsters.To them, I'm the fool.To them, I'm the naive girl in over my head.To them, I'm the pawn on a worn chessboard, while the seasoned players knock me around.Meanwhile, I'm still left to figure it all out on my own, because, just like me, no one wants to share their secrets.**Reverse Harem**Sexual Content**DARK HUMOR**Cannot be read as a stand-alone (Gypsy Blood is book 1.)**Language warning

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Dark Stranger The Dream (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Dark Stranger The Dream (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)

Pdf:Dark Stranger The Dream (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)."Hands down the best book series I have ever read. I Devour the books and coming from somebody who reads all the time this is an extreme compliment. Please please keep writing! your writing style and everything is perfect I have never read such a well-written book where the story line develops with so many characters I love knowing what's going on with everybody I love that you switch characters back and forth it is so awesome. Also the steamy love scenes are to die for!""This has been the best paranormal series I have ever read. It is better than vampire stories and better than reverse harem stories. It has lots of adventure, mystery, crime, justice, lust, love, romance--I can't put the books down.""You will not be disappointed!! Don't miss this series!! Wow and Wow! Roller Coaster! Grown folks stuff! Not teenage paranormal romance but complicated, complex adult relationships, intrigue, mystery, hot sex, fantasy, and romance! This is EVERYTHING you'll ever want in a paranormal fantasy series!! It will make you cry, laugh, cheer for the heroes and heroines! All of the characters are well developed with strengths and weakness, beauty and flaws. Exciting plots! Intriguing twists and turns! You'll enjoy the mythical, the fantasy, the history! This is a wonderful series! I'm having trouble trying to find something to keep me busy until the next book!! What in the hell am I going to do with myself!! Fates help me.""Ok, these are probably the BEST books I have read in a long time. The writer is extraordinarily talented in bringing her cast of characters to life. If you like mysteries and love stories that are not typical --written by one of the best authors I have read in a really long time then please pick up the first book and read them.""Love Love Love this book! This book had me hooked right from the beginning! This is probably the best series I've read and that's saying a lot since some of my favorite Authors are JR Ward, C. Feehan and Kenyon!""Best in the genre I. T. Lucas pens an exceptionally well developed story. Many writers in this genre are predictable and formulaic. The Children of the Gods series is never predictable. This series stands with the best of fantasy writers - the fact that it is romance fantasy is almost beside the point. That said, even the sex scenes are well done and NOT predictable! A must read.""I love this series. I am a huge BDB fan. never miss a book EVER. Now I have added this series to that list. So well written and never drags on--always a page turner. And it is not typical stuff, it is very unique! An absolute must read!""I literally read this entire series in 3 days and now I'm going through character withdrawal waiting for the next. I.T. Lucas is an amazing writer with a brilliant mind and has quickly been added to my favorite author list."When Syssi's paranormal foresight lands her a job at Dr. Amanda Dokani's neuroscience lab, it fails to predict the thrilling yet terrifying turn her life will take. Syssi has no clue that her boss is an immortal who'll drag her into a secret, millennia-old battle over humanity's future. Nor does she realize that the professor's imposing brother is the mysterious stranger who's been starring in her dreams.Since the dawn of human civilization, two warring factions of near-immortals - the descendants of the gods of old - have been secretly shaping its destiny. Leading the clandestine battle from his luxurious L.A. high-rise, Kian is surrounded by his clan, yet alone. Descending from a single goddess, clan members are forbidden to each other. And as the only other immortals are their hated enemies, Kian and his kin have been long resigned to a lonely existence of fleeting trysts with human partners. That is, until his sister--a neuroscience professor and a leading researcher of paranormal abilities--makes a game-changing discovery.The Children of the Gods is a continuing saga and is best read in order.

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Destined Storm (Nephilim's Destiny Book 4)

Pdf Romance Destined Storm (Nephilim's Destiny Book 4)

Pdf:Destined Storm (Nephilim's Destiny Book 4).Time is running out. But what will destroy them first? Secrets? Lies? Or magic?I’m in trouble. Big trouble. A split-second reflex that saved Kol’s life, and all hell busted out. Rather, my secret busted out for all to see. Now the only thing keeping a lid on my wild, unpredictable magic is Cassius’s magical handcuffs. Kinky? Yeah, no.I need to show Gideon, Marcus, Jacob, and Kol that my nephilim blood is the only thing I lied about, even if it means letting my memories be mined for the truth. Except when that soul-scraping spell comes up hard against an unbreakable magical wall, it reveals a secret that’s news even to me.But finding the answers will have to wait. A new danger threatens the city. Three glyph witches so powerful every body-shredding battle leaves my guys barely alive.We don’t know what the witches’ end game is, but if we don’t figure out how to play — and how to harness my magic — we’ll lose. And so will every innocent civilian we’ve sworn to protect.Destined Storm is the fourth book in the Nephilim’s Destiny series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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Magic Bite (Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Magic Bite (Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series Book 1)

Pdf:Magic Bite (Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series Book 1).Evie Black and her demon imp partner, Cass, are two of the most fearsome supernatural bounty hunters on the West Coast. But when Evie’s beloved grandmother dies, her world shatters. After finding the bottom of a bottle of tequila, Evie breaks the one rule she knows better than to ignore: Never hook up with a werewolf.Especially when he’s the local alpha who, oh by the way, happens to be her gran’s sworn enemy.Yeah, complicated doesn’t even begin to cover what happens next.***This is a full length adult urban fantasy novel. Please be advised there is adult sexual content and language. You know how alpha werewolves get =)

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Academy of Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 1)

Pdf Romance Academy of Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 1)

Pdf:Academy of Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 1).ONLY ONE THING STANDS BETWEEN HUMANS AND THE DEADLY SUPERNATURAL WORLD…THE ACADEMY OF ASSASSINS.Abandoned as a child and unable to remember her past, Morgan was raised as a hunter, one of an elite group of fighters sworn to protect humans from the dangerous paranormal creatures who invade our world…creatures such as herself. Her life changes the day she’s summoned to the Academy of Assassins, a school that trains witches and hunters to eradicate paranormals who prey on humans. Her first assignment—find and eliminate the killer who is using the Academy as their own personal hunting ground. As Morgan delves deeper into the investigation, she will need to dodge assassination attempts, avoid the distraction of romantic entanglements with the devilishly handsome security expert, Kincade, and his maddeningly overprotective teammates, while keeping the volatile magic in her blood concealed from those who would use it for their own purposes. When the danger increases and the school is threatened, Morgan must unearth her missing memories before someone finishes the job they started so long ago—killing her and unleashing a plague that will consume the world.An Academy of Assassins Novel : Book 1Meet the Assassins: Morgan, Kincade, Ascher, Ryder, Draven and Atlas.

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Fire Breathing Remy (Dragons of the Bayou Book 4)

Pdf Romance Fire Breathing Remy (Dragons of the Bayou Book 4)

Pdf:Fire Breathing Remy (Dragons of the Bayou Book 4).It’s the night before Lennox Ledoux’s wedding.The most exciting day of her life, right?Why is she envisioning the steel bars of a cage slamming shut?When a huge, red creature crashes to the ground a few feet away, she’s the only witness.When it transforms into a hot, naked guy, she’s still the only witness. Remy swears he and Lennox belong together. And, boy, does she want to believe him.But he’s clearly drunk and delusional. Besides, she can’t get out of the wedding now. Not with guests in town and the entire event paid for. Can she?This is the fourth book in Candace Ayers' latest series, Dragons of the Bayou, a dragon shifter romance series set in the swamplands of the deep south.This is a hot and spicy, super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and Ruby Dixon may like this dragon shapeshifter series.

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Immortal Desires

Pdf Romance Immortal Desires

Pdf:Immortal Desires.Immortals last all night…So do their desires…Dive into this wickedly sexy boxed set, packed with thrilling and steamy romances from some of your favorite New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestsellers.We’ve brought the heat with paranormal bad boys who will leave you begging for more. If you love vampires, dragons, shifters, ghosts, and other hotties that go bump in the night, this is a limited time charity boxed set you don’t want to miss out on!

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Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book 1)

Pdf Romance Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book 1)

Pdf:Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book 1).*This is a slow burn REVERSE HAREM romance.*TRIGGER WARNING: this story contains content that may trigger readers sensitive to violence and sexual assault."Jackie May has created a world of epic proportions that demands complete reader thrall until the very last page." - Melissa Haag, Author of Fury FrayedMost humans have no idea that a dark and deadly underworld, filled with magic and monsters, exists. They wander through life blissfully ignorant of the supernatural world around them. Nora Jacobs is different. Nora knows exactly what kinds of hellish creatures haunt the streets of Detroit.Thanks to a unique set of psychic abilities, Nora has managed to steer clear of the underworld most of her life. But all that changes the night the most powerful vampire in the city discovers her gifts and decides to use her as a tool to find one of his missing clan members.As if that’s not bad enough, Nora believes she’s cursed. All her life, people, especially men, have been drawn to her—some to the point of obsession and violence. Underworlders, it seems, are not immune to this curse, and now she’s caught the attention of some of the most dangerous monsters in the city.Neck deep in an investigation only she can solve, Nora quickly makes as many new allies as she does enemies. Her biggest problem is staying alive long enough to decide which is which.

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Forbidden Shifters Complete Series (Books 1-3)

Pdf Romance Forbidden Shifters Complete Series (Books 1-3)

Pdf:Forbidden Shifters Complete Series (Books 1-3).His head roars...RESIST! His heart screams....SURRENDER!Seth Durant and his alpha brothers don’t have a lot of incentive to tell anyone they’re wolf shifters. Keeping that secret at all costs has been the number one rule they have lived by for nearly their entire lives. Falling desperately in love with women they can never have is not an option. But fate has a different plan, and everything in their world is about to change... FOREVER!A Mate for Seth - Book 1Sarah, as drawn to Seth as he is to her, can’t understand why the kind, generous hottie next door is so secretive. She’s never known someone to be so desperate to know her while also throwing up so many roadblocks. With a complicated family history of her own, Sarah has to decide whether Seth is worth all the secrets. And when his secret is blown, she has to decide if she’ll be able to live outside the law with the love of her life.A Mate for Raphael - Book 2Natalie Chalk has been best friends with Raphael since elementary school and it hurts her to see him so lonely. When she gets unceremoniously dumped by someone she bet the farm on, Nat finds herself just as lonely as Raphael is. One weird night, the same idea occurs to both of them. What if they could be less lonely… together? They initiate a friends-with-benefits plan to assuage their feelings with one another, but neither could have predicted what would have come next.A Mate for Jackson - Book 3Kaya Chalk doesn’t hate men. She’s just constantly annoyed by them. They fawn over her, pursue her, make fools of themselves for her. What she wouldn’t give for a little peace and quiet! With her sister paired off and in love, Kaya becomes determined to live a peaceful, solitary life. That would be possible if only Jackson Durant weren’t suddenly a part of her life again, rescuing her and scowling his way into her heart.In the exciting conclusion of the Forbidden Shifters series a hostile presence returns from the past and starts to bear down on the Durants. Jackson and Kaya find themselves drawn to one another in a way that neither of them ever thought would truly happen. This hot and steamy romance series contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Free on kindle unlimitedREAD ALL OF SELENA SCOTTS' BOOKS?The Dragon Realm1 - Chosen by the Dragon2 - The Dragon's Touch3 - Dragon's Desire4 - Dragon's PassionSecret Shifters of Spokane1 - Danil's Mate2 - Emin's Mate3 - Maxim's Mate4 - Anton's MateShifter Fever1 - Ansel's Game2 - Alec's Game3 - Matt's Game 4 - Kain's Game4 - Griff's GameShifters of the Seventh Moon1 - The Shifter's Shadow2 - The Shifter's Embrace3 - The Shifter's Seduction4 - The Shifter's DesireForbidden Shifters1 - A Mate for Seth2 - A Mate for Raphael3 - A Mate for Jackson

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Destined Blood (Nephilim's Destiny Book 2)

Pdf Romance Destined Blood (Nephilim's Destiny Book 2)

Pdf:Destined Blood (Nephilim's Destiny Book 2).Like it or not, she’s part of the team… come hell or fiery demon.Barely a week after a searing wraith battle left me with amped-up supernatural abilities, I’m back to my cover as Essie Shaw, “normal” beat cop. My frostbite-inducing empathic gift and enhanced hearing, I can work with. My combat spell — weak at best — still comes in handy. But it’s the 24/7 glowy eye thing that’s toughest to hide.When an encounter with a feral vampire nearly kills my partner (déjà vu, anyone?), the chief of police gives me a make-or-break assignment — join the JP team. Yeah, good luck bridging the aching gulf that’s divided us since that near-fatal fight with the wraith. There’s Gideon, who electrifies my soul; Jacob, who commands it; and Kol, who tempts it. Then there’s Marcus with his ferocious, pulse-pounding energy, who left without even a goodbye.Amid lingering tensions, we investigate who’s creating an army of twisted, insatiable feral vampires. The truth will extract a terrible price from us all — body, magic, and soul.Destined Blood is the second book in the Nephilim’s Destiny series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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Dark Stranger Revealed (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 2)

Pdf Romance Dark Stranger Revealed (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 2)

Pdf:Dark Stranger Revealed (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 2)."Outstanding! The story gripped me from the beginning and I didn't stop until I finished the third book. The other books on my kindle will have to wait because I'm going to keep reading the series to the last page.""An excellent read! This is a very different take on paranormal and it was an accidental find. After reading the first book in the series, I bought the entire set. It's fast paced, intriguing and the characters are fully formed and interesting. I cannot put it down!"“A new favorite author and series!!! I really enjoyed this book and the entire series. It’s a wonderful paranormal book that is completely different from everything else out there. I devoured all five within a 3 day period of time. Both the writing, characters and story line was AMAZING and I’m dying to get my hands on the next book!!”"I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES! I was trying to find a series similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and this hit the nail on the head! I finished the entire series within two weeks and I cannot wait for Book 9 to release! IT Lucas, please keep this story line going as long as possible... I cannot wait to see what happens to the rest of the clan!""Awesome story with intriguing characters. Romance and intrigue that draws one in. Better than Shades of Grey by a mile."I. T. Lucas is one of the best authors I have come across. The Children of the Gods series is fantastic. The characters are savage, gritty sexy, enthralling and the story lines are thrilling. I can't put the book down once I have started and I have read 11 of them. The men are superbly buffed and wild, and the women give them a run for their money in the gorgeous, sexy and strong stakes. Very highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys sitting on the edge of their seat and chewing their nails in anticipation of what is to come. Very explicit and cruel in some of the books."...I was completely hooked from start to finish and did not want to put it down until I was done! I found myself devastated that the story was over already and wanting to read more..." - OnlineBookClub.org-----------------------------------------------While sheltered in the clan's stronghold, Syssi is unaware that Kian and Amanda are not human, and neither are the supposedly religious fanatics that are after her. She feels a powerful connection to Kian, and as he introduces her to a world of pleasure she never dared imagine, his dominant sexuality is a revelation. Considering that she's completely out of her element, Syssi feels comfortable and safe letting go with him. That is, until she begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. Piecing the puzzle together, she draws a scary, yet wrong conclusion...

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Time's Convert: A Novel

Pdf Romance Time's Convert: A Novel

Pdf:Time's Convert: A Novel.From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches—now a hit series streaming on Sundance Now and Shudder, and coming to television this April on AMC and BBC America—comes a novel about what it takes to become a vampire. On the battlefields of the American Revolution, Matthew de Clermont meets Marcus MacNeil, a young surgeon from Massachusetts, during a moment of political awakening when it seems that the world is on the brink of a brighter future. When Matthew offers him a chance at immortality and a new life free from the restraints of his puritanical upbringing, Marcus seizes the opportunity to become a vampire. But his transformation is not an easy one and the ancient traditions and responsibilities of the de Clermont family clash with Marcus's deeply held beliefs in liberty, equality, and brotherhood.Fast-forward to contemporary Paris, where Phoebe Taylor--the young employee at Sotheby's whom Marcus has fallen for--is about to embark on her own journey to immortality. Though the modernized version of the process at first seems uncomplicated, the couple discovers that the challenges facing a human who wishes to be a vampire are no less formidable than they were in the eighteenth century. The shadows that Marcus believed he'd escaped centuries ago may return to haunt them both--forever.A passionate love story and a fascinating exploration of the power of tradition and the possibilities not just for change but for revolution, Time's Convert channels the supernatural world-building and slow-burning romance that made the All Souls Trilogy instant bestsellers to illuminate a new and vital moment in history, and a love affair that will bridge centuries.

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Dark Stranger Immortal (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 3)

Pdf Romance Dark Stranger Immortal (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 3)

Pdf:Dark Stranger Immortal (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 3)."I have absolutely loved each book in this series. The book was well thought out. The main characters and supporting characters were well written and hilarious at times. I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good paranormal romance that is different from everything else out there." "I loved each and every one I was able to read. I am so obsessed about the series, I am barely getting my 6 - 8hrs of sleep because I can't stop reading. Lmao.""I have literally been DEVOURING this series ever since I picked up the first book. This is going to end up being a huge hit, a big thing!" -Top 500 ReviewerWhen Kian confesses his true nature, Syssi is not as much shocked by the revelation as she is wounded by what she perceives as his callous plans for her. If she doesn't turn, he'd be forced to erase her memories and let her go. His family's safety demands secrecy – no one in the mortal world is allowed to know that immortals exist. Resigned to the cruel reality, Syssi is determined to enjoy what little time she has with Kian, one day at a time.Kian and Syssi’s story culminates in Dark Stranger Immortal, and the characters embark on a new adventure in book 4: Dark Enemy Taken.

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Prisoner of Night (The Black Dagger Brotherhood World)

Pdf Romance Prisoner of Night (The Black Dagger Brotherhood World)

Pdf:Prisoner of Night (The Black Dagger Brotherhood World).From #1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward comes an unforgettable story of passion and vengeance in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world.When Ahmare’s brother is abducted, there is nothing she won’t do to get him back safely. She is unprepared, however, for the lengths she will have to go to save his life. Paired with a dangerous but enticing prisoner, she embarks on an odyssey into another world. Duran, betrayed by his father, imprisoned in a dungeon for decades, has survived only because of his thirst for vengeance. He has been biding his time to escape and is shocked to find an unlikely and temporary freedom in the form of a determined young female. Battling against deadly forces and facing unforeseen peril, the pair are in a race to save Ahmare’s brother. As time runs out, and the unthinkable looms, even true love may not be enough to carry them through.

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Dark Dream’s Temptation (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 26)

Pdf Romance Dark Dream’s Temptation (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 26)

Pdf:Dark Dream’s Temptation (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 26).Julian has known Ella is the one for him from the moment he saw her picture, but when he finally frees her from captivity, she seems indifferent to him. Could he have been mistaken?Ella’s rescue should’ve ended that chapter in her life, but it seems like the road back to normalcy has just begun and it’s full of obstacles. Between the pitying looks she gets and her mother’s attempts to get her into therapy, Ella feels like she’s typecast as a victim, when nothing could be further from the truth. She’s a tough survivor, and she’s going to prove it.Strangely, the only one who seems to understand is Logan, who keeps popping up in her dreams. But then, he’s a figment of her imagination—or is he?

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Nicole (The Mate Series) Book #1

Pdf Romance Nicole (The Mate Series) Book #1

Pdf:Nicole (The Mate Series) Book #1.Nicole Callahan, mate to fierce and brooding VC Warrior Damon DeMasters, has been trying to find her place in his world. Without a doubt, it’s been interesting, but she believes there’s a lot more she can offer the children she spent so much of her human life fighting for. The Mate series delves into the kickass world of the Warriors’ mates and how united, they can make a difference—just like their badass Protectors. Follow along to see how these exceptional women’s newfound freedom affect those around them and which Warrior may or may not support their feisty independent mate’s new and exciting path.

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Lonely Bride For A Lucky Cowboy (Fortune In Ely Series)

Pdf Romance Lonely Bride For A Lucky Cowboy (Fortune In Ely Series)

Pdf:Lonely Bride For A Lucky Cowboy (Fortune In Ely Series).A lucky cowboy…a secluded widow…and two men seeking revenge! Nathan Graham, Nate to his friends, is lucky in almost every imaginable way. He has a nice spread in Crystal Lake, Texas, money in the bank, and can’t seem to lose when he plays cards. However, that last bit seems to get him in trouble, as people always tend to accuse him of cheating. When this leads to the death of a card-loser, he is forced to head to Ely and stay with his sister for a while. Samantha Luckett, Sammy, lost everyone she once loved because of an unsolved arson that claimed her home nearly five years ago. Without her husband, three children, and father, she isolates herself in the house built for her by the townspeople who rallied at her side after the tragedy. Her solitude is only broken by the visits of two friends, daughters of the Long family, each week…until she meets their dashing uncle. The two seem to be made for each other, and Nate realizes that she’s the woman he’s been dreaming about for years. However, a younger woman has already tried to claim his hand, regardless of whether he agrees, and she’ll do whatever it takes to secure her hold on him. Even if it costs his sweet Sammy the only other thing she has to lose…her life. Will Nate find a way to protect the woman of his dreams—the answer to his prayer—or has his luck finally run out? Should Sammy allow herself to fall in love again, or send away the first man she’s allowed into her life after all these years? Will the two of them find a way to stop the plan of the woman scorned—or is the bad men’s revenge a small price to pay for the fact that Nate took a man’s life?

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Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis

Pdf Romance Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis

Pdf:Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis.Now a USA Today and Publishers Weekly best seller!"Patti Callahan seems to have found the story she was born to tell in this tale of unlikely friendship turned true love between Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis, that tests the bounds of faith and radically alters both of their lives. Their connection comes to life in Callahan's expert hands, revealing a connection so persuasive and affecting, we wonder if there's another like it in history. Luminous and penetrating." (Paula McLain, New York Times best-selling author of The Paris Wife)In a most improbable friendship, she found love. In a world where women were silenced, she found her voice. From New York Times best-selling author Patti Callahan comes an exquisite novel of Joy Davidman, the woman C. S. Lewis called "my whole world". When poet and writer Joy Davidman began writing letters to C. S. Lewis - known as Jack - she was looking for spiritual answers, not love. Love, after all, wasn't holding together her crumbling marriage. Everything about New Yorker Joy seemed ill matched for an Oxford don and the beloved writer of Narnia, yet their minds bonded over their letters. Embarking on the adventure of her life, Joy traveled from America to England and back again, facing heartbreak and poverty, discovering friendship and faith, and against all odds, finding a love that even the threat of death couldn't destroy. In this masterful exploration of one of the greatest love stories of modern times, we meet a brilliant writer, a fiercely independent mother, and a passionate woman who changed the life of this respected author and inspired books that still enchant us and change us. Joy lived at a time when women weren't meant to have a voice - and yet her love for Jack gave them both voices they didn't know they had. At once a fascinating historical novel and a glimpse into a writer's life, Becoming Mrs. Lewis is above all a love story - a love of literature and ideas and a love between a husband and wife that, in the end, was not impossible at all. "Patti Callahan Henry breathes wondrous fresh life into one of the greatest literary love stories of all time.... The result is a deeply moving story about love and loss that is transformative and magical." (Pam Jenoff, New York Times best-selling author of The Orphan's Tale) "I was swept along, filled with hope, and entirely beguiled, not only by the life lived behind the veil of C. S. Lewis's books but also by the woman who won his heart. A literary treasure from first page to last." (Lisa Wingate, New York Times best-selling author of Before We Were Yours)

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Bay City Belle (In Old California Book 2)

Pdf Romance Bay City Belle (In Old California Book 2)

Pdf:Bay City Belle (In Old California Book 2).Before the war, Belle Ainsworth led a life of pleasure and privilege in the deep South. Five years after losing her fiancé at the Battle of Gettysburg, she is still alone, with no prospects for marriage among the remaining men of her acquaintance. But out west, there are possibilities. And when Belle answers an ad for a mail-order bride and boards a train to San Francisco to meet wealthy restaurateur Robert Romano, it’s with the hope of at last making her dreams of family come true.   When the train is robbed, Yancy McLeish, a disillusioned Union Army hero, rescues Belle from her attackers—and lays claim to her heart.  But Belle has pledged her troth to Romano and intends to honor that commitment. It’s a decision she soon regrets, for her groom-to-be is nothing like his letters.  As she plots a course to escape Romano, Belle prays that road can lead her back to the safety of Yancy’s arms, where she believes she was always destined to be…Praise for Shirley Kennedy and her novels   “The historical details are vivid and realistic and should appeal to fans of the historical romance genre. The characters are interesting, the story is engaging, and the romance is slow-building and sweet. River Queen Rose is a great start in what looks to be a promising historical series by Kennedy.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars “Shirley Kennedy spins a tale sure to pull at the heartstrings of her readers.” —RT Book Reviews on Three Wishes for Miss Winthrop, 4 stars

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A Tip of the Cap (A London League Book 3)

Pdf Romance A Tip of the Cap (A London League Book 3)

Pdf:A Tip of the Cap (A London League Book 3).With Cap in hand...Malcolm Colerain, Earl of Montgomery, needs a wife. He has four children, a peerage, and a demanding secret occupation as a member of the London League; all of which give him a fulfilling life, so a proper marriage of convenience is all he seeks. But when he meets Elizabeth Owens, things begin to change. Distance becomes difficult, convenience becomes rather inconvenient, and his exciting life as a spy turns on its head. …Love comes to call...Beth Owens seizes the chance to marry the handsome and striking Earl of Montgomery, marriage of convenience or not. Her heart is his for the taking, and she is determined that he eventually will. But the more she learns about her husband, the more he puzzles her. He has secrets, she is well aware, but just how many and how deeply do they run? And when she finds a few secrets of her own, will they ever have a chance at love?

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Buried (A Bone Secrets Novel Book 3)

Pdf Romance Buried (A Bone Secrets Novel Book 3)

Pdf:Buried (A Bone Secrets Novel Book 3).A Daphne du Maurier Award WinnerBuried is the third book in Bone Secrets, the multimillion-copy bestselling series.Reporter Michael Brody is used to getting answers. The one that’s eluded him, though, for twenty long years is learning what happened to his brother Daniel the day his school bus disappeared. When the remains of the other children are discovered—and Daniel’s aren’t among them—a desperate Michael calls upon the sole survivor of the tragedy, Chris Jacobs, hoping he will finally break his silence.Constant fear of being found by his kidnapper has driven Chris into hiding. The only lead Michael has is Chris’s sister, Jamie. Strong and impenetrable, she’s capable of burrowing deep into Michael’s heart. As they race to find Chris, Michael and Jamie somehow find each other among the decades of wreckage. But locating Chris may not be so easy. Now grown, his scars go far deeper than skin.In Buried, the next thrilling Bone Secrets novel from bestselling author Kendra Elliot, a damaged hero digs deep into his terrifying past…and unearths a chance at love for the future.

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Armed 'N' Ready (Federal K-9 Book 2)

Pdf Romance Armed 'N' Ready (Federal K-9 Book 2)

Pdf:Armed 'N' Ready (Federal K-9 Book 2).Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Nick Houston is as tough as they come, and he and his K-9, Saxon, are hot on the trail of a major illegal gun dealer. But his best lead—the beautiful owner of the Dog Park Café, Andi Hardt––is not cooperating. Doesn't matter how sexy she is, or that his dog seems to be in love with her. She's a suspect and he won't cross that line. Ever.Andi Hardt sank everything into her dream business—the Dog Park Café, a restaurant catering to dogs as much as people. Now everything is in jeopardy because of one extremely frustrating, incredibly hot state trooper. Like it or not, she's in Nick's crosshairs, and he's calling the shots. Her only option: cooperate, or lose everything she's worked so hard for.Nick and Andi are catapulted straight into the danger zone, forcing them to make life-altering choices, and face their desires. Risking his life for Andi is the easy part. Risking his heart is the toughest assignment Nick will face.Each book in the Federal K-9 series is STANDALONE:* Lock 'N' Load* Armed 'N' Ready

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The Lady and the Gent (A London League Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Lady and the Gent (A London League Book 1)

Pdf:The Lady and the Gent (A London League Book 1).A woman of great fortune…Margaret Easton needs a husband, and she needs one now. Her parents are convinced that only a European will do, but Margaret wants nothing more than to stay in England. The trouble is that there is only one man Margaret can think of, or rather, one she cannot forget, and he wouldn’t do as a husband at all. Then she finds herself in his care unexpectedly, and her hunt becomes even more complicated than she could have ever imagined.A man of great mystery…Rafe Thornton has never said more than ten words to Margaret Easton, but she is rapidly becoming the sole occupant of his thoughts. She is distracting him from his operative work as the Gent, and keeps him from his usual focused nature, which he doesn’t mind at all. When she stumbles into his world, his work and his emotions collide, forcing him to choose between saving the Crown, and protecting his love.

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Shake The Earth: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 3)

Pdf Romance Shake The Earth: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 3)

Pdf:Shake The Earth: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 3).The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of four sexy dragon shifters and the woman they’re sworn to serve…It's time for me to embrace my destiny as the next Black Dragon, the one who can control all five elements and bring balance to the realms.I've bonded with two of my mates, Jasin and Auric, and now we continue our journey so I can become intimate with Slade and Reven. It’s a race against the Dragons we’re meant to overthrow, who will do anything to stop us from fulfilling our destiny.We’re going to need allies if we want to defeat the Dragons, even if that means confronting the dark secrets of our pasts. But death and destruction follow us at every turn, and unlocking the hearts of my last two mates seems nearly impossible. When all seems lost, will love be enough to save us?SHAKE THE EARTH is the third book in this steamy fantasy romance series full of dark secrets, dangerous enemies, and smoldering desires.

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Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Pdf Romance Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Pdf:Always and Forever, Lara Jean.Lara Jean's letter-writing days aren't over in this surprise follow-up to the New York Times best-selling To All the Boys I've Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You. Lara Jean is having the best senior year a girl could ever hope for. She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Peter; her dad's finally getting remarried to their next door neighbor, Ms. Rothschild; and Margot's coming home for the summer just in time for the wedding. But change is looming on the horizon. And while Lara Jean is having fun and keeping busy helping plan her father's wedding, she can't ignore the big life decisions she has to make. Most pressingly, where she wants to go to college and what that means for her relationship with Peter. She watched her sister Margot go through these growing pains. Now Lara Jean's the one who'll be graduating high school and leaving for college and leaving her family - and possibly the boy she loves-behind. When your heart and your head are saying two different things, which one should you listen to?

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A Rogue About Town (A London League Book 2)

Pdf Romance A Rogue About Town (A London League Book 2)

Pdf:A Rogue About Town (A London League Book 2).A disgruntled operative…Gabriel Statler, Lord Wharton, has a problem. His duties as an operative for the Crown are being compromised for the sake of his cover, where he is known only as the Rogue. His days are now filled with trivial investigations, and none of the problems are ones he wants to solve. Then he meets a mysterious young woman who holds more secrets than he likes, and, against his better judgment, he takes her case. A determined client...Amelia Berger needs the Rogue, and she needs everything he can offer without revealing everything she knows. Her secrets are her own, and she has far too many to risk revealing even one. But when working with Rogue turns into something entirely unexpected, she finds that the secrets she began with are not the ones she most needs to protect.

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Kiss The Sky: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 2)

Pdf Romance Kiss The Sky: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 2)

Pdf:Kiss The Sky: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 2).To unlock her powers she must mate with four sexy dragon shifters. One down, three to go…I’m done hiding. I’ve stopped running. And I’ve finally accepted my destiny—to take four dragon shifters as my mates so I can become the next Black Dragon, the wielder of all the elements.I’ve already bonded with Jasin, my smoldering soldier, and soon I’ll be getting intimate with Auric, my lofty prince, Slade, my grounded blacksmith, and Reven, my frosty assassin. Only then can we become powerful enough to stop the current Dragons, the overlords of our world. But as we continue our journey, secrets are uncovered about my mates that make me question everything, even as things heat up between us. Yet the greatest secret of all lies in my own past—and it might destroy us completely. KISS THE SKY is the second book in this steamy fantasy romance series featuring four irresistible men and the one woman who can tame them.

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Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4)

Pdf Romance Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4)

Pdf:Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4).They may not be made for each other, but animal instincts are impossible to ignore.Madisyn Drake is a rare breed of cat shifter…a loner, unpredictably wild, and emotionally distant. A recent betrayal has left her ready to sharpen her claws on the next man she sees…until a prowling wolf with steel-gray eyes and a brooding dark edge challenges her distrust. No matter how fully he satisfies her touch-hunger, Madisyn’s not ready to open up again, even if it is oh so gratifying.Bracken Slater has earned his reputation as an indomitable predator. Once broken by grief and guilt, he is feeling alive again, thanks to the heady scent of this independent feline. Madisyn isn’t interested in joining an unfamiliar pack, so convincing her that they’re meant for each other is going to take more than branding her beautiful neck. But when threats from both their pasts take shape, their unexpected destiny may be the only thing that can save them.

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Unbreakable (Highlands Forever Book 1)

Pdf Romance Unbreakable (Highlands Forever Book 1)

Pdf:Unbreakable (Highlands Forever Book 1).Welcome to Book One in an exciting new Highlander series, HIGHLANDS FOREVER! Purchase a copy OR read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Highlander Romance doesn't get any better than HIGHLANDS FOREVER!Sworn to forget his past….Alex MacKay has roamed the world as a mercenary, trying to forget his shattered past. But when he’s summoned by his brother to defend clan lands, the very man who betrayed him and married the woman he loved, he’s surprised to learn that the spirited Keely not only abandoned his brother on their wedding night, but never returned.Sworn to embrace a new future…Keely Oliphant fled home on her wedding night and sought refuge among the Sutherlands, the enemies of her clan. Years later, ready to make amends for her past, Keely braves returning to her family.But nothing is the same, and Keely is forced to face the new MacKay laird—Alex—the man she once loved.Alex refuses to forgive her, but demands she honor their years-old betrothal. The MacKays need an heir.Facing yet another marriage she doesn’t want, Keely tries to resist Alex’s loveless seduction.But as time passes, old feelings are rekindled. Will Alex finally admit he wants a second chance at love, or will he once again deny fate when the Sutherlands claim his marriage to Keely is invalid and try to force her back to Dunrobin Castle to marry the earl's youngest son?

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Unyielding (Highlands Forever Book 3)

Pdf Romance Unyielding (Highlands Forever Book 3)

Pdf:Unyielding (Highlands Forever Book 3).The long-awaited third book in the Highlands Forever series is here! Adventure and romance abound in this stunning new tale set in the heart of the highlands. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Betrayed by his father, Prince Kuresh earns his Highland name (Kai MacKay) and position as captain of the guard through loyal service and unshakable love for his new homeland. But now that he has found happiness in a new place, there’s only one thing he needs to feel complete, the heart of fiery Miran MacKay.Miran MacKay is fiercely independent and has lived life on her own terms, until she is forced to accept her noble birth and act like a lady. But wearing pretty gowns doesn’t mean she’s changed on the inside.Familiar with heartbreak and loneliness, Miran is unwilling to risk her love on a dark-eyed heathen from a foreign land her cousin the laird wants her to marry. At least that’s what she tells everyone, but secretly, she wants everything Kai offers her.Will a trip across the northern Highlands in winter draw Kai and Miran together, the undeniable heat between them thawing her frosty heart, or will fate separate them when an unknown enemy with a long-standing grudge threatens the life of the man Miran has grown to love?Highlands Forever seriesUnbreakableUndeniableUnyielding

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The Promise (Noble Line of de Nerra Book 4)

Pdf Romance The Promise (Noble Line of de Nerra Book 4)

Pdf:The Promise (Noble Line of de Nerra Book 4).You met Cullen de Nerra in the January 2019 release 'By the Unholy Hand'. Now, Cullen is off on his own adventure of political intrigue and a forbidden love!1208 A.D. - Sir Cullen de Nerra is a knight's knight. The son of the Sheriff of Hampshire, Val de Nerra (Vestiges of Valor), Cullen has been heavily involved in the politics of William Marshal for many years, but never more involved than when The Marshal gifts his services to a powerful, but unpredictable, warlord, Preston de Lacy.De Lacy is a rich man with too much time on his hands and a great hatred for King John. Cullen’s task is to keep watch on de Lacy and pass information to William Marshal on his movements and actions. It is suspected that he is behind a renewed resurgence of rebellion against the king and William Marshal must stay one step ahead of him. Cullen is very good at keeping an eye on de Lacy until a new distraction enters the picture – Lady Teodora “Teddy” de Rivington. Teddy had been betrothed to Preston’s nephew until the lad got himself killed. Now, as a matter of gaining the de Rivington fortune, Preston assumes the betrothal and marries Teddy. With Teddy’s father greatly loyal to King John, Preston is only concerned with using his new wife against her father, but Teddy’s father is pleased for the same reason – using his daughter to gain information on the king’s enemies.The situation is complicated enough when a new facet arises – Cullen’s growing feelings for Teddy. The woman is caught in a deadly game of politics and Preston refuses to have anything to do with his wife, leaving Cullen as her only source of comfort. What starts off as a polite acquaintance quickly grows into something far more passionate. As a lonely knight and a lonely lady are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, the situation explodes. When Cullen prevents King John from abducting Teddy to punish de Lacy, he is declared a fugitive from the law and Teddy is told that he was killed whilst fleeing the prince. Believing he is dead, she also discovers she is pregnant with his child, making the situation far more complicated because her own husband has never bedded her.It’s a race against time for Cullen to return to the woman he loves and save her from the king, her father, and her own husband. In the beginning of their love affair, he promised to always love her, to always protect her, and to always be faithful to her. He intends to fulfill that promise… or die trying.The Promise is an epic Medieval adventure you’ll not soon forget.The Promise is a full-length novel linked to the Le Veque books Vestiges of Valor and By the Unholy Hand

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Heart of Ashes (Hearts of the Highlands Book 1)

Pdf Romance Heart of Ashes (Hearts of the Highlands Book 1)

Pdf:Heart of Ashes (Hearts of the Highlands Book 1).Read Book One in a fabulous new Highlander Romance series, only from NYT Bestselling author Paula Quinn! Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.A Scottish warrior and a Norman maiden clash in this stunning epic! Cainnech (Cain) MacPherson’s hatred for the English was born when he was a lad of seven, the day they raided his village and killed his family. They took everything from him without mercy and tossed him onto the battlefield, where the memory of love faded to dust and left nothing in its wake but violence. Now, as Robert the Bruce’s most formidable, most lethal warrior, he wreaks havoc on his enemy, taking land by force and without mercy. But when he raids a small castle in Northumberland, he faces his greatest opponent yet—a bold, beautiful Norman lass who will see him dead at any cost rather than give up her home…even if it means tearing open his armored heart and stirring the ashes that remain. Aleysia d’Argentan will do anything to keep the hated Scots out of her castle and away from her villagers. She has prepared for this day for the last four years, building traps in the forest, poisoning the grain, and hiding daggers wherever she could use them to kill her enemy. But she isn’t prepared for the brawny, brooding Highland warlord who invades her life—and her heart. He is an infuriating, irresistible opponent with a curious touch, a smoldering kiss, and a reluctant smile that begins to shine on her alone. Can the ashes of his heart be stirred into flame by his enemy?

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The Mountain Dark (The Executioner Knights Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Mountain Dark (The Executioner Knights Book 2)

Pdf:The Mountain Dark (The Executioner Knights Book 2).The Executioner Knights are back, now with one of their own falling in love with a Welsh princess who holds the key to a renewed rebellion. Will love win out over his sense of duty?Kress de Rhydian is a man on a mission. The second Executioner Knight is off to Wales with a very important directive –William Marshal is determined to make a match between a Welsh princess and one of King John’s greatest enemies, thereby strengthening the growing rebellion against John. Outwardly, William Marshal supports the king but behind the man’s back, he is now plotting against the man. John is doing more harm to England and it is clear he must be removed from the throne with a king suitable for England’s rule. The Marshal wants John gone, but on his own terms.With a political marriage in mind, William Marshal sends Kress into Wales to escort Cadelyn ferch Rhys from her home, known as Mynydd Twywll (Mountain Dark), back to Chepstow Castle for the marriage. Cadelyn is one of the last full-blooded Welsh princesses, a very valuable commodity. But there is a complication – the princess falls in love with Kress along the way, and in spite of himself, Kress cannot deny his growing feelings for her. The problems begin.Upon reaching Chepstow, the princess refuses the marriage to the man of William’s choice and William discovers it is because of Kress, who is now increasingly sympathetic to the Welsh cause. Unbeknownst to William or Kress, the princess leads a band of rebels on her own and no longer willing to be a political pawn, she is verging on waging all-out war against William Marshall. Fearing Kress will side with the Welsh princess, William betroths Kress to another woman and sends him away before the princess can destroy the life of a stalwart young English knight. While the princess was playing a political game, the truth is that she is very much in love with Kress. As his loyalties to William Marshall weaken, so does the princess’ loyalties to her rebellion. Love is the ultimate prize now and Kress is torn between duty and love. Will his sense of duty and his loyalty to England win out? Or will the love of a rebel princess be his downfall?Read the entire Executioner Knight series:By The Unholy HandThe Mountain DarkStarless (coming Winter 2019)Also read The Promise (February 21, 2019)Note: This book will be full-length, around 300 pages

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Lera of Lunos: Power of Five Book 4

Pdf Romance Lera of Lunos: Power of Five Book 4

Pdf:Lera of Lunos: Power of Five Book 4.Two immortal realms on brink of war. One mortal standing in their way.With the quint squaring off against the king of Slait, Lera is running out of time to tame her feral magic. Worse still, just when the quint must weave together to survive, demons from Tye’s past surface to tear them apart. Demons he fears facing himself, let alone sharing with Lera. But when Griorgi makes a move that no one expects, throwing River’s, Shade’s, and Coal’s lives into question, the clock runs out. Lera and Tye have no choice but to fight their battles within—or risk losing Lunos and their quint forever.LERA OF LUNOS is a full-length reverse-harem fantasy novel, the stunning finale to the Amazon-bestselling, KDP-All Star POWER OF FIVE series.

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Brides of Ireland: A Medieval Historical Romance Bundle

Pdf Romance Brides of Ireland: A Medieval Historical Romance Bundle

Pdf:Brides of Ireland: A Medieval Historical Romance Bundle.Welcome to all things Irish, Medieval, and romantic....The Irish are a people of power and determination, with myths and legends from the very dawn of time. In the pages of this limited-edition collection, you'll find an explosion of legendary Irish adventure and romance to satisfy even the pickiest historical romantic. These tales bring forth the very best in timeless historical romance and include HIGH WARRIOR, a USA Today Bestselling book.In this collection, you will find:High Warrior: A great Irish knight with PTSD learns to live and love again.Black Sword: An Irish rebel, an English captive, and an unforgettable romance explodes.The Darkland: An Irish legacy knight serves a wicked lord with a terrible secret.SeaWolfe: An English pirate and his Irish prisoner find love on the shores of Cornwall.Also enjoy an exclusive excerpt from the never-before-published Medieval Historical Romance novel THE CENTURION, coming in August 2019.Enjoy this limited-edition collection while it lasts - and read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Léitheoireacht shona! That means Happy Reading!

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Love Beyond Destiny (A Scottish, Time Travel Romance): Book 11 (Morna's Legacy Series)

Pdf Romance Love Beyond Destiny (A Scottish, Time Travel Romance): Book 11 (Morna's Legacy Series)

Pdf:Love Beyond Destiny (A Scottish, Time Travel Romance): Book 11 (Morna's Legacy Series).Secrets never keep for long.After the sudden death of her husband, Silva struggles to find her way in a life that is now so different than the one she envisioned for herself. When offered the opportunity to start over in a new territory, she seizes the chance. But in order to truly start anew, Silva knows she must come clean about a secret she has held for far too long. When she arrives at her new home, Silva is met by a man she was certain she would never see again, a man that threatens to heal the heart she was certain would never be whole again. Every day since meeting her, Marcus has thought of the mysterious woman he met at his best friend’s wedding, although it never occurred to him that she would end up as a resident of his castle. Having her near him every day is both a blessing and a curse. He wants nothing more than to win her love, but her grieving heart keeps him at bay. He knows that only time can heal her, and he’s resolved to wait as long as it takes, for one day he knows she will love him. But his love for her may not be enough, for there is another with a secret that could tear her away from him forever. Will Silva be able to move on from her past grief and heartbreak, or will her world be turned upside down once again?Scroll up and grab your copy today.Read all the books in Morna’s Legacy Series:Love Beyond Time (Book 1)Love Beyond Reason (Book 2)A Conall Christmas - A Novella (Book 2.5)Love Beyond Hope (Book 3)Love Beyond Measure (Book 4)In Due Time - A Novella (Book 4.5)Love Beyond Compare (Book 5)Love Beyond Dreams (Book 6)Love Beyond Belief (Book 7)A McMillan Christmas - A Novella (Book 7.5)Love Beyond Reach (Book 8)Morna's Magic & Mistletoe - A Novella (Book 8.5)Love Beyond Words (Book 9)Love Beyond Wanting (Book 10)The Haunting of Castle Dune - A Novella (Book 10.5)Love Beyond Destiny (Book 11)

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Promised to the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 2)

Pdf Romance Promised to the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 2)

Pdf:Promised to the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 2).She’s running late for her wedding. Eight hundred years late.When Kerry Sutherland falls from a window she plunges through time and lands in medieval Scotland. Mistaken for the fiancée of the Laird's son, she's brought before the brutish warrior she's supposed to marry. He's a rugged highlander with arms like tree trunks and brooding eyes that burn through her soul.Callum is the courageous leader of a brutal band of highland warriors. Betrothed to a woman he's never met, his only desire is to make sure the arranged wedding never happens. Then he meets Kerry.The more time Callum spends with the enticing stranger, the more certain he becomes that she's his soulmate. But when his past catches up with him he's forced into an impossible choice. Marry the woman his parents picked out for him and end years of clan warfare or risk everything to be with the beautiful woman who's taught him how to feel love.Promised to the Highlander is the second in the clean and sweet Highlander's Time series. It can be read as a standalone romantic novel or enjoyed as part of the spellbinding series. If you like strong Highland warriors, a realistic medieval world, and a feisty modern heroine, you're sure to love this scintillating time travel story.

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The Pawn (The King's Cousins Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Pawn (The King's Cousins Book 1)

Pdf:The Pawn (The King's Cousins Book 1).Get Book One in an amazing new Medieval Historical Romance series, The King's Cousins. When three young children are separated when their father commits treason against the King of England, romance, excitement, and intrigue abound. Follow each of their stories in this exciting new series! 1338 A.D. – Exiled to a convent after her father’s execution for treason, Katelyn de Blays has fleeting memories of the man she adored and the outside world. When her brother’s search leads him to find Katelyn after many years, she is eager to leave with Landon and begin a new life. He brings her to the court of her cousin, Edward III, who betroths Katelyn to a powerful earl of Northumberland, using her as a political pawn to show his continued support of his northern noblemen.When Sir Nicholas Mandeville returns from patrolling his family’s lands along the Scottish border, he discovers his father has died—and left a widow—whom his uncle wed Nicholas to by proxy during his absence. Angry at becoming the Earl of Northmere and having no choice regarding his wife, Nicholas vows to leave the widow untouched until he knows whether or not she carries his father’s child. As time passes and Nicholas loses his heart to this brave, young woman, he is astonished to learn Katelyn wishes for their union to be annulled. Can he convince Kate to remain wed to him—or will Nicholas sacrifice his own happiness and let the enigmatic beauty go?Each book in The King’s Cousins Trilogy is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.Series Order:Book #1: The PawnBook #2: The HeirBook #3: The BastardFor those who savor romance on the high seas, you might enjoy the standalone prequel to The King’s Cousins Trilogy. GOD OF THE SEAS is part of the Pirates of Britannia World and features Godwin de Blays and Melisent Winchester, great-grandparents to Quill, Landon, and Katelyn.

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True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh Book 1)

Pdf Romance True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh Book 1)

Pdf:True to the Highlander (The Novels of Loch Moigh Book 1).Treachery rules the Highlands of 1423. With their king captured by the English, Scottish nobles plot to ransom James behind the back of the brutal regent holding their land in his iron grip. But not every clan wishes to see King James back on his throne…Sitting atop this powder keg of bloodthirsty rivalries, Malcolm of clan MacKintosh takes the mysterious, lone maiden he finds along his road as a bad omen…though an undeniably beautiful one. When he attempts to save her from a rogue within his own garrison, she deftly brings Malcolm to his knees. Who is this willful lass who has so quickly laid siege to his heart?Alethia Goodsky has met all kinds working at the New York Renaissance Festival, but no one like the fortune-teller who tasks her with a cryptic life-saving mission and flings her into the fifteenth century. Now Alethia must rely on her wits to unravel the mystery in this violent land. Malcolm has sworn to protect her, but her gifts may soon make her his protector. With enemies closing in, Alethia must choose between finding a way home…and remaining true to her Highlander.

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By The Unholy Hand (Executioner Knights Book 1)

Pdf Romance By The Unholy Hand (Executioner Knights Book 1)

Pdf:By The Unholy Hand (Executioner Knights Book 1).Read the USA Today and IndieReader Bestseller!Spies. Killers. Gentleman knights. Medieval England is about to face the Unholy Trinity.You read about them in 'Lord of Winter'. Now discover Book One in 2019's exciting new Medieval series!1200 A.D. - In the time following the death of Richard the Lionheart and the ascension of his brother, John, to the throne of England, a plot against the new king is hatched from an unexpected place – deep within the bowels of The Lateran Palace in Rome. It is rumored that the Pope himself is behind it. It is a plot so dark, and so dastardly, that William Marshal needs men who specialize in dark and dirty games in order to save a king they all hate, yet a king that England desperately needs.The Marshal needs the men known as The Unholy Trinity -the Executioner Knights.Sir Maxton of Loxbeare is the leader of this unholy band of cutthroats. A big man with dark hair and dark eyes, Maxton fostered in the finest houses, but there is something unsettling about him. He is a man who easily kills without remorse, and he never questions an order, no matter how unsavory it is. William Marshall tasks Maxton and his comrades with seeking out the papal assassins, and the duty soon becomes a high-stakes game of chess, with checkmate being the life of the King of England.Enter Lady Andressa du Bose. A great heiress who was cheated out of her inheritance by a conniving aunt, Andressa has spent unhappy and bitter years serving in the convent she was essentially sold to. A chance meeting with Maxton introduces Andressa to a world she wants to be part of, and a man she is greatly attracted to, but in that meeting, she has unknowingly given Maxton a lead on something he very much wants – a clue to who the assassins really are. All signs point to papal operatives. Maxton has a job to do and he’ll use anyone he can to complete it, including the lovely pledge who is increasingly on his mind… and in his heart.Join Maxton and Andressa in a deadly game of cat and mouse, where all is not what it seems, and even those most devout can sometimes hold a terrible secret. It soon becomes clear that Maxton must make a choice… give in to his feelings for Andressa, or save a king, and with that, England’s sovereignty. It’s a showdown of good against evil, and the power of love against a knight’s sense of duty, in this larger-than-life Medieval Romance. Note: Read Lord of Winter by Kathryn Le Veque as a prequel to this series!

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The Highlander’s Runaway (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf Romance The Highlander’s Runaway (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf:The Highlander’s Runaway (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story).Page Count: Approx 270 pages.A dutiful daughter…a Highland warrior…and a madman desperate for a rich bride… Claudine Epsworth, shy but impulsive, is the daughter of the earl of Estridge, and well knows her place and duty as bidden by her father. Her brother Reid is serving in the military, and though she misses him, she must follow her father’s instructions though he seems a trifle less in touch with reality than usual. Now he has hinted that she is to be promised in marriage to a man she barely knows, though his looks are not undesirable. First, she is sent to Scotland, her father saying it is for her protection, as war threatens on the not-so-distant horizon. Highland Warrior Arrives Handsome and brave Brogan McRae, leader of the clan McRae, is visiting the home of Douglas and Marguerite, his neighbors and allies, at Duncliffe Manor. They have business to discuss, namely the threat of battle on their adjoining properties. He never intended to fall in love with their new houseguest instantly. Putting aside his feelings, for he’ll never be hurt that way again, he vows instead to protect her from a sense of danger he feels when another new houseguest arrives. An Unexpected Threat A cruel man named Dunstan South, her father’s choice as her husband, has made the daring move of following pretty Claudine to Scotland, ostensibly for her protection. A feeling of unease at his presence is quashed to some degree, but Claudine cannot shake it completely. When his abusive and rude nature is finally exposed for all to see, she knows that she cannot marry him, but can she really go against the wishes of her father? After all, a seer has told her to follow her heart, and obviously that means she cannot choose South…right? Fighting for LoveAfter an unexpected illness, Claudine learns that she must run away, and soon, as Dunstan has threatened to carry her off into a forced, miserable marriage. She takes almost nothing with her, but when she’s almost caught, an unexpected savior arrives in the nick of time. Brogan will accompany her to her brother’s station, but twists and turns along the way set in motion a series of events that will change their lives forever!Can Claudine defy the hinted decree of her father—shirking her family duty—and follow her heart instead of her head when it comes to choosing her destiny? Or will she choose duty and risk a miserable marriage to an abusive, cruel man?Will Brogan find a way to help Claudine escape a loveless, violent marriage—regardless of whether it leads her to himself—or is the past that haunts him still doomed to repeat itself?"The Highlander’s Runaway" is a standalone historical Scottish romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting.Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!Enjoy!

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Five Heroes of the Heart

Pdf Romance Five Heroes of the Heart

Pdf:Five Heroes of the Heart.Fall in love again with these full-length novels by award-winning and USA Today Bestselling authors! This set includes –Believe in Me by LANA WILLIAMS –Lady Cristiana’s plan of revenge against her mother’s murderer is cut short when a knight arrives to escort her to her guardian, a powerful bishop. Sir William hopes to earn his second chance at life by serving the bishop, but the beautiful lady refuses to go. As the bishop’s intent to use Cristiana’s healing ability comes to light, she must choose between revenge and the love of a lifetime.A Knight With Grace by LAUREL O’DONNELL –Lady Grace Willoughby defies her father’s orders to marry Sir William de Tracy and escapes with a friend. Excommunicated and outcast for a horrible crime in his past, Sir William de Tracy searches for forgiveness. Can William and Grace overcome their past and find the redemption and love both are so desperately seeking?Dance of Desire by CATHERINE KEAN –Desperate to save her imprisoned brother, veiled Lady Rexana Villeaux dances for Fane Linford, High Sheriff of Warringham--and he is tempted. Rexana reluctantly marries him, but as she learns more about her husband tormented by secrets, she cannot deny his love.Gambling on the Duke’s Daughter by DIANA BOLD –When a jaded war hero wagers on his ability to court a duke's daughter, he learns that love is the greatest gamble of all. An Inconceivable Deception by SYDNEY JANE BAILY –Hobnob with Victorian-era Bostonians and detour to the bustling wharves where both menace and miracles transpire. Boston society girl Rose Malloy has everything including a loving fiancé. Then her past resurfaces bringing heartbreak, lies, intrigue, and murder. Can she prevent further heartache, or will her future be destroyed by an Inconceivable Deception?

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Lasses, Lords, and Lovers: A Medieval Romance Bundle

Pdf Romance Lasses, Lords, and Lovers: A Medieval Romance Bundle

Pdf:Lasses, Lords, and Lovers: A Medieval Romance Bundle.Medieval Matrimony makes for lusty bedfellows...Welcome to this grand collection of bestselling Kathryn Le Veque novels, all in one bundle. This collection also includes an excerpt of a never-before published novel, The Champion. Brand-new material! Add this collection to your Kindle library or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Escape to a land where the lasses are fair and fiery, where the lords are strong and noble, and the lovers are passionate and true. All of these elements combine into a great new collection of novels. Medieval England and Scotland have never been so adventurous or romantic. This collection also contains BRAND NEW material - a never-before published excerpt from a future Le Veque novel, THE CHAMPION. You'll want to read this fun excerpt, starring the children of characters from existing Le Veque novels. This collection includes:An except from The Champion - spoiled and lovely Kira MacRohan pits two suitors against each other. The Savage Curtain - A great English knight in a forced marriage with a Scottish captive.Swords and Shields - A de Winter son marries a woman of deception... and loses a brother in the process.Great Protector - An older knight and a young woman find love amidst intrigue.While Angels Slept - A widow and a great earl find danger and adventure amidst the Anarchy.Get your copy of this limited edition collection before it's gone!

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Artair's Temptress: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 5)

Pdf Romance Artair's Temptress: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 5)

Pdf:Artair's Temptress: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 5). She travels back in time with a handsome highlander, facing the dangerous unknown of the past...and a growing desire... Diana Hartford has long denied the magical time traveling ability she's inherited from her parents. But when her aunt implores her to guide a fourteenth century highlander back to his time, she is forced to use the ability she has always denied.Stranded in another time after his distant relative takes his place in the past, Artair is determined to get back to his life. When the bonnie Sassenach witch, Diana, escorts him back through time, he struggles with his bourgeoning desire for the temptress...As Artair and Diana navigate the dangers of fourteenth century Scotland, they find themselves the target of a ruthless enemy. They must work together to protect Artair's place in the past, and as love and desire blossoms between them, a possible shared future...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, fierce heroines, romance, and magical adventure, you'll love Artair's Temptress, the fifth book of the epic and sweeping Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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His Headstrong Bride

Pdf Romance His Headstrong Bride

Pdf:His Headstrong Bride.From the moment he set eyes on Lady Margaret Baillie five years ago, Lord Iain de Moray has dreamed of ravishing her beautiful body so fiercely that she cries out his name as he makes her his own, but he would not have expected their next meeting to be the result of her sneaking into his military camp with a knife, dead set on settling a score with a man being held captive there.When Margaret attempts to escape and refuses to answer his questions upon being apprehended, Iain does not hesitate to lift her skirts and spank her bare bottom soundly. Her continued defiance earns her the sting of his belt on her sore, already bright red backside, but in spite of everything the humiliating chastisement leaves her longing for him to claim her hard and thoroughly.After Margaret's desire for Iain is inadvertently put on shameful display, they are soon wed by the order of the king, but will the battle-hardened Scotsman's firm hand prove sufficient to cure his headstrong bride of her reckless ways or will more intimate means of correction be required?Publisher's Note: His Headstrong Bride is a stand-alone sequel to His Conquered Bride. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Moodie: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 46)

Pdf Romance Moodie: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 46)

Pdf:Moodie: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 46).She's lonelier than she'll ever admit, especially to him.Penny's content to stay on her island off the Scottish coast and continue her research, with only a pack of dogs for company. But wait until she sees what the storm blows in.Ethan Moodie is terrified of failing his quest, but pride pushes him off the moor and into the life of a charming but sharp-tongued lass on the isle of Stroma. He's there to show her how a woman should be treated, and get a lesson he'll need in order to move on to the next life. He has to pay attention, however, or he'll end up haunting the cursed island!*A young witch is determined to bring 79 warriors back to life and show them how to love. The Ghosts can be read in any order, for the most part, but be sure to read The Gathering first, so it all makes sense.

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A Knight's Vengeance (Knight's Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance A Knight's Vengeance (Knight's Series Book 1)

Pdf:A Knight's Vengeance (Knight's Series Book 1).Geoffrey de Lanceau will never believe his father was a traitor. Back from Crusade, Geoffrey has vowed to avenge his sire's killing and reclaim the de Lanceau lands. When Geoffrey rescues a headstrong damsel from a near-accident and learns she's the daughter of his enemy, Geoffrey knows just how he will exact his revenge.Lady Elizabeth Brackendale dreamed of marrying for love, but is promised to a lecherous old baron. Then she is abducted and held for ransom by a scarred, tormented rogue. He's the hero who saved her life. He's also the knight who intends to slay her father.Elizabeth is determined to escape and undermine Geoffrey's plans for revenge, but the threads of deception sewn eighteen years ago bind the past and the present. When her father declares war, she's torn between her loyalty to him and her feelings for Geoffrey. Only by Geoffrey and Elizabeth championing their forbidden love can the truth at last be revealed about a knight's vengeance.

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Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1)

Pdf Romance Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1)

Pdf:Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1). Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome highlander...After traveling to Scotland for a solo artist's retreat, Fiona Stewart finds herself mysteriously transported to the fourteenth century. But as she attempts to get back to her own time, complications ensue when she meets a handsome highlander who sets her heart aflame...Forced into an engagement with the daughter of a rival clan leader, Eadan Macleay struggles to fulfill his promise to his dying father.When he comes across a strange lass claiming to be from the future, he strikes a deal with her. If she poses as his bride to end his betrothal, he will help her return to her own time.Amid their growing attraction and increasing danger from the rival clan, Eadan and Fiona must choose between love, duty, and the hands of fate...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, strong heroines, romance, and adventure, you'll love Eadan's Vow, the first book of the Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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Secrets of the Heart: Book One of The MacCallens and Randalls

Pdf Romance Secrets of the Heart: Book One of The MacCallens and Randalls

Pdf:Secrets of the Heart: Book One of The MacCallens and Randalls.This was previously released a few years ago as part of a Christmas collection. I have added bonus content.Widowed clan chief Connor MacCallen prays fervently for a loving wife and children, as well as peace for his clan. As blessed as they are with abundant crops and cattle, they are threatened by the generations' old feud with the Randalls. Connor must find a way to stop the feud from turning into war. Ostracized at the age of nine as the daughter of a drunkard and thief, Onnleigh has lived a lonely existence. With no friends and no hope of having a family of her own, she has resigned herself to a bleak future. Until one day when one of her clansmen starts to visit. She learns too late that he is neither a man of honor nor integrity, nor one who should be trusted. Connor doesn’t put any faith in wishing wells, fairies or ghosts. But to appease his grandminny, he makes a very special wish: for a loving wife, children, and peace for the MacCallens. When Onnleigh overhears Connor’s wish, she makes the most difficult decision of her life. As poor as a church mouse and uneducated, she can’t give him peace. But there is one thing she can give him. Will Connor be able to stop the violence before it destroys all that he values? Will he find someone to love again? And will Onnleigh ever find a place to call home?

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The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees Book 2)

Pdf:The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees Book 2).#1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood brings the soaring adventure, love and rivalry of medieval Scotland to glorious life in this classic historical romance.   Journeying from England to Scotland, Lady Brenna has resigned herself to an arranged match with a highlander. But when a band of fierce, painted warriors captures her en route, she fearlessly meets their demand to instead marry their leader—her betrothed’s sworn enemy—the quick-tempered Connor MacAlister.   Brenna harbors no illusions that her husband is in love with her, but their shared past gives her hope. Maybe the laird who once visited her father’s castle and charmed her with a dazzling, unexpected smile remains underneath Connor’s stern exterior.   But as she sets out to win the man whom she has come to adore, a legacy of revenge ensnares Brenna in a furious clan war—and only her faith in her new husband can save her...Includes an excerpt of another beloved Julie Garwood highland romance, The Bride

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The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots Book 1)

Pdf:The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots Book 1).In only six weeks, Isla Ramsey is due to marry Henry Northrup, the sixth Earl of Sydney. But she remains haunted by memories of the dashing Hugh Courtney, the Marquess Pierce. The handsome aristocrat had hinted at forever and then tossed her aside, leaving Isla with few viable options. Now, as she awaits her new fiancé’s arrival from London, she rides her horse past Hugh’s estate at Hazelwood every day, pining for a man who was never truly hers.   Hugh Courtney may have left Isla’s life, but he can’t erase her from his thoughts. When he rescues her from a sudden snowstorm, they are forced to take shelter together at his private estate. In such close quarters there is no escaping each other. Yet no man wants a reckless wife—or a woman promised to another. As fate draws Isla further into his world, Hugh vows to keep her out of his bedchamber. However, some vows are meant to be broken . . .

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Kiss Me, my Love

Pdf Romance Kiss Me, my Love

Pdf:Kiss Me, my Love.Experience tantalizing kisses and oh so satisfying romances with Regency rakes, earls, and spies along with Medieval knights, Edwardian ladies, Tudor witches, and Scottish lairds in this must read seven book collection.Rules to be Broken by Bree WolfA scandalous lady. A virtuous gentleman. And rules that need to be broken.After a minor faux-pas, DIANA LAWSON finds herself forced into a marriage of convenience to save her reputation. However, London society still talks, and no matter how hard Diana tries, the whispers never cease.After her well-respected husband dies in the arms of his mistress, Diana decides to live by her own rules alone.ARTHUR ABBOTT, EARL OF STANHOPE, is a stickler for propriety and has never met a rule he did not feel compelled to uphold. However, when he saves a young widow from a most inappropriate situation, he is drawn into a world quite unlike his own. Convinced that he is only lending a hand out of duty, Arthur agrees to a daring compromise.For Diana to uphold society's rules, Arthur has to break them.Can scandalous and virtuous ever walk hand in hand?Surrendering to My Spy by Dawn BrowerA rogue, a marquess and a spy... Each an integral part of Dominic Rossington's life and he does them all rather well. Love throws him off balance and he'll do everything in his power to protect the one who holds his heart, Lady Rosanna. Danger lurks on the horizon and he'll have to put it all on the line to save her.Rolf's Quest by Aubrey WynneA wizard, a curse, a fated love...When Rolf finally discovers the woman who can end the curse that has plagued his family for centuries, she is already betrothed. Time is running out for the royal wizard of King Henry II. If he cannot find true love without the use of sorcery, the magic will die for future generations.Melissa is intrigued by the mystical, handsome man that haunts her by night and tempts her by day. His bizarre tale of Merlin, enchantments, and finding genuine love has her questioning his sanity and her heart.My Wicked Earl by Tammy AndresenRex is a rake and a rogue who has sworn off marriage. He is the last man Daffodil should give her attention. So why do her eyes drift to him at every opportunity?One Enchanting Kiss by Amanda Mariel Handsome-as-sin Thomas Astley is more than a little intrigued by the vibrant, saucy woman who saved his life. He knows she is more than she seems, and vows to discover all of Moire's secrets. A move that unbeknownst to him threatens her future and all she holds dear...including her heart.My Lady Rogue by Katherine BoneEverything Lord Simon Danbury and Gillian, Baroness Chauncey, have done for Nelson's Tea has led to this moment...As war continues off England's shores, from the sea to the continent, and victory is won at great cost, a devastating betrayal threatens the members of Nelson's Tea, Admiral Horatio Nelson's mercenaries. None of them have ever questioned Lord Danbury's authority--until now. Death's darkening veil is descending over London, and as a new hierarchy within the group begins to rise, a hostile mole prepares to strike. Surrounded by the greatest spies in England, longing to share their lasting love, can Simon unify the clandestine group without losing the baroness? Or will she be the price they have to pay for peace?On Loving a Woman by Keriann McKenna Do No Harm. Professor Ian MacDermot is pleased when a beautiful young woman is turned over to him for individual instruction. His task--to teach her to be a dutiful wife.The fiercely independent-thinking Sarah MacDonald is having none of it. Haunted by a dark experience from her past, she vowed never to marry and become a 'sex slave' to any man, but Ian MacDermot is not just any man.

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The Heir (The King's Cousins Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Heir (The King's Cousins Book 2)

Pdf:The Heir (The King's Cousins Book 2).The three young children of Adelard de Blays—two sons and a daughter—are separated when their father commits treason against the King of England. Follow each of their stories in The King’s Cousins, a new trilogy by Alexa Aston. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Welcome to Book Two!1340 A.D. – After his treasonous father’s execution, Landon de Blays is raised alongside his cousin, the future King Edward III. Landon constantly fights to prove his own loyalty to the crown and becomes England’s youngest knight. Rewarded for bravery in battle, the king gifts Landon with a title and estate, something he’s longed for over the years as much as restoring his family’s good name.Cassiana Campion raises five brothers and nurses her ill father while managing Briarwood, her family’s estate. When her father succumbs to old battle wounds and she receives news her last surviving brother has been killed in battle, Cassiana has nowhere to turn—until Landon de Blays arrives with a missive naming him the new Earl of Briargate—and Cassie’s bridegroom.The couple fall in love but are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control before their wedding can take place. Landon can live without an earldom and Briarwood but he can’t conceive of a life without Cassiana. Will Landon unlock the secrets that can bring them back together?Each book in The King’s Cousins Trilogy is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.Series Order:Book #1: The PawnBook #2: The HeirBook #3: The BastardFor those who enjoy romance on the high seas, you might enjoy the standalone prequel to The King’s Cousins Trilogy. GOD OF THE SEAS is part of the Pirates of Britannia World and features Godwin de Blays and Melisent Winchester, great-grandparents to Quill, Landon, and Katelyn.

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Love Saves A Highland Spy (Ladies of Dunmore Series)

Pdf Romance Love Saves A Highland Spy (Ladies of Dunmore Series)

Pdf:Love Saves A Highland Spy (Ladies of Dunmore Series).Page Count: Approx 240 pages.In the beautiful Scottish Highlands, a young man with a tragic secret, an evil man with plans to rule, and a beautiful lass with dreams of the future finally come together… A Brave and Bold Beauty Arabella Greerson, ward of the laird of Dunmore Castle, has watched each of her friends fall in love and marry the men of their dreams. Now she’s the last remaining unwed friend, and she dreams of finding what her beloved friends have discovered—true love. However, she knows that it’s not guaranteed, much like the chance of getting to see her sickly father again, and she steels herself against the thought that she might remain unmarried or alone. When she meets the newest ward of the laird, her life changes in an instant. He’s handsome and dashing, but also mysterious…and volatile. His temper is beyond anything she’s ever seen, and she worries that he might suddenly snap and do the unthinkable. However, her heart is also drawn to him, and she desires most of all to find the cause of such unimaginable pain within him. The Son of a Laird As the son of the laird, Francis McNeil is quite accustomed to having more power than he knows what to do with, but when he learned the tragic secret of how he came to be born, he became more determined than ever to prove his value. He wants his father to approve of him, for others of his station to respect him, as a man, soldier, and future laird. However, he cannot escape the rumor that he’s not truly the laird’s son—that his mother was not faithful to her husband. He’s just arrived at Dunmore Castle, spending time with the laird before he’s called to Edinburgh on Jacobite business, and he’s already risked losing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. A young guard is brutally beaten, a beautiful woman wounded by terrible words, and his self-loathing is at an all-time high. Just when Francis wonders if things could possibly get worse, the source of the rumors, his own drunkard uncle, is introduced to the woman of Francis’ dreams…and things take a darker turn now that they’ve arrived in Edinburgh. Truth and Lies Once Francis and Arabella discover their mutual feelings for each other—and a mutual acquaintance along the way—things begin to look up for the pair. That is, until the mystery surrounding Francis finally boils to a head and he’s forced to get to the truth of the matter. Otherwise, he may never have a chance to ask for Arabella’s hand in marriage, and he’ll be forced to abdicate his position as son of the laird in favor of a power-hungry, drunken fool… Can Francis learn to control his anger and the rage that nearly drives him to do the unthinkable at times—or is he just the bastard son of a laird, destined for nothing aside from humiliation and violence in life? Will Arabella find a way to prove the innocence of her new friend’s daughter—or will the truth turn out to be far more painful than the rumor?"Love Saves A Highland Spy" is a standalone historical Scottish romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting.Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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Outlaw Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 3)

Pdf Romance Outlaw Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 3)

Pdf:Outlaw Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 3).The past is only a moment away...One minute historian Lindsey MacMillan is reading about a legendary highlander accused of a shocking crime. The next minute she falls back in time, landing in the Middle Ages - and in the arms of the outlaw highlander.A battle-weary warrior exiled for a crime he didn’t commit…When a fiery redhead emerges from the mist lost and afraid, Tavish Sinclair is captivated. Despite her odd manner of dress and eccentric ways he vows to shield her from the evil forces that pursue him. But will his code of chivalry survive that quick smile, sweet scent, and enticing eyes?Fate took Lindsey back through time to redeem an innocent man, not fall for the brooding outlaw. But when she gets a chance to return home she's forced to choose. Go back to the modern world?Or stay in the Middle Ages and risk everything to save the banished highlander with the winter blue eyes?Outlaw Highlander is the third clean time travel romance in the Highlander's Time series. It can be read as a standalone novel or enjoyed as part of the series. If you like rugged Highland warriors, an atmospheric medieval world, and a happy ever after, you're sure to love this scintillating story.

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Call Me Daddy

Pdf Romance Call Me Daddy

Pdf:Call Me Daddy.A mysterious envelope, hand-delivered in secret.“This is your exclusive dinner invitation...”One month with a billionaire recluse. My only chance to get back the trust fund I gambled away. I just had no idea it was only a party for two. He says he doesn’t need my body. It’s my obedience he craves.I haven’t given anyone that since I was a little girl…He tells me to sit down. I sit.Over his knee, like the spoiled brat I’ve been.Coming to his every command. I’m warming up to him. There’s something kind behind his cold blue-green eyes…But I can’t reveal my feelings. I’ll scare him away.And now that our holiday is ending, something’s different.“Unwrap me, daddy...”Spank me with the naughty truth.Emma Roberts invites you in for a deliciously fast read (for mature audiences only). Enjoy a satisfying happily ever after for dessert!

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Mr. Fixer Upper

Pdf Romance Mr. Fixer Upper

Pdf:Mr. Fixer Upper.Gannon came from loud, passionate Italian stock that wasn't afraid to smash a plate to make a statement. Paige, on the other hand, systematically choked down any temper and, with frosty efficiency, made him dance like a damn puppet.From the Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author comes a new standalone novel.Gannon King is great with his hands and--if you believe what you read on Twitter--he's "sex in a toolbelt." The reality TV star learned his lesson about falling for pretty packages the hard, painful, humiliating way and he's not making that mistake again.Sure, "Legs" is gorgeous as hell and smart-mouthed--two of his favorite qualities in a woman. But she's an icy network kiss-ass. At least, that's what he thinks until he catches her being human.Field producer Paige St. James has zero time for temperamental stars, especially Gannon who does his best to get under her skin. She's got plans to get out of reality TV and do something that matters.But ratings are king and, when Paige and Gannon's sparks are captured by cameras, the network smells a time slot victory. After an on-set accident and a vindictive celebrity "girlfriend," Paige finds her reputation in tatters and her job hanging by a thread. She never should have trusted him...But now that he's gotten those talented hands on her, Gannon's never letting go.

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Barbarian's Valentine: A Slice of Life Novella (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 19)

Pdf Romance Barbarian's Valentine: A Slice of Life Novella (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 19)

Pdf:Barbarian's Valentine: A Slice of Life Novella (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 19).Maddie's mate is returning soon, and she wants to make his homecoming a special one. Pregnant Josie wants to seduce her mate all over again. The solution for both of them? A Valentine's Day celebration, ice planet style. There'll be kisses, scanty outfits, and a pair of reunions you won't forget.Come and revisit two of your favorite couples from the original Ice Planet Barbarians series!

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A Valentine's Dream

Pdf Romance A Valentine's Dream

Pdf:A Valentine's Dream.A Valentine's Dream - A Curvy Girl Valentine's Day Romance Amy:February 14th is just another day to me. I don't really believe in hearts, flowers, romance, or happily-ever-afters. And I certainly don't think there's a dream man for a curvy woman like me, even if my little sister had found hers over the holidays. I'm more realistic. Or at least...I was...until I met Levi Gillette during my sister Hayden's wedding rehearsal dinner The man seems to have an annoying ability to make me lose my cool and calm facade. Yeah, he's definitely hot, but my sister's brother-in-law-to-be was also arrogant, infuriating, presumptuous, bossy, and most likely one big player because the man could be charming when he wanted to be. No thanks! Been there, done that, and I'd had more than enough of men like Levi Gillette. But when I start having amazingly erotic, intimate dreams about him, it's almost impossible to ignore him in the flesh. In my dreams, it was like I'd known Levi forever. But in person, I barely knew him, and he challenges everything I'd ever assumed about myself. We don't even like each other, yet he feels so...familiar. Finally, when the lines between dreams and reality start to blur, I have to wonder whether I can trust a guy like Levi with my heart.I knew he was hiding something. There were things I didn't know. I could feel it. So when Levi finally reveals some hidden truths, I'm not sure whether to believe him, or run away as fast as my sneakers can put distance between us. How can a woman like me, a female who has never had much faith in romantic love , suddenly believe in A Valentine's Dream? Author's Note: This isn't your average, sweet Valentine's romance. It's an erotic, romantic fantasy sprinkled with some insta-lust/insta-love. But it IS a safe story. Guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and enough sweetness and heat to melt your Valentine's Day chocolates. If you're looking for a steamy, fantastical, curvy girl romance....read on. : )

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Redemption: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance

Pdf Romance Redemption: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance

Pdf:Redemption: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance.I came back for her.My best friend’s little sis.She was innocent. Sweet. Tempting as h*ll.On prom night, she begged me to take her innocence.Outside. Under the stars.It was the best night of our lives.And my best friend hated me for what I did.He sent a gang to punish me.Bruised and broken, I left town.I did it to protect her.Yet, I never forgot her taste, her smell, her sweet submission.Now I’m back. Older. Stronger. Ruthless. She needs my help.And she’s got secrets.I’ll destroy those that want to hurt her.And take my revenge.This time I’m claiming what’s mine, once and for all. My girl.And my kid.

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Pretend I'm Yours

Pdf Romance Pretend I'm Yours

Pdf:Pretend I'm Yours.Against my better judgment, I’m her hero now.I couldn’t go back to the military after my injury.My friends and I were at a club when I stepped in to save a girl from her crazy ex. The next thing I knew, I agreed to be her fake husband.Now all I have to do is spend her money and pretend to be married to her.It’s a sweet deal, but I’m having a hard time keeping my mind off her sweet ass.We’re only pretending.We’re not really married. We’re not even having sex. Yet.It’s only a matter of time. But, I sure as hell can’t afford to fall in love with a rich girl like her.Her evil ex returns, but he has no idea who he’s messing with. It may have started out as pretend, but I will make that girl mine, body and soul.

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Under Your Influence

Pdf Romance Under Your Influence

Pdf:Under Your Influence.Harper was brokenhearted and went out for just *one drink* with the cop who saved her from doing something really stupid to her ex's house. The next morning, she doesn't wake up hungover. SHE WAKES UP MARRIED. To the cop who saved her. When she tries to get mad at him, it turns out it was HER IDEA to get married. So why did this stranger go along with it? Why does he have to be so good looking?Why won't he stop smiling? AND... why is her ex calling her, saying they need to talk about something important?*****Find out with one click to read this insta-love, fast paced, full length quick read novel being reviewed as "EXPLOSIVE CHEMISTRY WITH AN INTENSE, UNDENIABLE CONNECTION -IF YOU LOVE SMOKING HOT, RAW, UNCONTROLLABLE INSTA-LOVE, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK ! ! ! A DEFINITE MUST READ ! ! !"

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Lord Vile (Beastly Lords Book 3)

Pdf Romance Lord Vile (Beastly Lords Book 3)

Pdf:Lord Vile (Beastly Lords Book 3).Read Book Three in the bestselling Beastly Lords series. Let the decadence begin!Viscount Alder never meant to earn the nickname Lord Vile, yet he fully embraces it after a nasty betrayal—combining bitter resentment with the soothing taste of gin and a fondness for females. One wronged woman seeking revenge shreds his self-centered world, painfully capturing the heart he didn’t know he had.Lord Michael Alder has always behaved himself, enjoyed the London social Season, and even became engaged in his quiet, unassuming way. Then treachery shatters his gentlemanly character. So be it... if the bon ton thinks him a rogue, he may as well shed the burdensome, boring veneer of decency and decorum. A vile lord unleashed.Worshiping him from afar, Ada Kathryn is thrilled to encounter the dash-fire viscount in the darkened garden. Minutes later, her innocence in tatters, she waits for the noble Lord Alder to do the honorable thing. Instead, she watches as the most vile lord in London saunters away.Two very different reputations at stake.Drinking and carousing with the lowliest wenches to the highest aristocrats, Alder greets each day with a throbbing head, a sour stomach, and an even sourer disposition. Until a desirable new lady arrives in London, a polished stranger, not a hint of vengeance. If Lord Vile thought he understood betrayal and heartache, he hasn’t seen anything yet...The Beastly Lords SeriesLord DespairLord AnguishLord VileRead all three in Kindle Unlimited!

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It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders Book 1)

Pdf Romance It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders Book 1)

Pdf:It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders Book 1).The first in a wickedly seductive new Scottish historical romance series from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch! “It’s time to fall in love with Suzanne Enoch.” — Lisa KleypasHAPPILY-EVER-AFTERLondon socialite Amelia-Rose Baxter is nobody’s fool. Her parents may want her to catch a title, but she will never change who she is for the promise of marriage. Her husband will be a man who can appreciate her sharp mind as well as her body. A sophisticated man who loves life in London. A man who considers her his equal—and won’t try to tame her wild heart...IN THE HIGHLANDSRough, rugged Highlander Niall MacTaggert and his brothers know the rules: the eldest must marry or lose the ancestral estate, period. But Niall’s eldest brother just isn’t interested in the lady his mother selected. Is it because Amelia-Rose is just too. . . Free-spirited? Yes. Brazen? Aye. Surely Niall can find a way to soften up the whip-smart lass and make her the perfect match for his brother for the sake of the family.JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT HOTTER.Instead it’s Niall who tempts Amelia-Rose, despite her reservations about barbarian Highlanders. Niall finds the lass nigh irresistible as well, but he won’t make the mistake his father did in marrying an Englishwoman who doesn’t like the Highlands. Does he have what it takes to win her heart? There is only one way to find out...

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The Wallflower Wager: Girl Meets Duke

Pdf Romance The Wallflower Wager: Girl Meets Duke

Pdf:The Wallflower Wager: Girl Meets Duke.They call him the Duke of Ruin.To an undaunted wallflower, he's just the beast next door.Wealthy and ruthless, Gabriel Duke clawed his way from the lowliest slums to the pinnacle of high society—and now he wants to get even.Loyal and passionate, Lady Penelope Campion never met a lost or wounded creature she wouldn’t take into her home and her heart.When her imposing—and attractive—new neighbor demands she clear out the rescued animals, Penny sets him a challenge. She will part with her precious charges, if he can find them loving homes.Done, Gabriel says. How hard can it be to find homes for a few kittens?And a two-legged dog.And a foul-mouthed parrot.And a goat, an otter, a hedgehog . . .Easier said than done, for a cold-blooded bastard who wouldn’t know a loving home from a workhouse. Soon he’s covered in cat hair, knee-deep in adorable, and bewitched by a shyly pretty spinster who defies his every attempt to resist. Now she’s set her mind and heart on saving him.Not if he ruins her first.

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Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Pdf Romance Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Pdf:Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel.Because ultimately, love is stronger than any feud known to man...Rebellious and willful, Lydia Bradford grows up listening to her father, Duke of Greenwick, recite stories about their feud with the Summerhills. When a striking young man suddenly lands on their doorstep, she is immediately enticed.An obscure aggressor is out for his blood and Edward Godwin is running for his life. Waking up after a fierce attack, he finds himself in an unfamiliar manor. Unable to recall that he is, in fact, the Duke of Summerhill, he finds work there as a stable boy.With his life threatened by the minute and his family looking for him, all clues lead to a mysterious woman who claims to be Edward’s secret lover...but that is only part of the riddle.Forgotten but never undone, an olden mistake returns from the grave to torment them, making Lydia and Edward realize they are on borrowed time.*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess is the novel for you. This is Olivia's debut novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.Pick up "Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess" today to discover Olivia's new amazing story!

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His Sweet Curse (Scottish Submission Book 1)

Pdf Romance His Sweet Curse (Scottish Submission Book 1)

Pdf:His Sweet Curse (Scottish Submission Book 1).A curse haunts the MacFarlane Clan: any firstborn daughter of the laird must be given to Clan Grant in marriage, or she will die.Headstrong Sorcha MacFarlane flees the colonies to Scotland to meet the father she never knew existed. Tricked into a marriage she never wanted, she soon learns her new husband has some stringent rules she is expected to follow.Edward MacFarlane only married the lass to protect her from a curse. Little did he know how much she would try his patience or the strong feelings he would develop for her. When disaster strikes and her life is in danger, will his love and dominance be enough to save her?Publisher's Note: This steamy historical, Scottish love story contains themes of power exchange.

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It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders)

Pdf Romance It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders)

Pdf:It's Getting Scot in Here (The Wild Wicked Highlanders).Review 'Enoch weaves a tale of love and passion with a little humor thrown in.' - Fresh Fiction on It's Getting Scot in Here'An entertaining tale of two people overcoming incredible odds to be together.' - Romance Junkies on It's Getting Scot in Here 'A scalding tale of pent-up desires finally unleashed...sure to keep romance fans enthralled.' - Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, on A Devil in Scotland“Readers will savor this mature, multi-layered story filled with vengeance, scandal, regret, loss and second chances.” - RT Review Top Pick on A Devil in Scotland'Outstanding...five flying stars.' - Night Owl Reviews Top Pick on A Devil in Scotland'[A] rich, sexy and nuanced tale.' BookPage on A Devil in Scotland'Enoch's historical romances are always a delight.' - Book Riot 'Wonderfully romantic...one marvelous read.' - RT Book Reviews on My One True Highlander'An indisputable highland hit...you will not be disappointed.' - Night Owl Reviews Top Pick on My One True Highlander'Enoch at her finest!...No one does it better.' - Reader to Reader on My One True Highlander'My One True Highlander is a delightful mix of sexy bantering, hints of sensuality, a picturesque Scottish setting and likable character that will keep you thirsting for more. A WINNER.' - Addicted to Romance'The latest from the ever-popular Enoch is steamy and bubbling with humor, a scrumptious tale to begin her No Ordinary Hero series.' - Booklist Starred Review on Hero in the Highlands'Enoch produces another bold Highland fling in this stirring historical romance...with colorful secondary characters, judicious lashings of Scots dialect, and lush summertime Highland landscapes, Enoch creates a heady romantic atmosphere that’s sure to captivate the genre’s eager audience.' - Publishers Weekly Starred Review on Hero in the Highlands'A thrilling and sexy story.' - Kirkus Starred Review on Hero in the Highlands'A romance not to be missed.' - BookPage on Hero in the Highlands'One of my very favorite authors.' ―Julia Quinn Read more About the Author A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne Enoch loves movies almost as much as she loves books, with a special place in her heart for anything Star Wars. She has written more than forty Regency novels and historical romances, which are regularly found on the New York Times bestseller list. When she is not busily working on her next book, Suzanne likes to contemplate interesting phenomena, like how the three guppies in her aquarium became 161 guppies in five months.Some of Suzanne's books include Barefoot In The Dark, I'ts Getting Scot in Here, Lady Whistledown Stirkes Back and The Legend of Nimway Hall. Read more

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Highland Surrender

Pdf Romance Highland Surrender

Pdf:Highland Surrender.13 ©Desert Rose RWA® Golden Quill Award Winner - Historical RomanceTo seal a fragile truce, Fiona Sinclair’s brothers trade her in marriage to their sworn enemy. Though devastated by their betrayal, she has little choice in the matter, for if she refuses, her innocent young sister must take her place. The spirited Fiona is willing to sacrifice her freedom to protect her kin, but she vows never to surrender her heart.As the eldest son of a clan chief, Myles Campbell is accustomed to having his own way. But when the king of Scotland commands he wed a defiant Highland lass instead of a French mademoiselle, Myles must obey his royal duty. Meeting his bride for the first time on their wedding day, he is pleased to discover the lass is a beauty, but she quickly proves she’d just as soon kill him as kiss him.When two such warrior spirits collide, sparks fly, igniting a fiery passion that strains against the bonds of family honor, clan loyalty— and the ultimate surrender—love.

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The Risk (Briar U Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Risk (Briar U Book 2)

Pdf:The Risk (Briar U Book 2).A sexy standalone novel from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy.Everyone says I’m a bad girl. They’re only partly right—I don’t let fear rule me, and I certainly don’t care what people think. But I draw the line at sleeping with the enemy. As the daughter of Briar’s head hockey coach, I’d be vilified if I hooked up with a player from a rival team. And that’s who Jake Connelly is. Harvard’s star forward is arrogant, annoying, and too attractive for his own good. But fate is cruel—I require his help to secure a much-coveted internship, and the sexy jerk isn’t making it easy for me.I need Connelly to be my fake boyfriend. For every fake date…he wants a real one.Which means this bad girl is in big trouble. Nothing good can come from sneaking around with Jake Connelly. My father would kill me, my friends will revolt, and my post-college career is on the line. But while it’s getting harder and harder to resist Jake’s oozing sex appeal and cocky grin, I refuse to fall for him.That’s the one risk I’m not willing to take.

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Vicious (Sinners of Saint)

Pdf Romance Vicious (Sinners of Saint)

Pdf:Vicious (Sinners of Saint).NOW A TOP TEN AMAZON BESTSELLEREmiliaThey say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true. The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares. He is a brilliant lawyer. A skilled criminal. A beautiful liar. A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover. Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him. ViciousShe is a starving artist. Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom. Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down. She paid the price. Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate. That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t. So she hates me. Big fucking deal. She better get used to me.Vicious a complete standalone and a part of the Sinners of Saint series

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The Substitute

Pdf Romance The Substitute

Pdf:The Substitute.Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you a brand new, sexy contemporary Romance.Can a star quarterback win the girl next door?When the NFL goes on strike, Super Bowl champion Peyton O'Rourke ends up back in his hometown as a substitute teacher and high school football coach.The one thing he didn't count on?Maddy Cooper being newly single.She's the hot girl next door type.Literally. She's the cute girl next door and his best friend's (now ex) girl.And even though he knows he should be with anyone other than Maddy Cooper --Well you know the drill.Things are going to get hot. Heavy.Does Facebook still have an 'It's complicated' button?Because it's about to go down.

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Second Shot

Pdf Romance Second Shot

Pdf:Second Shot.As one of the top paid defensemen in the NHL, my life has been a revolving door of beautiful women and no-strings-attached sex.Until Brynne.It was only supposed to be a one-night-fling. Hell, it wasn't even supposed to be that. I knew the cardinal rule. Don't touch the coach's daughter. And for years, I kept my hands to myself. It wasn't difficult considering Brynne Jacobs hates my guts.She can't stand being in the same room as me - except for that one night. A night that left me hell bent on having more. Having all of her.But she took off. No text. No explanation. Not even a goodbye.Now she's back, but she's not alone. She's got a kid. A kid with all-too-familiar blue eyes and dimples.Math might not be my strong suit, but a quick calculation and I know the baby is mine.And she's delusional if she thinks I'm going to let her keep him from me.Damaged. Callous. Cold. Those are the words she uses to describe me. And I've never claimed to be anything more. But for her - for them - I want to be.I've been a fighter on the ice my entire life. Now, I'm fighting for the one thing I've spent my life running from - family.AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a stand-alone spin-off of the Amazon Top 25 bestseller, Second Draft. You do not have to read Second Draft first. No cliffhanger and a Guaranteed HEA. 

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The Pilot and the Puck-Up: A Hockey / One Night Stand / Virgin Romantic Comedy

Pdf Romance The Pilot and the Puck-Up: A Hockey / One Night Stand / Virgin Romantic Comedy

Pdf:The Pilot and the Puck-Up: A Hockey / One Night Stand / Virgin Romantic Comedy.He’s the biggest, baddest, most spider-fearing motherpucker on the ice… When you’re named after the king of the gods, the world expects certain things of you. Tough? Damn right. Smart? Don’t let the hockey uniform fool you. Large and in charge? Honey, I’m the biggest, baddest, mother pucking-est machine to ever own the ice. I shoot. I score. In and out of the rink. I don’t come early, but I come often, if you know what I mean. And I always leave the ladies wanting more. Until that chick last night. I’m no one-thrust wonder, and you’re damn right I’m going to prove to her I can do better. But every time I think I’m finally on my way back into her pants, she one-ups and out-balls me. I should cut my losses, lick my wounds, and walk away. But Zeus Berger doesn’t walk away from anything. Especially when she's the only woman in the world who might be able to handle me.The Pilot and the Puck-Up is a standalone romantic comedy featuring a hockey player whose ego is the only thing bigger than his shoe size, the most badass woman to ever fly a plane, rubber chockey (don't ask), and no cheating or cliffhangers.

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Royally Pucked: A Royal / Hockey / Accidental Pregnancy Romantic Comedy

Pdf Romance Royally Pucked: A Royal / Hockey / Accidental Pregnancy Romantic Comedy

Pdf:Royally Pucked: A Royal / Hockey / Accidental Pregnancy Romantic Comedy.A hockey-playing prince, a most improper lady, and one accidental pregnancy… When you’re an heir so spare that getting attacked by a shark is more likely than you ever wearing the crown, you’re only allowed certain liberties. Yet still, those liberties can bite you in the ass.Good thing I’m such a charming devil.Even then, I’ve been banished to America for a year under the pretense of playing professional hockey while my father cleans up my latest mess. But trouble follows me wherever I go. Generally trouble of the beautiful female variety, and Gracie Diamonte is no exception. Or possibly, she’s the best exception. Until the dinosaur suit. The cookie incident. And the accidental pregnancy.Of course I’ll do the right thing. Just as soon as I solve that pesky problem of my royal betrothal. I’m about to be the biggest scandal to rock my country and there’s a good chance my father may throw me to the sharks after all. The funny thing is I’ve heard that raising children may not be so different from swimming with the sharks. So no matter how you look at things I am Royally Pucked. Royally Pucked is a hilariously wrong romance between a spare heir and the lady least likely to ever wear a princess crown, complete with dirty cookies, an emotional support monkey, and lots of pucking around. This romantic comedy stands alone with no cheating, cliffhangers and ends happily with a family of…more than two.

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Losing Princeton Charming (The Princeton Charming Series Book 3)

Pdf Romance Losing Princeton Charming (The Princeton Charming Series Book 3)

Pdf:Losing Princeton Charming (The Princeton Charming Series Book 3).All is fair in love and war ... but is this love?Spencer Beckett may have fallen hard for Charlotte Hayes, but one lie has their relationship crashing to the ground.Their glass castle is about to shatter. Breaking Spencer's heart in the process.When tragedy strikes, Charlie needs a man who won't let let her down.Even Princes need second chances ... but there's still a knight fighting for her honor, asking for her hand.Who will be there when she needs saving?And what happens if she tries to save herself?One kiss and Spencer knew: it was Charlotte, always Charlotte.He isn't quitting on her. Not now. Not ever.One day his princess will come.**Losing Princeton Charming is book three in the four book Princeton Charming Series. 

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SCORE (Boston Terriers Book 6)

Pdf Romance SCORE (Boston Terriers Book 6)

Pdf:SCORE (Boston Terriers Book 6).I have a crush on Nolan Archer, Boston University’s freshman running back. He’s the definition of tall, dark, and swoon worthy. My knees weaken every time our eyes meet. There’s only one problem… he’s a virgin. As much as I try to convince myself he’s too young for me, or that I prefer experienced guys, I can’t deny the flames of attraction flaring between us.When his fraternity brothers decide to auction off his virginity, it forces me to make a decision.Should I forget about Nolan once and for all, or place the winning bid and be his first score?

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Fake Fiancée

Pdf Romance Fake Fiancée

Pdf:Fake Fiancée.From WSJ Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden-Mills comes a new stand-alone contemporary romance Fake engaged to the hottest quarterback in the country? SCORE. They say nothing compares to your first kiss,But our first kiss was orchestrated for an audience.Our second kiss . . . that one was REAL.He cradled my face like he was terrified he’d f*ck it up.He stared into my eyes until the air buzzed.Soft and slow, full of sighs and little laughs,He inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolate,And he’d never get another piece.A nip of his teeth, his hand at my waist . . .And I was lost.I forgot he was paying me to be his fake fiancée.I forgot we weren’t REAL.Our kiss was pure magic, and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don’t exist,Then you’ve never touched lips with Max Kent, the hottest quarterback in college history. Three months. Two hearts. One fake engagement.#7 on the Wall Street Journal

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Once Upon a Time Travel

Pdf Romance Once Upon a Time Travel

Pdf:Once Upon a Time Travel.Once upon a time… Recent college grad Emma Damon knows the Rose Room in Hartley Hall is off limits, which is exactly why she can’t wait to get inside. Once she enters the forbidden room, Emma learns more about the history of the museum than she ever intended to know. Waking up confused and shocked in 1816, all Emma wants is to return to her cozy home with flushing toilets and disposable razors. But when she’s mistaken for someone else, Emma must pretend to be everything she’s not. About to be engaged to the Earl of Hartley’s brother, Emma fails miserably at playing the role of a sophisticated lady. Hartley is determined to ensure that the quirky and adorable woman marries his brother – despite his ever-growing attraction to her. After loving and losing, he refuses to fall prey to the shackles of love. But as his desire for Emma increases, he knows he must forfeit his happiness for his brother’s future. After all, there’s no such thing as happily ever after. Or is there?

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The Ruby Brooch (Time Travel Romance) (The Celtic Brooch Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Ruby Brooch (Time Travel Romance) (The Celtic Brooch Series Book 1)

Pdf:The Ruby Brooch (Time Travel Romance) (The Celtic Brooch Series Book 1).She's searching for the most important thing...Can she find it before it's too late?Armed with a mysterious ruby brooch and a duffel bag judiciously packed with modern conveniences, paramedic Kit MacKlenna swirls through time, appearing in 1852 on the Oregon Trail with only one goal in mind--find her birth parents before their murderers do.A serendipitous meeting on a wagon train with handsome lawyer Cullen Montgomery, who resembles the ghost who has haunted her for years, just might set her off track. Her desire for secrecy collides with his pursuit of truth. If she can survive the dangerous journey and thwart his attempts to expose her as a fraud, she might uncover the identity of her birth parents and return home to reassemble the shambles of her life.As the journey continues westward, a mutual spark of attraction ignites and grows too strong to resist, forcing her to deal with the slipperiness of truth and question what she truly wants. When disaster strikes, she must decide whether to stay in the past with her heart or return to her home in the future--a place she believes she no longer belongs?˃˃˃ The Celtic Brooch SeriesTHE RUBY BROOCH (Book 1): Time Travel Romance - Oregon Trail 1852.THE LAST MACKLENNA (Book 2): Contemporary Romance.THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH (Book 3): Time Travel Romance - Civil War, 1864-1865.THE EMERALD BROOCH (Book 4): Time Travel Romance - World War II, London, June 1944.THE BROKEN BROOCH (Book 5): Contemporary Romance.THE THREE BROOCHES (Book 6): Time Travel Romance - Napa and San Francisco, 1881.THE DIAMOND BROOCH (Book 7): Time Travel Romance - New York City, 1909.THE AMBER BROOCH (Book 8): Time Travel Romance - Colorado, 1878.THE PEARL BROOCH (Book 9): Paris and New York City, 1789.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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The Wayward One (The de Montforte Brothers Book 5)

Pdf Romance The Wayward One (The de Montforte Brothers Book 5)

Pdf:The Wayward One (The de Montforte Brothers Book 5).The bluest of blood; the boldest of hearts; the de Montfortes will take your breath away."Irish Captain Ruaidri O' Devir has no love for the English. Taken from his family and pressed into the Royal Navy at a young age, he is now a commander for the fledgling American Continental Navy, hand-picked by John Adams himself to steal a potent new explosive from the British. Ruaidri expects to be successful in his mission. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love with the sister of the man he's crossed an ocean to abduct...Beautiful Lady Nerissa de Montforte is the youngest sibling in a powerful and aristocratic English family. Fiercely guarded by her overprotective brothers, she pines for love after a longtime betrothal was cruelly cut short. When she accompanies her brother to a demonstration of his new explosive, she never dreams that her wildest longings to find love and freedom are about to be fulfilled ... by a man who is wrong for her in every single way except the one that matters most...The spectacular conclusion to the internationally bestselling DE MONTFORTE series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon!

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The Duke's Hidden Desire (Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Duke's Hidden Desire (Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall Book 2)

Pdf:The Duke's Hidden Desire (Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall Book 2).A reckless duke meets his match in a determined young woman – and throws her future into jeopardy with one stolen kiss.Miss Anna Hawkins, the daughter of a poor country doctor, knows the mysterious stranger who kissed her at the ball cannot really be the Duke of Beaumont. Dukes are virtuous and noble, and this man is arrogant, impudent… and dangerously seductive.When she discovers he is telling the truth, it only makes matters worse. Anna has more important problems than romance – a handsome duke is the last thing she needs. Beaumont cannot forget Anna Hawkins. It’s not only her sharp mind and delicate features. It’s not only the flame-red hair he longs to caress. It’s not even that she is the only woman in England to say no to a duke.Anna is not afraid to chastise Beaumont for his lack of virtue, and he has never wanted anyone more. Before long, he has only one desire: to make her his duchess.But it takes more than a dukedom to win a woman’s heart.This is the second book in the series Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall. You do not have to read the first book to enjoy this one! However, there are some connections between the books which will reward readers of the whole series.

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Lady Derring Takes a Lover: The Palace of Rogues

Pdf Romance Lady Derring Takes a Lover: The Palace of Rogues

Pdf:Lady Derring Takes a Lover: The Palace of Rogues.A mistress. A mountain of debt. A mysterious wreck of a building.Delilah Swanpoole, Countess of Derring, learns the hard way that her husband, “Dear Dull Derring,” is a lot more interesting—and perfidious—dead than alive. It’s a devil of an inheritance, but in the grand ruins of the one building Derring left her, are the seeds of her liberation. And she vows never again to place herself at the mercy of a man.But battle-hardened Captain Tristan Hardy is nothing if not merciless. When the charismatic naval hero tracks a notorious smuggler to a London boarding house known as the Rogue’s Palace, seducing the beautiful, blue-blooded proprietress to get his man seems like a small sacrifice.They both believe love is a myth. But a desire beyond reason threatens to destroy the armor around their hearts. Now a shattering decision looms: Will Tristan betray his own code of honor…or choose a love that might be the truest thing he’s ever known? 

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The Duke's Bride in Disguise (Fairfax Twins Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Duke's Bride in Disguise (Fairfax Twins Book 1)

Pdf:The Duke's Bride in Disguise (Fairfax Twins Book 1).When poor orphan Ava Smith comes face to face with a girl who looks exactly like her, she is certain she has seen a ghost! But, Lady Emily Fairfax, is no ghost and is sure that she and Ava must be long lost twins. Despite her better judgement, Ava allows Emily to convince her to swap lives for a month, in order for Ava to scupper Emily’s engagement to a cold-hearted, brute of a man.Imagine Ava’s surprise when Emily’s betrothed turns out to be none other than her unrequited crush, the Duke of Kilbride!Raff Alexander Hamilton, the Sixth Duke of Kilbride, knows that he must do his duty to the line by marrying and procuring an heir. Love was never in the equation in his search for a bride. All that he required was a lady who was well-bred, quiet and biddable—and he thought that he had found just what he was looking for in Lady Emily Fairfax.Imagine his surprise, when overnight, his betrothed goes from meek and compliant to outspoken, alluring, and decidedly unimpressed with him.As Raff battles to woo his bride to be, Ava must navigate the sumptuous world of Regency London, while trying desperately not to fall in love - no matter how much her heart wants it.

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The Duke of Distraction (The Untouchables Book 12)

Pdf Romance The Duke of Distraction (The Untouchables Book 12)

Pdf:The Duke of Distraction (The Untouchables Book 12).After witnessing how love embittered his uncle and broke his father, Felix Havers, Earl of Ware vows never to love. He conceals his emotions behind a wall of wit and charm, and is celebrated as the master of entertainments—parties, picnics, races. When his best friend’s wallflower sister needs to find a husband, he promises to make her the toast of London... without losing his heart.Miss Sarah Colton has given up on the pursuit of marriage. When her parents learn she intends to open a millinery shop, they give her an ultimatum: choose a husband or they’ll do it for her. She accepts Felix’s help, never imagining their scheme will ignite a mutual attraction neither of them dare indulge. But when tragedy strikes, can they heal each other or will the demons of Felix’s past consume them both?

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The Unexpected Duchess (Playful Brides Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Unexpected Duchess (Playful Brides Book 1)

Pdf:The Unexpected Duchess (Playful Brides Book 1).IN THIS BATTLE OF WITSLady Lucy Upton's tongue may be too sharp to attract suitors but her heart is good, and when her painfully shy friend Cassandra needs help she devises a brilliant scheme to help her discourage an unwanted suitor, the Duke of Claringdon. Lucy will hide behind the hedgerow and tell Cass just what to say to discourage the Duke of Claringdon…but it turns out that he's made of sterner stuff than either of them anticipated. And Lucy is shocked to discover that tangling with the tenacious man is the most fun she's had in ages.KISSES ARE THE BEST WEAPONLord Derek Hunt made a promise to his dying friend to marry the demure Cassandra, and for a man who wants nothing more than peace and quiet after the horrors of war, she'll make the perfect bride. If only the impudent Miss Upton will let him court the girl! Doing battle is the last thing on his mind, but bantering with Lucy behind the bushes is too tempting to resist. And in The Unexpected Duchess, the spoils of this war just may be true love… Valerie Bowman's Secret Brides novels are: "Intriguing [and] engaging."—Publishers Weekly"Too delightful to miss!"—Lisa Kleypas"Sparkling…witty…engaging." —RT Book Reviews

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Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1)

Pdf Romance Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1)

Pdf:Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1).A widow with secretsWhen the dangerous men who killed her husband in a political assassination threaten Ara, Duchess of Burghly, the Crown assigns her a bodyguard. But the man charged with protecting her is no stranger.He’s Clayton Ludlow, the bastard son of a duke and the first man she ever loved. Eight years after he took her innocence and ruthlessly abandoned her, he’s back in her drawing room and her life.This time, she’s older, wiser, and stronger. She will resist him at any cost and make him pay for the past.A spy with a broken heartShe’s the only woman Clay ever loved and the one he hates above all others. When Ara brutally betrayed and deceived him, leaving him with a scarred face and a bitter heart, he devoted himself to earning his reputation as one of the Crown’s most feared agents.He wants nothing more than to finish his assignment so that he can remove all traces of her from his life forever. But walking away from her for good won’t be as easy as he thinks.As secrets are revealed and danger threatens Ara, Clay discovers that the truth is far more complicated than deceit. Once she’s back in his arms where she belongs, he’ll wage the biggest fight of all to keep her there.

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Marquess to a Flame (Rules of the Rogue Book 3)

Pdf Romance Marquess to a Flame (Rules of the Rogue Book 3)

Pdf:Marquess to a Flame (Rules of the Rogue Book 3). A winter's heart..."Debonair, handsome and with a devil's smile. How could any woman resist?"The Marquess of Winterbourne has long been guided by his Rules of the Rogue, but as spy for the Crown, his next mission will break every single one. Sent to the wilds of Cornwall to beguile secrets from a lady, the last thing this rogue expects is to unearth his own buried heart.A taste of spring..."A scandalous rake. How could any woman succumb?"Miss Tamsyn Penrose remains far from impressed by London scoundrel Lord Winterbourne, preferring a wild gallop over the moors to sinful lips and fulsome flattery. But as danger lurks and her prejudice ebbs, she uncovers a man of contradictions, a man who awakens her forgotten fire.Seasons collide...In this Cornish land of cove and mystery, desire sparks and passion flares. But will Jack Winterbourne tear up the rules for a woman who maddens his senses and thaws his heart?A sensual Regency Romance with warmth and wit, this tale also includes a fusty valet, Lord Byron, picnics, swordplay, peacocks and...piskies.Marquess to a Flame can be read stand-alone or as part of the Rules of the Rogue series.1 - An Earl in Wolf's Clothing1.5 - Merry Christmas, my Viscount (Christmas novella)2 - Let Sleeping Dukes Lie3 - Marquess to a Flame These books contain sensual scenes.

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Duke of Depravity (Sins and Scoundrels Book 1)

Pdf Romance Duke of Depravity (Sins and Scoundrels Book 1)

Pdf:Duke of Depravity (Sins and Scoundrels Book 1).Book One in an exciting new Regency Historical Romance series from bestselling author Scarlett Scott...A duke with demons and a governess with secrets collide in this passionate tale!Crispin Ashforth returns from battle the newly inherited Duke of Whitley with two sisters under his charge. Publicly lauded as a hero, he is haunted by the bitter mission that nearly saw him killed and cost the life of his best friend. He’s desperate to drown out the demons tormenting him by any means, regardless of how depraved.All he needs to do is find a proper governess for his hellion sisters so he can drink and wench himself into oblivion. Enter Miss Jacinda Turnbow, who is as lovely as she is prickly. It doesn’t take Crispin long to realize he’s found precisely the sort of distraction he needs in the prim governess.But Jacinda has secrets of her own, and she’s no ordinary governess. To save herself and her father from ruin, she has agreed to infiltrate the duke’s home and search for evidence that he’s a traitor.Resisting his advances grows more difficult by the day, however, as she discovers there’s more to Crispin than the careless life of sin he’s cultivated. And the greatest danger she faces is losing her heart to the man she has no choice but to betray.Purchase or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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Someone to Honor (A Westcott Novel Book 6)

Pdf Romance Someone to Honor (A Westcott Novel Book 6)

Pdf:Someone to Honor (A Westcott Novel Book 6).First appearances deceive in the newest charming and heartwarming Regency romance in the Westcott series from beloved New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh.Abigail Westcott's dreams for her future were lost when her father died and she discovered her parents were not legally married. But now, six years later, she enjoys the independence a life without expectation provides a wealthy single woman. Indeed, she's grown confident enough to scold the careless servant chopping wood outside without his shirt on in the proximity of ladies.But the man is not a servant. He is Gilbert Bennington, the lieutenant colonel and superior officer who has escorted her wounded brother, Harry, home from the wars with Napoleon. Gil has come to help his friend and junior officer recover, and he doesn't take lightly to being condescended to--secretly because of his own humble beginnings.If at first Gil and Abigail seem to embody what the other most despises, each will soon discover how wrong first impressions can be. For behind the appearances of the once-grand lady and the once-humble man are two people who share an understanding of what true honor means, and how only with it can one find love.

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Believe in Me (The Worthingtons Book 6)

Pdf Romance Believe in Me (The Worthingtons Book 6)

Pdf:Believe in Me (The Worthingtons Book 6).Even the Worthington least likely to wed may find her perfect match . . . Marriage has worked out quite nicely for her older sisters, yet Lady Augusta Vivers is certain it would end her studies in languages and geography, and stop her from travelling. But when her mother thwarts her plan to attend the only university in Europe that accepts women—in Italy—she is forced to agree to one London Season. Spending her time at parties proves an empty diversion—until she encounters the well-traveled Lord Phineas Carter-Wood. Still, Europe awaits . . . Phineas has studied architecture all over the world, yet Augusta is his most intriguing discovery yet. How can he resist a woman who loves maps and far-off lands? But her longing for all things foreign hinders any hope of courtship. When he learns her cousins have offered a trip to Europe, he secretly arranges to join their party. For he is determined to show Augusta that a real union is a thrilling adventure of its own. And when their journey is beset by dangerous obstacles, he gets far more opportunity than he bargained for . . . Praise for Ella Quinn’s The Marquis and I “Romance builds in this satisfying, memorable read, perfect for fans of Grace Burrowes and Tessa Dare.”—Booklist “A surprising Regency romance that combines intelligence and intrigue for satisfying results.”—Kirkus Reviews “Full of payoffs for longtime readers while welcoming the new.”—Publishers Weekly

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Silent Revenge

Pdf Romance Silent Revenge

Pdf:Silent Revenge.In just six days, Lady Jessica Stanton will turn twenty-five and inherit enough money to make her one of England’s wealthiest women. And when that happens, her stepbrother Colin will swoop in to take it all—along with her freedom. The only solution: find a husband strong enough to stand up to Colin. But even if she’s able to find someone able to protect her, what man will marry her once they discover her secret?Not only is Simon Westland, Earl of Northcote, bankrupt, but the London gossip continues to speculate that he had a hand in the untimely death of his wastrel father. Now he is desperate to find a woman to keep him from losing everything. But what woman will want to marry a suspected murderer?Thrown together by sheer necessity, Jessica and Simon agree that theirs will be a marriage of convenience. But no legal document can protect Jessica’s heart when she learns of Simon’s hidden motive for marrying her. For despite her best intentions, Jessica has fallen in love with her husband. And love is the last thing either of them wants—though it may be exactly what they both need.

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The Sinister Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Sinister Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 2)

Pdf:The Sinister Heart (The Unmarriageable Series Book 2).Read Book 2 in Mary Lancaster's latest hit series, The Unmarriageable Series!Lady Cecily, a daughter of a duke, has a habit of getting into trouble. Perhaps it’s her natural curiosity or maybe, she likes excitement, especially where the notorious Lord Verne is concerned. When she’s mistaken for a hussy at the Hart Inn—by every fault of her own—staring at the handsome lord through a partially opened door in a private parlor and watching him out of her chamber window in the middle of the night—is it any surprise he abducts her? Of course, she foolishly imagines her rank and her identity are enough to protect her.But her family name doesn't change Verne's mind, for he is still fascinated by Cecily. With her reputation hanging by a thread after spending the night in Verne's house, she's forced to make a fateful decision, face the consequences of her actions, which could mean utter ruin for her and her family, or agree to a fake engagement with the rakish lord.Lord Verne has a tragic past and his own dark secrets to contend with, making him a bad match for the vivacious Cecily and her powerful family. But once the news of their "engagement" gets out, neither one of them is in a hurry to call it off.Will they find their happily ever after with each other? Or will Verne's sinister past destroy everything?Books in Series:The Deserted HeartThe Sinister Heart

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Found in the Snow: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Pdf Romance Found in the Snow: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Pdf:Found in the Snow: A Pride and Prejudice Variation.Better connections, a visit to Derbyshire and a chance find on a snowy morning sets Elizabeth Bennet along a different path than the one given to us by Jane Austen. In this variation, the familiar cast of characters is augmented by the introduction of Lizzy’s great-aunt by marriage, Lady Helena Mosse, who hopes to give her great-nieces more opportunities to make good matches than they would find in Meryton. A snowy encounter leads to a new acquaintance, but is it the kind of opportunity Lady Helena hoped for?Because of the chance encounter, Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy in the winter before the canon visit to Meryton, but their initial interactions are just as rocky. Can Mr. Darcy change his ways and become more approachable? Does he want to? Can Elizabeth forgive his early insults and learn to see him for the man he truly is? Will Kitty find her own way when separated from Lydia? Is Georgiana in danger even when protected by her friends? All these questions and more will be answered in this clean and generally low-angst variation on the story we know and love. One more will be answered as well – what was it really that Lizzy found in the snow?

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The Bride Sale

Pdf Romance The Bride Sale

Pdf:The Bride Sale.A Bartered LadyLord James Harkness is shocked to discover a "bride sale" taking place in his small English village -- and surprised by the depth of his feelings for the unfortunate gentlewoman being auctioned off by a disreputable husband. But is it honor and nobility that compel James to outbid the townfolk for the proud, beautiful lady -- or is it something more akin to . . . desire?A Mysterious LordVerity Osborne is not sure whether good fortune or ill brought her to this dark, brooding man and his lonely manor house on the moors. Local talk brands James Harkness as evil -- but Verity senses a gentleness underneath. She dearly longs for her liberty, but his sensuous touch causes her to stay. However, James must first trust Verity with his secrets if they are ever to share love's rapturous freedom. And will the promised passion she sees flaming in his eyes warm Verity's heart . . . or burn her?

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An Earl in Wolf's Clothing (Rules of the Rogue Book 1)

Pdf Romance An Earl in Wolf's Clothing (Rules of the Rogue Book 1)

Pdf:An Earl in Wolf's Clothing (Rules of the Rogue Book 1). A pursuit is underway...From the hallowed halls of London's Almack's to the unkempt taverns of Drury Lane, from whispered words in glittering theatres to seductive kisses at Vauxhall Gardens - an earl must pursue his lady.Propriety be damned. Anything is allowed. But for success, the Earl of Kelmarsh may have to enact the Rules of the Rogue...A resolute lady.Miss Sophie Beckford escaped to Ireland after her almost betrothed broke her heart. Now a year later, she's back in London - stronger, better attired, armed with her cousin and determined not to fall for the blackguard's wiles again.A desperate gentleman.What's an earl to do when his almost betrothed refuses to speak to him, hear him out or even look at him after a misunderstanding of gargantuan proportions?With dubious assistance from a roguish marquess, a strait-laced duke, and even the occasional poet and famous actor throwing in their sixpence, the earl will try any ruse, any rule in the book to recapture Sophie's heart.Failure is not an option.Sensual Regency romance with warmth and wit.Please note this book contains scenes of a sexual nature.These books can be read stand-alone or as part of the Rules of the Rogue Series.1 An Earl in Wolf's Clothing1.5 Merry Christmas, my Viscount (Christmas novella)2 Let Sleeping Dukes Lie3 Marquess to a Flame - OUT NOW

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The Deserted Heart: Unmarriageable Series (Unmarriagable Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Deserted Heart: Unmarriageable Series (Unmarriagable Series Book 1)

Pdf:The Deserted Heart: Unmarriageable Series (Unmarriagable Series Book 1).Welcome to a brand-new series from the #1 bestselling author of the Blackhaven Brides series. Introducing Book One in the Unmarriagable Series!Unmarriageable? Or simply unusual? There can only be one reason for the proud Duke of Alvan’s proposed visit to Audley Park. He means to offer for Lord Overton’s beautiful daughter, Thomasina, thus saving the family’s waning fortune. In the midst of the hectic preparations for his arrival, Overton’s least marriageable daughter Charlotte remembers to collect her young brothers from school for the holidays. When fog forces them to spend the night at the Hart Inn, they are astonished to find the house deserted, save for one other enigmatic traveler who deals most capably with armed intruders. Drawn to their unconventional new friend, Charlotte enlists his help to solve the mystery. Amidst the upheaval of the duke’s visit, to say nothing of the chaos caused by Charlotte’s unmanageable pet terrier, the Hart becomes the focus of nefarious doings, kidnappings, and romantic entanglements. For Charlotte is unwise enough to fall hopelessly in love with her sister’s intended husband, and the duke hides too many secrets of his own.Will they find their happily ever after with each other?No cliff hangers, a guaranteed happy ending. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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The Perfect Debutante (The Not So Saintly Sisters Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Perfect Debutante (The Not So Saintly Sisters Book 1)

Pdf:The Perfect Debutante (The Not So Saintly Sisters Book 1).A Duke, A Debutante and An Arranged MarriageSHE secretly cut in the shadows and covered her scars with satin and lace. Louella Rose is perfect. Beautiful. Refined. The answer to all her family's woes. No one knows that beneath her flawless complexion, behind her mesmerizing eyes, she hides her pain in shame.STANTON promised to marry the woman of his father’s choice by the age of thirty and that time has finally come. To his surprise and delight, the chosen lady is the perfect debutante, for him anyhow, and he couldn’t be happier... until he discovers the scars that make no sense – scars that shatter the illusion of perfection.LIES, greed and blood lay waste to a most promising marriage. Can their love overcome the ravages of guilt and carry them through life’s imperfections? Historical romance unlike any others...Not So Saintly Sisters SeriesBook 1: The Perfect DebutanteBook 2: The Perfect Spinster

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Mr. Bennet Takes Charge

Pdf Romance Mr. Bennet Takes Charge

Pdf:Mr. Bennet Takes Charge.Elizabeth Bennet’s journey to the lakes is canceled, and she expects to spend a quiet summer at home. When Mr. Bingley, along with his elusive friend Mr. Darcy, return to Netherfield, a quiet summer is turned topsy-turvy. Though Elizabeth’s opinion of the gentleman has improved, she never thought to see him again.Then Elizabeth learns her sister, Lydia, means to elope with a rake, and the very respectability of her family is at stake. Elizabeth takes heart, however, when her father rises to the occasion, in a way she would never have predicted. With Mr. Darcy’s assistance, there may still be time to prevent calamity, and even find love, against all odds.Mr. Bennet Takes Charge is a Pride and Prejudice Adaptation novella of approximately 30,000 words.

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On My Honour: A Traditional Regency Romance (Brethren in Arms Book 1)

Pdf Romance On My Honour: A Traditional Regency Romance (Brethren in Arms Book 1)

Pdf:On My Honour: A Traditional Regency Romance (Brethren in Arms Book 1).When Lady Margaret Blake and her sister lose their parents in a boating accident they are left to the guardianship of their uncle. Disregarding their feelings for the price their beauty will fetch on the Marriage Mart, he arranges a match for both. Lady Margaret, however, has her own views on the matter and takes her Fate into her own hands.Returning home after war to assume his responsibilities, Luke, Duke of Waverley, expects a nice, quiet life on his country estate. Within hours of stepping foot in England, though, he stumbles upon a young woman being attacked and no sooner does he rescue her than she runs away. His sense of curiosity is piqued and his sense of honour compels him to help her, leading him on a merry chase…Meg escapes the marriage, only to find herself at the mercy of others. Fortunately, in the soldier she cannot avoid she also finds herself in very capable hands. Only her uncle has a deeper reason for his actions and will stop at nothing to see his plans fulfilled.

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Lord Despair: Beastly Lords Book One

Pdf Romance Lord Despair: Beastly Lords Book One

Pdf:Lord Despair: Beastly Lords Book One.Indulge in the dark, sexy new series set in Victorian England - a damaged aristocrat and destitute woman find love in a dangerous and unpredictable world...From the lush English countryside to the glittering society of Victorian London, and the shabbier side of its gambling hells, Lord Despair thought he’d left the worst behind in the Burmese jungle. He was wrong.How can a man embrace his birthright when he cannot leave his bedroom?Lord Simon Devere returns from the Burmese War haunted by the vivid memory of his slain cousin and powerless to know reality from dreams. Unable to sleep lest he awaken in the cell of his nightmares, he sits in the dark, incapable of believing he is truly home — and safe — in England. How can a destitute young lady support her family after her father dies in debt?Jenny Blackwood is determined not to let her mother and sisters succumb to an unkind fate. With a head for numbers, she becomes the skilled bookkeeper “Mr. Cavendish.” One unexpected client is the nobleman cruelly named by gossips as Lord Despair. With the estate’s coffers mysteriously dwindling, Jenny goes where others fear to tread, into the darkened room of the unstable earl. Encouraged by her tenacity, Simon believes he can become the man he once was. However, as friendship quickly sparks into passion, they discover the greatest danger lies ahead of them, and the biggest threat to Jenny may be Lord Despair himself. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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Igniting Ivy (The Men on Fire Series)

Pdf Romance Igniting Ivy (The Men on Fire Series)

Pdf:Igniting Ivy (The Men on Fire Series). They call me a hero.I save people. It's what I do.It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do.Then I meet her - the girl with the sad eyes.She's lost everything. Twice.And I know she's using me to forget her past.Just when things seem perfect, that past threatens with the unimaginable.They may call me a hero.But she's the one person I can't save.Get this sexy romance now!Igniting Ivy can be read as a standalone romance. It is book one in a series that follows a group of firefighters.Samantha Christy's collections:The Mitchell Sisters SeriesPurple OrchidsWhite LiliesBlack RosesThe Stone Brothers SeriesStone RulesStone PromisesStone VowsThe Perfect Game SeriesCatching CadenBenching BradyStealing SawyerThe Men on Fire SeriesIgniting IvyStandalonesBe My ReasonAbstract LoveFinding MikaylaAbout the AuthorSamantha Christy writes contemporary and new adult romance novels. She loves to write about hot alpha-males, sports stars, second-chance love, and deeply emotional issues. She loves to interact with readers so please look her up on social media.

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Preacher Man

Pdf Romance Preacher Man

Pdf:Preacher Man.I’m wicked through and through. My mother has always told me so. There’s an awful fever inside me. It builds, growing worse every time I attend church on Sundays and hear the deep, commanding voice of the handsome, mysterious town preacher. The way he watches me makes me shiver. Only he can put out this fire inside me. So if I’m as much of a temptation as my mother claims, it’s time to find out if she’s right. My baptism is next week. I’ll be touched by the preacher for the first time. Little do I know, once he touches me, he’ll refuse to let go…

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Cruel: Savannah Heirs

Pdf Romance Cruel: Savannah Heirs

Pdf:Cruel: Savannah Heirs.I’ve got a secret. Savannah, Georgia is full of debutantes and greed. The Heirs own this town. They own me, too. I don’t know what I did to ruin what we had. But their kindness turned cruel almost a year ago. I was prepared to leave it all behind and start over at a new school. But Rogue Kelly, the king of the Heirs, ruined that. He doesn’t want me anymore but doesn’t want anyone else to have me either. I know too much to be set free, but not enough to stay. The Heirs aren’t through with me yet. And I crave their cruelty too much to give up now.Authors' Note: This is a bully romance with dark themes that may be triggering for some readers. Please read with caution.

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Corrupt (Devil's Night Book 1)

Pdf Romance Corrupt (Devil's Night Book 1)

Pdf:Corrupt (Devil's Night Book 1).From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new dark romance...ErikaI was told that dreams were our heart’s desires. My nightmares, however, became my obsession. His name is Michael Crist. My boyfriend’s older brother is like that scary movie that you peek through your hand to watch. He's handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. The star of his college’s basketball team and now gone pro, he’s more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than me. But I noticed him.I saw him. I heard him. The things that he did, and the deeds that he hid…For years, I bit my nails, unable to look away. Now, I’ve graduated high school and moved on to college, but I haven’t stopped watching Michael. He’s bad, and the dirt I’ve seen isn’t content to stay in my head anymore. Because he’s finally noticed me. MichaelHer name is Erika Fane, but everyone calls her Rika.My brother’s girlfriend grew up hanging around my house and is always at our dinner table. She looks down when I enter a room and stills when I am close. I can always feel the fear rolling off of her, and while I haven’t had her body, I know that I have her mind. That’s all I really want anyway. Until my brother leaves for the military, and I find Rika alone at college. In my city. Unprotected. The opportunity is too good to be true, as well as the timing. Because you see, three years ago she put a few of my high school friends in prison, and now they’re out. We’ve waited. We’ve been patient. And now every last one of her nightmares will come true. *Corrupt is a STANDALONE dark romance with no cliffhanger. It is suitable for ages 18+.

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Red Hot Winter

Pdf Romance Red Hot Winter

Pdf:Red Hot Winter.From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a new forbidden romance standalone novel!August is bitter and cold.Two people he loved most betrayed him.Winter is hot and sultry.She’s the enemy’s daughter.A blowout fight between Winter and her dad sends her straight into August’s waiting arms.But August doesn’t want to hold her…he wants revenge.The two are an explosive combination whenever they’re together. August antagonizes and Winter pushes back. Under all the hate burning between them is an attraction so intense, neither can ignore it.It’s only a matter of time before it consumes them both.THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN AUDIO ON THE READ ME ROMANCE PODCAST.Listen for FREE here: iTunes - > http://geni.us/A888vRAGoogle Play -> http://geni.us/7lB4UBKWebsite - > www.readmeromance.com

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Pdf Romance LUCKY KISS

Pdf:LUCKY KISS.When we were younger he told me a kiss would get me pregnant. And he tried to kiss me.And I hated him.I never thought I'd see him again ...But when he stumbles into my cafe, hungover, looking for coffee, I finally get to see what became of the bad boy jerk next door.Guess what?He's a man. ALL MAN.That's when things get crazy. Because his eyes are on me and my mind is racing, wondering what could go wrong if I gave him just one quick night. To show him what he could have had if he wasn't such a fool.Well - we kissed.And now - I'm pregnant.I guess he was right about kissing me... sort of.Now I have to figure out how I went from successful business owner to a pregnant, soon-to-be single mother. Unless I call him and tell him. But truthfully, what are the odds of him actually doing the right thing for once in his life? 

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Lust (The Elite Seven Book 1)

Pdf Romance Lust (The Elite Seven Book 1)

Pdf:Lust (The Elite Seven Book 1).I was born with wealth, athletic ability, and looks that could melt the panties off a nun.I had a clear path to success. Until fate dealt me a cruel blow, leaving me empty and in need of purpose. My only focus now is to become part of The Elite—a secret society in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. But everything comes at a price, and with The Elite, you have to earn your place.Lucky for me, being sinful is in my DNA. The only obstacle to full initiation is my task: seduce the un-seducible, the forbidden, and lure her with the sins of the flesh.Easy for a man like me…in theory. She started as my task, but what happens when the lines between lust and love blur, and the need for power rages war with the need for her? Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak—they’re for The Elite. This is my life, my chance, my legacy.I am Rhett Masters.I am Lust.

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Torn (All Torn Up Book 1)

Pdf Romance Torn (All Torn Up Book 1)

Pdf:Torn (All Torn Up Book 1). When I was five years old, I told Toren Grace I was going to marry him when I grew up. When I turned eighteen, I made it clear I still felt the same. The problem? He's fifteen years older than me, and he's my father's best friend.Toren Grace. My father's best friend. My pseudo-uncle.He's always been my rock. The one I should never, ever want.But I do want him, and I love him with all my heart.I always have.Tor's one of the good guys. Loving. Devoted. A strong moral compass. One kiss between us rocked him clear off his axis. Now, we can't forget how that kiss felt, and what it changed. Nothing will ever be the same between us. I'm not a little girl anymore, and he's everything I want and need. He's not ready to admit it, but I'm everything he wants and needs, too.I know he's struggling, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and it doesn't care about age or how we met. My father cares, though. And he's the one person neither one of us can stand to hurt.We're all being torn apart, and I don't know how to make everyone see that the wrongs are actually right._____________________________ * Torn can be read standalone. * No cliffhanger ending. 

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Pride (The Elite Seven Book 2)

Pdf Romance Pride (The Elite Seven Book 2)

Pdf:Pride (The Elite Seven Book 2).The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.But who said the devil was a he?In my world, she was out to cause havoc on all our lives. She’ll use the one thing I care most about to control me—force me into her Elite world, filled with sin, deceit, and power. And under her spell, I’ll lead a sinister brotherhood of seven at one of the most prestigious universities in New Orleans.Seven tasks set forth by the devil herself, promising nothing less than the forbidden fruit of power. What they don’t understand is it will all end in bloodshed and regret. They call me the alpha. The one in charge. The one with pride bigger than any task I could be given. And my pride won’t let me be anywhere but at the top of the food chain until she gives me what I truly want. My task is Meghan Benedict. She’s too pure for me to touch, too good for me to ruin—and the only thing standing in my way to freedom.Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak...they’re for The Elite.As they say, pride comes before the fall.I am Mason Blackwell. I am Pride.

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Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride Book 1)

Pdf Romance Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride Book 1)

Pdf:Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride Book 1).The Tarian Pride is right in the middle of a historical power-shift. Ronin Alder is taking over as the New Tarian Alpha, but the entire Pride of lion shifters needs to be completely rehabilitated. Back in the Pride after years hating it, his job is to push the monsters here to a new future, one where they will stop warring with every shifter Crew in existence. But when he mans a rescue mission and finds a hurt woman in the woods, he had no choice but to save her…or kidnap her. And when he learns her story, and recognizes just who, and what, she is, his entire future as Alpha of the New Tarians takes a new direction. His life had been laid out before him, but now he wants so much more. He wants Emerald.Emerald Lawson is a descendant of one of the original Tarians, her bloodline highly coveted by the Old Tarian Alpha, Cassius. He’s put her between a rock and a hard place and turned her entire life upside down. She’s accepted her fate on the throne of the Old Tarians until she stumbles upon a man on a mission in the woods. When she’s kidnapped by the New Tarian Alpha, one day with Ronin changes her life forever. How can she go back to living in a cage after he’s set her free? She’s a submissive lioness who doesn’t belong, but Ronin challenges Emerald to be something she’s never been before—fearless. And as a new uprising begins, she will find herself at the helm of a destiny that could change the entire future of the Tarian Pride.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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Heart of the Cat: Sarafin Warriors Book 3

Pdf Romance Heart of the Cat: Sarafin Warriors Book 3

Pdf:Heart of the Cat: Sarafin Warriors Book 3.Assassins, traitors, and a goddess with a guiding hand culminate in more than one life-threatening secret....Prince Walkyr d'Rojah's mission is to find an ancient artifact known as the Heart of the Cat--a powerful gem that connects his people, its magic woven through the Sarafin like his predatory cat is woven into himself. Walkyr's only clues are an ancient scroll and the legends passed down through generations. However, he isn't the only one searching for it. A sect determined to overthrow the royal families of the Sarafin, the Curizan, and the Valdier wants the gem for themselves. They are more than willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it.Trescina Bukov's affinity with large cats has taken her all over the world, but this time a frantic call from a rescue group compels her to fly to Wyoming in the United States. A new species of leopard was discovered near death, she's told, and this ""new species"" sounds enough like a shape-shifter that Trescina hurries to examine this cat.Their first meeting is explosive, and Walkyr is shocked when the human female connects with his leopard--recognizing what he is and what his weaknesses are, and this is only the beginning of how his mission has gone wrong!

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Tarian Silver Lion (New Tarian Pride Book 2)

Pdf Romance Tarian Silver Lion (New Tarian Pride Book 2)

Pdf:Tarian Silver Lion (New Tarian Pride Book 2).Talon Lawson is a runner. He’s been on the move to keep his daughter safe for years, and now it’s a habit he isn’t capable of breaking. Too long in one place, and his inner lion pushes him to move on. He’s sworn to himself he will only make sure his daughter, Emerald, is settled in her new home with her mate, and then he’ll leave, but something more is anchoring him to the New Tarian Pride. A battle with a rival Pride left him injured, and he was nursed back to health by a quiet, mysterious lioness named Rose. The animal in him says to run before he gets drawn too far into this new Pride, but the man in him can’t stop thinking about the silver-haired beauty.Rose’s home has been destroyed by a rival Pride of lion shifters, and she’s taken it upon herself to handle everything quietly and alone, like she always does. But when a big, burly, silver lion shifter named Talon falls into her life, she can’t help but find excuses to see him. For the first time in years, a man makes her feel safe, and like everything will be all right. But the cost of war between her Pride and the Old Tarians is steep, and it’s taking it’s toll on the animal inside of her. And the harder she tries to dig the Pride out of the hole that’s consumed them, the more she thinks she might not want to do all of this alone anymore. Broken hearts are for the young though, and Talon is a flight risk. She’ll have to try some new tactics to get this rogue male to stick around--even if it means setting them both free.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1)

Pdf Romance Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1)

Pdf:Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1).Alek, Lord of Winter and powerful ice dragon, has little memory of his life before he was frozen in ice. Still, he knows what he wants for his future. First, to defeat any nearby dragons so he can rule again and second, to claim the curvy scientist who awakened him as his mate. He's sure Talia is his destiny, and he'll fight anyone, human or dragon, who tries to get in the way. Talia has no idea how the cocky, beautiful man who walked out of a block of broken ice in her lab is still breathing, but she's glad he is. The self-proclaimed Lord of Winter makes everything more interesting, whether he's arm-wrestling an entire football team or kissing her senseless. Now Talia's heart is slowly melting for an ice man, and she's afraid of what will happen when the scientific world catches up. As Alek and Talia slowly grow closer, and Alek comes to understand more of the modern world, things get steamy enough to melt icebergs. But Alek will have a hard time moving forward until he remembers where he came from, and he'll need to hurry because Talia isn't the only one interested in the frozen find of the century.

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Master of Frost (Frozen Dragons Book 2)

Pdf Romance Master of Frost (Frozen Dragons Book 2)

Pdf:Master of Frost (Frozen Dragons Book 2).Dmitri, newly awakened ice dragon and former bodyguard to the Lord of Winter, is in big trouble. He knows his curvy, prone-to-trouble roommate with a heart of gold is his mate, but she hasn’t come to the same conclusion. If he makes a move she might freeze him out, and if he doesn’t, he might be forever doomed to the friend box, a place colder than the Siberian landscape he came from.Chelle loves living with her two new friends, even if they are giant, sexy icemen her roommate brought home from a lab. Dmitry, a tall, sensual warrior with vivid turquoise eyes, always sets her on edge when he’s in the room with her, but she knows everything will be fine as long as the two of them stay just friends. That’s if she can ignore her body begging for so much more…As tension explodes between the two roommates, resulting in heated kisses and steamy encounters, Dmitry is ever more determined to melt down the icy walls that guard Chelle’s heart. But in the end, it may be up to Chelle to fight her inner demons and realize her feelings for Dmitry, before external forces tracking the ice dragons catch up.Master of Frost is book 2 in the Frozen Dragon series, and contains some action and violence, mystery, steamy scenes, and an innocent dragon roommate who keeps getting caught in the crossfire of two confused, stubborn lovers.

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You're Lion to Me (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 20)

Pdf Romance You're Lion to Me (Paranormal Dating Agency  Book 20)

Pdf:You're Lion to Me (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 20).From planet Aurora, lioness shifter, Dalissa Furr, wants to explore new places before she goes insane from boredom. So a trip to Earth is a must. Finding her mate in the process would be great too, if Gerri Wilder can make it happen. But according to her parents, her smaller than normal size and delicate features make her undesirable to a shifter.Azai Whittip, alpha of the White Tip wolf pack, will only accept his true mate for a life-long partner, to the dismay of the females in the pack. When Gerri asks him to take her friend sightseeing, he doesn’t expect this friend to be gorgeous and smell so damn good. Oh, and bonus, she’s his mate. As far as Azai is concerned, life’s perfect now that he found Dalissa. But someone in his pack or the neighboring lion pride think wolves and lions don’t mix. When both alphas and the male wolves come up missing, it’s up to Dalissa to figure out what’s going on and how to stop the one person set on destroying both packs and dominating the human world. Talk about an adventure!

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Claimed by the Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 3)

Pdf Romance Claimed by the Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 3)

Pdf:Claimed by the Assassins (An Academy of Assassins Novel Book 3).SECRETS THREATEN TO DESTROY THE ACADEMY. IF THE ASSASSINS CAN'T WORK TOGETHER, THE ACADEMY WILL FALL AND CHAOS WILL REIGN.The assassins have their hands full chasing down the creatures who've fled to the human world. Too bad Morgan has been consigned to the schoolroom, too valuable as the future heir to the crown to be risked. Not one to kick up her heels and do nothing, Morgan is determined to find out how to control her powers so she can protect what is hers...even if she has to sneak behind her team's backs to do so.But what should've been a time to settle down with her mates turns deadly when secrets are exposed. Morgan is furious, but determined to fight for the chance to have a future with her men...even if she must challenge the sea queen to prove her claim on Draven.The sea queen is vicious and will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants...and she wants Draven. There is always a price to pay for defying the queen, but her mates refuse to let Morgan pay the price alone.When a deal is struck, Morgan and her team must survive the next three days of being hunted by the queen's mightiest champions. If she fails, she and her mates will die, and Draven will be forced into a life of slavery for all eternity.An Academy of Assassins Novel: Book 3Meet the Assassins: Morgan, Kincade, Ascher, Ryder, Draven and Atlas.

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Bought By The Empyrean King

Pdf Romance Bought By The Empyrean King

Pdf:Bought By The Empyrean King.I've been purchased by The King of The Empyreans --the most aggressive alien race known.The royal life, however, comes with a price. I will be expected to serve the king in any and every way he sees fit. I cannot refuse him. But will I be able to?Imagine me, the girl who has gotten in more fights than a professional boxer.No one knows more about dumpster diving than I do.I'm a street rat through and through, and I'm not ashamed of it. My name is Jenna SFC 67, and I have made the ultimate sacrifice to give my parents a better life. Now I can only hope we make it out alive...Both, me and my baby.Bought by The Empyrean King is a full-length novel with a HEA. 18+ Only!

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Sold To The Emperor

Pdf Romance Sold To The Emperor

Pdf:Sold To The Emperor.I woke up as a slave in an alien market.I've been kidnapped by my former assassin partners, stripped down, and paraded around for anyone interested in spending money on me. They have taken off my armor, stolen my weapons and are now going after my dignity. They want worse than death for me. They know how proud I am.I have more brutality in my body than most dictators. I am the one that they send to eliminate male targets.I could get into their pants before finishing the job, and I was, truthfully, the best at what I did.  "You belong to King A'dal now."WHAT?!"Disappoint him, and you will be executed."God-king and master of war, King A'da.He lounged like a panther, wearing nothing but a scowl.His intense ash-colored eyes scanned me thoughtlessly.This man was a sculpture an artist would have been proud of.Lean and muscular, with enough striation to show each muscle. Scars from a lifetime of war littered his body.It reminded me that, handsome or not, this King was a soldier at heart, a killer.His eyes caught my attention for only a moment..."Well?" "What are you waiting for?"Crap...How do I get out of this one?! Sold To The Emperor is a full-length novel with a HEA. 18+ Only!

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What the Fox: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (The Chaos of Foxes Book 3)

Pdf Romance What the Fox: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (The Chaos of Foxes Book 3)

Pdf:What the Fox: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (The Chaos of Foxes Book 3).Kenzie is a void witch. Only a handful have ever existed. And now she's trying to find out where she belongs in the paranormal world. Thankfully her mates have never cared about her witch status. They love her for her - even if one of them is playing hard to get. Kenzie plans to make Hunter beg.Meanwhile they still have to bring down Bradley Davis. But there are complications to their plans no one could have foreseen. Will Kenzie be able to handle her newly discovered abilities and any threat until she can master them? Will they be able to take down the jerk who cursed her sister after finding out what he's really after?

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Stonybrooke Shifters: The Complete Collection

Pdf Romance Stonybrooke Shifters: The Complete Collection

Pdf:Stonybrooke Shifters: The Complete Collection.Welcome to the town of STONYBROOKE, where nothing is as it seems... Meet all TEN shifters as they overcome all adversity to claim their true mates... In the first tale, Clark thought the shady new shifters in town were his biggest problem. Then Carmen arrived. Sexy, sweet, and charming, she’s everything Clark could ever want in a woman. There’s just one problem: she’s his 20-year-old daughter’s best friend. As corruption begins to set his pack on a course toward self-destruction, can Clark resist temptation with Carmen long enough to avert disaster? And will any of them survive when their new twisted leader revives an ancient practice many now see as barbaric? ****All titles in this shifter romance collection:Daddy Shifter’s VirginA Secret Baby for the ShifterThe Shifter’s Mail Order VirginDaddy Shifter’s Fake FianceThe Seal Shifter’s Secret BabyClaimed by the Alpha DaddyNanny to the ShifterThe Shifter Protector’s VirginSecond Chance with the ShifterShifter RedeemedShifters and the Stone (series epilogue!)Also included is a short preview of Dragon ProtectorThese shifters will do whatever it takes to protect and secure their mates—whether he’s a Seal or a billionaire boss, they will deal with the villains and protect the nannies. With suspense, mystery, a secret baby, and mail-order brides, there is something for everyone. The shifters of Stonybrooke seek to unlock the mysteries of their kind. Do you want to go along for the ride? This collection also includes a brief epilogue to the series - found only within this box set...These stories contain No Cheating, No Cliffhangers and of course all have HEAs ; ). Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

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Branded By The Black Wolves

Pdf Romance Branded By The Black Wolves

Pdf:Branded By The Black Wolves.I'm on the ground, again. I have been punched and slammed by someone far bigger and tougher than me.I can hear the snorts and laughter; I'm the only girl on the training squad."This is why someone like you should never be allowed to fight side by side with war brothers." Still, I get up. Not complaining. This is the life I chose.So when a stranger challenges me to a duel two minutes later, I don't hesitate to take him up and agree to his terms that I will do something for him if I lose.Then it all went black.I wake up in a cell and realize with terror that I'm probably in werewolf territory, high up in the mountains. Two hours later, I'm presented to both, the prince's step-cousin and the prince himself."You are lucky, you have been chosen to be our new human concubine. A rare opportunity, given only to the most worthy of women."You've got to be kidding me?!This was NOT what I meant by a favor!!!"Have you bred before?"WHAT?!"What about sharing? Two, three men, perhaps?"EXCUSE ME?!"Tomorrow will be your first training."Next thing I know, I have a royal collar attached to my neck, to denote I belong to them. "You either walk on your feet or you will be dragged,"  says the prince.He can't be serious. I'm gonna kill them both. Branded By The Black Wolves is a full-length novel with a HEA. Adult's only!

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Shifter Eruption: A Paranormal Romance Box Set

Pdf Romance Shifter Eruption: A Paranormal Romance Box Set

Pdf:Shifter Eruption: A Paranormal Romance Box Set.He says he'll make me his own, no matter what it takes.Will he still feel this way when he finds out the dark secret of my past?I’m a rookie cop, determined to be strong and relentless in my new role.My new boss August is big, strong, hot AF and protective.He’s also a shifter in a powerful clan.He wants to claim me for his own and make me his mate.I’m resistant but intrigued, unsure of what the future would look like.What he doesn’t know is that I hold secrets of my own.Dark secrets that are now coming to the surface.We’re now in danger, being blackmailed.August is the only one who can protect me now.Included in this box set are the following stand-alone titles: Cypher's MateAnnora's DragonRookie ShiftCallie's GuardianThe Werewolf's BrideMordredRescued by RylandBriar's MateArthur's MateDulce's Champion

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Destined Darkness (Nephilim's Destiny Book 1)

Pdf Romance Destined Darkness (Nephilim's Destiny Book 1)

Pdf:Destined Darkness (Nephilim's Destiny Book 1).They’ll do anything to protect her... as long as they never learn her secret.I’m Officer Essie Shaw, and I shouldn’t exist. If anyone finds out their friendly neighborhood beat cop is a nephilim — public enemy number one — I’ll be imprisoned. Or worse, dissected. I survive by keeping my head down and my barely-there magic under wraps.But when I lose a fight with a strange, smoke-like wraith, I’m confronted with my worst nightmare. A Joined Parliament Team of Agents — supernatural monster hunters who’d arrest me in a heartbeat if they knew the truth — a no-nonsense angel whose mere gaze captures my soul, a vampire with a breathtaking bite, an incubus with enticing hellfire in his eyes, and, worst of all, my smoldering-hot ex-partner, turned werewolf thanks to my rookie mistake.This wraith has been picking off veterans of the recently won war against the archangel Michael, and the bodies are piling up. My unwanted connection to it, along with the team’s skills, could be the key to trapping it in magical stasis. Question is, am I strong enough to serve as bait, while keeping the secret that could brand me their enemy?Destined Darkness is the first book in the Nephilim’s Destiny series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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Leopard's Wrath (A Leopard Novel Book 12)

Pdf Romance Leopard's Wrath (A Leopard Novel Book 12)

Pdf:Leopard's Wrath (A Leopard Novel Book 12).Wild desire is unleashed in this next novel of the Leopard series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.Return to the steamy world of the Leopards where passion and danger are on a collision course.

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Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3)

Pdf Romance Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3)

Pdf:Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3).“Last time I looked we worked as Bear Creek Bodyguards, not Bear Creek Babysitters.” Army veteran, Flint, has protected people all his life. But children? He doesn't know the first thing about children.Fate sidestepped this silverback bear shifter when it came to finding his mate and having bear cubs of his own. So when he's asked to help protect a couple of children, Flint is not sure he's the man for the job.However, fate might just have something special in store for Flint when he agrees to take the job.His mate.Jenna is on the run with two children. Her job is to keep them alive. And to stop them falling into the hands of bad men, who want to use them to get to their mom who is an investigative reporter. But Jenna can’t do it alone.One phone call later and Flint is on the way to help them. But when Jenna meets Flint, it soon becomes clear that he is offering more than his protection. He’s offering his love, loyalty, and—if needed—his life.Can these two fated mates work together to keep the children safe and make sure the bad men are bought to justice.

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Goldie and the Bears: Paranormal Shifter Romance: A Howls Romance

Pdf Romance Goldie and the Bears: Paranormal Shifter Romance: A Howls Romance

Pdf:Goldie and the Bears: Paranormal Shifter Romance: A Howls Romance.Ash Goldenlochs hasn't touched another person in years. Her gift--or curse, as she thinks of it--forces her to experience the past of anything against her hands. When she meets two of the most gorgeous men she's ever seen, she wants to rip her gloves off and let her fingers do the walking.Bear shifters, Spencer Hartz and Chaz Coco, are partners in a trio who couldn't be more opposite. When their coworker is murdered, they will take help in any form, including a cute blonde who happens to be their mate.Using her ability, she sees the murderer but doesn't know who it is. When the killer recognizes her, her tragic past may repeat itself and it's all the guys can do to keep her alive.Reader's Note: You've never read this version of Goldielocks before!

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Don't Cheat Me (Nora Jacobs Book 2)

Pdf Romance Don't Cheat Me (Nora Jacobs Book 2)

Pdf:Don't Cheat Me (Nora Jacobs Book 2).One month after Nora's violent induction to the dangerous supernatural side of Detroit, she's finally settling into her new life as the underworld's token human. All she wants to do is mind her own business, enjoy her new friends, and stay safe. But that's easier said than done when she's such an enigma to everyone around her.Thanks to her unique psychic abilities, she's garnered a reputation for being mysterious and powerful. When the alpha of a local werewolf pack asks her to help him figure out who is stealing from him, she can't say no, even though getting involved in pack business could have deadly repercussions.While tangled up in a heap of werewolf troubles, Nora can't quite shake her old vampire problem, either. Henry is practically stalking her, Parker is breaking down the walls around her heart, and Nora's blatant fear of the blood-sucking monsters is a delicious temptation for the natural predators.Nora's succubus friend, Cecile, believes throwing her a "coming out" party into underworld society is the best way to solve all of her problems. Nora disagrees. If the vampires and werewolves don't kill her, Cecile's party planning definitely will. * This is book 2 in the Nora Jacobs series and should be read after book 1. It is a slow burn reverse harem series.

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Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3)

Pdf Romance Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3)

Pdf:Destined Fire (Nephilim's Destiny Book 3).One reckless move could cost her everything…It used to be easy to pass as human beat cop Essie Shaw. Lay low, don’t draw too much attention. Now I’m hiding in plain sight, working for the JP, praying my teammates won’t notice my non-human magical quirks and figure out I’m a nephilim.As the magic clawing within me threatens to reveal me, my complicated emotional bond with the team grows: Gideon, whose cold, professional distance cuts me; Jacob, whose mixed messages confuse me; Kol, whose friendship warms me; and Marcus, whose wolf could turn on me.Thanks to the messy public disasters we’ve barely survived, the Head Office sends in the big guns: Cassius, who’d love nothing more than to rip his brother Gideon’s mating brand from my arm and kick me off the team.So, no pressure in cracking a ring of vicious magical drug smugglers. But when things go sideways, my magic threatens to expose my secret and cost me the only place where I’ve ever belonged. With the men my very bones tell me are mine.Destined Fire is the third book in the Nephilim’s Destiny series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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Tiger's Territory: Tiger Shifter Romance (Shifterhood Book 1)

Pdf Romance Tiger's Territory: Tiger Shifter Romance (Shifterhood Book 1)

Pdf:Tiger's Territory: Tiger Shifter Romance (Shifterhood Book 1).“She couldn’t blame him. He’d already told her he didn’t want to be with anyone. But she wished he hadn’t decided to kiss her. She’d been doing just fine pretending she wasn’t attracted to him. And now her body was alive with a need that wouldn’t quit.” Two years ago, wildcat shifter Isa Webster lost everyone and everything she cared about when her parents were murdered by the Shifter Prosecution Bureau. Since then, she’s been hiding in the shadows, drugging herself with Inhibitor to suppress her true nature. All she wants now is to hold onto her mind and avoid being captured. The last thing she needs is Mason Faulkner, the boss of Shifterhood, crashing into her life. She’s dazzled by his charisma, passion and dedication to his cause, but he’s dangerous and every bone in her body tells her to stay away from him.The moment Mason lays eyes on Isa, his tiger knows she’s his mate. But as the leader of Shifterhood, an underground organization that fights the exploitation and extermination of shifters, his mission in life is to save his species, and there’s no room in his heart for love. When Mason’s sister, Faith is abducted, fate throws him and Isa together again. And when the brave wildcat’s attempts to save Faith puts her own life in danger, Mason’s protective instincts go into overdrive. Can he rescue Isa while safeguarding his heart, or will the powerful attraction between them be too strong to resist? A full-length read, full of danger, suspense and romance. HEA guaranteed!

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Pdf Romance Verity

Pdf:Verity.A #1 bestseller in several categories with over 14,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads. From the #1 New York Times bestselling and award winning author Colleen Hoover comes "A standalone romantic thriller that is tragic, creepy, and brilliant!" -Mel Reader ReviewsLowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish. Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years of Verity's notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to get her started. What Lowen doesn't expect to uncover in the chaotic office is an unfinished autobiography Verity never intended for anyone to read. Page after page of bone-chilling admissions, including Verity's recollection of the night their family was forever altered. Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy, knowing its contents would devastate the already grieving father. But as Lowen's feelings for Jeremy begin to intensify, she recognizes all the ways she could benefit if he were to read his wife's words. After all, no matter how devoted Jeremy is to his injured wife, a truth this horrifying would make it impossible for him to continue to love her. Sexy. Twisted. Consuming.Due to graphic scenes and mature content, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

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Con Artist

Pdf Romance Con Artist

Pdf:Con Artist.James Bryant is trying her best to quit her job as a thief, but she needs one more big job to get the money she needs. When she literally runs into a man on the street and takes his wallet, she never imagines that the muscled beast would come back to haunt her.Bennett Hughes lives a life of luxury and solitude. There’s nothing he can’t get if he wants it, but when a pickpocket catches his attention and gets away he finds it impossible to track her down. Luckily for him he knows people in all the wrong places, and as soon as he gets his hands on her, he’ll make sure she’s bound to him in every possible way.Warning: It’s the newest addition to our baby-making series and it’s filthier than ever before! If you loved Coach, Mechanic, Thief, Kingpin, and Judge, then this one is waiting for you to love it.

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Lost and Found (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten Book 2)

Pdf Romance Lost and Found (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten Book 2)

Pdf:Lost and Found (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten Book 2).Owen Shaw and his “brothers” lost everything, their entire existence erased. Science had robbed he and all the Lost Boys of their memories and their past, but not their future. Hunted by every intelligence agency in the world, they are focused on two goals: find a cure for what was done to them and ensure that the technology that ruined their lives doesn’t get out into the world. Rebecca Walsh might be the key to achieving both. Owen has been studying her closely, living in her building, and he cannot resolve how such a beautiful, giving woman could have helped design the evil process that destroyed his past.Dr. Rebecca Walsh has dedicated her life to researching the secrets of the mind. Her atmospheric rise in her field was fueled by the horror of watching her mother’s agonizing journey into madness at the hands of a disease with no cure. She vowed to never rest until she finds it. But obsession takes a heavy toll, and when Owen moves into her building she realizes how much of her life she has missed out on. Owen opens her eyes to a whole new world, filled with joy, laughter, and possibly love.Owen and Rebecca grow closer, unraveling more about each other and the mysteries surrounding her connection to Hope McDonald. As the sinister forces working against the Lost Boys descend on Toronto, secrets long buried are uncovered that could shatter the bonds holding the Lost Boys together and cost Rebecca her life.

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Dixon (The Kings of Guardian Book 12)

Pdf Romance Dixon (The Kings of Guardian Book 12)

Pdf:Dixon (The Kings of Guardian Book 12).Alone, isolated from the vast resources of Guardian, Dixon Simmons reentered a world that had left him impossibly damaged as a child. He stepped back into that evil by choice. To protect all he’d come to love, he was willing to pay whatever price was demanded—even if the price was his soul.She went by many names. Her true identity was as dead as her heart. Until him. The man was every bit as lethal as she was and deliciously sexy. Dixon Simmons piqued her interest, and what started as lust turned into another “L” word. She gave a “forever after” with him no hope. They’d have to stay alive for that to happen.Caught in a violent abyss of ultimate malevolence and ominous threats, two damned souls find in each other a redemptive love that defies reason. However, redemption comes at a high cost. They must first save the world from a merciless force known only as Stratus.

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Finding Mercy (The Next Generation Book 3)

Pdf Romance Finding Mercy (The Next Generation Book 3)

Pdf:Finding Mercy (The Next Generation Book 3)."So much emotion it flew off the page and knocked the wind out of me. Finding Mercy was another great story by the absolutely brilliant Riley Edwards." Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers DEA Jason Walker became a widow at Twenty-eight. Two years later he’s still torturing himself with guilt. They’d married young, and she’d been his first love, but her illness changed everything. They’d fought a losing battle and he’d held her to the very end. Now he just wants to be left alone with his misery and memories.Mercy James is no stranger to grief and loneliness. Her brother’s death of a drug overdose, and her police officer father’s death in the line of duty were the driving forces behind her pursuit of a career in the DEA. In spite of—or maybe because of—her past, Mercy doesn’t believe in feeling sorry for others, or for herself.When a case brings Jason and Mercy together, and their attraction heats up, can her tough, straightforwardness help Jason learn to live in the light again? He’d lost his first love, but is he ready for a forever love?

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Dangerous Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City Series Book 4)

Pdf Romance Dangerous Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City Series Book 4)

Pdf:Dangerous Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City Series Book 4).A cold-blooded killer wants her dead.After her friend is murdered right before her eyes, Taylor uses her wits to escape with just a bullet wound, thankful to be alive. But now the killer isn’t the only one after her—the cops are, too, and Taylor’s not sure she can trust them—or anybody else in her life in California. She decides to turn to her old friend in Vegas, racing there with just the clothes on her back, only to arrive and realize he’s off on his honeymoon. Desperate, she breaks in and crashes. A former Marine is determined to protect her.When former Marine Roman MacNeil finds a gorgeous stranger unconscious and bleeding in his friend’s shower, his first thought is to help her . . . until she tries to knock him out with a vodka bottle. Lucky for Taylor, Roman isn’t a man who goes down easily. When he realizes the trouble she’s in, he’s determined to protect her—whatever it takes. As they’re thrust into a deadly situation they discover an attraction they never bargained for. But a determined killer is closing in, and time may be running out. The Serafina: Sin City Series, #4 Length: 51,000 words Author note: Dangerous Surrender can be read as a stand-alone.Books in series:First Surrender (novella), #1Sensual Surrender, #2Sweetest Surrender, #3Dangerous Surrender, #4

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Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security Book Four

Pdf Romance Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security Book Four

Pdf:Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security Book Four.When the cards are stacked against you, the Kings will even the odds.For Ward “King” Kingston the role of protector, forged by fire and tragedy, is one he takes seriously. When King is asked to safeguard the son of a four-star general and friend, he is pulled back into the world of government black ops on a mission that raises painful memories from his past. The moment King meets Leo, amid the chaos of a lockdown at a secret black site, it’s clear he’s never faced a challenge like this—one that will test his unwavering sense of control. Leopold de Loughrey is a misunderstood genius whose anxiety and insecurities are sent into overdrive when he is forcefully recruited to work on a top-secret project. Terrified of what his role as "invaluable asset" means, Leo’s stress leads to disappearances, arguments, and blowups that threaten the project and Leo’s future. King’s arrival is a calm in the storm for Leo and his frenetic thoughts.King and Leo couldn’t be more different, yet as they navigate the dangers of a secret multi-agency operation and face unknown threats, their differences could be what saves them. Neither man believes a happily ever after is in the cards, but their hearts might just prove them wrong… if they can survive a deadly betrayal.

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Triple Team: A Military Reverse Harem Romance

Pdf Romance Triple Team: A Military Reverse Harem Romance

Pdf:Triple Team: A Military Reverse Harem Romance.Three sexy soldiers escorting me to exotic locations around the world. Watching my back. Protecting me. Sharing me.I met the most gorgeous man in the world at a hacker convention.And out of everyone there, he took me back to his hotel room.But a sizzling night of passion wasn't the only thing he had in mind.He gave me a proposition I never expected. A spot on his mercenary team. A mission to assassinate a Colombian drug lord.A chance to avenge my father’s death.Donovan, the jacked Marine who knows how to take charge.Gregor, the cocky Army boy specializing in explosive ordnance. Michael, the dark and secretive Israeli Special Operative. These delicious mercenaries will protect me on our mission.And the fringe benefits will drive me to the edge of what I can take.Can I survive their intense love? Or will my inability to choose get in the way of our mission?TRIPLE TEAM is a thrilling, sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

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Aiden (The Lost Breed MC Book 8)

Pdf Romance Aiden (The Lost Breed MC Book 8)

Pdf:Aiden (The Lost Breed MC Book 8).I’ve never been that great with women.Wait. Hold up. That’s not necessarily true. I’ve always been good with them physically. But at a certain point, that’s not enough.And that point is now.I never thought I would get to a point where I wanted more. But here I am. Single, living alone, and still missing my dead cousin who, if he were still alive, would give me shit for still being single and living alone.But when I saw her singing along to a song I didn’t know and strumming her fingers on the wheel of her expensive Mercedes, I needed to know more about her. I needed to know her name. How she walked. How her lips looked when she said my name.I never imagined that one conversation with her would change my entire life—and put me in the crosshairs of a man who has been making her life a living Hell for the last few years.Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know who the f*ck I am and what I’m willing to do for the girl who stole my heart the first second I saw her.

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Dream of Orchids

Pdf Romance Dream of Orchids

Pdf:Dream of Orchids.A bookseller reunites with her estranged, enigmatic father in Key West in this suspenseful New York Times bestseller by “a master of suspense” (Mary Higgins Clark). Twenty-five years ago, Long Island bookstore owner Laurel York was abandoned by her father, author Clifton York. Ever since, she’s followed his life and career with morbid resentment. When Clifton’s collaborator shows up in her shop with the gift of an orchid, she reluctantly agrees to accompany him back to Key West to help her and her father come to terms with the past—even in light of her late mother’s warning: “There is something terribly wrong in that house . . .”   Laurel arrives at her father’s estate in the historic district of Old Town expecting past wounds to show their scars. But what she doesn’t anticipate are her father’s cool reception, two strange stepsisters, rumors of a buried treasure, and the whispers about Clifton’s second wife—and her bizarre death in a greenhouse full of orchids. The only one who seems to be happy about her presence is the mysterious Marcus O’Neill—if only she could be sure she can trust him. Now, in a house of bad blood and family secrets, Laurel finds herself alone, unprepared for the real reason she has been summoned, and, with every new revelation, more afraid for her life.   Edgar Award winner Phyllis A. Whitney, “headmistress of handsomely-schooled suspense [is] in full bloom” in this gothic romance of deception and murder (Kirkus Reviews).  This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.

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Bonded To The Alien Centurion (Warriors of the Lathar Book 7)

Pdf Romance Bonded To The Alien Centurion (Warriors of the Lathar Book 7)

Pdf:Bonded To The Alien Centurion (Warriors of the Lathar Book 7).Behind ‘enemy lines’ the last thing she expects is a sexy alien warrior determined to make her his…When things screw up in diplomatic talks with the Lathar Dani Black finds herself lined up for the one thing every dyed in the wool soldier dreads… a diplomatic function. Alone on the Lathar ship without backup, she must play nice, rescue a VIP and somehow get them both back to her own ship without causing a diplomatic incident that could result in the annihilation of the human race.The problem is one sexy as hell alien warrior. Tall, silver-haired and handsome, he’s her escort for the evening and makes her want things she certainly shouldn’t want from an alien, no matter how sexy he is. But then a conversation goes bad, and she finds herself in an alien challenge circle fighting for her freedom. It’s all going well, until her sexy alien steps into the ring…The moment he saw her, he swore he’d make the beautiful human woman his mate.Sardaan is the envy of his shipmates when he’s assigned by the emperor to escort a visiting human dignitary for a diplomatic function. But that’s not all he’s been assigned to do… under orders to seduce the beautiful human woman at any costs, Sardaan is more than happy to do his duty.Things take a turn for the unexpected when a simple display of combat prowess becomes a challenge fight. Sardaan must step into the ring against the woman he yearns for her and claim her before he loses her forever to another. But, once he’s beaten her and claimed her in the eyes of his people, he realises his battle has only just begun.Can he make his delicate but stubborn little mate see they have a future? Or will forces conspire in the shadows and steal any chance of happiness they have before it’s even begun?Sparks fly in this latest red-hot sci-fi romance in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mina Carter’s Warriors of the Lathar series.

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King of Diamonds: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 1)

Pdf Romance King of Diamonds: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 1)

Pdf:King of Diamonds: A Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 1)."Dark, dirty, and perfect--Renee Rose has mastered this genre." ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alta HensleyI WARNED HER.I told her not to set foot in my casino again. I told herto stay away. Because if I see those hips swinging aroundmy suite, I’ll pin her against the wall and take her hard.And once I make her mine, I’m not gonna set her free.I’m king of the Vegas underground and I takewhat I want.So she'd better run. Stay the hell away from my casino.Or I’ll tie her to my bed. Put her on your knees.Break her.King of Diamonds is a stand-alone romance in the Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers.

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SEAL Together (Silver SEALs Book 2)

Pdf Romance SEAL Together (Silver SEALs Book 2)

Pdf:SEAL Together (Silver SEALs Book 2).Love had never worked out for US Navy SEAL Commander Eric Lopez during his twenty-five years of active duty. Now, with a forced medical retirement, he was bored…and still alone. When asked to work for a DHS Secret Division Command, he jumped at the chance.Dr. Lydia Hughes, a veterinarian at the new National Bio and Agro-defense Facility in Kansas, had been a widow for years. She spent more time with the animals she was in charge of than looking for a man. Meeting Eric knocked her on her ass…literally.A contingency of foreign scientists and journalists will be visiting the facility and the cyber security chatter is that someone there will be threatening the facility. Her workplace is embroiled in controversy and with his background in biology, Eric is the perfect choice to go in to assess the situation as part of the foreign delegation, never expecting to fall for a beautiful veterinarian.Lydia takes a chance on love again with a man she thinks is a journalist. But, just her luck, she ends up in the hands of kidnappers who have mistaken her for a lead scientist. Eric pulls together a team and they race to find Lydia before the kidnappers discover they have the wrong person and dispose of her. Saving her life is his mission. Falling for the beautiful doctor became the unexpected reward.Scenes in the book are similar to what you would find in an "R" rated movie. Intended for readers 18+.

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Redeeming Love

Pdf Romance Redeeming Love

Pdf:Redeeming Love.Francine Rivers is one of America's favorite romance writers and a best-selling inspirational author. Her many heartfelt novels have won awards and the adoration of fans accross the country. In Redeeming Love, she retells the Biblical story of Hosea, setting it in the 1850s, amidst California's gold country.

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Highland Fortitude (The Band of Cousins Book 5)

Pdf Romance Highland Fortitude (The Band of Cousins Book 5)

Pdf:Highland Fortitude (The Band of Cousins Book 5).To others, he’s a misfit. To her, he’s a hero.Daniel Drummond fears no lass will want a one-handed warrior, but when he meets the bonny and spirited Constance at Sona Abbey, he dares to wonder if they could have a future together. The beautiful novice has a secret, however, and her reticence makes him fear she sees him as less than a man. Eager to forget her, Daniel throws himself into the Band’s mission to find and stop the underground kidnappers who ship lads and lasses across the waters. Constance loves Daniel, but she dares not tell him the truth about her background. Her sire sent her running from home, and she fears becoming a nun is the only way she can keep herself and the people she loves safe. Except the abbey isn’t as safe as she hoped, and she soon finds herself on the run from multiple pursuers. Daniel throws himself into an undercover mission, little expecting it will lead him straight back to the lass he loves, but do he and Constance have the fortitude to overcome the obstacles between them?

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Ronan's Captive: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 2)

Pdf Romance Ronan's Captive: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 2)

Pdf:Ronan's Captive: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 2).Traveling through time to solve a family mystery, she battles her attraction to a handsome highlander...After a letter from her late grandmother sends Kara Forrester to Scotland to solve an ancient family mystery, she finds herself transported to fourteenth century Scotland. When she arrives on the property of a dashing medieval laird, she must convince him that he can trust her--and to work with her to prevent a looming tragedy.Taking on the mantle of leadership of Clan Macleay in his cousin's absence, Ronan struggles with the breadth of his new duties.When he comes across a mysterious bonnie lass on his property, he must determine if her warning of impending danger is true, of if she's using his attraction to her to play him false...Ronan and Kara's fiery attraction--and growing love--soon puts them on a collision course with a dangerous enemy, a dark mystery, and the ever-present hands of fate...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, fierce heroines, romance, and adventure, you'll love Ronan's Captive, the second book of the Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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The Bastard (The King's Cousins Book 3)

Pdf Romance The Bastard (The King's Cousins Book 3)

Pdf:The Bastard (The King's Cousins Book 3).The three young children of Adelard de Blays—two sons and a daughter—are separated when their father commits treason against the King of England. Follow each of their stories in The King’s Cousins, a new trilogy by Alexa Aston. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!1342 A.D. – Spirited away when his father, Adelard de Blays, commits treason, bastard Quill Cardon longs to reclaim his family name when he reaches manhood and reunite with his half-siblings, Landon and Katelyn. Winning the king’s tournament at Smithfield and saving the life of Prince Edward leads to Quill being awarded an earldom and an estate of his own—but what he most desires is Lady Tristanna Willoughby, a woman he can never have.Tristanna has served for years as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Philippa and has waited for the return of her betrothed, Jarrett Marsden, from the war in France. Tristanna dislikes Jarrett, who chases anything in a skirt, and longs to wed Sir Quill Cardon, an honorable knight who has captured her heart.When circumstances change, Quill and Tristanna have a chance at happiness—until a man seeking revenge threatens to tear them apart.Each book in The King’s Cousins Trilogy is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.Series Order:Book #1: The PawnBook #2: The HeirBook #3: The BastardFor those who enjoy romance on the high seas, you might enjoy the standalone prequel to The King’s Cousins Trilogy. GOD OF THE SEAS is part of the Pirates of Britannia World and features Godwin de Blays and Melisent Winchester, great-grandparents to Quill, Landon, and Katelyn.

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The Midwife: The Pocket Watch Chronicles

Pdf Romance The Midwife: The Pocket Watch Chronicles

Pdf:The Midwife: The Pocket Watch Chronicles.Can a twenty-first century independent woman find her true destiny, in thirteenth century Scotland? At his father’s bidding, Cade MacKenzie begs a favor from Laird Macrae—Lady MacKenzie desperately needs the renowned Macrae midwife. Laird Macrae has no intention of sending his clan’s best, instead he passes off Elsie, a young woman with little experience, as the midwife they seek.But fate—in the form of a mysterious older woman and an extraordinary pocket watch—steps in. Elizabeth Quinn, a disillusioned obstetrician, is transported to the thirteenth century. She switched souls with Elsie as the old woman said she would but other things don’t go quite as expected. Perhaps most unexpected was falling in love.All of the Pocket Watch Chronicles are complete stand alone stories and can be read in any order.Please note, The Midwife is a romance novel. It contains several mildly explicit intimate scenes. If you prefer either more or less steam you might be disappointed.

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Kidnapped Highland Bride (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf Romance Kidnapped Highland Bride (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf:Kidnapped Highland Bride (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story).Page Count: Approx 235 pages.A story of love and war…and a choice between a husband and duty…set in the Scottish Highlands of old… Adeline of the Clan MacGowan Gentle and bold Adeline MacGowan is an orphan, niece of the laird, but quite content with watching her beloved cousins and friends wed the men of their dreams. However, a fateful dance at the wedding of one of her best friends changes her life dramatically, but the man of her dreams is no Jacobite sympathizer like herself. He’s a true Hanoverian soldier, an enemy of her clan, and she finds herself facing the ultimate choice for a Highland lass: duty or love. Lieutenant Richard Holloway—Soldier and Lover Richard Holloway has just watched his good friend Douglas struggle to come to terms with the fact that he fell in love with a Scotswoman. He is determined that when he falls in love, he will never wallow in indecision like his mate, but when he actually finds the woman of his dreams, it is not who he expected. Another Highland lass has captured the heart of a Hanoverian soldier, and this time he must battle for what truly matters. An Arrogant, Determined Enemy Adeline has long wondered if Camry Grennock, from a clan loyal to her own, will make known his intention to have her as a wife. She does not love him, but it’s what their families want, and he seems acceptable at first. When she realizes that her heart belongs to another, she is determined that nothing will keep them apart…if only she can escape from Camry’s family estate. She is a captive, already wed to the love of her life, but their cultures are just so vastly different. Maybe she should just give in to the Clan Grennock and wed a man she knows, even if he doesn’t love her and will treat her like a slave-bride. Should Adeline choose her heart or her duty when it comes to marriage—and why will no one believe her when she announces that she’s already wed to the soldier in every way? Can Richard find a way to be with the bride he has chosen, or are their cultures too dissimilar for the relationship to work out—and will a startling injury in battle prove to be fatal, sealing the deal for all time?"Kidnapped Highland Bride" is a standalone historical Scottish romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting.Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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Highland Sins: Beyond Duncurra

Pdf Romance Highland Sins: Beyond Duncurra

Pdf:Highland Sins: Beyond Duncurra.Gennie MacDonnell grew up surrounded by love. Even so, she doesn’t expect her marriage to be marked by all-consuming passion. She was betrothed to Aedan Munro when she was but a lass of thirteen. Still, she does hope for companionship…and perhaps a bit more. But she learns quickly learns both wishes are in vain.Aedan Munro was taught the importance of honor, duty, and respect…but never love. Unbeknownst to him, his entire life has been shaped by a tragedy that happened long before he was born. But, to his surprise, the sweet lass he marries stirs both his heart and his desire. It flies in the face of everything he’s been taught, but it makes him yearn for more…for something he believes he can’t have.In spite of the demons of the past, will they be strong enough to listen to their hearts and claim the love of a lifetime?

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Niall's Bride: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 4)

Pdf Romance Niall's Bride: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 4)

Pdf:Niall's Bride: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 4). Drawn through time by a mysterious woman in his dreams, he faces a fiery attraction...Though born into a family of time travelers, Niall O'Kean is determined to stay fixedly in the present. But when dark dreams warn of danger to a lovely woman in the fourteenth century, Niall has no choice but to use his ability to travel back through time to rescue her from impending doom.Sheltered by her overprotective parents and clan, Caitria MacGreghor dreams of visiting faraway lands she knows she'll never see. When Niall warns her of looming danger, she must cast aside the bonds placed upon her and join him to defy a cunning enemy.As Niall and Caitria work together to thwart the danger foretold by Niall's dreams, their growing love and passion binds them, while their enemy--and the vagaries of time--threaten to forever tear them apart...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, fierce heroines, romance, and adventure, you'll love Niall's Bride, the fourth book of the epic and sweeping Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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Held by the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 1)

Pdf Romance Held by the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 1)

Pdf:Held by the Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander's Time Book 1).She found true love in the most unexpected place. Twelfth century Scotland.When a fire rips through the ancient castle during her visit, Beth stumbles out through the thick black smoke and straight into the middle ages. Andrew, laird of the castle, catches her with a flaming torch in her hand. Convinced she must have started the blaze, he locks her up in the tower until she confesses. Beth wants nothing to do with her rugged captor but when he comes to interrogate her everything changes. Andrew MacIntyre didn't need this. Winter is coming, the Normans are pressing on his border and his old rivals are trying to provoke clan war. The last thing he wanted was to have a beautiful criminal on his hands. But he can't ignore the facts. Imprisoned in his castle, she does something so remarkable he has no choice but to set her free. As his clan insist he get rid of the mysterious stranger one way or another, he realizes he must make a decision. Do what his people demand of him and ignore his burgeoning desire for his captive or open his heart and see if true love really can conquer all.Held by the Highlander is the first in a new series of clean medieval time travel romances. It can be read as a standalone romantic novel or enjoyed as the first sweet taste of what's to come.

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Lords, Swords, and Castles

Pdf Romance Lords, Swords, and Castles

Pdf:Lords, Swords, and Castles.Warm your heart this cold winter with four full-length novels from four of your favorite historical romance authors! This set includes –Wedding for a Knight by SUE-ELLEN WELFONDER -Lady Amicia MacLean doubts she’ll ever have the home and family she desires – until she’s offered a proxy marriage to Magnus MacKinnon, a champion knight about to return from battle. After years of warring, he’s earned enough to rebuild his family’s ruinous castle, but he is robbed on his way home. His pride is battered and the last thing he wants is a wife, especially a wealthy one. Unfortunately, she proves a greater opponent than any he’s ever fought with a sword. She’s after his heart and her weapon is scorching passion. But even as he resists her, they must join forces against an enemy (and possibly an ancient curse) if they aren’t to lose their only chance at love.Celtic Blizzard by RIA CANTRELL –Be careful what you wish for!As the head of the Department of Antiquities for the Metropolitan Museum, Sinead MacDougal is excited to get to the Cloister branch to log in new manuscripts that had been acquired. Sinead could smell that snow was in the air and what better way to spend her time than being cozied up in the big castle of the Cloister museum, delving into the pages of the past. As snow begins to fall, Sinead is drawn into the story of a man who lived and died nearly 700 years ago. The tragic events that led to his death were wrought with treachery and Sinead wished that somehow she could have stopped the turn of events that brought about Jamie MacCollum’s untimely demise. One must be very careful about making Christmas wishes during the Winter Solstice lest they be granted.Sinead finds herself transported to the very spot where the dangerous battle was to claim the life of Jamie MacCollum. Her warning changed history as Jamie was spared. Though he does not trust the woman who mysteriously appeared before the deadly ambush, Jamie cannot resist the lure of the stranger who had come to save him.Travel through time with Sinead MacDougal in Celtic Blizzard, which is a stand-alone prequel to the Celtic Storm Series.Champion of the Heart by LAUREL O’DONNELL –He is an outcast THIEF known as the Black Fox, vowing revenge against those who unjustly stripped his father of his knighthood and lands. She is the PROTECTOR of the orphaned children of her village, promising to bring the Black Fox to justice for his dark deeds. Can Fox uncover the sinister secrets from their past and become the champion of his lady's heart?Pirate in the Mist by ELIZABETH ROSE –Brody, captain of the Sea Mirage finds himself a victim of his mutinous crew. Thrown into the sea, he is saved by a fishing boat where he loses his heart to Gwen, the fisherman’s beautiful daughter.

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Pdf:DANGEROUS HEROES: PASSIONATE TALES OF ROGUES, WARRIORS, PRINCES & PIRATES.Introduction NY Times & USA Today & Bestselling Authors present - Dangerous Heroes ... Rouges, Warriors, Princes & Pirates You're about to enter a collection of over 1,756 pages of heart-pounding, passionate romance. Of course, what you'll really be doing is slipping away to another world. A long-ago time and place where you'll find bold, larger-than-life heroes who live to sweep their proud and fearless heroines into their arms and ride off with them across the high moors, or speed away with them over tossing, white-capped seas, or perhaps they'll toss them over their shoulders and race up a castle's winding turret stair. Either way, the five authors who joined together to bring you this collection guarantee our heroes and heroines will treat you to everything you love in a historical romance. The Duke's Lady by Brenda Jernigan An American spy with a British birth, Adam Trent is consumed with gathering information to use against England's navy. Despite the intrigues of war, the mystery of the lovely young woman washed ashore near his Cornwall estate is one he cannot resist. With the ragged remains of a treasure map concealed in her chemise and no memory of who she is and how she got there, the dark beauty is a puzzle. My Lady's Treasure by Catherine Kean Lady Faye Rivellaux is desperate to save a kidnapped little girl. Former crusading knight Brant Meslarches seeks redemption from his past. Forming an uneasy alliance, they search for lost riches of the legendary Celtic King Arthur and find a treasure worth more than gold Defiant by Kris Kennedy Jamie Lost is the king's most feared lieutenant, sent to bring in a rebel troublemaker before enemy forces close in. Cold-hearted and ruthless, he's been on far more dangerous missions. He expects no trouble. But trouble is what he gets when he's thwarted by a dark-haired waif who has no intention of letting him succeed. Hiding a small blade and big secrets, she thwarts him at every turn. Soon they're locked in a mortal game of oneupmanship, the exiled waif and the merciless knight. Only one of them can win. The Enchanted by Paula Quinn Prince Gabriel of Rhyddon is the reluctant heir to the faerie kingdom of Eilithia but he wants nothing to do with his birthright. Enchanted by an evil temptress, he is imprisoned by indifference and oblivious to love and the beauty of living. But when he meets the mortal woman chosen to be his wife by his father and an ancient, talking tree, he discovers a power stronger than any faerie spell, and a truth that could destroy the faerie kingdom. Only for a Knight by Sue-Ellen Welfonder After years of warring, Sir Robert MacKenzie is returning home to the Highlands. He's put the past behind him, the scandal and tragedy that drove him away. Now he wants only peace. But when he reaches clan land, his plans are upended by a damsel in distress. Mariana Mackay is paying a debt for her dying mother when an accident lands her in Robert's arms. Passion ignites - but Robert must face the past and risk all before he can claim the love of a woman with dark secrets of her own.

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Call of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 8)

Pdf Romance Call of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 8)

Pdf:Call of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 8).Torn from the twenty-first century, lost in the lonely Highlands of Scotland, a modern woman discovers the most important secret of all: that love transcends time. Bethany Carter has just about given up. Having fled her homeland following the tragic murder of her parents, she’s focused on her goal of becoming a human rights lawyer. Maybe that way she can fix the terrible ache in her soul. But nobody wants to a hire an untried graduate and Beth begins to wonder if she’ll ever find what she’s searching for. So when a strange old woman offers her some cryptic advice and the chance to change her destiny, Beth listens. She steps through an archway in a ruined castle and is sent hurtling back through time—and right into danger.Thrown into the path of Camdan MacAuley, a ruthless mercenary, Beth is sure he’s everything she hates. But she soon learns there is more to the man than the blood-thirsty scoundrel he appears to be. Finding herself drawn to the mysterious warrior, Beth realizes she must unravel the truth of his perilous bargain with the Fae,and discover the man beneath the mask if she is to find a way to heal both their hearts. Call of a Highlander is the eighth book in the Arch Through Time romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. If you love sexy highlanders, feisty heroines and sizzling passion you’ll love this tale of danger, passion and true love in the Highlands of Scotland. Grab a copy now!

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Highland Lies (The Band of Cousins Book 4)

Pdf Romance Highland Lies (The Band of Cousins Book 4)

Pdf:Highland Lies (The Band of Cousins Book 4).A lass who cannot speak. A warrior who cannot fight. Can they restore peace to each other?Rose MacDole cannot speak, and her mother ensures the world sees her as a deaf, daft girl incapable of communication. Completely under the cruel woman’s control, her only escape is to roam the cliffs outside of her castle, looking down at the turbulent, seething water and dreaming of a different life. But when a handsome Highlander visits their castle, he sets off a series of events that will free Rose from her mother’s cage—and propel her into a different sort of danger. Roddy Grant has a secret. A warrior in a clan renowned for its prowess on the battlefield, he struggles with a profound fear of death. Grappling with this fear that threatens to unman him, Roddy nonetheless continues to work with the Band of Cousins, trying to eliminate an evil network that trades in human lives. On a scouting mission for the group, he finds himself at a secluded castle on the coast, where he meets a bonny lass who cannot speak. Rose steals a piece of Roddy’s soul, and when he discovers she may be entangled with the very network he and his cousins seek to destroy, he will do anything to save her—even face his worst fear.A dark tale with a happy ending, plus the Best Epilogue Ever for Alex Grant fans.

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Ciaran's Bond: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 3)

Pdf Romance Ciaran's Bond: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 3)

Pdf:Ciaran's Bond: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 3). Falling through time to locate her missing friend, she becomes entangled with an outlaw highlander...A cryptic letter from her missing friend Fiona sends Isabelle Chapman to Scotland to find her. When she comes across a mysterious woman who claims to have answers about the local disappearances, she finds herself transported through time to fourteenth century Scotland . . . and right in the path of an outlaw highlander.On the run from his murderous brother and his clan, Ciaran Aitharne must find a way to clear his name and reclaim his title as laird and chief. When he meets a bonnie lass with an odd tongue, his goal of returning home becomes waylaid by their instant connection.Thrown together by circumstance, Ciaran and Isabelle must work together to combat a murderous enemy, all the while coming to terms with a love that has crossed the bounds of time--and fate...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, fierce heroines, romance, and adventure, you'll love Ciaran's Bond, the third book of the epic and sweeping Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!

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Highland Treasure on the Moor: Scottish Highland Romance

Pdf Romance Highland Treasure on the Moor: Scottish Highland Romance

Pdf:Highland Treasure on the Moor: Scottish Highland Romance.FREE Download on Kindle UnlimitedGavin MacKenzie’s reputation as the best warrior of his clan precedes him wherever he goes, making him the favored target—particularly by the MacDonnell Clan.The MacKenzie Clan’s latest scheme is to steal sheep from the MacDonnells—but a trap is set. Barely escaping, Gavin is injured and left for dead. Una MacDonnell, the MacDonnell clan chief’s daughter, finds him. Risking her own clan’s wrath, she helps him survive. Visited by a mysterious ghost-like hag, Gavin and Una learn their clans used to be friends—until the curse. If the curse can be reversed by finding a mysterious quaich, all warfare will cease. Gavi and Una consider the news nonsense, nothing but mythical lore. But as Una and Gavin grow to love each other, Una will do anything to lift the curse. She sets out to find the legendary quiach so she and Gavin can be free to marry. In turn, Gavin goes to her father to surrender, praying his bold act will stop the killing. It doesn’t, and now Gavin’s life is about to end. The only thing that can save him now is Una’s success in finding the quaich—if it exists at all.

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River's Sigh B & B Vol. 1 - 4

Pdf Romance River's Sigh B & B Vol. 1 - 4

Pdf:River's Sigh B & B Vol. 1 - 4.Together in one heartwarming box set for the very first time, this bargain book includes the first four novels in USA Today bestselling author Ev Bishop’s binge worthy small town contemporary romance series, River’s Sigh B & B.Cozy cabins, soul-soothing nature, outdoor adventures, and the healing, restorative power of love await you. “Book” your romantic getaway today! Set includes:WEDDING BANDSA terrible misunderstanding separates high school sweethearts. Years later they meet again, and Jo finds her fledgling plans—and her heart—at risk once more.HOOKEDWhen Sam meets the daughter she gave up for adoption and starts to fall for the girl’s adoptive dad, every part of her screams, run. A romance between them would be too weird, wouldn’t it?SPOONSThere’s an extreme heat wave at River’s Sigh B & B, but things have never been colder between Noelle and her husband Cade. Can shattered love ever be restored? HOOK, LINE & SINKERBrian and Katelyn fall for each other hook, line and sinker—but real life isn’t a fairy tale. If they can’t solve the increasingly dangerous threat posed by Katelyn’s ex, they won’t get a chance to pick up the pieces from their pasts or to find out if true love is real.Four page turner, full-length novels about overcoming heartbreak and finding your true home. Treat yourself today!

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Trying to Hate the Player: A Sweet Basketball Romance (Love on the Court)

Pdf Romance Trying to Hate the Player: A Sweet Basketball Romance (Love on the Court)

Pdf:Trying to Hate the Player: A Sweet Basketball Romance (Love on the Court).Falling for her enemy was the one thing she swore she wouldn’t do.Jinny Kimball just scored her dream job as a sports therapist for her hometown team, The Pumas. Everything is finally looking up until she discovers that her first patient is none other than Emmett Hall, the player who thinks the only reason she scored her job was due to her family’s connections. Now she has to play nice with one of the most conceited players in the NBA. Which she can do. She’s a professional. Right? Emmett Hall couldn’t imagine his life going any better. As a rising star in the NBA, his future is set. Until he tears his ACL. Now he has to put his career on hold to be cared for by the one girl that has piqued his interest—but he can’t have. Not when she’s the little sister to his best friend and teammate. If only he could get his heart to stop pounding every time Jinny’s around, he just might get through the therapy sessions with his player status intact. Tensions arise, and both find themselves doing anything they possibly can to deny their feelings. But when a stolen kiss in Jinny’s childhood bedroom startles both of them, they can’t help but want more. Suddenly, the biting comments and witty retorts aren’t enough to hide their feelings for each other. If only their relationship were that simple. But with family and a career on the line, Jinny and Emmett have to decide if love is worth the risk.

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The Spy Prince (Princes of Valdoria Book 4)

Pdf Romance The Spy Prince (Princes of Valdoria Book 4)

Pdf:The Spy Prince (Princes of Valdoria Book 4). She's intimidated by nothing...except for him. He's never needed anyone...except for her.Prince Elliot Kane is known throughout the world for his charm, his title, and his boyish good looks. He plays the part so well he's known as the "playboy" prince. But Elliot doesn't mind the moniker because it not only keeps him from having to maintain a serious relationship and it keeps his biggest secret under wraps. He's a covert agent.Give Lauren a Glock, a ten-mile run through the desert, or having to face down the most dangerous criminals in the world, and she rises to the challenge. But being partnered with the most eligible bachelor in the world, a man she's secretly had a crush on for years, reduces her to a heap of quivering jelly. When Elliot discovers Prince Joquen, a man with diplomatic immunity, is committing unthinkable crimes against humanity, Elliot is forced to take the man down. But he can't do it alone. Infiltrating Joquen's inner circle requires faking a relationship with Lauren.But when the lines between personal feelings and professional conduct blur, will Lauren succeed in keeping her secret? Or will the spy prince finally find love?The fourth book in the sweet and wholesome Princes of Valdoria series.Read all of the Princes of Valdoria romances by Julia Keanini:1. The Noble Heir2. The Captivating Prince3. The Charming Prince4. The Spy PrinceRead all of Julia Keanini's Sweet Romances!Heathcliff Family Romances1. His to Save: Her Secret Billionaire2. His to Marry: Her Billionaire Boss3. His to Protect: Her Bodyguard EnemySecond Chance Fairy Tale:1. Merrily Ever After2. Snow and the Seven Teenagers3. A Royal (Fake) Engagement4. Bella and the Billionaire BeastPrinces of Valdoria:1. The Noble Heir2. The Captivating Prince3. The Charming Prince4. The Spy Prince

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Saved by the Movie Star (Rich and Famous Romance Book 2)

Pdf Romance Saved by the Movie Star (Rich and Famous Romance Book 2)

Pdf:Saved by the Movie Star (Rich and Famous Romance Book 2).If only their chemistry turned off when the cameras did.Veronica Pantoni was a rising young actress until rumors that she split up Hollywood's favorite couple went viral. How can she possibly act in another movie with Chris Sanderson when all the world thinks she's in love with him? Especially when she's trying not to be.Chris Sanderson hated that Veronica was tangled up in his mess, but their chemistry was undeniable. Because he's a better actor when playing opposite her, he forced the director of his next film to play his love interest. Now he just has to remember his oath to never fall for another co-star, but that may prove impossible when holding her and kissing her are part of the script.But love isn't the biggest danger they'll have to face.

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Misunderstanding the Billionaire's Heir: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High Book 1)

Pdf Romance Misunderstanding the Billionaire's Heir: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High Book 1)

Pdf:Misunderstanding the Billionaire's Heir: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High Book 1).He wasn't supposed to be nice. This changes everything.Charlotte Robinson has one goal: survive her senior year. Well, if she's truthful, it's actually to survive her new life without her mom. Which would be a lot easier to do if her dad was actually dealing with the death. Instead, he’s buried himself in so many abandoned vehicles that their yard has turned into a suburban junkyard and it's just a matter of time before the city intervenes. When Lucas Addington, the obnoxious rich kid who's been banished to the small town of Sweet Water, douses her in his caramel macchiato, she's pretty sure she's reached her lowest low. But that's only the beginning. He's conceited and spoiled—everything she expected from a billionaire's heir—until things begin to change. Suddenly, she finds herself drawn to him for reasons she can't explain. He makes her feel safe and wanted, something she'd forgotten how to feel. Just when she allows herself to open up to him, her life comes crashing down around her.Now Charlotte must decide if she can fix her crumbling life and keep Lucas, or fail and lose everything she holds dear...again.1 town. 1 high school. 12 sweet romances.Read Misunderstanding the Billionaire's Heir from Anne-Marie Meyer. It is the first installment of the Sweet Water High Multi-Author Series.

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Submitting to the Rancher (Cowboy Doms Book 1)

Pdf Romance Submitting to the Rancher (Cowboy Doms Book 1)

Pdf:Submitting to the Rancher (Cowboy Doms Book 1).Sydney finds more than she bargained for when she gets lost on her way to report for a new job and finds herself at a lifestyle club. Peering in through the window, her attention – and libido – are both snagged by a man delivering some old-fashioned discipline to a young blonde. After he runs Sydney off, both are surprised to discover she is the new chef he’s hired for his ranch.Caden wanted to turn away the cheeky woman he’d caught spying on his club without remorse, but desperation for a chef forced his hand. Sydney proves to be a definite asset to his employees, and a royal pain in his butt. Somehow, her penchant for getting lost and landing in trouble, along with her determination to return to the club as a guest, soon slide past his resistance.It takes a threat to Sydney and unearthing the truth about what made her flee her home in Missouri to force them both to admit their feelings and get her to stay as more than his chef.Publisher’s Note: This contemporary Western romance contains themes of mystery, suspense, power exchange, and ménage elements and is intended for mature audiences.

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The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Boxset, Books 1-3: Three Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romances

Pdf Romance The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Boxset, Books 1-3: Three Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romances

Pdf:The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch Boxset, Books 1-3: Three Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romances.Three SWEET Marriage of Convenience Western Romances in ONE Boxset!If you believe in heroes…If you know that the power of love will heal all wounds…Then you’ll love these light-hearted, clean and wholesome romances of convenient arrangements that unfold into lasting love. The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch series features Wounded Warriors, the women they fall for, and the loyalest pack of dogs you’ll ever meet!ON HIS BENDED KNEESgt. Dylan Banks lost more than just his leg in the war. His fiancée and family turned their backs on him as well. Now, he’s determined to create a safe place where wounded warriors like himself can heal. But a hidden zoning law requires all residents of the Purple Heart Ranch to be married. To save his dream, Dylan and his men will have to tie the knot—but can a man with such deep scars inside and out believe in love again? Maggie Shaw lost both her job as a veterinary technician and her apartment on the same day. Who knew her unreasonable landlord would kick her out for being four dogs over the one pet limit? Now, she and her gang of special-needs dogs are in trouble. Fate puts her in Dylan’s path with a proposal that seems too good to be true—but can her heart bear a loveless marriage of convenience? Dylan yearns to reach out for Maggie’s healing touch, but he keeps his distance, convinced his wounds are too deep for her embrace. Maggie sees past Dylan’s injuries, but if she fails to capture his heart they both could lose it all: her beloved animals, his ranch, and each other.HAND OVER HIS HEARTFrancisco DeMonti has always been a man with a plan. Though his last plan led to his entire squad being wounded on a mission in Afghanistan. Now he’s seeking redemption by getting all the men in his unit hitched so they can stay together and heal. But his own heart is under lock and key due to the shrapnel around it that could kill him at any moment. After years of scraping and saving, Eva Lopez finally steps foot onto a college campus only to be yanked away by the mean streets she came from. A local gang threatens her family’s safety until a wounded veteran offers a reprieve: marry a soldier in exchange for protection and the freedom to attend school. Fran has every intention of directing Eva towards one of his brothers in arms, men who aren’t in danger of a sudden death, but he can’t resist the brainy brunette and proposes to her himself. He’ll protect her for as long as he breathes, but falling in love is futile for a man with a ticking time bomb in his chest. Eva can’t help falling for the man who is making her dreams come true, but when he keeps her at arm’s length, can she convince him to make this marriage more than a convenience no matter how much or how little time they have left?OFFERING HIS ARMReed Cannon may be a numbers guy but being minus one arm due to enemy fire hasn’t slowed him down. Now he’s faced with a new challenge—find a bride so he can stay on the rehabilitation ranch that has given him and his squad back their lives. Reed turns to a dating app to narrow down the selection of potential brides. The woman who matches him nearly 100% is accessible online, but out of reach in reality. Sarai Austin has done the impossible, she’s found a great guy online. The problem is now he wants to meet in person, and Sarai's not ready for IRL. Her profile picture was taken three years and thirty pounds ago. To hide her weight issues, she tells Reed she’s out of town on business. All she needs is a couple of months to lose the weight and get back down to model-size. What she doesn’t count on is running into Reed in town. After meeting in person, Reed knows Sarai is the one. But as the two grow closer, their insecurities get in the way. Reed isn’t sure he’s enough for her. Sarai is certain she’s too much for him. When the lies and doubts come to a head, will their relationship be over before it has a chance to begin?

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Rescuing Emery: Brotherhood Protectors World

Pdf Romance Rescuing Emery: Brotherhood Protectors World

Pdf:Rescuing Emery: Brotherhood Protectors World.In Hero’s Junction, Colorado, Ash Cage tries to put the military, his home state of Texas and the past behind him working as a handyman despite nerve damage to his right hand. His plate is full since taking on retired military dog “Seven” who would’ve had a much worse fate if left to the military. Even so, Ash is starting to get his bearings in the civilian world. Until his life is turned upside-down once again when he comes to the aid of a beautiful car crash victim on the run from a killer.

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Nick (Texas Rascals Book 3)

Pdf Romance Nick (Texas Rascals Book 3)

Pdf:Nick (Texas Rascals Book 3).Pretend to love, honor, and obey that infuriating Nick Nickerson? Impossible! But policewoman Michele Mallory was stuck with the assignment--and a hunky new "husband"...Disguised as newlyweds, Nick and Michele set out to investigate the Triple Fork Ranch in Rascal, Texas. Acting the loving couple by day, they attempt to ignore their nightly temptation. And wonder what will happen once "Assignment: Marriage" is over.Nick is the third book in Lori Wilde's heartwarming small town romance series, Texas Rascals. Buy your copy today.

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Taming His Brat

Pdf Romance Taming His Brat

Pdf:Taming His Brat.She came home looking for a new start. She found a cowboy dead set on taming her.It's been years since Cooper Dawson left her small Texas hometown, but after her stubborn defiance gets her fired from two jobs in a row, she knows something definitely needs to change. What she doesn't expect, however, is for her sharp tongue and arrogant attitude to land her over the knee of a stern, ruggedly sexy cowboy for a painful, embarrassing, and very public spanking.Rex Sullivan cannot deny being smitten by Cooper, and the fact that she is in desperate need of his belt across her bare backside only makes the war-hardened ex-Marine more determined to tame the beautiful, fiery redhead. It isn't long before she's screaming his name as he shows her just how hard and roughly a cowboy can ride a headstrong filly. But Rex and Cooper both have secrets, and when the demons of their past rear their ugly heads, will their romance be torn apart?Publisher's Note: Taming His Brat includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Kurt (Texas Rascals Book 4)

Pdf Romance Kurt (Texas Rascals Book 4)

Pdf:Kurt (Texas Rascals Book 4).Missing Movie Star Gets Amnesia?by I. Del Chatter, gossip columnist Hollywood honey, Elizabeth Destiny is staying at ex-fiancé and billionaire Kurt McNally’s ranch in Rascal, Texas. Are wedding bells finally ringing for the starlet and the cowboy? Or is McNally just being a kind host after Elizabeth’s unfortunate run-in with a two-by-four? Seems Elizabeth—minus her trademark pout and selfish whine—has turned into one heck of a nice gal. Does the starlet really have amnesia? Or is Kurt falling for a look-alike bride?Kurt is the fourth book in the heartwarming Texas Rascals series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Lori Wilde. Order your copy today!

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Tucker (Texas Rascals Book 5)

Pdf Romance Tucker (Texas Rascals Book 5)

Pdf:Tucker (Texas Rascals Book 5).Stranger on her doorstep!Perpetual do-gooder July Johnson's latest cause was no straggly ally cat but six feet of pure male. And though the stranger was surely hiding secrets, something told July that beneath Tucker's gruff exterior was a soul longing to be loved. Undercover lawman Tucker Haynes had chosen July's apartment as his hideout. But cozying up with the exasperating July had the cool cop seeing stars. For his feisty housemate had him dreaming of a future that could never be.Tucker is the fifth installment in Lori Wilde's heartwarming series, Texas Rascals. Get your copy today.

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Flirting in Flagstaff: The Four Corners (At the Altar Book 20)

Pdf Romance Flirting in Flagstaff: The Four Corners (At the Altar Book 20)

Pdf:Flirting in Flagstaff: The Four Corners (At the Altar Book 20).Tess Messerly’s love life is a mess. She’s fallen for the “wrong guy” more times than she can count. When her three college roommates suggest she sign up for Matchrimony, she’s hesitant because she’s sure she’ll find some way to screw up Dr. Lachele’s flawless success rate. Not wanting to be the only one still single by the end of the summer, Tess pushes past her unease and agrees to their plan.Levi Thomas has one goal—buy Mr. Earl’s gorgeous ranch. The only problem: the old man won’t sell to a bachelor. Faced with giving up his dreams or getting married, Levi turns to Dr. Lachele to find a wife as quickly as possible. When the process takes longer than expected, Levi is impatient and willing to do anything to get a bride—including moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. Will Levi and Tess manage to create a life together? Or will Tess utterly destroy Dr. Lachele’s perfect streak?

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Matt (Texas Rascals Book 2)

Pdf Romance Matt (Texas Rascals Book 2)

Pdf:Matt (Texas Rascals Book 2).The Lawman. Deputy Sheriff Matt Forrester was determined to discover who was stealing cattle from Savannah Markum's ranch. But as the man who'd never stopped loving her, he yearned to protect her--and the child who should have been his son. Just as Savanah should have been his wife...and would be--if Matt had his way. The Lady. Savannah's busy days were filled with single-handedly raising a toddler and running her ranch. Her lonely nights were filled with longing for what might have been...if Matt hadn't shattered her heart. Now Matt was back and Savannah had to decide whether to turn Matt away or take a second chance on a forever kind of love...This small town, heartwarming romance is the second book in Lori Wilde's Texas Rascals series. Buy your copy now.

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Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2)

Pdf Romance Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2)

Pdf:Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2).MAGGIE REED HAVEN, formerly known as Lady Lily, Female Bounty Hunter, once loved risk and adventure, but she has exchanged her reckless ways for a more stable life. Ready to begin her career as a teacher, she has the shock of her life when she discovers that the gunslinger she had foolishly married, and who she believed had promptly got himself killed in a shootout, is alive and well. The revelation presents an enormous, unavoidable problem—Boone Haven is the father of her three-year-old son. Determined to do right by her son and Boone she returns to Wyoming, where the wild allure of the West and the dark danger of the gunslinger tempt her to give up the new life she has created. Maggie finds herself torn between her tornado-like attraction for this deadly gorgeous man and her need for a safe, respectable future. BOONE HAVEN hates his lonely life. But a man who makes his living as a hired gun, is bound to attract a passel of trouble. Hounded by outlaws, he can’t go home. But when Maggie, aka Lady Lily, explodes back into his life with his son and dog in tow, Boone has no good choices. If he stops running, he risks exposing his loved ones to danger. If he continues his wandering existence, his son might never know his father. And if he forgives Maggie, he risks falling under her powerful spell again. Can the gunslinger escape his past, and learn to trust and love? What does the future hold for the teacher when she discovers…GUNSLINGERS DON’T DIE?

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Saved by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance

Pdf Romance Saved by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance

Pdf:Saved by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance.Heather I’ve been kidnapped.Snatched right off the streets by a bunch of sickos.I have no idea what they have planned for me, but I don’t intend to find out.So when an unbelievable chance occurs, I make my escape.I’ll survive this, if the cold doesn’t kill me first.Hours in knee-deep snow and my body can’t take anymore. Then, like a mirage in the desert, an empty cabin appears—and I’m saved. Or at least I think I am.The next thing I know, two rugged mountain men show up, claiming it’s their home. I don’t want to trust them, but everything in me does. They’re strong, and confident, and they promise to protect me.And the longer I’m with them, the more I don’t want to leave.I wish this could last forever, but I don’t think it can, not when my kidnappers come looking for me. Wilkes/Blake It was supposed to be a hunting trip like every other. Two best friends, a couple of ice-cold beers, and some smoked meats. But our plans completely vanish when we meet her.A bruise covered beauty who tries to take our heads off with a shovel as we return home.She’s gorgeous . . . and beyond terrified. Who is she? And why is she here?She tells us she’s been kidnapped. Taken from her home and sold to the highest bidder.We’ll do everything we can to protect her.But as the days go by, kindness morphs into passion. She wants both of us, and we’re more than willing to oblige. She doesn’t believe in happily ever after any more, but we’ll show her it still exists.And if someone comes looking for her, they’ll meet the edge of our axes.Saved by Her Mountain Men is a standalone panty-drenching, suspense-filled, MFM Menage Romance. If you like hunky, strapping males with long hair and flannel, this book is for you!

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Rescued by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance (Crooked Creek Montana Book 1)

Pdf Romance Rescued by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance (Crooked Creek Montana Book 1)

Pdf:Rescued by Her Mountain Men: A MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance (Crooked Creek Montana Book 1).DelilahSometimes, the people we love the most, can hurt us the worst.I know that firsthand.And this time, my abusive ex-boyfriend has finally gone too far.So I flee, searching for my own safe haven.I swear once I get to Crooked Creek, Montana things will be different, and I’ll be able to start over.But nothing is ever that easy.Terror strikes again, and I’m not sure I can handle any more—until they show up.Each man wounded in his own right, but strong enough to heal me.They rescue my soul and ignite the passion I long thought dead.The desire raging between the three of us is hotter than a thousand flames, and if it doesn’t consume me, the return of my violent past, just might. Rhett/ MaverickWe each have our own demons.One of us tries to burn the darkness away, while the other chooses to escape the world in solitude.We’ve accepted our pain. Learned to live with it.But that all changes when she shows up.Meeting her was never in our plans, but fate doesn’t care about what you want.Only what you need.And we need her. Her sweet lips. Her luscious body. Her. . . everything.She tries to push us away, claiming that she’s got a bad past.But hell, who doesn’t?Now a threat pursues us.And the fire of our attraction overwhelms us.But we won’t let a single thing stand in the way.We want Delilah, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to take her from us. Rescued by Her Mountain Men is the first standalone book in the Crooked Creek, Montana Series. It’s a flaming-hot, tension-filled, MFM Mountain Man Menage Romance. If you like alpha mountain men, and sexy firefighters, this book is for you!

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Beauty: Part 1: Blaire's World

Pdf Romance Beauty: Part 1: Blaire's World

Pdf:Beauty: Part 1: Blaire's World.From Bestselling author, Kirsty Dallas, comes a new Dark Romance that is part of BLAIRE’S WORLD. A #1 New ReleaseAbout BEAUTY, Part 1:Sold. Tortured. Abused.My name is…well, to tell you the truth I’m not so sure anymore. To my master I’m known only as ‘beauty’, a word that inspires magnificence, however in my mind it only imparts feelings of horror and helplessness. Stolen at just fifteen-years-old, I’ve been held hostage for three years now, my body no longer my own, my mind twisted into something I no longer recognize. Then came Hart, dangerously handsome, and frighteningly male. Instead of fearing this curious man like I should, I do something I never thought I’d do again, I trust him. And when he whispers my name, “Beauty”, it’s with such soul shattering tenderness it brings new meaning to the word. I more than trust him…I’m infatuated with him. We are the same, you see, our monsters match and our thirst for revenge is as sweet as it is deadly. My story isn’t pretty, but my vengeance is sublime.BEAUTY, Part 2, coming 2019.About BLAIRE’S WORLD: BLAIRE'S WORLD is a spin-off series of 6 Dark Romance titles, written by a collection of USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors, deriving from Anita Gray’s Top 20 Amazon Bestselling, The Dark Romance Series. You do not need to read The Dark Romance Series in order to follow BLAIRE’S WORLD – however, please note: BLAIRE'S WORLD may contain spoilers to THE DARK ROMANCE SERIES. Each story in BLAIRE’S WORLD is a standalone within the series, following the journey of a character from The Dark Romance Series, so expect to see some old faces—and some new ones.The BLAIRE’S WORLD Series can be read in any order. Anita Gray has had no creative influence over BLAIRE’S WORLD. The storylines are solely crafted by the authors. BLAIRE’S WORLD titles include:BEAUTY, Part 1 & 2, by Kirsty DallasKRISTOFF by Measha StoneLUNA & ANDRES by Nikita Slater EVELINA by Ally VanceSERAFINA by Skye CallahanOLIVER by Anna EdwardsTo find out more, please visit www.anitagrayauthor.com

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Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2)

Pdf Romance Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2)

Pdf:Royally Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 2).Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret. This is no longer that time.   Rae Blood Day--the culmination of my training. The day I find out my fate. I will not cry. I will not beg. I will remain calm. Emotions are for the weak, and I am not weak. My name is Rae and I will survive this. But I never expected him to call my name... Kylan Someone wants to frame me for immortal insanity? Be my guest, darling. I'll just pick a fighter as my bait, a consort with a hint of defiance. And when the culprit attempts to bite, I'll be the one who bites back. Because no one touches what's mine, including the fiery redhead at my side. Welcome to Kylan City. I dare you all to come out and play. **** Oh, no. This wasn't good. I couldn't afford for Kylan to be interested, not with immortality dancing at my fingertips. You can't want me, I thought. But how did I convey that? I... I... Do something! My jaw clenched in frustration, not knowing how to stop this--him. His grip on my chin tightened painfully, his growl vibrating my chest. It took me too long to realize why, to realize what I'd done. His tongue was trapped between my teeth. I'd just bitten him. I'd just bitten a royal vampire. And not just any royal vampire, but Kylan, the oldest royal in existence.

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Chastely Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Chastely Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 1)

Pdf:Chastely Bitten (Blood Alliance Series Book 1).Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret.This is no longer that time.  JulietIt is my duty to obey, to give my body and blood to a vampire master until he no longer has use for me.There is no escape.Nowhere to run.Follow the rules or die.I don't want to die.DariusTwenty-two years of conditioning has crafted the perfect poison--a weapon my enemies won't see coming. I'll break her, train her, and use her to take down everyone who stands in my way.She's alluring.She's perfect.And she's mine.Welcome to the future where the superior bloodlines make the rules.Proceed at your own risk.****"Darius," I breathed as darkness dimmed the stars. Some part of me knew we were heading down a dangerous path. I struggled to emerge enough to warn him, to beg him..."D..." My mouth felt dryer than it should. Heavy. I tried to lick my lips but couldn't move my tongue.Everything felt so much cooler than moments ago.Numb.Darius.Midnight consumed my vision as I blinked into a starless night.So alone.I always expected to die...I never expected to want to live.Until today.Until Darius inspired hope.Another cruel Vampire joke.I should have known...

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The Last Vampire: Book One

Pdf Romance The Last Vampire: Book One

Pdf:The Last Vampire: Book One.There’s a smokin’ hot dead guy locked in my garden shed.That part’s bad enough. But now, he’s trying to get out.Growing up, my father always told me that I’d come to a bad end, just like my mom did when I was a kid. Hearing that kind of stuff when you’re little eventually gets to a girl, but I can’t say I ever expected my ‘bad end’ to involve an angry vampire with a severe case of iron deficiency and a panty-melting English accent.Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Ever since my mother was assassinated, I’ve felt like there was something vast and frightening hidden beneath the fabric of the world. Something none of us are supposed to know about.So far, finding out I was right hasn’t been nearly as satisfying as I’d hoped. I guess the trick will be staying alive long enough to shout ‘I told you so’ from the rooftops.But before I can do that, I really need to figure out if the vampire who just bit me is one of the good guys or not.* * *The Last Vampire is a steamy new urban fantasy romance series from USA Today Bestseller R. A. Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf, co-authors of the Circle of Blood saga. Download Book One today, and enter a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and one very reluctant vampire. It’s a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the world’s downfall—or its salvation.**Author's Note: Please be aware that major unmarked spoilers are showing up in the reviews listed on this page.**

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Destruction (A Dark Romance) (Fragile Ties Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Destruction (A Dark Romance) (Fragile Ties Series Book 1)

Pdf:Destruction (A Dark Romance) (Fragile Ties Series Book 1).Vengeance and destruction are all he has left.Lianna Mercier has everything. She’s beautiful, well-educated, her father is rich, powerful — and she works for him. The perfect little princess, raised to be just like daddy.But it’s all a lie.A bloody, screwed up lie, and David Gethen is about to tear it all down and destroy Lianna in the process. He wants revenge, he wants to finish the plan his father started years ago — but after he takes her, after he tortures her, he begins to realize just how wrong he may have been.Publisher's Note: This book is a dark romance that contains intense scenes, graphic language, and capture fantasy which may be disturbing for some readers. Please choose another book if this is not your cup of tea!

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The Last Vampire: Book Two

Pdf Romance The Last Vampire: Book Two

Pdf:The Last Vampire: Book Two.My father has been kidnapped by my worst enemies.Either that, or he willingly sold me out to them.Whatever the case, I’m going to find him. Mind you, this would be a lot easier if every Fae in Chicago wasn’t already out for my blood.They’re not getting it, though.The only one who’s getting anywhere near my blood is the seven-hundred-year-old vampire who saved me. Yes, there are times when I’m convinced he’s not quite right in the head, but so far he’s the only supernatural being I’ve met who sees me as a person rather than a chess piece.To the rest of them, I’m nothing more than the walking, talking evidence of a war crime. To him, I’m something else. He calls me a loose thread in the tapestry of his forgotten past, but he looks at me like I might be the key to his future.The rest of them tell me I’m demonkin. They say I’m a succubus-human hybrid who shouldn’t exist.One thing is very clear, though. My father is carrying a secret bigger than I ever dreamed, and I’m damn well going to pry it out of him.I just have to get him back from the Fae first.Because, hey—what could possibly go wrong?* * *The Last Vampire is a steamy urban fantasy romance series from USA Today Bestseller R. A. Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf, co-authors of the Circle of Blood saga.Download Book Two today, and return to a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and one very reluctant vampire. It’s a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the world’s downfall, or its salvation.

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The Pagan Stone (The Sign of Seven Book 3)

Pdf Romance The Pagan Stone (The Sign of Seven Book 3)

Pdf:The Pagan Stone (The Sign of Seven Book 3).#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts’ electrifying trilogy comes to an end, as three men and three women join forces—and hearts—to battle the ultimate evil.Years ago, after their blood brother ritual, Gage, Fox, and Caleb each emerged from the woods with a piece of bloodstone. Now, it will become their weapon in the final fight against the demon they awakened. Winner take all… Shared nightmares, visions of blood and fire, and random violence begin to plague the longtime friends and the women bound to them by fate. None of them can ignore the fact that, this year, the demon has grown stronger—feeding off of the terror it creates. But now, the three pieces of the bloodstone have been fused back together. If only they could figure out how to use it. A gambling man like Gage has no trouble betting on his crew to find a way. And though he and Cybil share the gift of seeing the future, that’s all they share. But Gage knows that a woman like Cybil—with her brains and strength and devastating beauty—can only bring him luck. Good or bad has yet to be determined—and could mean the difference between absolute destruction or an end to Hawkins Hollow's nightmare...Don't miss the other books in the Sign of Seven TrilogyBlood BrothersThe Hollow 

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Circle of Blood Book One: Lover's Rebirth

Pdf Romance Circle of Blood Book One: Lover's Rebirth

Pdf:Circle of Blood Book One: Lover's Rebirth.New Orleans is a hot mess.Ancient feuds. Demonic forces bent on destruction. Oh, and apparently vampires are real. Della didn’t sign up for any of this.She didn’t sign up for violence and mayhem in the streets of the Big Easy. She didn’t sign up to be a magnet for an evil force intent on hunting down the reincarnated souls of its enemies.She sure as hell didn’t sign up for rescue by a sinfully tempting vampire lord and his fashion-model-gorgeous friends. Especially since he seems convinced that she’s the living embodiment of his long lost human mate.Seriously, this kind of stuff isn’t supposed to happen to insurance company receptionists from New Jersey.The world is descending into chaos. Now, a coven of hypnotically alluring bloodsuckers is trying to convince her they’re the good guys. And the truly scary part is, she’s starting to believe them.* * *The Circle of Blood SeriesIn another lifetime, six vampires lost their mates—and their mortality—to an unimaginable evil power. Now, if they can’t reunite with the reincarnated souls of their lost loves soon, it may just mean the end of the world.From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan and fresh new voice Jaelynn Woolf comes a steamy paranormal romance series perfect for adult fans of vampire fiction. Download Circle of Blood Book One: Lover’s Rebirth today and begin a heart-stopping journey that explores the power of love in a world gone mad with hate.

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Circle of Blood: The Complete Series, Books 1 - 6

Pdf Romance Circle of Blood: The Complete Series, Books 1 - 6

Pdf:Circle of Blood: The Complete Series, Books 1 - 6.When you're mated to an immortal vampire, love is forever. Literally. In another lifetime, six vampires lost their mates—and their mortality—to an unimaginable evil power. Despite the veil of death separating them, the strength of love draws them together across the ages. But now, if they can’t reunite with the reincarnations of their lost soulmates soon, it may just mean the end of the world. From the Big Easy to the ritual-steeped nation of Haiti and the ancient ruins of Saqqara in Egypt, follow the nightwalkers who are all that stand between humanity and chaos as they try to gather together the prophesied Council of Thirteen. Six vampires. Six reincarnated mates. And... the mysterious Other. Without the Council, the world will fall to darkness and become a wasteland haunted by the undead. But the demon who covets dominion over humanity will stop at nothing to thwart the vampires on their quest.In the eternal battle between Light and Darkness, love may be the greatest weapon... or the greatest weakness. * * * From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan and fresh new voice Jaelynn Woolf comes a steamy paranormal romance series perfect for adult fans of vampire fiction. Get the complete Circle of Blood series today and dive into a heart-stopping, six-book journey that explores the power of love in a world gone mad with hate.

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Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul Book 1)

Pdf Romance Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul Book 1)

Pdf:Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul Book 1).“The best book I’ve read in years.”—Christine Feehan The incomparable C.L. Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books! Lord of the Fading Lands is the first book in the epic romantic adventure that combines sweeping fantasy with breathtaking paranormal romance. USA Today and New York Times bestseller C. L. Wilson dazzles with a magnificent, heart-soaring tale of passion and great destiny—of the tormented Fey King Rain, the woodcutter’s daughter Ellysetta, who would be queen, and their eternal quest for true love in the mystical Fading Lands.

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Security Binds Her (A Dark Romance) (The Thalia Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Security Binds Her (A Dark Romance) (The Thalia Series Book 1)

Pdf:Security Binds Her (A Dark Romance) (The Thalia Series Book 1).The first book of the #1 bestselling Thalia Series from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bene, acclaimed as "dark, intense, and emotionally harrowing..." ★★★★★ "I'll break you down. It may take time, but I will." "And if I don't break?" "You will."Taken from work one night, Thalia is thrust into the violent, controlling world of a man she thought had been the security guard for her building, but she quickly learns that this was only a cover to get to her, to take her. As her old life is erased, the guard pushes Thalia to recognize the darker sides of herself, while Thalia endeavors to hold on to who she is.Trapped alone with her abductor, can Thalia fight to retain her sense of self, or will his small glimpses of kindness cause her to finally submit to him?'Security Binds Her' is a dark, brutal journey that leaves readers breathless and waiting to turn the page to find out if Thalia will break, or be lost forever to the darkness around her.

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Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)

Pdf Romance Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)

Pdf:Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2).A warrior with inner demons falls for a woman who could save his soul in this seductive novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series.Within the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Rhage is the warrior vampire with the strongest appetites. He’s the deadliest fighter, the most voracious lover, the quickest to act on his impulses. He’s also been cursed with two hundred years of hell. Possessed by a beast, he lives in fear of the times when his inner dragon comes out and he’s a danger to everyone around him.Mary Luce has unwittingly found herself in the vampire world, and under Rhage’s protection. With her own life-threatening curse to bear, she’s not looking for love. Besides, she’s stopped believing in saving grace and miracles long ago. But when Rhage’s intense sexual attraction turns into emotional bonding, he knows he must have her for his mate. As their enemies close in, Mary finds herself praying for something she fears she’ll never have: life eternal with the one she loves.

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Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)

Pdf Romance Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)

Pdf:Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3).#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward’s wildly erotic and ferociously inventive series continues as the most fearsome member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood discovers just how tempting the night can be…A former blood slave, Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Renowned for his unquenchable fury and sinister deeds, he is a savage feared by humans and vampires alike. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion—until he rescues a beautiful female from the evil Lessening Society.Bella is instantly entranced by the Brother’s seething power.  Except even as their desire for each other begins to overtake them, Zsadist’s thirst for vengeance against her abductor drives him to the brink of madness.  Now Bella must help her lover not only overcome the wounds of his tortured past, but find a future with her...

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Pdf Romance Rainsong

Pdf:Rainsong.In a secluded home on Long Island, a musician’s mysterious suicide haunts his terrified wife, in this novel by a New York Times–bestselling author.   In the wake of the shocking suicide of popular singer Ricky Sands, his wife and professional partner, Hollis Temple, wants only to escape the notoriety—and the relentless questions she can’t even begin to answer. Rescued from the press by family friend Alan Gordon, Hollis leaves Manhattan for Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island’s North Shore. In Windtop, the secluded country home of celebrated pianist Geneva Ames, Hollis hopes to come to terms with the tragedy that has changed her life.   But soon after arriving, Hollis hears the haunting strings of Ricky’s guitar serenading her from the dark and distant voices singing the love song she wrote for him. For Hollis, these refrains aren’t bringing back cherished memories; they’re filling her with fear. Could Alan and Geneva could be playing mind games? To find out why they’d want to twist her sanctuary into an inescapable trap, Hollis must delve into the secrets of her husband and her hosts—before the melodies of the past reach their terrifying crescendo. In this novel of mystery and romance, Edgar Award winner Phyllis A. Whitney “drums up suspense at a delightfully frantic pace. Old fans—and new ones—can dig in with total confidence” (Kirkus Reviews).  This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.  

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Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame

Pdf Romance Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame

Pdf:Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame."TWILIGHT MEETS OUTLANDER""Fast paced, action-packed and a total page turner... Mind blowing!" - Tilly ★★★★★"So freaking awesome!" - ERIN E WOLF ★★★★★From USA TODAY bestselling series Vampire Girl, comes the next book in the saga: SILVER FLAME. For fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, and Outlander, experience a fantasy romance with an original twist on an old tale. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until I sold my soul to save my mother. Now, I am trapped between two worlds. Between the vampire demons who own my contract, and the Fae whose bloodline flows in me. Between the prince I'm falling in love with, and the race his kind has enslaved.Scroll up and click the buy button now to continue the journey..."Karpov Kinrade's words are magic, painting a picture in your mind that stays forever." - Courtney Cole, New York Times bestselling author

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Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

Pdf Romance Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

Pdf:Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4).#1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward’s “instantly addictive”* novels of the Black Dagger Brotherhood return as an ally of the Brotherhood must face his own dark desires. Butch O’Neal is a fighter by nature. A hard-living ex–homicide cop, he’s the only human ever to be allowed in the inner circle of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. And he wants to go even deeper into the vampire world. He’s got nothing to lose. His heart belongs to a female vampire, an aristocratic beauty who’s way out of his league. If he can’t have Marissa, then at least he can fight side by side with the Brothers. Fate curses him with the very thing he wants. When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the slayers, he falls prey to the darkest force in the war. Left for dead, he’s found by a miracle, and the Brotherhood calls on Marissa to bring him back. But even her love may not be enough to save him. *Lynn Viehl

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The Vampire's Slave (Tales of Vampires Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Vampire's Slave (Tales of Vampires Book 1)

Pdf:The Vampire's Slave (Tales of Vampires Book 1).It was late when Claire first heard the knock on her door - too late. Upon opening it she is met with a mysterious and beautiful stranger, who claims to have just moved in across the hall. She makes the mistake of inviting him in - not realizing that her life has just changed forever. Claire quickly learns the man she has invited in is no man at all. He’s Eric Belmont - heir to one of the most powerful vampire families in the world, and a highly sought after bachelor.Eric’s appearance at Claire’s door is no mistake. He’s been watching Claire for some time, waiting for her to reach her Red Moon. Claire may think she’s just a normal human, but she’s in possession of a rare and extraordinary power - she can breed with vampires. Eric takes possession of Claire and escorts her back to the Belmont family castle. Here he begins the long and tantalizing torture of the human vampire mating ritual. It will be some time until Claire’s body is completely ready for him, and during that time Eric has to do everything he can to keep her safe from other vampires within the castle.Little do they both realize, they are just a small piece of a much bigger story…*The Vampire’s Slave is a full-length stand-alone novel with a HEA. It is also the beginning of the ‘Tales of Vampires’ series.Coming Soon:The Vampire’s PrisonerThe Vampire’s MateThe Vampire’s CaptiveNew and updated version uploaded 30/11/2017 with professional edit

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First Shift (Bears in Blue Book 0)

Pdf Romance First Shift (Bears in Blue Book 0)

Pdf:First Shift (Bears in Blue Book 0).I wanted her—even if she was a mortal and I was a nothing shifter.I’d have one drink and be gone.At least that’s what I told myself—but I didn’t expect Lisa to walk through the door. She was a blonde vision and I was a fool to think it could work. I loved Lisa the best way I knew how. I could have done without lying to her, pretending to be a cop.But she couldn’t know the truth about me.And I had suspicions of my own.Especially when Lisa announced her pregnancy. Then Lisa did the unthinkable and a new rage took hold. I found a new love, my mate, the curvy and alluring Stella, a true shifter.With her guidance, I will take what is rightfully ours…Even if it means hurting my daughter to get it. Author's Note: This book is a stand alone with a HEA and is intended for 18 and over.

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Dark Alpha's Awakening: A Reaper Novel (Reapers Book 7)

Pdf Romance Dark Alpha's Awakening: A Reaper Novel (Reapers Book 7)

Pdf:Dark Alpha's Awakening: A Reaper Novel (Reapers Book 7).There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I’m coming for you…Serving Death and the Reapers has been my life for centuries. I’ve always put my duty before everything, even my yearning for Death. But now, she’s fading – our foe is bent on destroying her and he will stop at nothing until he does. Death holds the key to our survival. I will do everything in my power to stop her from disappearing. For her, I will ensure we have the best fighting chance. For her…I will cross the divide keeping us apart.This is a full length Reaper novel.

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His Beloved: Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Mate Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance His Beloved: Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Mate Series Book 1)

Pdf:His Beloved: Paranormal Vampire Romance (The Mate Series Book 1). It was just a silly reality show...Until he chose her. Absurdly rich and gorgeous Daniel Wolfe is used to get what he wants. And he wants Jade. The powerful vampire male picks her from the crowd of screaming females willing to do anything to please him. He's convinced that she's the One, His Beloved. But he wasn't prepared for a feisty girl who loathes vampires and doesn't want to be his for all Eternity. Jade will sacrifice anything—even her freedom—to protect her orphaned little brother. But when she's forced to join a reality show that may keep her away from him, she has to survive hell and temptation to get the money she needs to pay for her brother's treatment. In a world that reveres vampires and reality shows rule the entertainment channels, Jade needs to endure Daniel's seductive games for a week before she can be released from her contract and go back to take care of her brother. However, not everything is what it seems and despite her secret past and her hate for vampires, Jade may be facing a worse danger than being bitten: falling in love.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and an extremely sexy vampire. Intended for mature audiences.

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The Trembling Hills

Pdf Romance The Trembling Hills

Pdf:The Trembling Hills.From the New York Times–bestselling “master of suspense”: A woman’s mysterious past is unearthed during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (Mary Higgins Clark).   Sara Bishop was raised in Chicago, but her heart belongs in San Francisco, where her childhood sweetheart, Ritchie Temple, has moved to pursue a career in architecture. Convinced he feels the same way for her, she hopes his fiancée, the manipulative Judith Renwick, is just a passing fancy. And now Sara has packed her bags to prove it. Sarah’s mother is not only concerned by her daughter’s pursuit of an elusive romance, she’s also scared of the city itself—and the secret she and Sara’s father buried there years ago.   Once Sara arrives on the far side of the Golden Gate, she finds herself in the midst of a tantalizing puzzle involving Ritchie, Judith, and Judith’s mysterious brother. She soon discovers a monstrously wicked matriarch nursing a strange and unfathomable vengeance in her Nob Hill mansion. And one fateful morning, when the earth moves and the city is set afire, the pieces of Sara’s past will emerge from the ashes—but will it be too late to save her?   A recipient of the Agatha Award for Lifetime Achievement, Phyllis A. Whitney is the acknowledged “Queen of the American gothics” (The New York Times).  This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.    

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BLAIRE: Blaire Part 1 (The Dark Romance Series)

Pdf Romance BLAIRE: Blaire Part 1 (The Dark Romance Series)

Pdf:BLAIRE: Blaire Part 1 (The Dark Romance Series).Now a Top 20 International Amazon Bestselling SeriesFor readers who love the darkness of FSOG, This Man, Twist Me, Captive in the Dark & Red Sparrow, start your new addiction.Bought. Conditioned. Sold to the enemy.My name is Blaire. I'm head of security to a man who controls the Russian underworld in Europe. His name is Maksim and he's my master. He bought me ten years ago and conditioned me with brutality to worship and protect him. And I have protected him. I've slain everyone who has tried to do him harm. Everyone but a man he loans me to; a man who threatens to break me and everything I believe in. You're going to need a strong stomach and a strong heart to follow my story, because take my word for it, it's no fairy tale."Loved this book! Interesting characters, nonstandard plot, and lots of action! You can feel the connection developing between Charlie and Blaire over time." ~ New York Times Bestselling Author, Anna Zaires“…a complex story that delved into the darkness, while pushing hard towards the light.” ~ Trish, Unbound Book Reviews"Screen worthy 5 star read." ~ BestSellers and BestStellars Book BlogThis is a 120k full-length Dark and Contemporary Romance novel: part 1 in The Dark Romance Series.

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Tangled up in Love

Pdf Romance Tangled up in Love

Pdf:Tangled up in Love.After everything that we have been through, is this finally the end of us?Our life isn’t like other people’s. I crashed into his perfectly ordered world, changing everything. He took my innocence and I taught him that life is better outside the walls of his cloistered mansion. But then he came along. Parker Huntington is the man who stalked me, attacked me and kidnapped me. No one has heard from him for a while, and I thought that I was safe. But now he’s back with a vengeance. He will do anything to tear us apart. What happens if he succeeds?

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The Vampire's Servant (Tales of Vampires Book 5)

Pdf Romance The Vampire's Servant (Tales of Vampires Book 5)

Pdf:The Vampire's Servant (Tales of Vampires Book 5).Jess’s scarred back hides her greatest secret: she is the next daughter in the prophecy. She’s terrified of her impending fate and flees the safety of Castle Belmont to finish her scientific research. Jess is determined to outrun her destiny, but she forgot about one thing: A vampire named Eli York.Hunters killed his brother. Shifters destroyed his family castle. Jess Chaplin is the only thing Eli has left in this world and he’s not letting her go without a fight. The dark vampire has protected the red headed human all her life, but the threads of fate are twining now, and he can’t ignore the woman she has become. Together they journey across the valley and uncover a secret that has been hidden for twenty years, while trying to resist the insatiable attraction that now burns between them. Vampirism corrupts. Innocence withers. There’s no way it could ever work… is there?War has finally arrived in the valley and Belmont Castle is about to fall for the first time in a thousand years. The High Vistor has brought an army to destroy the Belmont family and end the prophecy once and for all. If he succeeds, then all vampires will perish.Will evil triumph over good?Will the mates succeed with the prophecy?Is something even greater afoot?There’s only one way to find out.*Tales of Vampires 5 tells the story of Eli and Jess. It can be read on its own but is probably best enjoyed with the full series. This book features the title couple, the return of Ruth and Logan and all the regular vampires from Castle Belmont (including Eric and Claire of course).Tales 5 is 120,000 words, action-packed, hot to the touch and has a HEA. Books 6 and on coming soon!

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Viking Thrall (Pillagers Of The North Book 1)

Pdf Romance Viking Thrall (Pillagers Of The North Book 1)

Pdf:Viking Thrall (Pillagers Of The North Book 1).With one word, he sealed her fate. “Mine.”Esme is left behind when the Viking marauders appear in their sleepy village. She hopes to bargain with them, a cask of fine wine for the safety of the orphans she helps to watch over. But once the fierce Viking Headsman sets eyes on her, his intentions are plain.Magnus cannot believe his sight. The Saxon woman is the fairest creature he has ever seen. He resolves to have then, then and there, claiming her as his own.He doesn’t realize that convincing the stubborn thrall of her new place will be another matter altogether. He carries her across the sea, though she argues with him incessantly. Once alone, he finds that the rare beauty in his arms gentles him.Magnus vows to protect her from the harsh realities of life in a strange land.Viking Thrall is the first book in the Pillagers Of The North series.Viking Thrall was previously released under the same title. It has been extensively expanded and rewritten in a new collaboration between Calyope Adams and Joanna Davis.We hope you enjoy it!Calyope and Joanna

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Eirik: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 1)

Pdf Romance Eirik: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 1)

Pdf:Eirik: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 1).A young girl steps back in time.As a child Paige Renner is no stranger to loneliness and sorrow. When her mother dies, she’s left with her grief-stricken father, a man reduced to a shadow of his former self. But Paige discovers the perfect escape.A hidden and secret place, lost in time - the medieval village of Caistley.Only Paige can enter the tiny hamlet. There, among the children of the villagers, she finds friendship and affection. As the years pass, she grows into a young woman, and her visits grow fewer. Home from college, Paige decides to return one last time. But instead of finding a peaceful village, she arrives to find it in flames – Vikings are attacking Caistley.A brutal Viking Berserker leads a raid.The English town offers Eirik and his men little in the way of booty. A few pigs, a few sacks of grain, some gold and silver. Most of the inhabitants have already fled, but a few remain. One in particular – a woman – catches the warrior's eye. She’s oddly dressed, but comely, and she seems innocent – as if she’s never known a man’s touch. After a little teaching, the chestnut-haired wench should warm his bed nicely.But the woman is as frightened as a spring lamb. Her panic and terror of Eirik makes bedding her a test of his patience. To coax her into his arms, he’ll have to be gentle with her, take his time, and show her a more tender side of himself. As the days pass, and his heart softens, Eirik vows to win Paige’s love.A harsh winter keeps Paige trapped with her Viking captor. The nights are long and cold. As the snow deepens, a fragile truce forms between them. With every tender touch, he claims a little more of her heart. But the memories of her old life linger. She worries about her father and her duty to return to modern times for his sake.An agonizing choice.When Eirik is wounded, Paige realizes that without modern medicine, her Viking lover will likely die. Does she dare return to the future and risk never making it back to him? Or does she remain by the side of the man she has come to love, as he fades away before her eyes?Authors Note: Eirik is a 110k time-travel romance novel and the first book in the Mists of Albion series by Joanna Bell. Due to adult situations and language, Eirik is intended for readers over 18.

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Savage of the Sea (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea)

Pdf Romance Savage of the Sea (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea)

Pdf:Savage of the Sea (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea).First book in the new Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea series!A daring brotherhood, where honor among thieves reigns supreme, and crushing their enemies is a thrilling pastime. These are the Pirates of Britannia.When Highland pirate prince, Shaw “Savage” MacDougall was invited to a deadly feast, he didn’t know that saving a wee lass would forever change his future.A lady with a dangerous secretLady Jane Lindsey, widowed at a young age, seeks refuge from her departed husband’s vengeful enemies. For five years, she’s held a secret that could cost her everything, including her life. When her safety is compromised, she reaches out to the only man who’s protected her in the past, and offers him a bounty he cannot refuse.A Highland pirate determined to save herShaw’s life is perfect. Whisky, women and mayhem. He wants for nothing—until Lady Jane presents a treasure he’d never considered possessing. Is he willing to risk his lethal reputation in order to save a lass he barely knows, again? Will she trust a pirate to see their arrangement through to the end? And what happens when perilous battles turn to sinful kisses? Who will save them from each other?NOTE: This is Book One in the Lords of the Sea pirate series, written by Eliza Knight and Kathryn Le Veque. Kathryn Le Veque's novel, LEADER OF TITANS, is Book Two in this series. Book Three is THE SEA DEVIL by Eliza Knight. All books are stand-alones but much more fun if read together!

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Highland Captivated Hearts: 20 Book Box Set: Highland Scottish Romance

Pdf Romance Highland Captivated Hearts: 20 Book Box Set: Highland Scottish Romance

Pdf:Highland Captivated Hearts: 20 Book Box Set: Highland Scottish Romance.FREE Download with Kindle Unlimited!Treasure Trove of Scottish Highland Romance! TWENTY Romances in One Volume! Bundled together just for you!Here’s what you get:1. Highland Kidnapping2. Highland Rescue3. Highland Hunt4. Highland Dagger5. Highland Duel6. Her Highland Prisoner7. Highland Peace8. Stranger in the Highlands9. Highland Forbidden Love10. The Highlander’s English Maiden11. Highland Shipwreck12. Releasing the Captive13. Highland Bride14. Highland Enemy15. The Highland Daughter’s Love16, Highland Imposter17, Highland Escape18. Highland Cross19. Highland Clearing20. Highland CaptiveGRAB this exciting volume today!

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Crusaders and Knights: Five full length Medieval Romance Novels

Pdf Romance Crusaders and Knights: Five full length Medieval Romance Novels

Pdf:Crusaders and Knights: Five full length Medieval Romance Novels.A very special collection for fans of Medieval Romance - five full-length Medieval Romance Novels from USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque. Welcome to the Age of The Crusades, when knights did their duty to God and Kingdom, and found adventure and romance when that duty was done. This set contains TWO thousand pages of Medieval Pageantry - purchase this limited edition set or read for free in KINDLE UNLIMITED!The Third Crusade was a time of death and disease, of bigotry and horrific conditions, but there were men who rose above the devastation and destruction, men who were moral and powerful, and seeking something greater than themselves. Welcome to the stories of such men, without hate or prejudice, and the women who love them. This set contains:Scorpion: (A de Wolfe Pack novel) A former Crusader and assassin returns to England to find an unexpected - and forbidden - love.The Crusader: A modern-day Sleeping Beauty tale with a sinister twist.Kingdom Come: The knight from The Crusader returns to Medieval times to battle King John and save his lady.The Legend: A Crusader accidentally kills and his unwanted bride must help him find his worth again.Shield of Kronos: A Crusader finds politics and passion upon his return to England.This limited edition bundle is a must-have for your library. Enjoy the excitement and passion of these highly rated, full-length romances.

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To Bewitch a Highlander (Isle of Mull Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance To Bewitch a Highlander (Isle of Mull Series Book 1)

Pdf:To Bewitch a Highlander (Isle of Mull Series Book 1).A Scottish Medieval RomanceIsle of Mull, Scotland 1263She will protect her identity with her very life if necessary. Who will protect her from herself?Shoney's lightning speed with a bow captures Ronan by surprise, and their chance meeting ends with him lying unconscious at the bottom of a ravine.When he awakens, he cannot rid his mind of her startling beauty, her valor, or the secret fear he glimpsed in her steel eyes. He vows to find her, but as the mysteries of her identity unfold, his courage and heart are tested as never before.You'll be swept away by this Highland Romance.

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The Jewel of Time: a Time Travel romance: Called by a Viking Series Book 2

Pdf Romance The Jewel of Time: a Time Travel romance: Called by a Viking Series Book 2

Pdf:The Jewel of Time: a Time Travel romance: Called by a Viking Series Book 2.She’s stealing from the past. He’s guarding his future. Will a modern woman’s mission kindle hot Viking passions? Chicago, 2018. Rachel will do anything to secure her mother’s kidney transplant. She just never thought her cash-rich solution would come from traveling back in time to a world of Vikings. As she pockets valuable jewelry from the past to pay for her mother’s future, she’s stopped in her tracks by a stunning Nordic warrior…Norway, 874. Kolbjorn longs for his father’s approval. Born a bastard, the Viking rejoices when his father promises to accept him… if he successfully safeguards a cache of valuable gemstones. But when a glowing goddess appears out of thin air to steal the jewels, his heart stands in the way of his sword. As Rachel gets closer to raising the funds, Kolbjorn fears he’ll never capture the beautiful thief. But neither expect the massive snowstorm that forces them together for the night. Will Rachel defy the fierce warrior or will her mission of mercy submit to primitive passions?The Jewel of Time is the second book in the steamy Called by a Viking time-travel romance series. If you like alpha Vikings, resourceful heroines, and sizzling chemistry that crosses a millennium, then you’ll love Mariah Stone’s blisteringly hot adventure. Buy The Jewel of Time to get up close and personal with a Nordic warrior today!

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The Highlander's Norse Bride: A Novella: Book 4 in the Hardy Heroines Series

Pdf Romance The Highlander's Norse Bride: A Novella: Book 4 in the Hardy Heroines Series

Pdf:The Highlander's Norse Bride: A Novella: Book 4 in the Hardy Heroines Series.Caught between two kings vying for sovereignty of the Isles and Western Scotland, Hanna of Hällstein has lost everything—and vows to repay the Scots for the deaths of her husband and children. Fleeing the smoldering ruins of her village, Hanna crosses the Strait of Mull and chooses the Laird of Clan MacLean as the object of her revenge.Alex MacLean has buried a wife and three children. Ignoring the clamors for him to wed again and produce an heir, he finds himself drawn to a Norse refugee who defies him and tests the limits of his patience—and his power as Laird.Torn between revenge and honor, Hanna fears setting aside her vow of vengeance means she has lost her reason for living. Alex is determined to save her, even if it means defying the king.Do you like a bit of history with your romance? In the 13th century, the king of Scotland had little control in the Western Highlands and in the isles to the north and west. A rich culture of Gaelic and Norn existed here, and power lay in the hands of the chiefs. Much of Western Scotland and the Isles gave their allegiance to the king of Norway.In 1249, King Alexander II prepared to invade the Hebrides and Western Scotland. After 5 years of failed negotiations with Norway to purchase these areas, King Alexander broke his association with King Haakon and set out to take the Isles and Western territories by force.In the years to come, two kings would perish during this battle for sovereignty—along with many people given the choice to change their alliance to the Scottish king . . .Or die.

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The Viking's Captive

Pdf Romance The Viking's Captive

Pdf:The Viking's Captive.After her village is raided by Vikings and she is carried off and taken as a slave by one of the marauding Norseman, twenty-one-year-old Duna learns the hard way that her best attempts at defiance will merely earn her a painful, humiliating spanking. More shameful still is the inspection of her naked, helplessly aroused body which follows the strict chastisement.Though he does not hesitate to punish his new slave's bottom both inside and out when her behaviour warrants it, Halvor cannot deny the effect Duna's innocence and beauty have on him, and before long he has decided to make her his wife and claim her virgin body properly. But when a man from her village tracks her down, will Duna choose to stay by Halvor's side?Publisher's Note: The Viking's Captive includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Wolf and the Dove

Pdf Romance Wolf and the Dove

Pdf:Wolf and the Dove.From New York Times bestselling author Kathleen E. Woodiwiss comes one of her most beloved romances...The WolfNoble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and his minions storm through her beloved Darkenwald. And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her. . .even as she aches to know the rapture of the conqueror's kiss.The DoveFor the first time ever, mighty Wulfgar has been vanquished - and by a bold and beautiful princess of Saxon blood. He must have the chaste, sensuous enchantress who is sworn to his destruction. And he will risk life itself to nurture with tender passion a glorious union born in the blistering heat of hatred and war.

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The Highlander's Welsh Bride: Book 5 in the Hardy Heroines series

Pdf Romance The Highlander's Welsh Bride: Book 5 in the Hardy Heroines series

Pdf:The Highlander's Welsh Bride: Book 5 in the Hardy Heroines series.From the sweeping mountains of Wales where Prince Llywelyn made his last stand against the English, to the treacherous Isles of Scotland where Vikings and pirates rule the waters, comes a tale of betrayal and loss, deceit and passion. An epic tale of honor and the redeeming power of love.It was over. Prince Llywelyn was dead, his soldiers fleeing before King Edward’s army. Carys, a cousin to the prince, herself a princess of Wales, had picked up arms alongside her husband more than a year ago in the fight for Wales's independence. Now homeless, her husband buried beneath the good Welsh soil, she seeks shelter in the north, far from the reach of Longshanks’s men.It was time. Birk MacLean has been ordered to take a bride and produce an heir. He grows weary of the lasses paraded before him, women of delicate nature and selfish motives. He desires a wife strong enough to help lead one of the most powerful clans in Western Scotland.One like the Welsh woman sitting in his dungeon, arrested for poaching MacLean deer.Can Birk convince Carys marriage to him is preferable to a hangman’s noose? And will the heard-headed Scot be worthy of a Princess of Wales?

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The Viking's Conquest

Pdf Romance The Viking's Conquest

Pdf:The Viking's Conquest.When she is left all but alone to defend her family's castle against an army of battle-hardened Viking raiders, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose fights valiantly but is soon overcome. After her capture by the tall, handsome leader of the northmen, Prince Anders, she is carried away along with the rest of the spoils of conquest.Anders makes it clear to the princess that she is now his property, to do with as he likes, and he takes pleasure in stripping her bare and putting her on display. When she defies her new master, Aurelie quickly discovers that Anders will not hesitate to spank her soundly, but to her shame the painful, humiliating punishment leaves her deeply aroused.Bound and helpless yet burning with desire, the princess finds herself longing for the bold, dominant warrior to take her hard and thoroughly, and when she surrenders to his mastery of her body the pleasure is more intense than she would have ever thought possible. Aurelie's submission to Anders grows more complete with each passing day, but when her brothers arrive with an army to seek vengeance against their old enemy she must make a fateful choice. Will she remain loyal to her family and her people, or come to the aid of her Viking prince?Publisher's Note: The Viking's Conquest includes spankings, sexual scenes and sexual humiliation, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Ragnar: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 2)

Pdf Romance Ragnar: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 2)

Pdf:Ragnar: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 2).It started with a secret.I make a promise to Paige. I’ll never breathe a word. We journey through time to a world of myth and fable, to ancient lands shrouded in mist, ruled by fierce, hulking men.The land of Vikings.The harsh beauty of the sea stands in stark contrast to the men who sail the fjords and open waters. Vikings show no mercy. They raid up and down the coast, hungry for land, grain, livestock - and women.Especially women.When I return to my world without my friend, my life implodes. The police question me. As the last person seen with Paige, I’m now a suspect in her disappearance. My secret… our secret… It’s more than a burden, it’s a liability. A risk. Everyone thinks I’m guilty.Left with no choice, I travel back to the brutal and unforgiving land. I must find Paige. She’s the only person who can clear my name.But instead of finding my friend, Viking raiders find me. Bound and utterly helpless, I’m certain they intend to kill me. But Ragnar, their Jarl, a fierce and powerful warrior, makes his intentions clear. I know the instant I feel his touch on my skin.Ragnar has other plans for me…Author's Note: 'Ragnar' is the second book in the 'Mists of Albion' series.Book 1: EirikBook 2: Ragnar (this book)Book 3: IvarDue to adult situations and language, this series is intended for mature readers.

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Highland Blood: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 2

Pdf Romance Highland Blood: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 2

Pdf:Highland Blood: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 2.Scotland, 1032. When a marriage contract calls Gruoch away from Ynes Verleath, she leaves with the hope she'll be reunited with Banquo. But fate has different plans. Lies, betrayal, and violence await her. Set on a collision course with destiny, Gruoch soon finds herself thrust into the arms of another man. Her dreams shattered and rattled by unexpected brutality, it becomes more than Gruoch can handle. The raven, however, is no stranger to carnage. Fierce power grows inside Gruoch, and more than anything, it craves bloody revenge. Fans of Outlander and The Mists of Avalon will relish this sweeping Scottish historical fantasy that tells the tale of Gruoch, a woman struggling to escape her fate without blood on her hands. Continue the Celtic Blood Series with book two, Highland Blood.

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Conquered by the Viking

Pdf Romance Conquered by the Viking

Pdf:Conquered by the Viking.Eighteen-year-old orphan Merewyn has seen enough of Vikings to know she hates them, so she is furious when a band of shipwrecked Norsemen force their way into her home. Despite her best efforts to drive them away, their leader makes it clear they intend to stay for the winter. To her surprise, he also takes an interest in her well-being, and when Merewyn attempts to run off and fend for herself the battle-hardened warrior strips her bare for a painful, humiliating switching.Despite his willingness to chastise her so shamefully, Merewyn cannot deny that these men are not the savage barbarians she expected, and she does not object when the huge, handsome brute who so recently punished her takes her in his arms and claims her hard and thoroughly. As the weeks pass, Merewyn's uninvited guest masters both her body and her heart ever more completely, but does he plan to truly make her his or will she be left behind when he sails home?Publisher's Note: Conquered by the Viking includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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A Night of Angels: A Magical Holiday Collection

Pdf Romance A Night of Angels: A Magical Holiday Collection

Pdf:A Night of Angels: A Magical Holiday Collection.Enjoy a holiday collection from some of your very favorite Dragonblade Publishing authors in this collection of never-before published tales!From the bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of Medieval England, and everything in between, welcome to the magic of a holiday collection that will bring the joy of the season into your heart and into your home. Nine USA Today or Internationally bestselling authors bring you their twist on the holidays using some of your favorite characters in A NIGHT OF ANGELS.This collection includes:Eleanor FitzHerbert's Christmas Miracle by Maggi Andersen - Childless widow, Eleanor Fitzherbert has resigned herself to a life alone, because most unmarried gentlemen wish for an heir. But after a young sweep gets stuck in the Duke of Broadstairs' chimney, and a handsome viscount comes to his rescue, surprising things begin to happen.Wicked Christmas by Mary Lancaster - Mystery, murder and the miracle of new love - it's Christmas in Blackhaven! During a magical Christmas, Blackhaven welcomes a new birth and catches a murderer - and Dr. Lampton encounters the wonder and pain of an impossible new loveA Midnight Clear by Chasity Bowlin - Stranded together by a freak winter storm, Sarah, the Dowager Viscountess Vale, must finally face her long buried feelings for Branson, the brother of her late husband. Can their secret feelings overcome years of animosity?If You Wished For Me by Meara Platt - Two hearts meant to be together, one secret keeping them apart. Is William Farthingale just the man to bring Meggie Cameron the Christmas miracle she needs?Season of Honor by Alexa Aston - In the midst of celebrating their first Christmas together, Geoffrey and Merryn de Montfort are summoned to their stables, where a young woman is about to give birth on the most holy of all nights. Will her baby be the Christmas miracle a couple at Kinwick longs for?The Viking's Gift by Anna Markland - A heartwarming Yuletide story set in medieval England before the Norman Conquest. A Viking saves the woman he loves from the wrath of a vengeful king.Father's Day by Elizabeth Ellen Carter - Privateer Captain Kit Hardacre is persuaded to learn more about his family. At the same time, Naval veteran and retired spy Adam Hardacre learns he has a son he never knew existed. Both reluctant, father and son must find mutual ground on which to come to terms with the past. A Joyful Song by Lynn Winchester - Seamus MacAdams needs a miracle--a woman who will love him as much as he'll love her. Joy Song is new in town and not looking for love, but it isn't long before love finds her in the form of a man in need of help, just in time for Christmas.A Sprig of White Heather by Avril Borthiry - A crusader knight, thousands of miles from his home in the Highlands, and the young wife he left behind, soon to give birth to his child. In this adaptation of an ancient legend, a token of eternal love gives hope and comfort to a family at Christmastide.From Dragonblade to you, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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Sweet on the Swede: A Ladies of Celeste's House Book (Cowboys and Angels 22)

Pdf Romance Sweet on the Swede: A Ladies of Celeste's House Book (Cowboys and Angels 22)

Pdf:Sweet on the Swede: A Ladies of Celeste's House Book (Cowboys and Angels 22).Nils Jorgenson has lived his entire life in Cottonwood, Iowa but after the recent death of first his wife and then his father he needs a fresh start. With his rambunctious four-year-old-daughter in hand, he answers a call for a furniture maker in Creede, Colorado. Having married once for duty he vows to only marry for love this time around, even if Nellie needs a mother. On the day of their arrival in Creede, circumstances and Nellie’s invisible friend, Mina, lead Nils to saving the life of the lovely Norwegian Bridgette. But when Nellie declares that Bridgette will be her new mother, Nils becomes resistant. Bridgette Englestad has been living at Celeste’s House learning to read and write English since her recovery from captivity the night Archie Grady died. While she plans to make the most of this new opportunity she longs to be reunited with her parents. More than that she longs to meet the Viking Warrior that can claim her Nordic heart. Could Nils be that warrior? It seems like someone thinks so as his daughter declares Bridgette will be her new mother. But when another demands her hand a contest is struck. The prize: Bridgette herself. Can Nils truly be the warrior of her heart? Can Bridgette and Nils overcome impossible odds to win the contest and become husband and wife? Bridgette doesn’t know. All she knows for sure is she’s Sweet on the Swede. 

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Time Walkers The Complete Collection

Pdf Romance Time Walkers The Complete Collection

Pdf:Time Walkers The Complete Collection."Perhaps I will cut your throat as you tried to cut mine. Will I still want to touch you when your blood is on my hands? Or will it chase your ghost from my thoughts?"He held his hands out and considered them for a moment, shaking his head."I think not. I think still you would haunt me."TIME WALKERSMaggie is a modern day woman with all her flaws, thrust back into a time when men were carving out the history of America. She has just enough knowledge of the past to know trouble is coming, yet soon she is kicking herself for not paying better attention in history class. When she is captured by Winn, a warrior who is torn between his duty to kill her and his desire to keep her, she must adapt to a life she had only read about in history books.Winn is a seventeenth century Paspahegh warrior, born in a time before the English settlers arrived on the shores of Tsenacomoco. He has learned the ways of the English and uses his knowledge to ensure the survival of his people, but when he finds a wounded woman in the woods his loyalty is put to the ultimate test.Hunted and feared by both the Powhatan and the English, Maggie struggles to find a way home while Winn plots to keep her there. Maggie fights to survive as she finds herself entangled in the Massacre of 1622, and Winn sees everything he ever believed in shattered by the knowledge she holds. With ties to both the past and future, their lives unfold among the stirrings of a new nation. Maggie and Winn risk everything to survive as the once powerful Powhatan Nation crumbles and the English build a country from the ashes.This eBook includes:The Legend of the BloodstoneReturn of the Pale FeatherOf Vice and VirtueA Tale of Oak and MistletoeAn excerpt from E.B. Brown's Ghost Dance, the first novel in the Time Dance seriesBonus content notes from E.B. BrownPraise for the Time Walkers series:The Legend of the Bloodstone - 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, QuarterfinalistA Tale of Oak and Mistletoe - 2013 RWA/NYC We Need a Hero Contest, Finalist"Time travel and romance converge in this tale of star-crossed love" - Publishers Weekly on The Legend of the Bloodstone"This was beautiful! Time Travel at its best!"- Romance Novels in Color"Absolutely consuming" - Amazon reviewer"I love this series. I didn't want it to end!" - Amazon Reviewer"I can easily see where this story could be a fantastic movie." - Amazon Reviewer"My complaint with this book is I couldn't stop reading this one and the next one in the series which resulted in late nights and tired mornings!!" - Amazon Reviewer"An epic historical saga in brilliant cinematic technicolor" - Amazon reviewer

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Wolf and Prejudice (Alpha Kings, Book 3): 50 Loving States, Alaska (The Alaska Princesses 2)

Pdf Romance Wolf and Prejudice (Alpha Kings, Book 3): 50 Loving States, Alaska (The Alaska Princesses 2)

Pdf:Wolf and Prejudice (Alpha Kings, Book 3): 50 Loving States, Alaska (The Alaska Princesses 2).Nothing will stop him from claiming his mate…When her friend, Chloe disappears under very mysterious circumstances, professor Alisha Ataneq refuses to let sleeping wolves lie. And she’s definitely not going to let Chloe’s ex-fiance, Rafe Nightwolf, the powerful Alpha King of Colorado, stop her from finding out what happened to her sweet friend. But here’s what Alisha doesn’t know… Rafe Nightwolf wants her—has wanted her badly for a very long time. And now that his engagement is off and Alisha is finally within reach, he won’t let anything or anyone get in his way. Including Alisha.Which is why in a shocking twist, she goes to extreme lengths to escape his clutches. But here’s what Alisha doesn’t know… Rafe will do something even more extreme to get her back. Nothing will stop him from claiming his mate..../b>READER WARNING: This smoking hot romance contains a truly epic love story with mind-blowing twists and turns. It should only be read by those who prefer their alphas intense, infuriating, and invincible.* * *
And don’t forget to check out the other books in the Alpha Kings series!* * *Her Viking WolfWolf and Punishment Wolf and Prejudice Wolf and Soul Her Viking WolvesHer Dragon EverlastingNAGO: His Mississippi Queen
KNUD: Her Big Bad Wolf

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Ship of Dreams: A Caribbean Pirate Romance Novel

Pdf Romance Ship of Dreams: A Caribbean Pirate Romance Novel

Pdf:Ship of Dreams: A Caribbean Pirate Romance Novel.Master of his destiny, terror of the Caribbean, the pirate Black Angel is also elegant, charming and seductive.En route to Jamaica to bring her brother news of their father's death, Lady Rosalind Hanshaw is captured by the Black Angel, a legendary French pirate who targets English shipping. Torn between her loyalty to her homeland and her growing attraction to the one man she should hate above all others, Rosalind must decide whether the Black Angel is nothing more than a despicable pirate or if he holds the key to both her heart and her future.★★★★★ This book is delightful and transporting! A plucky heroine matches wits with a brave pirate captain. Through a series of thrilling adventures, the characters find themselves and each other. And the romance aspect...well, Shiver me Timbers! Robin McGee★★★★★ I had so much fun with this book! First, once you pick it up it's hard to put down. It's perfect for a rainy weekend or a vacation. Not only are the characters cool to hang out with, there's an intelligence that runs through the pages of this adventure that puts similar tales of the genre to shame. All that, plus the love scenes brought an actual blush to this maiden's cheeks -- LeClaire knows how to bring the romance! Lady Ann★★★★★ Deliciously Romantic and Adventurous: Everything a windswept nautical romance should be. A devastatingly dashing rogue of a pirate captain meets a headstrong noblewoman in hiding. DiscoBunnyShip of Dreams is an adventurous pirate romance novel set in the Caribbean Sea, featuring a strong heroine and a brave pirate captain.Grab your copy today! Free with Kindle Unlimited.Thank you for your interest in our book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. - Digital FictionWebsite: DigitalFictionPub.comFacebook: Facebook.com/digitalfictionpubTwitter: @DigitalFicPubBook-finder Tags:pirate buccaneer privateer outlaw corsair romanceromantic viking adventure historical love sex navycaribbean piracy affair passion women flirt actionbook ebook e-book novel paperback story about bestgift in 2019 prime seller on series all author newrelease and unlimited wish list like is fan or topyear selling to young read adult at good club free

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Maiden and the Monster

Pdf Romance Maiden and the Monster

Pdf:Maiden and the Monster.WINNER of the 2006 RT Bookclub Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award! Award Winning and a Recommended Read, Historical Medieval Romance from NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M. PillowVladamir of Kessen, Duke of Lakeshire Castle, is feared as a demon in the land of Wessex. The kings have granted him a title of nobility in exchange for his part as a political prisoner. Discontent, he bides his time in his new home until war will once again rip through the land. But boredom soon turns to pleasure as the daughter of his most hated enemy is left for dead at his castle gate. Now the monster bides his time plotting revenge.Lady Eden of Hawks' Nest doesn't know what to think of the man who saved her life, but she can't wrench her thoughts away. His words are those of a tyrant, true to his vicious reputation, but his touch is that of a man, stirring passion when there should only be fear. It would seem the infamous monster is not as monstrous as he appears.What reviewers are saying about Maiden and the Monster, Winner of the 2006 RT Reviewer's Choice Award!"4 1/2 STARS! This is a perfect blend of history, emotion, tension...and fascinating and sympathetic characters, and the writing is superb. Pillow chooses magical details to set the scene, and they add to both the history and the emotion." Page Traynor, RT Bookclub MagazineRecommended Read! "Maiden and the Monster is one of the best medieval romances I have ever read." LoveRomances"I was so entranced by Maiden and the Monster I couldn't put it down. It's intense, and full of emotion...powerful and moving...Maiden and the Monster is a keeper!" Nannette on Joyfully Reviewed"4 1/2 Stars! Michelle M. Pillow did not re-write the story of Beauty and the Beast. This is the story of two people thrown together by others for their own purposes. No one expected them to find love. This story has action, adventure, and plot twists galore...This book is a classic love story. It is the kind of story a reader enjoys getting lost in." Candy on Ecataromance Reviews Medieval Historical European Viking Nobility Romance and Revenge RomanceLength: Long Novel PlusHeat Level: Hot

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Magnus: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 4)

Pdf Romance Magnus: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 4)

Pdf:Magnus: A Time Travel Romance (Mists of Albion Book 4).I'm a wild child. Trouble in a miniskirt. Until I fall back in time to the age of the Vikings.Life has been a series of unexpected twists and turns. I’ve sinned, sure. Tell me a twenty-something girl who hasn’t. But I’ve paid the price too. I’m about done with the judgement and penance, almost ready to give everyone the middle finger, when my life takes an even crazier turn.I’m transported from 1980s New York back through the mists of time to the rugged, merciless land of the Vikings.The first person I come face to face with is the biggest, most intimidating man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s fierce. A warrior. We’re thrown together, forced to become battlefield allies. Until we become something else entirely.Magnus. My Magnus. With his first touch, he owns my soul and shows me love I didn’t think was meant for girls like me.I’ve committed the unforgivable sin of defying the Jarl.My life is forfeit. My only choice is to run and I’m certain that I’m a dead man until a curious vision appears. A woman unlike any I’ve ever seen. She beckons me, guiding me to safety, keeping me until the danger has passed.Heather is lovely. Soft but strong. Gentle but fierce. She appears at the very moment I’m sure all is lost, and together we forge a bond, fighting through danger to make a life together.Our time as man and wife might not last as long as I’d wish. But when we’re blessed with a child, I can pass into Valhalla with one comfort…Our love will always endure.Author's Note: This is the 4th and final book in the Mists of Albion series and it is not intended to be read as a standalone. Although this novel has at its heart a love story between the two main characters, it includes themes of violence and loss and the HEA/ending is not traditional for romance.

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Her Dark Viking

Pdf Romance Her Dark Viking

Pdf:Her Dark Viking.After she is captured by Viking raiders, twenty-five-year-old Mairead is left with no choice but to depend on Gunnar Freysson, the battle-hardened leader of the Norsemen, to protect her and her young children. Though he makes it clear that she is his property to do with as he pleases, Gunnar shows remarkable concern for Mairead's wellbeing, and when she risks her life in a dangerous attempt at escape he does not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her soundly.The strict punishment leaves Mairead thoroughly ashamed yet helplessly aroused, and when Gunnar takes her in his arms and claims her properly she cannot deny her body's response to his dominant lovemaking. As the days pass, Mairead realizes that Gunnar cares for her deeply, and despite her situation she finds herself falling in love with the stern, handsome warrior. But can she truly give her heart to the man who took her from her home?Publisher's Note: Her Dark Viking is a stand-alone sequel to Her Rogue Viking. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Her Rogue Viking

Pdf Romance Her Rogue Viking

Pdf:Her Rogue Viking.Though Fiona puts up a brave fight when her village is raided by Vikings, she ends up being carried off over the broad shoulders of Ulfric Freysson, the leader of the Norsemen. The stern, ruggedly handsome warrior quickly makes it clear that she belongs to him now, and her best efforts to escape merely earn Fiona a painful, humiliating switching on her bare bottom.Her captor's bold dominance sets Fiona's passion ablaze, and when he brings her to his bed she cannot help begging for him to claim her completely. As Ulfric begins training her to please him in any way he demands, Fiona finds herself falling in love with her new master, but she soon realizes that there are those among his people who still see her as an enemy. When her life is threatened by a member of his own family, will he stand ready to protect her no matter the cost?Publisher's Note: Her Rogue Viking includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Highland Vengeance: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 3

Pdf Romance Highland Vengeance: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 3

Pdf:Highland Vengeance: The Celtic Blood Series, Book 3.Scotland, 1032.Everything Gruoch loves has turned to ash.   With Gillacoemgain gone, Gruoch rides north with her newborn son and a broken heart. While she desperately clings to hope, Gruoch's new alliance with Macbeth proves more challenging than she ever anticipated. Only her unexpected reunion with an important person from her past offers solace. All may yet be well, but the raven's wary eyes cannot help but notice clouds gathering on the horizon.   Continue Gruoch's epic saga in Highland Vengeance, a Scottish Historical Fantasy, Book 3 in The Celtic Blood Series by New York Times best-selling author Melanie Karsak.

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When the Snow Flies

Pdf Romance When the Snow Flies

Pdf:When the Snow Flies.Audrey Sinclair Vanderleyden sets her heart on fulfilling a promise to her deceased husband to continue practicing medicine, despite opposition from their families. But the old physician from whom they bought a practice stands in her way and refuses to honor the contract. Audrey must either give up medicine and return to her family, or marry a near stranger. A gunshot wound robs Nathan Maxwell of the ability to continue practicing medicine. He must find another purpose in his life. Audrey is desperate, but marriage to Nathan isn't the salvation of her medical career she thought it would be. For Nathan, the union challenges loyalties and exposes what he's lost.

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Healing Touch

Pdf Romance Healing Touch

Pdf:Healing Touch.She spends her nights treating patients, but Dr. Jocelyn Drake's own wounds are unfixable. Her ex-husband and his younger, bouncier girlfriend work just a few floors away at Tulane Medical Center, and they serve as a constant reminder of what Joss lost. But a fierce determination to continue her research project and a shred of remaining pride keep Joss from transferring out of the Big Easy.Carson Stephens recently returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East, and though willing women present themselves at every turn, his closest companion is loneliness. His night-shift work supervising the electrical and mechanical systems at the hospital is a perfect fit - it's solitary work putting broken things back together.When the electrical system on Joss' floor goes haywire, she's frazzled by the sexy electrician who sparks her dormant sex drive. He's brooding and cocky - so not her type. But if Carson has his way, his hands will work their magic on more than just the wiring, and he'll show Joss a night of passion that restores her shattered confidence. But what happens after that night? As their relationship grows into something more, Joss and Carson face ups and downs, and they both realize that the healing has only just begun.

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A Soldier's Return

Pdf Romance A Soldier's Return

Pdf:A Soldier's Return.The women of Brambleberry House are back!Returning home to Cannon Beach and living in Brambleberry House, a place where good things seemed destined to happen, had brought Melissa Fielding and her young daughter such joy. Perhaps it was no accident when the single mom 'bumped' into Eli Sanderson and discovered the handsome doctor was also back in town. The ex-soldier was still so captivating, but also more guarded. Was now the time to put old ghosts to rest?Plus, one of the original Women of Brambleberry House stories - The Daddy Makeover! Eben Spencer learned long ago to keep his emotions under wraps. Now it's just him and his little girl - until he meets Sage Benedetto. She's warm, emotional, open - everything Eben is not. Sage's bewitching nature soon has this tycoon rethinking his future...

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Love to the Rescue (A Rivers Community Romance)

Pdf Romance Love to the Rescue (A Rivers Community Romance)

Pdf:Love to the Rescue (A Rivers Community Romance).About the Author Radclyffe has written 58 lesbian romances and has edited fifteen anthologies, including six volumes of the annual Best Lesbian Romance. Her romances have won 3 Lambda Literary, 12 Golden C rown, and six RWA chapter awards. A member of the Saints and Sinners Hall of Fame, she is also the recipient of the Dr. James Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Award from the Lambda Literary Foundation. She is a featured author in the 2015 award-winning documentary film Love Between the Covers, from Blueberry Hill Productions and director Laurie Kahn, which focuses on the power of romance fiction to empower women and create community. Find her on Facebook @Radclyffe.BSB, follow her on Twitter @RadclyffeBSB, and visit her website at Radfic.com. Read more

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Mission: Her Defense (Team 52 Book 4)

Pdf Romance Mission: Her Defense (Team 52 Book 4)

Pdf:Mission: Her Defense (Team 52 Book 4). One former special forces Marine. One tall, handsome police detective who pushes all her buttons. One dangerous investigation that forces them to work together.Blair Mason is badass to the bone. She's no stranger to loss and barely survived the mission that ended her military career. Now, as part of Team 52, she never shies away from a fight to ensure pieces of powerful ancient technology don't fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, she's often forced to "liaise" with the team's contact at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The tall, hard-bodied detective ignites her temper quicker than any man she's ever known...and after a terrible massacre, she's horrified to find that she and MacKade are being ordered to work together.Detective Luke MacKade was born a protector. He takes care of his family, and as a dedicated homicide detective, he protects his city. He is less thrilled with his job of cleaning up after Team 52 after they tear through Vegas on a mission. Blair is a woman who sets him off just by breathing, but even he can't deny the powerful attraction he feels to her strength and skill. When several cursed samurai swords are stolen in a bloody attack, it is up to Luke and Blair to get them back...before more blood is shed.But others are after the swords and their hidden powers. As Luke and Blair's dangerous investigation intensifies, they face danger at every turn. Luke battles his intense need to protect the woman he's falling for, a woman who neither wants or needs his protection. But as their desire burns white-hot, Luke will learn that the toughest defenses are the ones around Blair's heart.Includes a preview of Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security #1)Team 52Mission: Her Protection (Lachlan and Rowan's story)Mission: Her Rescue (Seth and January' story)Mission: Her Security (Smith and Kinsey's story)Mission: Her Defense (Blair and Luke's story)Mission: Her Safety (Coming soon)The Team 52 Romantic Suspense Series: Action Adventure Romance, Romantic Suspense, Military Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Above Protection (Imperfect Heroes Book 2)

Pdf Romance Above Protection (Imperfect Heroes Book 2)

Pdf:Above Protection (Imperfect Heroes Book 2).He's bearded, angry, highly trained, and has a job to do.She's the damsel in distress who's smarter than she looks, and doesn't want anyone's help.Could it be they both need something neither will admit to? Fate fueled by the laws of attraction may just decide for them.DUKEI didn’t ask for this. I was just doing my job, and they have the nerve to put me on a Witness Protection detail? This is crap. I’ll do my assignment, then go back to my job and what I love – kicking ass and taking names. I hadn’t spent 6 years in the Marine Corps to be put on babysitting duty once I’d joined the FBI. The witness they assigned me to, Rayanne, is an annoying, brainless blonde with a sassy mouth and a body that belongs on a website you had to pay to access. Not that I noticed or anything. RAYANNEI can look after myself. I don’t need anyone’s help, and the government is being ridiculous for putting me in Protective Custody. I'll testify against my former bosses and then go back to my life as a single girl in the big city. I love my career as a paralegal, and once this Neanderthal they’d assigned to babysit me is out of my life, I'll go back to it. I just wish he wasn’t so easy on the eyes. The beard, the hard body, and that voice. Why couldn’t they have sent me someone ugly – and nice? Because Duke is neither of those things.ABOVE PROTECTION is book 2 in the Imperfect Heroes Series. This contemporary romantic suspense novel is for readers 18+.Reading Order: Antihero (Imperfect Heroes 1) FREE DOWNLOADAbove Protection (Imperfect Heroes 2)Beneath Broken (Imperfect Heroes 3)Beyond Love (Imperfect Heroes 4)Books can be read as standalones, however, this is the suggested reading order.

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Defending Chloe (Mountain Mercenaries Book 2)

Pdf Romance Defending Chloe (Mountain Mercenaries Book 2)

Pdf:Defending Chloe (Mountain Mercenaries Book 2).A Wall Street Journal bestseller.Love is the best defense in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive Mountain Mercenaries novel.Gorgeous women don’t just stumble onto Ronan Cross’s remote property. But this one—vulnerable, victimized, and needing the kind of help only Ronan can offer—tells a story that makes his blood boil almost as hot as his need to protect her.Since her father’s death, Chloe Harris has become a prisoner. Her own brother, a flesh peddler and low-level player in the Denver Mafia, is forcing her to sell her body for an endgame Chloe never saw coming: control over a vast fortune. Her only way out is to run—straight into the arms of the one hard-bodied man she can trust.Defending Chloe could rain punishment down on the Mountain Mercenaries. Her brother has Mob connections and the local police in his pocket. But Ronan still has an edge—the unshakable loyalty of his deadly teammates. As well as an unquenchable thirst for retribution…and Chloe.

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Protecting Dallas - A Military Reverse Harem Romance

Pdf Romance Protecting Dallas - A Military Reverse Harem Romance

Pdf:Protecting Dallas - A Military Reverse Harem Romance.Three ripped, gorgeous Navy SEALS. One sizzling night of ultimate, carnal pleasure. Who would've thought hitting rock-bottom could be so much fun?With her parents both gone and her brother KIA, Dallas Winters leads a cold, lonely existence. That is, until a trio of elite SEALs rescue her from a crack team of unknown assailants, hellbent on capturing her for reasons even they don't yet understand.Enter Maddox, the chiseled blond leader of the group, who explains that her brother tasked them with protecting Dallas shortly before his demise. Along with Austin, olive-skinned and beautiful, and Kane, the brooding alpha giant, these three powerful soldiers have been guarding Dallas longer than she even knows... and will continue to do so, until every last one their enemies are vanquished.Yet when a single night of weakness ignites a powder-keg of irrepressible sexual attraction? Dallas finds herself adrift on a glorious sea of passion, sinew, and man-muscle. Jealousy is thrust aside as her three gorgeous roommates offer a sinfully unorthodox solution: sharing Dallas together, fully and completely, in every possible way.Satisfying the needs of three strapping warriors is fun at first, as Dallas is put through the exhaustingly delicious paces of being a shared girlfriend. But the sinister forces aligning against them have other plans, and even Dallas herself harbors a hidden, yet undiscovered secret...Can three brothers-in-arms love and protect one beautifully headstrong woman, while fighting off the same treacherous mercenaries responsible for their comrade's demise? Or will their budding four-way relationship - filled with lust and sharing and love - be doomed to failure before it can even truly begin?PROTECTING DALLAS is a sexy, stand-alone military reverse harem romance filled with laughter, drama, heart-pounding excitement, and enormous amounts of love. It also contains blistering hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, so molten they're bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.

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Gravel and Grit (Khargals of Duras Book 1)

Pdf Romance Gravel and Grit (Khargals of Duras Book 1)

Pdf:Gravel and Grit (Khargals of Duras Book 1).Zaek is losing hope after waiting centuries for rescue, but the time has finally arrived. The lost emergency beacon has fallen from orbit and gone active. All he needs to do to get off this damn planet named Earth is find it and get to the pick up location in time. The problem? The beacon comes with an addictively confounding, Earthian female who makes his mating gland swell, marking her as his true mate. Zaek hasn’t been around a human who didn’t run away screaming monster in a millennium, so how the hell is he supposed to convince this smart, beautiful, sarcastic female to give him the opportunity to win her heart before he loses his chance forever?Mira has always been obsessed with all things alien, but when one breaks into her lab at Area 51, first contact doesn’t go how she planned. Kidnapped and running for her life with a gruff gargoyle that definitely isn’t made of stone and has more than his share of quirks, Mira learns that sometimes plans are made to be thrown out the window. With a black ops team hot on their heels, determined to kill or capture them both, time is running out and their fumbling romance isn’t the only thing standing in their way to happiness.

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Intercepted: The Playbook, Book 1

Pdf Romance Intercepted: The Playbook, Book 1

Pdf:Intercepted: The Playbook, Book 1.One of NPR's Best Books of 2018 An Amazon Best Romance of 2018 Pick An iBooks "Best of September" PickA GoodReads Best of the Month pick for SeptemberOne of Booklist's Top 10 Romance Debuts for 2018One of BookBub's Best Fall Romances of 2018 Marlee thought she scored the man of her dreams only to be scorched by a bad breakup. But there's a new player on the horizon, and he's in a league of his own...Marlee Harper is the perfect girlfriend. She's definitely had enough practice by dating her NFL-star boyfriend for the last 10 years. But when she discovers he has been tackling other women on the sly, she vows to never date an athlete again. There's just one problem: Gavin Pope, the new hotshot quarterback and a fling from the past, has Marlee in his sights.Gavin fights to show Marlee he's nothing like her ex. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to let her escape her past. The team's wives, who never led the welcome wagon, are not happy with Marlee's return. They have only one thing on their minds: taking her down. But when the gossip makes Marlee public enemy number one, she worries about more than just her reputation.Between their own fumbles and the wicked wives, it will take a Hail Mary for Marlee and Gavin's relationship to survive the season.

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Evermore: A Salvation Series Novella

Pdf Romance Evermore: A Salvation Series Novella

Pdf:Evermore: A Salvation Series Novella.From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a new story in her Salvation series…I was poised to become partner at my law firm even before I became secretly engaged to my boss. After being humiliated by him on my wedding day, I can’t face working for him any longer. So I quit, waving my middle finger on my way out.Now the only things I’m poised for are unemployment and loneliness.When an opportunity with Cole Security arises, it seems like the perfect way to run, all the way to Virginia Beach. I wasn’t expecting my childhood sweetheart to be there. I definitely wasn’t prepared that when we saw each other again, Benjamin Pryce would be so grown-up. So gorgeous. So Navy SEAL-ish.And still the same guy who broke my heart when I was fifteen--and could do it again.They say if you’re fooled once, shame on them. The second time, it’s on you. The third time, it’s going to be me that runs… unless he can convince me to stay forevermore.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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The Arrangement 3 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 3 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 3 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 10 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 3 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsSex isn't love, but it feels like it--that is until Sean bolts from the room. For a moment, everything seemed fine. Avery's life didn't feel so impossible. She got the guy and the money, but then everything shifts. The line between reality and fantasy gets hazy. It's impossible to know if her feelings are genuine or just an illusion. To make matters worse something from Sean's past surfaces. Devastated, Avery realizes that Sean isn't the guy that she thought he was. Avery's heart can't take another loss and this time, it looks like she's going to lose everything. Genre: New Adult RomanceThis story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.~

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The Beckett Boys: The Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-8)

Pdf Romance The Beckett Boys: The Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-8)

Pdf:The Beckett Boys: The Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-8).For the first time, all eight books in the Beckett Boys series in one box set!Meet The Beckett Boys. Each One Dirtier And Rougher Than The Next…SMITHI want her.Plain and simple truth. I want her. I want to push inside her. I want to grip her hair and tug her scalp and lick her bared throat. I want to tie her wrists and ankles to my bed, make her helpless, weak, begging for me.I want to leave my marks on her, bruise that delicate flesh, have her sore and aching after I ravage her.But my cravings are most definitely too dark for her. I’m not the white-picket-fence kind of guy, and I can’t let myself start thinking otherwise.I should stick to the kind of women I’m used to, the kind who are fine with one night.Aubrey deserves love, real love, the kind of love I’m incapable of.The problem is she’s all I want.I know I can only destroy her.But I can’t stay away.AUBREYI try to pretend that I’m not aware of the tattoos covering him. That I’m not aware of the muscles of his arms and legs. I try to pretend my core doesn’t tighten in response to his raw masculinity, pretend I don’t want him to push me up against the wall and have his way with me.I’m so attracted to him I can barely focus.He thinks I’m naive, and maybe he’s right.Am I really so naïve as to think that maybe what Smith and I are doing is different? Or is this just me being blind?Sometimes I can see every emotion on his face. Other times, I can’t tell a thing he’s thinking. I’m plagued by doubts, yet also trying to convince myself that I know what I know. I’m not just a random woman to Smith. There’s more between us than that. What that “more” is, I don’t know. But it’s there. Either that, or he’s the world’s greatest actor. Because the emotion in our last kiss was so strong it almost blew me over.If I’m wrong about him, it will shatter my heart, break me into a million pieces.The only thing worse would be walking away…Aubrey’s standing there, lips swollen, breath panting, eyes heavily lidded. She’s so innocent but so primed for me. I could probably take her upstairs to my apartment, spread her wide and plunge deep inside her.But I can’t do that. Because she deserves better than me. I can’t ruin her. The Becket Boys: The Complete Series, contains:SMITH (The Beckett Boys, Book One) by Olivia ChaseJAX (The Beckett Boys, Book 2) by Olivia ChaseASHER (The Beckett Boys, Book Three) By Olivia ChaseJAMISON (The Beckett Boys, Book Four) by Olivia ChaseZACK (The Beckett Boys, Book Five) by Olivia ChaseHUDSON (The Beckett Boys, Book Six) by Olivia ChaseHALE (The Beckett Boys, Book Seven) by Olivia ChaseAXEL (The Beckett Boys, Book Eight) by Olivia Chase

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Uncovering You: Books 1-4 (New and Updated 2019 Edition)

Pdf Romance Uncovering You: Books 1-4 (New and Updated 2019 Edition)

Pdf:Uncovering You: Books 1-4 (New and Updated 2019 Edition).~New and Updated 2019 Edition~From Amazon best-selling author Scarlett Edwards...Join Lilly and J.S. as they begin their twisted tale of love and revenge.The Uncovering You: Books 1-4 (New and Updated 2019 Edition) includes the first four books from the best selling dark romance series that has captivated readers all over the world.---Uncovering You 1: The ContractWhen I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what's waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.Reality is much worse:A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom:J.S.Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:Resist and die.Or submit, and sign my life away.---Uncovering You 2 - SubmissionI have survived the worst. I have come out of the darkness with my sanity intact.Now, I get to meet the monster holding me here. For the first time since my captivity began, I get to meet Stonehart.Whatever he wants, I'll be ready. The collar may be tight around my neck, but I will not be a prisoner.A prisoner has no choice. A prisoner has no purpose.But a concubine, on the other hand? She always has a choice.And today, I choose to fight.---Uncovering You 3 - ResistanceJeremy Stonehart is a cruel, vindictive man. He wants me to submit. He wants me to give in.I will never give in. I will never yield. No matter what he subjects me to, I will always fight.I will not forget my resolve.Let Stonehart think me broken. I am not so easily deterred as that. No matter what he puts me through, I will always remember my own strength. I will always remember that in the end, I have control of the one thing he really wants:My mind.I will never give him that.I will resist.--Books Included:Uncovering You 1: The ContractUncovering You 2: SubmissionUncovering You 3: ResistanceUncovering You 4: Retribution

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A Kiss Stolen

Pdf Romance A Kiss Stolen

Pdf:A Kiss Stolen. A story about love and obsession-Liliana,I always wished I'd never told my father about the kiss.The kiss the son of the man who came to do odd jobs around the house gave me. But I was only eleven years old then. I didn't understand the ways of the world. How fathers think. My father ran out of the house and fired the boy's father. His father struck him right in front of me.I never saw him again, but I never forgot his eyes, the fierce, unrepentant expression in them.Sometimes I still think of him and I wonder what became of that boy. If I will ever see him again. Then I wonder what his reaction to me will be. Would he even remember my face? Probably not. He must have forgotten me by now.But if he did I'd just like to say how very sorry I was for making a child's innocent kiss such a big deal.It was just a kiss stolen by a boy.BrandI hated her father. He destroyed my family.But I wanted his daughter. Like a thirst I could never quench. For years I dreamed and obsessed about her.Lust mixed with hate is a bad thing. Like a disease in your blood it ruins your life. When I slept with other women the craving for her flesh only got worse. I was haunted by her.Sometimes, when I could no longer bear it, I followed her from afar. She was, always heavily protected by her father's security guards.I watched her grow into a beauty I could never have her. But I had to have her. By any means.When she turned eighteen she moved out of her father's nest. It was a gift from fate.I cast my net...and my proud princess flew into it.-This romance story is intended for mature audiences, due to strong language, dark themes and elements. The book ends with a HEA and NO cliffhanger.This story can be read as a Standalone romance, however your reading pleasure will be enhanced by firstly reading my bestselling, 'The Crystal Jake EDEN series'.

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The Arrangement 4 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 4 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 4 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 10 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 4 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery finds out too late that her heart isn’t cut out to be a call girl. She’s too attracted to Sean. Avery doesn’t just want Sean’s body, she wants his heart. When he sent her away, Avery was devastated. Trying to pick up the pieces is hard, especially since she can’t get another job. Caught in an impossible position with her employer, everything hinges on making this next client happy, but things don’t go as they should. To make matters worse, Sean shows up at the worst time. Avery dreams of a chance to start over, to erase Sean from her life forever and leave her old life behind. But, it’s beginning to look more and more like just a dream. Genre: New Adult RomanceThis story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.~

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The Perfect Game: A Complete Sports Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf Romance The Perfect Game: A Complete Sports Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf:The Perfect Game: A Complete Sports Romance Series (3-Book Box Set).What's better than one sexy friends-to-lovers sports romance? Three of them! Alluring heroes. Painful truths. Enduring love.Which Nighthawk will be your favorite?  Book One - Catching Caden If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough. It was my home run ball that shattered her face.Right along with her modeling career. Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.And get her to love the game that she hates.The game that dictates my life both on and off the field. But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she'll just be another casualty of my three-strikes rule. The rule I have to protect my money, my future, my heart.No girl has ever broken it.I've never wanted one to.Until now. The question is ... will I let her?  Book Two - Benching Brady FAST BALLS. FAST CARS. FAST WOMEN.They are how I've learned to cope.But then life throws me a curve ball.And I may never play the game I love again.Then I meet her.She represents everything I've lost.In the best and worst of ways.She may be the only one who can get me back in the game.And I'm not just talking about baseball.  Book Three - Stealing Sawyer I hired her to be my girlfriend.To fix my reputation.To save my career. It's not that I don't want a girlfriend. I do. I want it all. Wife, kids, side-by-side burial plots. The problem is - I can't have any of it.So I've made myself untouchable. The quintessential bachelor of baseball.Because it's not worth the risk. Not even for someone I love. Especially not for someone I love. We made the arrangements.We agreed to a contract.It's iron clad.No sex. No love. No future. What could possibly go wrong? Get this SEXY series now!

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The Mitchell Sisters: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf Romance The Mitchell Sisters: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf:The Mitchell Sisters: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set).Grab your tissues for the series that has sold over 250,000 copies.Three sisters.Three sexy, swoon-worthy men.Three unforgettable stories.Book ONE - Purple Orchids:Friends. Lovers. Enemies.Sometimes the lines between them are blurred. He broke my heart back in college.And now, years later, a chance meeting has him claiming he never dumped me.Says I dumped him. Broke his heart. Ruined his life. Someone is lying.It's not me.But the thing is - it's not him either. I'm SO over him.Okay, maybe not.But he doesn't have to know that.Because loving him again isn't worth the risk I'd have to take or the secret I'd be forced to reveal.Or is it? Book TWO - White Lilies:HER SELFLESS ACT.Her best friend's husband.A twist of fate.They wanted her to have their baby.She was never supposed to fall in love with him... or was she?A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.Book THREE - Black Roses:HER SECRETS ARE UGLY.They've kept her from coming home.Now she's risking everything to return.She thought it would be a quick trip. Show up. Say the right words. Then she'd be gone.She never counted on meeting him.The football star.The single dad.He knew she was shattered by some event she kept hidden under lock and key.The clues on her body failed to reveal her secrets - unlike scars on his body that clearly publicized his.The clock was ticking, giving him only a short time to uncover the true meaning of the flower branded into her flesh.Because if she got back on that plane, he knew it would be forever.Get this sexy series now!**Due to adult language and sexual situations, these books are intended for mature audiences.

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Heart of Stone (Khargals of Duras Book 1)

Pdf Romance Heart of Stone (Khargals of Duras Book 1)

Pdf:Heart of Stone (Khargals of Duras Book 1).Her winged savior was no angel.When death nearly claims Brianna at the tender age of eight, a being that shouldn’t exist saves her. Twenty years later, she becomes an architect specialized in historic buildings, still searching for evidence that the one who saved her—the one who haunts her increasingly wild dreams—truly exists. When a mystery man hires her for a major project in the catacombs of an old church turned exclusive, gothic nightclub, Brianna believes she may have her chance at long last. Alkor has grown weary of this era. Forced to hide in plain sight, forbidden from ever claiming the only woman to have stirred his mating instincts, he considers going back into hibernation rather than pining for her from afar. But the sudden activation of the beacon changes everything. Rescue is on the way! With his only means of reaching the rendezvous point trapped in the catacombs, Alkor hires Brianna to help recover his treasure. However, his lost sigil isn’t the only thing he intends to take back home with him.Time is running out, and the evil forces conspiring to capture him will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even using Brianna. Did Alkor save his true mate only to lose her now that they might have a chance at a future together?----------Heart of Stone is a standalone novel part of the collaborative series the Khargals of Duras. A thousand years ago, a Khargal scouting party left Duras, only to crash on a planet called Earth.Injured and outnumbered, the stranded Khargals hid among stone effigies and observed the slow evolution of the planet’s primitive inhabitants. With no means of returning to Duras, they watched from their shadowy perches and faded into legend, becoming the mythical gargoyles. Until today. Long after any hope for rescue had died, the distress signal has finally been answered. It's time to go home.

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The Arrangement 5 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 5 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 5 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 10 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 5 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsAvery’s emotions are fried, but she doesn’t have to think twice about her BFFs Marty and Mel. They mean everything to her. They’re the family she doesn’t have. In a crisis, they’re the people to have by her side, and God knows this is a crisis. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold. If only things with Sean were so simple. Regret is something that is impossible to subdue. There are still things to be said, things to do. Life is too short to live in the past, but when Avery wakes up at the hospital she finds that her world has changed. Genre: New Adult RomanceThis story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.~

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The Stone Brothers: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf Romance The Stone Brothers: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

Pdf:The Stone Brothers: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set).A Top-10 Kindle Unlimited series!Have you gotten STONED yet?Which brother will you choose?The over-protective private investigator, the recovering bad-boy movie star, the alluring ER doctor?These hot and sexy brothers will have you begging for more.You'll love them. You'll hate them.You'll want to hide them away and marry them.Get the series readers are raving about.Book ONE - Stone Rules:CHARLIE DOESN'T PLAY BY THE RULES...She likes sleeping with men.Sometimes it's not a choice.Life hasn't been easy for Charlie. Her mother was a monster. And when Charlie left home, there wasn't always a warm bed, food, or a hot shower.She figured out how to get by on her looks.When her mother dies and she comes home to put that part of her life behind her, she finds the diary.It fills her with rage.She's out for revenge.But along the way she meets him.Ethan DOES play by the rules. And at the top of his list is "Don't get involved with clients."Will he break his rules for Charlie?Book TWO - Stone Promises:We were childhood friends.Me and the boy who would grow up to become Hollywood's hottest star.When I was six - I fell for him at the bus stop.When I was fifteen - he moved away, taking my heart with him.When I was twenty-four - he came back for me even though I didn't want him.The nine years we spent apart, I tried like hell to fill the void.Apparently, so did he.Instead of being addicted to me, he became addicted to women, drugs, and money.So when he showed up on my doorstep offering me everything I'd ever dreamed of - him, I couldn't help but think of the age-old idiom:Be careful what you wish for.Book THREE - Stone Vows:SHE'S FORBIDDEN.I'm her doctor.She's my patient.My only patient.She's alone and in trouble.From the moment I see her, I know she's special.As a resident, I've spent years living and breathing hospital life.Then she comes into my ER, and my need to help her is all consuming.Despite the consequences...Even knowing I could lose everything I've worked for...I can't stay away.How far will I go to protect her?Get this steamy series now!**Due to adult language and sexual situations, these books are intended for mature audiences.

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Surrender to Them: A MFM Romance Anthology

Pdf Romance Surrender to Them: A MFM Romance Anthology

Pdf:Surrender to Them: A MFM Romance Anthology.This anthology will light a fire that burns all night long.Get the first four books in Kelli Callahan's bestselling Surrender to Them series!Smoke & Fire: Two hot-as-sin firefighters rescue Kayla from a fire that she started by accident, but the embers reveal secrets that could destroy everything. Trent and Chase are alpha AF, and they love to share. When the gorgeous girl they rescued turns out to be a natural brat, they have no problem gives her a taste of the discipline she craves. Smoke & Fire comes with a special extended epilogue that is only available in this anthology.Temptation & Trouble: Kacey is on a downward spiral but a chance meeting with her father's best friend, Harlan, awakens feelings that she's tried to forget. When she hits rock bottom and he offers to let her move in, she's hard pressed to turn him down. A taste of discipline is long overdue and when she realizes that his roommate Gabe is the kind of man that has no problem putting her over his knee, she finds herself drawn to both of them. What happens next? You'll have to read to find out!Secrets & Sin: Brianna is captivated from the moment she first looks into Dante's mesmerizing eyes. He recognizes the need to surrender that lingers beneath the surface. He pulls her into his world, one that is filled with delicious sin, but riddled with secrets. She's everything he craves, but she might be the one person that can help his best friend, Shane, escape the darkness that has consumed his heart. Can he learn to share?Heat & Desire: Wendy has been in love with her best friend's father for years. Some lines shouldn't be crossed, even when they are blurred by desire. Then a mistake puts her in his arms and secrets from the past pull them together. The biggest secret of all? He likes to share...Kelli's Note: These stories are hot, steamy, and they might melt the paint off your walls before you can turn the page. All four books are MFM and all about her. Can you handle the heat? Can you Surrender to Them?

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The Arrangement 6 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 6 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 6 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 10 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 6 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsJust as Avery thinks she finds balance with her position as a call girl and her relationship with Sean, everything changes. The relationships that she has depended on are suddenly gone. After years of friendship, Avery is forced to face the cold hard truth--there is no place for feelings in this kind of business.Genre: New Adult RomanceThis story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.~

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Club Prive Complete Series Box Set

Pdf Romance Club Prive Complete Series Box Set

Pdf:Club Prive Complete Series Box Set.Who is Gavin Manning and why does he keep showing up wherever I go? What does he want from me?These are just a few of the questions law student Carrie Summers asks herself after running into devastatingly handsome Gavin for the third time at the opening of the hottest new club in town, Club Privé. Is he stalking her, or is it fate?Despite telling herself that she doesn't have time for a relationship, she finds his persistent attention flattering, and can't help but be attracted to those deep blue eyes. An evening of fun and dancing turns into the most incredible night of her life, and she still doesn't have a clue about Gavin. All she knows is he's an amazing lover.Don't miss the complete series of Club Prive, but be warned – you might need a cold shower after this one.

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The Billionaire Banker Series - Box Set

Pdf Romance The Billionaire Banker Series - Box Set

Pdf:The Billionaire Banker Series - Box Set. Get the series that readers say has an addictive, suspenseful storyline that you won't be able to put down, featuring a real alpha billionaire and a cool smart heroine, combined with scintillating hot steamy goodness.-Book 1: OwnedWhen Lana Bloom learns the devastating news that her mother is dying, she is faced with a terrible dilemma. The one thing that can save her is the one thing she does not have.For young and Innocent Lana, The unthinkable is her only choice.When she walks through the door of that exclusive restaurant she has no idea of the seismic shift her life is about to take, for the highest bidder will not be the rich man she has accompanied.Fate drops her at the feet of the deeply mysterious and dazzlingly gorgeous American banker, Blake Law Barrington. Throbbing with raw masculinity and arrogance, this is a man who owns all that he pursues.And now he wants her.Lana cannot deny she is both intrigued and intoxicated by the world Blake inhabits and the smouldering passion he stirs in her body, but she is also fearful for this man is addictive and right now she is very vulnerable. She knows she should focus only on the arrangement, but how can she?When he has opened a door that cannot be closed...Book 2: Forty 2 DaysDevastatingly handsome billionaire, Blake Law Barrington was Lana Blooms first and only love. From the moment they touched his power was overwhelming. Their arrangement quickly developed into a passionate romance that captivated her heart and took her on an incredible sexual journey she never wanted to end.The future together looked bright until Lana made a terrible mistake. So, she did the only thing she could... she ran.Away from her incredible life, away from the man of her dreams, but she should have known a man such as Blake Law Barrington was impossible to escape. Now, he's back in her life and determined that she should taste the bitterness of his pain.Shocked at how rough the sex has become and humiliated that she is actually participating so willingly in her punishment, she despairs if she will ever feel the warmth of his touch--the solidity of his trust again? And even if she can win his trust, loyalties are yet to be decided, and secrets to be revealed--secrets that will test them both to their limits.Will Lana be able to tear down the walls that surround Blake's heart, and break him free of the brutal power of immense wealth?Can Blake hold on to Lana's heart when she discovers the enormity of the dark secrets that inhabit the Barrington family?Lana has always believed that love conquers all. She is about to test that belief...Book 3: Besotted...My heart was in a coffin, safe, dark, motionless... until I found you in a secret place, among the shadows of my soul. You saved me...Blake Law Barrington.Blake is now the new head of the Barrington dynasty. 'Forget the past,you are safe now,'he whispers.But I can't feel safe.How can I? I fear for him. The secrets are many and the road he travels is dark and treacherous.And I still need answers to burning questions.Why has he still not dealt with Victoria, who still remains too close for my comfort?What will happen if Marcus re-enters our lives?Will we ever really,truly be free from the tentacles of this ancient dangerous familyThe Billionaire Banker Series is an International Bestselling series. Readers around the world have loved Lana and Blake's story, downloading more than 500,000 copies worldwide.

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Say it with a Kiss

Pdf Romance Say it with a Kiss

Pdf:Say it with a Kiss.Seven heartwarming historical romances... One must read collection.A Code of Heart by Jacki DeleckiMiss Amelia Bonnington has been in love with Michael Harcourt since she was nine years old... or so she thought until a not-so proper impassioned and unyielding kiss from the not-so honorable and equally disreputable Mr. Derrick Brinsley, gave her reason to question the feelings of the heart.Derrick Brinsley, brother to the Earl of Falconbridge, shunned from society for running off with his brother's fiancée, hasn't cared about or questioned his lack of acceptance until meeting the beguiling Amelia Bonnington. One passionate moment with the fiery Miss Bonnington has him more than willing to play by society's rules to possess the breathtaking, red-haired woman.On clandestine assignment to prevent the French from stealing the British Navy's secret weapon, Derrick must fight to protect British secrets from falling into the hands of French spies, but also the chance at love with the only woman capable of redeeming him.The Disappearance of Lady Edith by Christina McKnightOne tragic night changed sensible, proper Lady Edith Pelton's life: when her best friend fell to her death, pushed down a flight of stairs by a nefarious lord. Now, Edith dedicates her time to watching the man she thinks is responsible, while gathering information to expose other scoundrels posing as gentlemen of honor about London. When her spying is noticed by a perfect stranger, Edith finds herself with two mysteries--what happened to her friend, and how to win the heart of this brilliantly handsome lord.Scandalous Endeavors by Amanda MarielThe Duke of Goldstone is devilishly handsome, and has a nasty habit of showing up at all the wrong moments and thwarting Amelia's carefully laid plans to ensnare a suitable husband. Sparks fly as the pair find themselves at odds with each other and drawn to each other at the same time. Can they find a way to stop arguing long enough to explore their growing passion?Her Impetuous Rakehell by Aileen FishLaurence Pierce never wanted a wife or children. He preferred his freedom and his bachelor's rooms in London. Then his cousin Lord Oakhurst dies, making Laurence guardian of a three-year-old girl. He knows nothing about children, and even less about girls. In desperation, he turns to the only lady friend he's never seduced and begs for help.Lady Hannah Lumley knows Laurence for exactly what he is, since he's been her brother's closest friend for as long as she can remember. He's the last man she could imagine as a father, and the very last man her brother would consider letting her marry. Yet one little kiss leaves her unable to think of anything but the new Baron Oakhurst. Now her Season has taken a twist she never expected. How can the nice young lords and gentlemen in London ever compare to this impetuous rakehell?Infinitely My Marquess by Dawn BrowerThe Marquess of Cinderbury and Lady Annalise Palmer are two lost souls in search of salvation. Together they can help each other heal, if they can believe in love, and in each other long enough to escape the torment they've both suffered; as well as, uncover an unimaginable devotion.The Rakehell's Seduction by Lauren SmithNotorious rake Ambrose Worthing takes on a bet to seduce an earl's daughter and gets more than he bargains for when he meets Alexandra, the feisty country girl who might just warm up his cold heart.Lady Harper by Jillian EatonHigh-spirited, independent, and rebellious, Lady Harper has no intention of finding a husband. And why should she, when every man she's ever met has bored her to tears? That is, every man except for one...The Duke of Greenwood may be many things - arrogant, rakish, and a cad, to name a few - but boring he isn't. After a chance encounter with Harper leaves him entranced, he vows to make her his wife...The only problem? She can't stand the sight of him.

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The Arrangement 7 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf Romance The Arrangement 7 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family)

Pdf:The Arrangement 7 (The Ferro Family) (The Arrangement:Ferro Family).THE SERIES WITH OVER 10 MILLION COPIES SOLDVolume 7 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement SerialsWhen Avery learns Sean's dark secret, everything changes. His confession blindsides her. Sean has a shady past, she knew that from the beginning, but this is so much worse than she thought. There's a dangerous side to Sean. It's alluring and frightening at the same time. Avery has to decide if love can overcome anything or if she should protect her heart.Genre: New Adult RomanceThis story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.~The Arrangement Vol 1-23 are on sale now.~

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Vengeance: A Dark Protectors/Rebels Novella

Pdf Romance Vengeance: A Dark Protectors/Rebels Novella

Pdf:Vengeance: A Dark Protectors/Rebels Novella.From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti comes a new story in her Dark Protectors/Rebels series…Vengeance and revenge are the only forces driving vampire soldier Noah Siosal since losing his brother to an enemy he’s been unable to find. He’s searched every corner of the globe, going through adversaries and piling up bodies until finally getting a lead. The last place he wants to be is in a ridiculous anger management group with people expressing feelings instead of taking action. Until one fragile human, a green-eyed sweetheart being stalked by danger, catches his eye. One touch, and he realizes vengeance can’t be anywhere near her.Anger and self-preservation are the only motivations Abby Miller needs or wants right now. Falsely accused of attacking the man who’s terrorized her for years, she’s forced as a plea bargain to attend an anger management counseling group with people with some serious rage issues, while learning true self defense on the side. Yet a man, one more primal than any she’s ever met, draws her in a way and into a world deadlier than she’s ever imagined. He offers her protection, but she finds the fight is really for his heart, and she’s ready to battle.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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Brothers in Blue: The Complete Trilogy: Brothers in Blue Boxed Set - Books 1-3

Pdf Romance Brothers in Blue: The Complete Trilogy: Brothers in Blue Boxed Set - Books 1-3

Pdf:Brothers in Blue: The Complete Trilogy: Brothers in Blue Boxed Set - Books 1-3.Meet the men of Manning Grove, three small-town cops and brothers, who meet the women who will change the rest of their lives...Max:Big city party-girl Amanda Barber has been spoiled most of her life. But life for Amanda suddenly becomes a major challenge: adapting to small-town life, dealing with her special needs brother, and constantly butting heads with a frustrating local cop.As a police officer and former Marine, "responsibility" is Max Bryson's middle name. Never having been in a serious relationship, he has no plans for one in the near future. He likes being his own man. And even if he were interested in a serious relationship, he certainly wouldn't choose someone so immature and irresponsible as Amanda. But no matter how hard he tries, he can't get sexy Amanda out of his head or his heart. Watching her mature in front of his eyes, his protectiveness towards her only strengthens.Bossy and possessive aren't the only words Amanda uses to describe this frustrating cop. She can't deny just looking at the man makes her tremble. But she's done with having anyone control her and this man isn't going to be any different. Or is he?Marc:Officer Marc Bryson doesn’t believe women should be in law enforcement. Ever. When his older brother, Max, is promoted to the small town’s police chief the first thing he does is hire a woman fresh out of the academy. Then makes Marc her Field Training Officer.Determined to follow in her late father’s footsteps, Leah Grant has the moxie to break any glass ceiling that stands in the way from becoming a police officer. Even if that means proving to her coach—who only wants her in his bed and not in the field—she’s worthy of being a permanent member of the force.Working in a man’s world, Leah challenges Marc’s misconceptions about women in the line of duty. But as they struggle to separate their work life from their undeniable chemistry, things continue to steam up and get a little kinky. These two officers of the law must toe the line after being caught red-handed.In the end, can Leah prove to Marc that she is good as backup as well as in bed?Matt:As a former Marine, Matt Bryson has dealt with PTSD ever since coming home from the Middle East. He finds himself fortunate to be able to return to his job as a cop at the local police department with his brothers Max and Marc.Dr. Carly Stephens works hard as an obstetrician at the local hospital, struggling to pay off her medical school loans, financially support her elderly parents, and save money to adopt a baby. Unable to have children, she still longs for one of her very own.Instantly attracted to the Dictator Doctor, Matt finds Carly easily brings him to his knees both emotionally and physically. What starts out only as a convenient sexual relationship turns into a whole lot more when dealing with their pasts and their future. Especially since Matt doesn’t ever want children.Matt and Carly find themselves on a passionate and emotional journey that can either bring them together or rip them apart.

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The Moore Family - The Complete Series Box Set: Books 1-5

Pdf Romance The Moore Family - The Complete Series Box Set: Books 1-5

Pdf:The Moore Family - The Complete Series Box Set: Books 1-5.The Moore Family Series is here, all in one complete set!Blown Away: Ian & JulietShe needs a hero and he’s the one to save her. No matter how hard they fight it, when Ian and Juliet come together, they’re just BLOWN AWAY.Carried Away: James & EllieNeither of them believe in love, at least not the kind that lasts. They can try to ignore it all they want, but when James and Ellie come together, they just get CARRIED AWAY.Swept Away: Harry & WillowHis life is in Bliss and hers is in the city. It’s foolish for them to fall in love, but when Harry and Willow come together, they just get SWEPT AWAY.Break Away: Cole & LilahWhen Lilah’s brothers bet her that she can’t survive out in the ‘real world’ without using her parents’ money, she accepts without thinking twice. She’s the Lilah Moore and she can do anything. Right?Purely Wicked: Jackson & AshleyJackson Moore came back to Bliss, South Carolina to make a better life for his daughter, but the minute he sees Ashley Thompson, his world shifts on its axis.

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Bitten by the Beast

Pdf Romance Bitten by the Beast

Pdf:Bitten by the Beast.Juliet Simon gets herself into all kinds of situations, but breaking into the scary mansion near her college campus has got to take the cake. When she finds more than she bargains for behind closed doors, will her fear take over, or will she fall for the beast?Kane Viscardi is unlike other vampires. He’s spent most of his time hiding away and is alone in the world without a mate. Until one night when there’s an unexpected knock at the door. Suddenly something awakens inside of him for the first time in a century.Warning: It’s the first time we’ve written vampires, so go easy on us. Enjoy this brand new series that features a coven of five and read about how all of them find love.

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Willa's Beast: A SciFi Alien Romance (Icehome Book 3)

Pdf Romance Willa's Beast: A SciFi Alien Romance (Icehome Book 3)

Pdf:Willa's Beast: A SciFi Alien Romance (Icehome Book 3).Beast. Creature. Monster.Dangerous.All of these things have been said about Gren.Willa doesn't believe it, though. She knows that monsters can sometimes come in appealing packages. She knows that for all of his snarls and fearsome appearance, he'd never hurt her.And she knows she has to get Gren away from the Icehome camp, because no one will ever see him as a person, not when he attacks all who come close. Not when he's tied and treated like an animal.She's going to save him...or fall in love. Maybe both. Willa doesn't mind that he's a beast, as long as he's *her* beast.

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Neutral: Curse of the Gods Novella (Book 4.5)

Pdf Romance Neutral: Curse of the Gods Novella (Book 4.5)

Pdf:Neutral: Curse of the Gods Novella (Book 4.5).Sometimes, the end is only the beginning. Emmy was born a dweller and she expected to die as a dweller ... until Willa changed everything. Now she has no idea of her path, and she certainly wasn't prepared for what would happen after her death. Caught in the middle of a war that threatened to prove much more significant than anyone had ever expected, there is only one person who can help her ... but his terms are steep. Cyrus was born out of necessity: a being of light, brought to life with a singular purpose. Time has changed him and the recent events have unsettled him … but a certain transformed dweller is about to do much worse than that. She is about to turn his existence upside down. Topia is giving them no choice: they survive together, or the war is lost.This is a NOVELLA, over 30,000 words. Book 4.5 of 5 in the Curse of the Gods Series

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Unraveled (The Untangled Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Unraveled (The Untangled Series Book 1)

Pdf:Unraveled (The Untangled Series Book 1).SummerEvers Sinclair is dangerous. One flash of that teasing smile, and I know he’s going to ruin me. He makes my body shiver and my brain melt. He’s also a huge mistake. Girls like me don’t land guys like Evers. But every time he knocks on my door, I let him in. I thought we understood each other. I thought we were playing the same game. I was wrong. EversI’ve never had a problem mixing business with pleasure. Until Summer. I was supposed to keep an eye on her, not take her to bed. Once I had her where I wanted her, I couldn’t let her go. I’m going to have to move heaven and Earth to win her back.And that’s the easy part.With the Russian mob after us and her father dragging us to hell…I don’t just have to win her back, I have to keep her alive.Unraveled is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s first in The Untangled Series featuring the Sinclair brothers you first met in the Alpha Billionaire Club and Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaire series.

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Stealing Sawyer (The Perfect Game Series)

Pdf Romance Stealing Sawyer (The Perfect Game Series)

Pdf:Stealing Sawyer (The Perfect Game Series). I hired her to be my girlfriend.To fix my reputation.To save my career.It's not that I don't want a girlfriend. I do. I want it all. Wife, kids, side-by-side burial plots.The problem is - I can't have any of it.So I've made myself untouchable. The quintessential bachelor of baseball.Because it's not worth the risk. Not even for someone I love.Especially not for someone I love.We made the arrangements.We agreed to a contract.It's iron clad.No sex. No love. No future.What could possibly go wrong?Stealing Sawyer can be read as a standalone romance. It is Book Three in The Perfect Game Series.Samantha Christy's collections:The Mitchell Sisters seriesPurple OrchidsWhite LiliesBlack RosesThe Stone Brothers seriesStone RulesStone PromisesStone VowsThe Perfect Game SeriesCatching CadenBenching BradyStealing SawyerStandalonesBe My ReasonAbstract LoveFinding Mikayla

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Omega's Wolves: Hell's Wolves MC

Pdf Romance Omega's Wolves: Hell's Wolves MC

Pdf:Omega's Wolves: Hell's Wolves MC.Omega females are valued only for their ability to breed.The Hell’s Wolves MC are bad, dangerously bad. They are on the outskirts of the shifter world, and are known for being wild, reckless, and untrustworthy. That’s why I know they are the only ones I can hire to protect me from him…. The only ones, that might save me from a life of breeding. But can I find light in their darkness? Will they betray me?18+ Only.

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Love Sincerely Yours

Pdf Romance Love Sincerely Yours

Pdf:Love Sincerely Yours.A sexy, smart, and heart-swooning romance about a girl who has nothing to lose when it comes to flirting with her boss. This seductive contemporary romance from bestselling authors Meghan Quinn and Sara Ney will keep you on the edge of your seat as you fall in love with the first novel from this dynamic duo. Please note, this book will NOT be in KU. Dear Mister.. . . no, too formal.Hey there sweet cheeks. . . no, too forward.*Clears throat*To whom it may concern,Full disclosure; before we move forward with this email, I would like it to be known that I have consumed an adequate amount of alcoholic beverages to intoxicate myself tonight. Three margaritas, two shots, and one beer—because it was free.I think it’s important to be open and honest with your co-workers, don’t you?So here I am, being open and honest. Drunk but honest. Or just drunk with lust? You decide.I have a hopeless, foolish, schoolgirl crush on you when you are the last person on earth I should be falling for. Did you know people around the office call you a sadist? An egomaniac. An insensitive, arrogant prick. But what they don't know is your bark is worse than your bite. And that bite doesn't scare me. The fact is, I’d love that bite of yours to nip at my bare skin while we’re both wearing nothing but sheets.For once I want you to look at me as more than one of your employees. And as long as we're being honest, that navy blue suit you wear? With the crisp white shirt? It really makes me want to loosen your tie and show you exactly who's boss. Love,Sincerely,Yours

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Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts Book 1)

Pdf Romance Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts Book 1)

Pdf:Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts Book 1).The Daughter of Beaston is hurting. Remington Novak is stuck in a city, her whole life altered for a man who didn’t keep her. A life change comes in many forms, but for Remi, it comes as a newspaper clipping, sent by her best friend. A Last Chance Crew up in the mountains is looking for help, and her skillset matches the requirements. Must like animals? She was a grizzly shifter. Must be okay with crass jokes? She was raised a Grey Back in one of the roughest Crews in existence. She could surely handle a few rowdy boys. When she shows up for the interview though, it’s clear she’s made a grave mistake. Kamp demands her inner bear’s attention immediately, but he’s dangerous to her body and soul. Something’s wrong with that lion shifter, and the more she tries to figure him out, the deeper she falls into a dangerous admiration for him and these mountains he’s claiming as home.Kamp is out of options. His days are numbered in his Crew, his lion needs to be put down, and every day looks just the same. Wake up, fight the Alpha, fail at his job, sleep, repeat. He’s lost too much to recover, but one look at the fiery-eyed beauty, and this lion shifter lumberjack aching to change his destiny. It might already be too late, but now every day is worth fighting for just to see the growing smile on Remi’s face.Two damaged shifters, one fate, one helluva mountain to climb to get this Crew to C-Team status. No one could’ve got him living again, but maybe…just maybe…the Novak Grizzly can save him.Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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One Night One Secret

Pdf Romance One Night One Secret

Pdf:One Night One Secret.It was a one-night stand. That was all it should have been. All I remember is a big wolf paw tattoo on his chest.Everything else is a blur.I never intended for there to be a child… My beautiful boy, Jason.His life is in danger.I need to find his father. But finding Jason’s father means going deep into shifter territory. I’ve heard terrible rumors about what they do to people…Will I be able to find my child’s father in time and leave Undervale with my heart intact?This is a full-length novel with an HEA. 18+ Only.

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The Left Side of Perfect (The Perfect Duet Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Left Side of Perfect (The Perfect Duet Book 1)

Pdf:The Left Side of Perfect (The Perfect Duet Book 1).The Perfect Duet is a FRIENDS to LOVERS contemporary romance with one epic twist that will leave you breathless and emotionally SATISFIED! Bestselling author, Meghan Quinn will have you on the edge of your seat, saying OH MY GOD what just happened in this epic, heart-felt and beautifully written romance.For better or for worse,'til death do us part . . .The better captured me; she's who stole my heart. And made me realize I couldn’t live without this woman.The worse of her took my breath away--kicked me when I was down and twisted me into a million knots. When I first met her, I thought she was someone I would never see again. The second time I ran into her, it was a random coincidence.The third? I didn’t know it at the time, but she was the girl I was going to marry. But life isn’t always perfect. You have to take the better and the worse--even if it means giving her up, having her slip between your fingers, and letting her walk away. I’m getting married. This is forever, 'til death do us part.

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Rescuing Harley (Delta Force Heroes Book 3)

Pdf Romance Rescuing Harley (Delta Force Heroes Book 3)

Pdf:Rescuing Harley (Delta Force Heroes Book 3).Video game coder, Harley Kelso, thought a tandem skydive would help her make her latest game more realistic. Instead, it literally put her in the arms of the sexiest man she’s ever seen. Geeky to the core, Harley is the polar opposite of big and burly Beckett, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to play more carnal games with the sexy soldier.When Beckett “Coach” Ralston offers to fill-in at a friend’s skydiving club, he doesn’t suspect he’ll meet a woman who will change his life—and he definitely doesn’t expect her to save it. But that’s exactly what happens when an accident mid-air forces Harley to land them both safely. She’s earned Coach’s complete gratitude, and even more, sexual interest…Until she disappears without a trace.With Harley missing, a happy ending might not be in the cards for the man who loves her—especially when he becomes the main suspect.** Rescuing Harley is the 3rd book in the Delta Force Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

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Be Mine

Pdf Romance Be Mine

Pdf:Be Mine.At twenty years old, Lainey Wilson has made enough mistakes for a lifetime. She’s gotten herself knocked up by a cruel, uncaring man, lost her home, and found herself outside of a ramshackle bar with a crying baby and a broken purse. When Nick Jackson, the Mustangs' new rookie quarterback, swoops in like her savior, all she wants to do is fall into his arms. There’s just one problem... she’s sworn off football players and men for good. He’s charming, eager, and sexy as hell, but Nick’s not the man for her. No matter what her body says. Besides, she’s got bigger problems to fix such as how she’s going to feed her child, where she’s going to lay her head, and how to stay hidden from her ex. There’s no room for flirtation, a hand on the small of her back, or even the way he makes her daughter smile.Nick Jackson isn’t in her plan now or ever. Right? 

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Purrfect for Me (Built Fur Love Book 3)

Pdf Romance Purrfect for Me (Built Fur Love Book 3)

Pdf:Purrfect for Me (Built Fur Love Book 3).Hunter Raines is restless. Now that his friends are mated, the cougar inside him is pacing, ready for the next adventure. But everything changes when curvy, sweet Kelly walks into the bar, hiding secrets and radiating fear. Hunter's cougar is ready to pounce on whatever is threatening her, and Hunter is pretty sure that he just found a reason to stay in Silver Lake.Kelly doesn't know how much longer she has until the horror she's been running from finds her. Hopefully, her move to Silver Lake will give her the peace and quiet she needs to get back to work. But maybe even work can wait when a sexy man with blond hair, blue eyes and magic hands shows up unexpectedly, offering help with her wreck of a cabin. It doesn't take long for warm friendship embers to burst into white-hot lust. Meanwhile the monster stalking Kelly is still coming ever closer, threatening to destroy them both. But Hunter knows something Kelly doesn't: that the overprotective cougar inside him won't let anything happen to the woman he knows is his mate. Purrfect for Me is the third book in my Built Fur Love series! It contains a protective cougar, a terrifying shifter stalker, and a work crew who has each other's backs no matter what. The first and second are here:1. amazon.com/dp/B07H2Z5QJG2. amazon.com/dp/B07H85XNY8MY BOOKS WILL NEVER CONTAIN: Cheating, unfaithful heroes, or an ending that is anything but happy.

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Pdf Romance Reckless

Pdf:Reckless.A USA Today Best Seller Tori... For the record, I'm not going to hook up with my boss. I'm a lot of things - a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I'll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss. I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chiseled muscles or southern charm or the way he snuggles his kids at bedtime. Ethan Carter won't get the key to my heart, no matter how much I want him. Ethan... Between us, she's the last thing I need as I finalize my hellish divorce. What sane man trying to rebuild his life wants a hot nanny with long, sexy hair, curves for miles, and a smart mouth? A perfectly kissable, pouty mouth that I shouldn't notice. My focus is on my kids and my ranch, not the insufferable siren who sleeps in the room next to mine. It doesn't matter that she wins over my kids in a heartbeat or runs my life better than I do. Tori Duran is the one woman I can't have and shouldn't want, no matter how much I crave her.

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The Klaskians Series Box Set: Alien Romance Series

Pdf Romance The Klaskians Series Box Set: Alien Romance Series

Pdf:The Klaskians Series Box Set: Alien Romance Series."Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if that means joining an alien surrogacy program." Life on other planets is possible. The new planet discovered in the solar system, Klaskar has been accepted as a reality and a peaceful truce drawn between humanity and the blue skinned Klaskians. The species would have remained separate until it was proved that a human would could birth a Klaskian young.Life has come down to two choices for Janelle Speirs. Apply to the surrogacy program and be paid to use her womb to bear an alien young or find herself homeless. Joining the program might be risky but at least she’ll have the money to start over after she comes back to earth. Once Janelle arrives on Klaskar things aren’t like she pictured. She’s shocked to find that she’s to be mated not only to one male but two. Legend has it the Klaskians are superb lovers and it means a bigger payment so Janelle agrees. Janelle never planned on surrendering more than her body. Can her Klaskian males capture her heart as well? Is she willing to take the risk and learn to trust and love after a lifetime of abandonment?This boxset is full of sensual passion and exciting action. There’s hot and heavy sexual dalliances, edge of your seat close calls and near misses, and at it’s core a girl from one life and a boy from another thrust together and unwilling to let one another go. Once you start reading The Klaskians series, you won’t be able to put the book down, at least not until you’re reaching for the next. All three The Klaskians Series books are included in the set:1. The Alien Surrogate2. The Alien Seduction3. The Alien Paradise

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My Biggest Mistake

Pdf Romance My Biggest Mistake

Pdf:My Biggest Mistake.Accidentally married. Intentionally cocky.It starts as an interview of a billionaire.I’m out of my element. He notices my scuffed shoes and desperate circumstances. His stare tells me everything. To men like him, I’m nobody.And yet, I’m certain there’s more to him than meets the eye. Everything from his powerful build to his forceful presence wrecks my defenses.Nothing prepares me for the last question he has for me.Will you marry me?I can't get over the way he looks. His body is ripped and hot. I think I’m going crazy. The heat is too much to ignore, and I want to surrender to him.Now I have a question of my own.Am I falling in love?

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The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One

Pdf Romance The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One

Pdf:The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One.Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within. Ava Matheson has never found a home. She's traveled the world looking for answers, tormented by voices that threaten her sanity, but even in the ancient city of the Istanbul, answers remain elusive. A chance meeting in the Spice Market puts Malachi on her tail. He's reckless--resigned to his fate--but something about Ava catches his interest. While unseen forces circle them, Ava and Malachi search for answers. Whispering voices. Deadly touch. Their passion should be impossible... or it could be the only thing that will keep them alive. THE SCRIBE is the first book in the Irin Chronicles, the contemporary fantasy series by Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Elemental Mysteries.Irin ChroniclesTHE SCRIBETHE SINGERTHE SECRETOn a Clear Winter's Night (short story)THE STAFF & THE BLADETHE SILENTTHE STORMTHE SEEKER

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Starlight (Nightmare Dragons Book 3)

Pdf Romance Starlight (Nightmare Dragons Book 3)

Pdf:Starlight (Nightmare Dragons Book 3).Theo Lancaster isn't just the world's best surgeon. He's also a night-stalking monster, a creature of darkness. At least, some of the time. Thanks to his best nurse, Theo has had an ace in the hole for several years now. That is, until she threatens to leave. Only then does he realize she's much more than just another coworker, and the only human his heart could want.Ada has had the hots for Dr. Lancaster for a very long time. And who wouldn't, with his perfect body, striking features and incredible talents? Maybe some people, given his arrogant, aloof personality that pushes everyone away. Which is why she's leaving before heartache gets the best of her. But to her surprise, Theo seems to have other plans in store.What starts as a desperate bid to keep his best nurse at his side quickly becomes much more for Theo and Ada as repressed feelings held back for years come rushing out between them, igniting sparks inside the bedroom and out. But foul forces hidden away from humanity are about to break free, offering answers to the Lancasters' questions about their existence, and endangering everything Theo has ever held dear.Starlight is the third book in the Nightmare Dragons series. These books contain intense themes, mystery and sexy, tortured shifter heroes who do more than go bump in the night. MY BOOKS WILL NEVER CONTAIN: Cheating, unfaithful heroes, or an ending that is anything but happy.

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Midnight (Nightmare Dragons Book 1)

Pdf Romance Midnight (Nightmare Dragons Book 1)

Pdf:Midnight (Nightmare Dragons Book 1).Elusive billionaire Nathan Lancaster knows two things when he meets Lillian Goss. First, he wants her badly. Second, without his help, she's doomed to die.Now he isn't willing to let her out of his sight. Not until he's sure she is safe, and he has had time to figure out why a small human means so much to a monster like him.Lillian Goss suspects the powerful Lancaster family is hiding something. When she finds Nathan, media golden boy and everyone's favorite bachelor, in the background of crime scene photos, she's determined to get the scoop. Now if only she can keep from falling for Nathan when he promises her the exclusive of a lifetime, but only on his terms, and in his mansion.The more Lillian gets to know Nathan, the more complicated her feelings get for a man who's much lonelier than anyone knows. But as attraction burns hot between them, and an unknown stalker enters the picture, one question arises for Lillian... Where does Nathan go after midnight?Midnight is the first book in the Nightmare Dragons series. These books contain intense themes, mystery and sexy, tortured shifter heroes who do more than go bump in the night.MY BOOKS WILL NEVER CONTAIN: Cheating, unfaithful heroes, or an ending that is anything but happy.

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She Thinks My Dragon's Sexy: MacAllen Clan (Dragon Guard Book 35)

Pdf Romance She Thinks My Dragon's Sexy: MacAllen Clan (Dragon Guard Book 35)

Pdf:She Thinks My Dragon's Sexy: MacAllen Clan (Dragon Guard Book 35).The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It's up to you. ENJOY! Sure, it was hotter than hell, drier than a popcorn fart, and the wind blew all the time, but it was home. Not just a place on the map, but in her heart where it really mattered.Coming back to West Texas for Elle Burntwing was a mixed bag of tricks. Sure, it was where she’d grown up, where she’d had her first beer, her first kiss, rode her first horse, and raised all kinds of hell everywhere in between…but it was also where her family had tragically and with no explanation been taken from her.Stepping back on the sandy soil of home, she not only had to get her client outta hot water but also keep herself from falling in love.Family meant everything. It was all he'd ever known, and as the oldest son of an oldest son and a Guardsman, Gage took his job as Protector very seriously, even though his four younger brothers knew every one of his buttons to push and laughed as they did it.Seeing her walking into the Courthouse changed everything. With her in his arms, he saw forever. All he had to do was slay the Fanatical Feathered Freak and convince the One the Universe made for him that he wasn’t an arrogant, know-it-all Dragon. Piece of cake, right? With more on the line than his love life and the scales covering his backside, Gage MacAllen is about to learn the true meaning of ‘Destiny will always find a way’.Can he thaw out in time to join the battle?Will she save the day without him?Will the Fanatical Feathered Freak finally be brought to justice?And…who in all that's holy is the Dragon trapped in the ice?Only the Great Creator and the Universe know the answers, and as usual, neither one is talking. So, Take a load off, Grab a cold one, and Get ready for one Helluva story.Fate Will Not be Denied, but if you happen to be a Gambler, the safe bets always on a Dragon and his Mate.

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Mating the Huntress: An Interracial Romance

Pdf Romance Mating the Huntress: An Interracial Romance

Pdf:Mating the Huntress: An Interracial Romance.This Halloween, love bites back… hard.Chastity Adofo knows a monster when she sees one. As soon as Luke Anthony wanders into her family’s coffee shop, she recognises the evil lurking beneath his charming smile and fantastic arse. The handsome werewolf is determined to have her—but she’s determined to cut out his heart. Little does she know, Luke’s plans for her are far more pleasurable than murder. And when the full moon rises, all bets are off…Warning: Mating the Huntress is 30,000+ words of red-hot, Halloween-themed romance. This novella contains one flirtatious, cursed creature of the night, one badass, knife-happy heroine, and forbidden lust at first sight. Please read responsibly!

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Lady Guardians: Shifting Gears

Pdf Romance Lady Guardians: Shifting Gears

Pdf:Lady Guardians: Shifting Gears.Keoni Wiles lived a structured life working as a librarian at the Cleveland Avenue Branch in Atlanta. A burgeoning relationship with an equally boring boyfriend Carlton Gear, one of the best accountants in the musical industry, left her engine in a permanent idling state. Craving a shake up in her monotonous life, she joins her good friend Onyx for a fund raiser with The Lady Guardians biker group.The lady riders offered a day of excitement for Keoni, but the night turned into a magical experience, especially after she meets Carlton’s cousin, Dave, a scruffy biker with a sketchy past, a tenuous future and a very sexy presence.Digging in and wanting to be a part of the female biker group, against Carlton’s advice and comfort, clothing isn’t the only thing Keoni changes. Climb aboard for a high-octane ride as Keoni reorganizes her life by Shifting Gears and donning the pink and black leather as a Lady Guardian.

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The Tarot Witches Complete Collection: Caged Wolf, Forbidden Witches, Winter Court, and Summer Court

Pdf Romance The Tarot Witches Complete Collection: Caged Wolf, Forbidden Witches, Winter Court, and Summer Court

Pdf:The Tarot Witches Complete Collection: Caged Wolf, Forbidden Witches, Winter Court, and Summer Court.This is the complete four-book collection of The Tarot Witches, a New York Times bestselling paranormal romance series.There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it brooks a warning: fix your life and earn power beyond imagining, or lose everything you care about.Werewolves are drawn to the scent of these tarot witches, driven to bond and protect them. The desire to mate cannot be conquered. And entire packs will rise and fall for the love of the tarot witches...Book One: Caged WolfBook Two: Forbidden WitchesBook Three: Winter CourtBook Four: Summer Court

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His Bought Fiancée (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 1)

Pdf Romance His Bought Fiancée (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 1)

Pdf:His Bought Fiancée (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 1).She grabbed him off the street to play her boyfriend—She had no idea he was royalty!A week later, and he’s asking her to repay the favor.This time, she’s the fake fiancée, and he’s paying!Alyssa:High school reunions are bad enough,But seeing my ex with his wife and baby pushed me over the edge.I grabbed the first guy I could find on the street outsideA Middle Eastern god, just out for a strollWell, it turns out he’s a sheikhAnd he wants me to convince his royal parents that we’re in love, and I’m his fiancée!I didn’t realize I’d be playing the part of a princess!Ali:A fiancé for one night only—now there’s an idea.Maybe we can keep up the pretense a little while longer.I need the perfect American princess to fool my pushy parentsI was hers for one night. Will she be mine forever?This is the first book in Holly Rayner’s Wedded To The Sheikh series.

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Pdf Romance Reckless

Pdf:Reckless.*** A USA TODAY BESTSELLER ***Tori…For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss.I'm a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I’ll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss.I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chiseled muscles or southern charm or the way he snuggles his kids at bedtime. Ethan Carter won't get the key to my heart, no matter how much I want him. Ethan…Between us, she's the last thing I need as I finalize my hellish divorce. What sane man trying to rebuild his life wants a hot nanny with long, sexy hair, curves for miles, and a smart mouth? A perfectly kissable, pouty mouth that I shouldn't notice.My focus is on my kids and my ranch, not the insufferable siren who sleeps in the room next to mine. It doesn't matter that she wins over my kids in a heartbeat or runs my life better than I do. Tori Duran is the one woman I can't have and shouldn't want, no matter how much I crave her. 

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The Seeker: Irin Chronicles Book Seven

Pdf Romance The Seeker: Irin Chronicles Book Seven

Pdf:The Seeker: Irin Chronicles Book Seven.He’s a scribe looking for answers. If only a cagey—and frustratingly attractive—singer will let him help.Summoned to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Rhys of Glast, Irin archivist and scribe of Istanbul, must convince a legendary Irina singer to trust him. His success could shift the balance of power all over the Irin world and give singers an important key to their past. Meera didn’t call for Rhys’s help and she doesn’t need it. The scribe’s mission is to bring more martial magic into the Irin world while Meera has been looking for a path toward peace. She’s convinced that some other motive is at work, and his stubborn arrogance doesn’t pass for charm in her hallowed opinion.Discovering ancient Irina magic should be something both scholars can agree on, but can these two rivals find any common ground? Neither Rhys nor Meera can ignore the simmering heat between them, but will attraction overcome the caution that has shaped both their lives?THE SEEKER is an all new, standalone, enemies-to-lovers supernatural romance. It is the seventh book in the Irin Chronicles, a romantic contemporary fantasy series by Elizabeth Hunter, USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Mysteries.

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Capturing Victory (Driven Hearts Book 3)

Pdf Romance Capturing Victory (Driven Hearts Book 3)

Pdf:Capturing Victory (Driven Hearts Book 3).Trapped, taken and caged by a cruel captor.Her solitary existence as a world class hacker changes in the blink of an eye when she's kidnapped by an international arms dealer. Everything she knows, everything she understands has shifted. Ivan Vogel insists that she is now his slave. He plays terrible mind games while torturing her senses. He keeps her locked up, away from all her toys.But once she is free, once she can fly again, she will reign hatred down on her enemy. She will use everything she knows against him, everything she has been taught until she is victorious.She will rip out the heart he insists beats only for her. His obsession will be his downfall. His caged bird will make sure of it.This book is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!

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His Accidental Baby (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 2)

Pdf Romance His Accidental Baby (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 2)

Pdf:His Accidental Baby (Wedded to the Sheikh Book 2).Engaged to a sheikh, but for real this time!Now she’s having his babyA beautiful, adorable, accidental heir to the sheikh…Alyssa:Everything is perfectAt least, that’s what I thought.I’m settling down with the man of my dreamsMy perfect princeOnly now I discover that I’m having a very royal babyAnd the news has gotten out, splashed all over the tabloids!Right before I could tell my darling husband to be…Will he see that our little accident is an adorable blessing?This is the second book in Holly Rayner’s Wedded to the Sheikh series.

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Bought: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Pdf Romance Bought: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Pdf:Bought: A Dark Billionaire Romance.I wasn't for sale. He bought me anyway.I thought knowledge was power... until Ethan Keller showed me what real power looks like.I knew the truth about his company and I was ready to tell the world, but he had other ideas. He didn't bribe me. He didn't blackmail me. He just decided I belonged to him, and it was done.If I try to run, I'm caught and brought back. If I disobey, I'm punished so sternly I beg for mercy and so shamefully it makes me blush crimson just to think about it. But when he strips me bare and uses me as roughly and as thoroughly as he pleases, my body cannot hide the truth from him.He knows I need to be owned.Publisher's Note: Bought includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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The Hunter Brothers Complete Collection Box Set

Pdf Romance The Hunter Brothers Complete Collection Box Set

Pdf:The Hunter Brothers Complete Collection Box Set.Four brothers. Four stories. Four happy-ever-afters?JAX: I've always done what's expected of me, run Hunter Enterprises the way Grandfather wanted, but when I stepped into Club Privé, I saw something I wanted for myself. I wouldn't let anything keep me from bringing that world of decadence and sex to my home city, Boston. CAI: My entire life has always been focused on accomplishments, working myself ragged in the hopes of getting out from underneath my big brother's shadow. Now, Grandfather's gone, and my relationship with my brothers is at a breaking point, leaving me to decide what's truly important. SLADE: I was known as "The Peacemaker", the laid-back brother who never felt emotions as deeply as everyone else. Except I did. I'd just always hide them. Not anymore. After she walked into my life, all I want now is to become the man she needs me to be. If only she'll trust me enough to tell me who that is.BLAKE: I've been angry for as long as I can remember. Angry about life, about what I've lost. It's my only defense, my only protection. No one has ever been able to break through. Then I meet her. The strong and beautiful Brea who won't let me retreat into anger. If I just can open up my walls for her, I know she can change my life. You can now read M. S. Parker's, The Hunter Brothers series in one continuous collection. On sale for a limited time.

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Winning the Virgin: A Western Billionaire Cowboy Romance

Pdf Romance Winning the Virgin: A Western Billionaire Cowboy Romance

Pdf:Winning the Virgin: A Western Billionaire Cowboy Romance.I wanted the sassy little lady the second I first saw her.CalebI had all the success that a self-made man like me could want. But something was still missing. Ready for a break, I returned to my hometown to find myself.And found her.Riley-Ann.The sassy, curvy bartender-slash-waitress at the local watering hole, with a body made just for me.But as it turned out, she was the only woman around to turn me down. And a virgin.That's why I put in a bid for lunch with her at the county fair auction.And nothing was going to stop me from winning her heart. Riley-AnnI thought my life was finally on the right track, then it all fell apart.Booted from the only promising office manager job I ever wanted, I turned tail and took a break from everything at my best friend's ranch.The local saloon was hiring, so I got a job to keep my mind and my hands occupied.Until he showed up.Caleb Jackson Reeves.The biggest name in business around these parts sat down at my bar. He was larger than life, older, wiser, and hot as hell.And the square-jawed, ruggedly handsome older man wanted me.I was in no state to deal with anything else in my life right now, not even him. Not his gifts, not his attention, not even the smoldering kiss he planted on me. The one I denied enjoying so much.Except the first chance he got, he made a bid for lunch with me at the county fair auction. And he won.Now, I was bought and paid for, and he wasn't about to let this chance slip away.Warning. This hot and dirty western romance is steamy, spicy, and chock full of feels. If you like slightly over the top romance stories with a big strong alpha male who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to ask nicely for it, this is for you! Standalone romance with no cliffhanger and a sweet happily ever after to make you swoon.

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Blackmailed by the beast

Pdf Romance Blackmailed by the beast

Pdf:Blackmailed by the beast.She was running from me and I was running from something too. I knew the moment I caught up with her there would be no hiding the truth...* ChelseaWhen I was a child my favorite fairytale was Beauty And The Beast. I dreamed of sacrificing myself for my father, and bravely going to an enchanted castle to live with the Beast. There I gently kissed the beast and transformed him into a handsome Prince.Now, I'm an adult, and it appears I have somehow wandered into the enchanted mansion of a beast. He is cold and harsh and cannot be transformed with a gentle kiss, but strangely, I don't want to transform him.Every single atom in my body, from the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet vibrates, throbs, and calls for my beast to take me ... again and again.ThorneSoon the whole world will know my name ... but first I have a distraction to deal with. The matter of a manipulative lying little thief.When I catch up with her, those bright, scheming eyes try their best to work their magic on me. Somebody should have told Chelsea Appleby no one steals from Thorne Blackmore.She tells me she will pay me back. She is sorry. She wants more time. The problem is I don't actually need the money back. What I need is to possess and own every beautiful inch of her body.I want to leave my mark on her delicate English skin. Forever. Full length standalone with HEA.

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The Lady Carey (Royal Court Series)

Pdf Romance The Lady Carey (Royal Court Series)

Pdf:The Lady Carey (Royal Court Series).“The King will decide what is treason...”These are words Catherine Carey has heard before, and they’ve always led to the block. As a girl, she saw her aunt, Anne Boleyn, go to the scaffold. Now she might see yet another Queen suffer the same fate. She has to decide. To serve her mistress would be treason, to abandon her would mean the doom of a good lady. She knows her duty is to serve her family, but what about her heart and her conscience? In a world where any indiscretion can lead to death, where competition corrupts any friendship, and where your family is ready to abandon you, Catherine must stay ahead of the ever-changing rules. The King is becoming a monster, ready to turn on those he claimed to love. As a lady-in-waiting, Catherine sees first hand the danger of the Tudor court. She finds her dreams changing from grandeur to the peaceful existence of a country life. However, when you are part of the great Howard family, the illegitimate daughter of the King, and cousin to the future Queen of England, there is no place for you but court.

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Her Secret Desire (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 1)

Pdf Romance Her Secret Desire (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 1)

Pdf:Her Secret Desire (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 1).Previously available as A Secret Life.Prepare for a romp through Elizabethan England, where finding love is written in the stars...Comely, courageous Minerva “Min” Peabody, a poor but passionate playwright, is determined to make her mark. Ill-fated to live in Elizabethan England, when women—deemed the inferior sex—most assuredly did not write plays, Min will prevail. With her finished play in hand, she implores Roger Style, a local theatre manager in London, to read it. Though desperate in his own right—due to a string of commercial failures—all Style sees before him is a woman playwright, and refuses to even look at her work. On impulse, Min changes her story, claiming the play was written by the man standing across the street, and secures the manager’s agreement to review it. But her choice of surrogate, Robert “Blake” Blakewell, promises to be a mixed blessing indeed. Blake, a handsome blue-eyed sea captain with his own agenda, is a man with a mysterious past, a pair of breathtaking shoulders, and an irresistible aura of intrigue. Though he agrees to her outlandish proposal, she has to wonder, as she gets lost in his eyes, what in the world she’s gotten herself into. Blake’s own mission? To ferret out the cad in Roger Style’s theatre company responsible for getting his sister with child. And when that objective threatens to derail Min’s nascent career, his dilemma is a daunting one: protect either his family’s honor or the woman who’s slowly but surely softening his heart and winning his love.Funny, fast-paced, and with a deliciously dark edge, Her Secret Desire speaks to any woman who’s ever had to fight for her dreams in a world that just won’t take her seriously.

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The Devil of Dunakin Castle (Highland Isles Book 4)

Pdf Romance The Devil of Dunakin Castle (Highland Isles Book 4)

Pdf:The Devil of Dunakin Castle (Highland Isles Book 4).Englishwoman, Grace Ellington, has made a home in Scotland, but to escape from the meddling people around her who seem to think she needs to wed right away—because women need saving, right? —she volunteers to journey north to aid a friend in childbirth. Keir MacKinnon, the younger brother of the MacKinnon clan chief, has been raised to strike fear in people, on and off the battlefield. Trained to uphold MacKinnon law, he has hardened into a lethal warrior. Caught in a Highland blizzard with the feisty Grace, Keir realizes the beautiful woman who saved him can also save his nephew’s life. Sparks fly when he takes her against her will to his home, and Grace’s courage is put to the ultimate test. Is Keir MacKinnon the passionate, kind man she saved in the Highland blizzard, or is he truly the cruel executioner who seeks to solve all issues by the sword? Each book in the Highland Isles series is a STANDALONE story that can be enjoyed out of order. * The Beast of Aros Castle* The Rogue of Islay Isle* The Wolf of Kisimul Castle* The Devil of Dunakin Castle

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Scandal's Mistress (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 2)

Pdf Romance Scandal's Mistress (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 2)

Pdf:Scandal's Mistress (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players Book 2).Previously available as A Secret Desire.In Shakespearean London, falling in love just became the greatest scandal of all...Just when Leo, Baron Warhurst, thinks his family’s financial situation can’t get any worse, he discovers that his unwed sister is pregnant. The Warhurst estate is already crumbling thanks to Leo’s father, and unless Leo can make a match with a wealthy heiress, his family will be ruined. Such are the dire straits that bring the ambitious nobleman to the White Swan Inn, where he must suffer the indignity of asking a common seamstress for help spying on his sister’s lover. Yet Alice Croft is anything but common. She is low-born, yes, but also strong-willed, clever, confident, and bears a luminous beauty Leo cannot ignore. Leo knows that even the mere rumor of a liaison between them could ruin his marriage prospects, but the harder he fights against her, the stronger their attraction grows—until Leo is forced to choose between the woman who stole his heart and the family that demands his honor. In this unforgettable follow-up to Her Secret Desire, Lord Warhurst’s turbulent love story unfolds with all the wit, passion, and drama that C. J. Archer’s growing legion of fans have come to expect.

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The Charmer (Assassins Guild Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Charmer (Assassins Guild Book 1)

Pdf:The Charmer (Assassins Guild Book 1).Handsome. Charming. Devastating. He was the last man she needed, but the only one she wanted.Orlando Holt has never assassinated a woman before. The lovely, feisty Lady Lynden will be his first. She's supposed to be a vicious murderess, but when Orlando begins to have doubts, he sets out to discover the identity of the person who hired him. What he learns will turn his world upside down, and propel him headlong into love with a woman who's immune to his charms.Twice widowed by the age of twenty-four, Lady Susanna Lynden has had enough of charming men. Her last husband knew all the right things to say to get her to the marriage bed…then made her life miserable. Money may be scarce and her house falling down around her, but the exotic fruit from her orange trees will keep poverty away. Except someone is thwarting her at every turn. Someone who may even want her dead.The books in the Assassins Guild series are:#1 The Charmer#2 The Rebel#3 The Saint#4 The Sinner

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Brides of England: Four Full Length Medieval Romance Novels

Pdf Romance Brides of England: Four Full Length Medieval Romance Novels

Pdf:Brides of England: Four Full Length Medieval Romance Novels.Get FOUR FULL LENGTH novels in one spectacular collection - or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Meet four of the strongest Medieval women you'll ever see in BRIDES OF ENGLAND collection and receive a SPECIAL BONUS EXCERPT from DARK STEEL, a September 2018 release!Welcome to glorious Medieval England, where English brides are as powerful as the men they marry. Whether betrothed by their families, or whether they choose their husbands themselves, these women are as patient and strong as they are beautiful and fiery. Historical Romance has never been so strong or so sexy in four of Le Veque's most popular novels - great adventure, great love, and most of all, a happily ever after you'll never forget. Discover the magic of English Brides and Medieval Romance as only Kathryn Le Veque can bring!This collection contains:The White Lord of Wellesbourne - a tough English bride takes on the man known as the White Lord in this epic tale.Steelheart - A long-suffering English bride marries into the house of de Lohr and finds the love of a lifetime.To The Lady Born - A survivor of abuse finds true love in the arms of the enemy.The Whispering Night - The only daughter in a house of men is the strongest of them all as she defies her family in the name of love.SPECIAL BONUS EXCERPT: Read a special bonus excerpt from DARK STEEL, Le Veque's September 2018 release! Dane Stoneley de Russe (The Dark One: Dark Knight) finally has his story told in DARK STEEL!Enjoy these tales, all together in this limited edition collection!

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Chronicles Of A Highlander: A Historical Scottish Romance Collection (Lairds of Dunkeld Series)

Pdf Romance Chronicles Of A Highlander: A Historical Scottish Romance Collection (Lairds of Dunkeld Series)

Pdf:Chronicles Of A Highlander: A Historical Scottish Romance Collection (Lairds of Dunkeld Series).Get My three best-selling Scottish romance stories ever! Heartwarming romances filled with mystery, intrigue, surprising twists, and of course, love! Book 1 - Heart Of A HighlanderDuty-bound to seek revenge Broderick MacConnaway, knows that marriage into the Lochlann family allows him to fulfill his vengeance. But when sinister intentions surface and his new wife is captured Broderick is forced to see past the deceptions and begin another campaign of vengeance. But can the memories of the past be put aside for the sake of love?Book 2 - The Highlander’s ChallengeHow can jealousy and betrayal really spoil the life of a rich young noblewoman? Alina Du Mas seems to have everything she could desire in the wild and untamed Scottish Highlands—she is loved by most, breathtakingly beautiful, and high-born. However, the man she loves, though he is the son of a thane and has already saved her life, is not good enough to suit her cruel uncle. It’s up to Alina, her brother and sister-in-law, and wise old Aunt Aili to save the day…guided by her visions of a dark future that she must avoid at all costs.Should Alina trust the wisdom of her uncle when it seems he’s determined to kill the man she loves—or trust her visions instead?Can the beautiful seer trust her glimpses into such a dark future when love is clouding her judgment?Book 3 - The Highland HeroShould a brave and bold Highland warrior take a beautiful lass as his bride when he discovers her terrible secret? Blaine McNeil has loved Chrissie Connolly for much longer than he’d care to admit, but only allows his feelings to show when he makes a daring rescue of the captive maiden. The lass has been hurt, though he doesn’t know the extent of her injuries until after they are wed…and he discovers that she’s with the child. What should be done now—should the babe be destroyed or allowed a chance to live? What if it belongs to his enemy instead of the fruit of their newfound love?Does Blaine have what it takes to love and support his injured wife through her darkest hours—or has he discovered the limit of his endurance at last?Have his years on the battlefield prepared him for the toughest battle he will ever face?Inspirational romances that will warm your heart! If you love highlands romances, Scottish romances with a strong woman heroine, and a decisive male character, then this collection is for you!These are stand-alone romances. Each book in the series is approximately 65,000 words (around 300 pages). No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting.Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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Highland Love Prevails (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf Romance Highland Love Prevails (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf:Highland Love Prevails (Blood of Duncliffe Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story).Page Count: Approx 275 pages.A Highland warrior…an English lady…and a ghost…Lady Marguerite Gracewell has not long lived in the wilds of Scotland, but she already loves her new home and is growing accustomed to life without her newly-married brother Henry. Visions of her own future, preoccupy her and most of them are bright with happiness. She is madly in love with a handsome man, though he has recently joined the army and left her for a season.A Highlander Doing His DutyLord Douglas is the son of the earl of Duncliffe, and has hoped his whole life to gain the favor and admiration of his distant, cold father. His sojourn with the army has not seemed to draw them closer, and an ambush threatens to rip away his chance at reconciliation for good. A chance encounter—his return from the dead, it seems—changes his opinions entirely, but there is more to his life than his dreams of gaining his father’s approval. After all, beautiful Lady Marguerite is his true love, and she’s waiting for him…his light in the darkness.A Ghostly Form of MadnessThe lady has much to fear it seems, as her father appears to be descending into madness and has promised her to a vile man staunchly loyal to the Jacobite cause. She simply cannot wed him, though he tries to tarnish her reputation so that she has no choice. Her handsome Douglas must save the day, but in their escape, her reputation is once again at stake.Her father begins to see visions of a ghost in his home, and Marguerite must calm the frightened inhabitants of Estmoor. When the ghost turns violent, it’s up to her to save them all—and Douglas—before it’s too late…but how can a ghost be the ruin of all she holds dear?Is there more to the apparition than just a gray presence walking the estate—and what did the terrified servant girl actually see that fateful evening?Can the lovers find a way to be together forever at last—or is their union to be short-lived, broken by their duties and her father's will?

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Bound by a Dragon (The Dragon Archives Book 1)

Pdf Romance Bound by a Dragon (The Dragon Archives Book 1)

Pdf:Bound by a Dragon (The Dragon Archives Book 1).What is a dragon without a maiden?Keira is content in her small, medieval village - well, sort of. Her mother is pressing her to marry, but her suitors are less than desirable. So when Aaron Drake, a man who is charming, handsome and completely different to any man she has ever known moves into the area, Keira cannot help but take notice.But Aaron is not the only new arrival - a fire-breathing dragon has also taken up residence in the mountains, not far from the remote alpine castle that Aaron calls home. When the dragon rescues her from an attack, sweeping her into the mountains, Keira can only wonder how she will free herself from its claws … and whether she even wants to.Awarded the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion, Bound by a Dragon, the first book in The Dragon Archives, will sweep you far from the modern world into a land of castles, medieval markets and fantastical romance and leave you hungering for more.

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Highland Secrets Revealed (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf Romance Highland Secrets Revealed (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story)

Pdf:Highland Secrets Revealed (Ladies of Dunmore Series) (A Medieval Scottish Romance Story).Page Count: Approx 235 pages.For a Highland lass born to a laird, life is one of luxury and ease…until it comes to matters of the heart.Pretty and headstrong Colla McGowan has never gone hungry, her father is Laird Dunmore, but she also has no say when it comes to the man she’ll spend her life within marriage. Her father has made a decision without even consulting her, as is his right, and she’s doomed to wed a violent brute who has made his intentions known regarding his bride-to-be. With a shiver, she knows that she must flee to her uncle…through the wilds of Highland Scotland.Hanoverians and JacobitesColla has been raised a Jacobite, so she has much fear of the English soldiers and their crass ways. She needs a guide—a man who’s already captured her heart, handsome Beiste Brewster. He’s worked for her family as a farrier, but she has no idea that he’s been in love with her longer than she could imagine. Now they are on the run from enemies and “friends” alike, forced to figure out who is truly a friend and who has other intentions toward the lovely daughter of the rich laird.A Stunning SecretWhen a startling secret about Beiste’s past becomes known, it will change everything for him—and for Colla. It could mean that their relationship, once taboo, can have a chance at lasting happiness, but only if they pair survives their Highland adventure…and gains the approval of her stern father.Should Colla trust the stablehand with nothing to offer in return for her heart—except his own strong hands and a pure heart? Or is she being foolish to go against her father and risk being disowned?Does Beiste have a chance with the woman of his dreams, or will she choose the luxurious life of prosperity that he feels like she deserves instead of him? Can he even ask it of her?"Highland Secrets Revealed" is a standalone historical Scottish romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting.Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

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Heirs of Titus de Wolfe Collection: De Wolfe Pack Connected World

Pdf Romance Heirs of Titus de Wolfe Collection: De Wolfe Pack Connected World

Pdf:Heirs of Titus de Wolfe Collection: De Wolfe Pack Connected World.If you loved award-winning THE LION OF THE NORTH from Kathryn Le Veque's de Wolfe Pack series, then you'll adore the stunning Medieval pagentry, adventure, and romance in the Heirs of Titus de Wolfe collection. This boxed set contains:Lone Wolfe: Harboring a secret, the truth of his parentage, imparted by his mother on her deathbed, Titus Saint-Germain finds himself trapped between two warring factions with no escape.The Big Bad De Wolfe: The firstborn of Titus and Desiderata, Arsenius De Wolfe successfully defends the realm and is rewarded with a new title, an estate, and a highborn wife, but can he win her heart?Tall, Dark & De Wolfe: Sir Titus De Wolfe resolves to uphold the family legacy, until the incomparable warrior meets the one challenge he has never confronted--an unyielding bride.Explore the tragedies and triumphs of the Heirs of Titus de Wolfe as you never imagined possible - all part of the Connected World of de Wolfe Pack!

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Lord of War: Black Angel (The de Russe Legacy Book 1)

Pdf Romance Lord of War: Black Angel (The de Russe Legacy Book 1)

Pdf:Lord of War: Black Angel (The de Russe Legacy Book 1).Meet the Black Prince's champion, a knight known as the Black Angel....1356 A.D. – It is warring times for England as the Black Prince sweeps his way through France, waging nasty warfare on the population. Masterminding this brutal strategy is the knight they call the Black Angel. Brandt de Russe, Duke of Exeter, is the brains behind the prince’s war machine, a mountain of a man who is as cunning as he is frightening. In battle, no man is his equal. The Lady Ellowyn de Nerra, granddaughter of the great mercenary Braxton de Nerra, has been sent to London by her crippled father to collect the men he has donated to the Black Prince’s wars in France. De Nerra men are mingled with the Duke of Exeter’s men and Ellowyn is at the dock when the duke disembarks his ships. In her attempt to introduce herself to Brandt and explain her purpose, the duke has little time for the beautiful young woman and mistakes her for a whore. Grossly insulted, Ellowyn threatens the man that all sane men fear. And so begins the fiery, passionate, and deep love story that transcends families, kings, and two continents, building to the Battle of Poitiers where Brandt is on the front lines. In battle, no man is his equal but even the most powerful of men are prisoners of their own hearts.Note: The de Russe Legacy series can be read in any order, as they are all stand-alone novels, but the chronological order (by the year the story is set in) is:1 Lord of War: Black Angel 2 The Iron Knight3 Beast 4 The White Lord of Wellesbourne 5 The Dark One: Dark Knight 6 Dark Moon7 Dark Steel

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BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14)

Pdf Romance BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14)

Pdf:BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14).It’s suave, handsome Edward de Wolfe’s tale as he vies for the hand of Paris de Norville’s daughter, Cassiopeia. The only obstacle is the bride herself – she can’t stand the sight of him!1275 A.D. - With brothers Scott, Troy, and Patrick married and settled, and brother James’ recent marriage to Rose Hage, it’s finally younger brother Edward’s time to shine. Having grown up with many cousins around him, Edward had a particular eye on Cassiopeia de Norville, daughter of his father’s best friend, Paris. As children, they tormented each other, but it was Edward’s way of showing attention to a young lady who terrified him. Several years later, Cassiopeia is betrothed to another man and Edward must ride escort as he takes her to her future husband, but his heart is in turmoil… is she still the same annoying girl he used to tease? Or was that teasing a cover for deeper feelings he refused to admit?Edward soon comes to realize that he has feelings for Cassiopeia he can no longer deny.This puts him in an awkward position. Named for his father’s father, who was a great diplomat, Edward also has his grandfather’s politically-savvy way. He is a man of great words and swift action, and he uses both on Cassiopeia, who is shocked by his declaration of love. She rejects him soundly, but deep down, she’s giddy and flattered. She, too has always has an eye towards the handsome Edward, but on the eve of meeting her betrothed, Edward has made the situation most difficult. Rather than shame her father, Cassiopeia decides the best course of action is to discourage Edward... whether or not it breaks her heart.But the man won’t take no for an answer.Meanwhile, Cassiopeia’s betrothed is a man with deep, dark intentions. As a military advisor who has the king’s ear, it is his intention that his betrothal to Cassiopeia be the first step in ultimate goal of destroying the House of de Wolfe. As the bastard son of a man William de Wolfe once killed, he plans to devastate the Houses of de Wolfe and de Norville from within. It’s politics, passion, and old hatreds as Edward tries to charm Cassiopeia away from a man who only wants to destroy them all. Will the plan be discovered before it’s too late?Another stunning adventure in the de Wolfe Pack series brings Edward de Wolfe to the forefront of England’s politics – and a life or death battle of his own.The de Wolfe Pack Series is Le Veque's flagship Medieval series with 14 novels. They are stand alones and can be read in any order, but the chronological order by year in which the story is set is:WarwolfeThe Wolfe (originally Book 1)NighthawkShadowWolfeDarkWolfeA Joyous de Wolfe ChristmasSerpentA Wolfe Among DragonsScorpionDark DestroyerThe Lion of the NorthWalls of BabylonStormWolfe (pre order)BlackWolfe (pre order)

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Jack: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 44)

Pdf Romance Jack: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 44)

Pdf:Jack: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 44).A Highlander undone...Anyone would go mad if they'd been through 269 years of torment like Jack's. But he will never give up trying to fulfill that promise.A woman out for revenge...Callie cannot forgive the man who has stolen her mother away. Once she hunts him down, she'll make him pay...unless Jack can change her mind about Scotsmen.Maybe two troubled souls can find peace if they stay close to each other.

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Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 1)

Pdf Romance Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 1)

Pdf:Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 1).** A USA Today Bestseller ** A RONE finalist for 2018** Book Excellence Award Winner for Romance 2018Read the book that has become a sensation!1066 A.D. - Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE. Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose. A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his name could strike both fear and admiration into the hearts of all men. That name is Warwolfe.Gaetan de Wolfe is this man. A legend from a family of legends, the greatest de Wolfe warrior arises as William the Conqueror sets foot in England to claim what he believes is his birthright. Gaetan brings with him nine of the fiercest knights the realm has ever seen, plowing their way into the English countryside, forging their legacies at the Battle of Hastings. But when one of Gaetan’s men is kidnapped by the rogue brother of the Earl of Mercia, Gaetan refuses to let his man go. His loyalty to his men is above all. A rescue mission of epic proportions begins.Guiding the original de Wolfe Pack on this task into deadly enemy territory is a lady warrior known as Ghislaine of Mercia. The sister of the man who kidnapped Gaetan’s knight, her loyalties are torn. Wary of the big Norman knight with the fierce manner, her attraction to Gaetan is nonetheless undeniable. There is a spark between them that refuses to die. Together, Gaetan and Ghislaine embark on a dangerous adventure where myths are revealed, loyalties are tested, and where a growing passion between them becomes all-consuming. Live the legend. ******The de Wolfe Pack Series is Le Veque's flagship Medieval series with 12 novels. They are stand alones and can be read in any order, but the chronological order by year in which the story is set is:WarwolfeThe Wolfe NighthawkShadowWolfeDarkWolfeA Joyous de Wolfe ChristmasSerpentA Wolfe Among DragonsScorpionDark DestroyerThe Lion of the NorthWalls of Babylon

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Curse Breaker (Phoenix Throne Book 7): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance

Pdf Romance Curse Breaker (Phoenix Throne Book 7): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance

Pdf:Curse Breaker (Phoenix Throne Book 7): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance.The final installment of the Phoenix Throne series sees Christie McLean leave his home on the Isle of Mull to seek help from the dragon shifters of Urlu. But the trip doesn’t go as planned. He meets up with Alexis Morgan, the mysterious woman who cast the curse on his family. They spend a single night of drunken indulgence at a roadside inn, and things start spinning out of control for both of them. Before they know it, they find themselves embroiled in a shadow world of power and mystery where nothing is as it seems.Will they both succumb to forces beyond their reckoning before they can find the key to the puzzle?Finding the power to fight the curse is only half the battle. The hardest part will be overcoming their reserve to find each other in the darkness and lead each other back to the light.Can they lift the curse in time, or will their differences force everyone and everything they love into the abyss along with themselves? Will the Phoenix Throne fall, along with the Faery world, the Isle of Mull, and ultimately the Earth itself?

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Breton Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (The Wolves of Brittany Book 1)

Pdf Romance Breton Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (The Wolves of Brittany Book 1)

Pdf:Breton Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (The Wolves of Brittany Book 1).She swore to defy him to her dying breath... but passion blurs the line between love and hate....The bluest blood and the hardest heart... at least when it comes to marriage... The daughter of a duke and granddaughter of a king, Adele of Vannes was bartered at birth in a marriage treaty for the sole purpose of producing a royal heir. When her philandering husband is slain by Norse marauders, she is coerced to wed again in order to protect her home and her people. Adele knows that her beloved Brittany needs a strong hand to survive, but how can she ever reconcile her bitterness and hatred with the desire she feels for her mortal enemy?She’s the jewel he seeks for his Breton crown...A Barbarian bent on building a dynasty, Valdrik Vargr, ‘the Norse Wolf,’ is renowned for both his bravery in battle and shrewdness in statecraft. Setting his sights on claiming the kingdom of Brittany, he knows that siring sons from royal blood would solidify his hold, but the woman he would claim as his queen refuses to have him. Will he fuel her hatred by taking her to his bed, or will the man who strikes terror in the hearts of men be reduced to wooing his bride?The Wolves of Brittany is a 3 book series, but all books can be read as stand-alones.Breton WolfeIvar the RedThe Bastard of Brittany

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Highlander's Voyage: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Medieval Highlander Book 1)

Pdf Romance Highlander's Voyage: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Medieval Highlander Book 1)

Pdf:Highlander's Voyage: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Medieval Highlander Book 1).A modern woman thrust into the past. A medieval highlander on the run. Why has fate brought these two together?Carol didn't want to travel through time to twelfth century Scotland. When she found the dirt encrusted ring lying in a recently plowed field, all she wanted was to see if it would fit her finger. But one touch and she's thrown into the past. She'll do whatever it takes to get home again but the enormous highland warrior who found her refuses to let her go. Stuck together, their mutual attraction grows until Carol realizes if she doesn't shake off her desire for her captor, she may never get back to her own time.Angus MacClean is not looking for a beautiful stranger. He's headed south to seek revenge against the cruel English lord who massacred half his clan when he stumbles upon Carol. His men fear sorcery but only one thing frightens Angus, how she makes him feel. If he's to succeed in his mission he must let her go but the longer they spend together, the harder that becomes. As the climactic showdown with the English approaches he must make a choice. Ignore his feelings for his captive and send her home or keep her by his side and fight not just for his clan but also for true love. Highlander's Voyage is the first book in the Medieval Highlander trilogy. It can be enjoyed as a standalone time travel romance or read as part of the series. If you like rugged Highland warriors, a mysterious medieval world, and a feisty modern heroine, you're sure to love this scintillating story.

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The Iron Knight (The De Russe Legacy Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Iron Knight (The De Russe Legacy Book 2)

Pdf:The Iron Knight (The De Russe Legacy Book 2).An older knight and a widowed lady in this powerful Medieval love story....1410 A.D. – Battle-hardened warrior and favored of the king, Sir Lucien de Russe is called the Iron Knight because of his indestructibility in battle. An older knight, Lucien is entering his fortieth year and has seen a good deal in his lifetime. But having sustained fairly serious wounds in the most recent rebellions against Henry IV, Lucien retires his sword and spurs, choosing to live out the rest of his life in peace. Physically, he is damaged goods and must heal. Mentally, however, he is already dead. Having lost his wife many years ago, Lucien has two children – a son who barely acknowledges him and a daughter who is a terror. Lucien finds no joy in life any longer, looking back upon an illustrious career, admired and loved by the fighting men of England, yet inside, he is hollow. It is this existence he has resigned himself to when the king, believing he is doing Lucien a great favor, pledges him to a very young heiress. When the girl and her father show up at Lucien’s home, he makes an escape. Riding to clear his head, Lucien runs right into a robbery in progress. A fine carriage has been set upon by bandits and Lucien knows he cannot turn away. Begrudgingly, the Iron Knight goes into action once more and saves the occupants of the carriage, a mother and her young daughter. Lady Sophina de Gournay is a widow, traveling to meet her intended. When the big, handsome knight with the long, dark hair saves her from the outlaws, a simple moment of gratitude turns into something that binds her to Lucien far more than either of them realize. It’s that wonderful chance meeting, a chain of events is started that could destroy them both. Join Lucien and Sophina in a romance of a lifetime, where second chances at love are something worth fighting for.Note: The de Russe Legacy series can be read in any order, as they are all stand-alone novels, but the chronological order (by the year the story is set in) is:1 Lord of War: Black Angel 2 The Iron Knight3 Beast 4 The White Lord of Wellesbourne 5 The Dark One: Dark Knight 6 Dark Moon

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Bay of Fear (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3)

Pdf Romance Bay of Fear (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3)

Pdf:Bay of Fear (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3).A classic Medieval-Gothic love story complete with ghostly wanderings, a spooky castle, and a damsel in distress. Baiadepaura Castle on the storm-swept cliffs of Cornwall is a place where scary things go bump in the knight!****************In the Dark Ages on a remote coast of Cornwall, there was a legend of a wicked lord who was burned to death for his deeds. Everyone in Cornwall knows to avoid Baiadepaura Castle because of the ghostly happenings, said to be the spirit of Lord de Paura, who has returned to seek revenge for his grisly death.The legend is far reaching, and the new owner, the Earl of Tiverton, is well aware of the. Even son, he intends to use it as a base against the pirate raids his coastal properties are suffering. He sends his best knight to command the derelict old castle and make it a powerful outpost, a knight who gives no credence to the tales of ghosts and revenge. No-nonsense, seasoned knight Tenner de Velt is a grandson of Ajax de Velt (THE DARK LORD) and Christopher de Lohr (RISE OF THE DEFENDER). On his father's side, Tenner comes from a family with its own horrific horror stories of the past, so tales of roasted lords and ghosts don’t bother him in the least. He’s thrilled to have his first real command.Accompanying Tenner is his new wife, Annalyla St. Lo. Unlike her husband, Annalyla believes the tales and she has more than one ghostly encounter but is reluctant to tell her doubting husband, fearful that the man she is falling in love with will believe her to be silly, or worse – believe she is mad. In keeping this information to herself, Annalyla unknowingly makes it easy for the marauding pirates to take advantage of the legend of Baiadepaura Castle – and make Tenner a target.Join Tenner and Annalyla on the spooky, windswept shores of Cornwall as they battle ghosts, pirates, and at times, each other. But the passion between them is undeniable, and the love that blossoms is strong enough to fight off the darkness that threatens them both.Light your candle, grab your good luck charm, and make way to Baiadepaura Castle for this unforgettable romance!Note: This is a full length novel, not 7 pages as Amazon's notes in product details.

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Allison and the Torrid Tea Party: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Harem of Hearts Book 2)

Pdf Romance Allison and the Torrid Tea Party: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Harem of Hearts Book 2)

Pdf:Allison and the Torrid Tea Party: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Harem of Hearts Book 2).Holy fucking hearts.Did you just read that?!If you did, I need your advice.I met fallen angel princes; I met a Savage Duke; I met a Cheshire Cat.And remember—how could you possibly forget—I'm the fabled Alice from the prophecy.Just a twisted, dark version of the girl in Lewis Carroll's old books.Except in those books, there was a happy ending.In those books, Alice wasn't dating nine very different, very beautiful men.But now that I've met the King of Hearts and the Mad Hatter, I'm not sure who the real bad guys are.I'm the only one who can turn Underland back into Wonderland again.But if I have a chance to escape the blood, the death, and the intrigue in this place, should I take it?I'm Allison Liddell, and I've got a choice to make: stay here and fight the darkness, defeat the Anti-Alice, and survive the Torrid Tea Party ... or run.Tweedledee says I can change the world.So if you're reading this, will you help me decide what I should do?I want to go home, but I can't leave this place as broken as I found it, now can I?ALLISON AND THE TORRID TEA PARTY (Book 2 of 3 in the "Harem of Hearts" series) -- is a full-length reverse harem/new adult/dark romance novel, a gritty retelling of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Don't expect a children's tale; these characters are nothing like their more innocent counterparts. This book contains: drugs, cursing, violence, sex ... and love found in the darkest shadows.

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Big Bad Shifters: A Paranormal Romance Box Set

Pdf Romance Big Bad Shifters: A Paranormal Romance Box Set

Pdf:Big Bad Shifters: A Paranormal Romance Box Set.Explore your wildest fantasies with these sizzling shifters.A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Novels! Filled with bears, wolves, dragons, psychics and more, this collection of steamy monogamous and menage paranormal romance stories will make you blush and have you begging for more.Book 1 - Elokon (Bride Of The Dragons)I’m yet to find a mate. A true mate that I can share with my Omega, Siron.When I saw Adelina, I knew she was the one and only.But she’s a mere human.Can she take the both of us? Can our clan accept her as their queen?Book 2 - Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 1)I hate rules, and I’m not afraid to break them.I wanted Damesha from the first time we met. I know what the clan is like when it comes to outsiders.They simply won’t accept her.But I won’t take no for an answer.I’ll do whatever it takes to be with her.Even if that means turning against all my brothers, my family, my clan. Book 3 - Cane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 2)I only care about one thing… carrying out my duties as leader.For the first time, I’m losing control of my people. First, they throw women at me that I don’t have time for. Then rumors start that I don’t even like women.So, I do what I do best.I handle the situation. I order myself a bride.Book 4 - Jacob (Alexander Shifter Brothers 3)I’ve always done what my brothers told me.But war is coming.A war that we can’t afford to lose. Deep down, I know there’s only one way we can win this.By working with the seductress, Sabrina the Vampire queen. But my lust for her is beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life. Book 5 - Winslow & Hollis (Ivy’s Bears)We both want her to ourselves.Even though she’s an outsider, a human.But she won’t choose.We’re best friends, but there are some things we just don’t share.But for Ivy, it just might be worth it.Book 6 - Jack & Damien (Bearly Wolf)We’ve led our pack well.But factions are rising.Without a mate to cement our position, all could be lost.Then we find her - Imogen.But she isn’t a bear shifter, she’s a half-breed with no abilities.Is this forbidden love worth losing everything we’ve ever known?Book 7 - Hale, Rhys, Knox, Zed (Bearly Friends)They entered our world by mistake.They thought they were just taking a trip to the mountains.But somehow, three beautiful women ended up with us.Did they expect to see bears?Maybe.But not like us!And while they’re here, we’re going to have some fun.Book 8 - Zare (Sold To The Werewolf) It’s always been easy for me to get girls. It’s just part of the fun of being a werewolf. Good looks and strong, muscular bodies seem to be in our DNA. But finding a true mate is another story! I’ve been looking for what seems like forever and nothing.And then I met Jane. Getting this girl, it seems, is not so easy. So I made her an offer she can’t refuse...Book 9 - Alex (King From The Sky)I have only one mission.It’s not being the king.It’s certainly not finding a mate. Until I was injured and saved by a vet - Emily. Curvy, beautiful and kind, only someone like her is fit to be my queen. But now she’s in danger because of me.I must go back to Earth to protect her. Book 10 - Michael (Bearly Witch)I’m rich, gorgeous and talented.But that means nothing.I have a dark secret that’s slowly destroying me and I need help.She’s untrained but Cally can save me.She has to.

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Fire Breathing Beast (Dragons of the Bayou Book 1)

Pdf Romance Fire Breathing Beast (Dragons of the Bayou Book 1)

Pdf:Fire Breathing Beast (Dragons of the Bayou Book 1).Sky Broussard has spent the last nine years of her life fighting for custody and raising her nephews. Between trying to make ends meet as a waitress at the Bon Temps Café, and keeping an eye on two troublesome teens, she’s had zero time for indulgences like romance. No worries, she hasn’t been interested in the opposite sex for a long time. Not until she meets the snarling, growling, hotter-that-an-inferno hunk who caught her nephews trespassing on his swampland deep in the Louisiana bayou.Too bad he’s off his rocker. Seriously. He thinks he’s a dragon, calls her his mate, follows her home, and refuses to leave her side. She really should put a stop to the insanity. She really should. Except, her libido is running on overdrive and, who knows, he might be her chance to finally lose her V-card.This is the first book of Candace Ayers' latest series, Dragons of the Bayou. This book introduces the series, the setting, and a few of the characters thereby priming the stage for subsequent shifter romances set in the swamplands of the deep south.This is a hot and spicy, super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and Ruby Dixon may like this dragon shapeshifter series.

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Queen Takes Knights (Their Vampire Queen Book 1)

Pdf Romance Queen Takes Knights (Their Vampire Queen Book 1)

Pdf:Queen Takes Knights (Their Vampire Queen Book 1).A lost virgin vampire queen. Two vampire knights sworn to protect her.It's about to get very hot... and bloody...Ever since her mother was murdered by monsters five years ago, Shara Isador has been on the run. Alone, scared, and exhausted, she's finally cornered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Out of hope with nowhere else to turn, she's ready to end it all when two men come to her rescue.They say she's a lost queen descended from Isis, and they're her Blood, vampire knights sworn to protect her. It all seems like a crazy nightmare, until the alpha offers his blood. Then she realizes she's never wanted anything more. Except maybe his body... and his friend's, too.But they're not the only ones searching for a lost queen. Shara must learn how to wield her new powers quickly and conquer her fears if she intends to keep them all alive.This is a MMFFM+ polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one. #whychoose

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Council of Consorts #1: A Paranormal Love Story

Pdf Romance Council of Consorts #1: A Paranormal Love Story

Pdf:Council of Consorts #1: A Paranormal Love Story.I’m a fighter, not a puppet warming a fancy chair. The great Council of Unnaturals has been around since the beginning of time, each member replaced by their eldest child when the time comes. And my mother is the head of the Oasis. Her eldest? Well, that would be me.But I’m not interested. I’d rather live above ground.Besides, there are much better things to do with my time, like saving a family of shifters, keeping humans from causing mass extinctions, and fighting back demon hordes. Magic is my weapon of choice, and I wield it with precision. But my people are relentless and send a small group of handsome men to capture me. An angel, a vampire, and a wolf. Someone should have sent some luck along with them. Before long, I’ve pulled them into cause—rescuing a family of shifters who’ve been attacked in their home. We work to get the teenage kids who’d been kidnapped back, but a dream pulls at me. My people in the Oasis are under attack. Surely not. If I leave, the kids will die, but if I stay, all I’ve ever known could be destroyed. There is no right answer, and yet, I’ve gotta make my move. My mother would be so proud. This is book 1 of 4. There will be a cliffhanger and you will need to read the other books to finish the story.

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Shifters Forsaken: Shifter Romance Collection

Pdf Romance Shifters Forsaken: Shifter Romance Collection

Pdf:Shifters Forsaken: Shifter Romance Collection.Torn apart by circumstance, kept afloat by fate, these brothers have been left to fend for themselves in a world which doesn’t understand their power—and the ones who do must be avoided at all cost.Four siblings estranged, four mates, one combined goal—love and unity.Featured Books in this Collection:Book One – Cypher’s MateBook Two – Briar’s MateBook Three – Vaughan’s MateBook Four – Ryker’s MateOther Books in this Collection:Found by Kalgin, Isera’s Freedom, Rescued by Emery, Bree’s DragonAUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand alone romances with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

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Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5)

Pdf Romance Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5)

Pdf:Queen Takes Checkmate (Their Vampire Queen Book 5).The god of light has met his match. But whose life will the red serpent claim?Killing the queen of New York City has added a million new responsibilities to Shara Isador’s list. The former queen’s Blood must be dealt with before they turn thrall. The queens Keisha Skye coerced into sibling relationships must either be formally sworn to House Isador or freed. Though Shara can’t in good conscience allow anyone into her house who took part in the rampant torture in which House Skye indulged.While every single day, Shara feels the weight of the red serpent coiled around her throat. The goddess’s gift grows heavier with every passing moment. If she doesn’t act, the serpent will consume everything she loves. But if she goes after Ra as promised…Someone she loves very much will die.Any of her Blood will gladly pay that cost, but Shara loves them too much to even consider losing one of them.Who will survive the epic showdown with Ra, the god of light, and will this be the end of Shara Isador’s story?

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Adelaide's Fate (Her Fate Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Adelaide's Fate (Her Fate Series Book 1)

Pdf:Adelaide's Fate (Her Fate Series Book 1).How far can fate make you fall?When Adelaide turned twenty, losing her parents and gaining custody of her fifteen year old sister was not part of her plan. If being a shifter in a world where her kind is hunted wasn't bad enough, she now has to protect her sister too. Adie has no choice but to move into the old house her parents left them, or risk being on the streets in a dangerous world.Only she didn't expect to be living next door to a strange, and very attractive, group of men who are far more than human. They offer her protection in exchange for keeping their reason for hiding with the humans a secret, and helping them.But protection comes at a cost and the cost is something none of them could have expected.A cost that’s been destined. A cost that fate has weaved for Adelaide. A cost that even princes cannot escape.(Her Guardians series spin-off)Reverse Harem17 +

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Queen Takes King (Their Vampire Queen Book 2)

Pdf Romance Queen Takes King (Their Vampire Queen Book 2)

Pdf:Queen Takes King (Their Vampire Queen Book 2).How many Blood will come to the vampire queen's call... and will they be able to protect her from the king?For the first time in her adult life, Shara has plenty of money thanks to the Isador legacy--and she's not alone. Daire and Rik are devoted lovers, but they know other Blood are coming. Blood who may challenge Rik for the coveted alpha spot at her back.As her power grows, so does her hunger. But without fangs, she fears she'll never be the queen her Blood expect. More Blood means power struggles and complications, and she has no idea how to keep everyone happy. Worse, her dreams are quickly becoming something to fear.Moving to establish her permanent nest, she can't stop dreaming of the king. A massive monster. Chained in darkness. Lost to madness. He roars with fury in her dreams, demanding his release.But is he the key to unraveling her own mysterious past--or the most dangerous threat of all?This is a MMFFM+ polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one. #whychoose

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My Familiar Stranger: BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (Knights of Black Swan Book 1)

Pdf Romance My Familiar Stranger: BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (Knights of Black Swan Book 1)

Pdf:My Familiar Stranger: BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (Knights of Black Swan Book 1).Meet the sexiest vampire hunters alive and choose your next book boyfriend! "Rivals Black Dagger Brotherhood." - Fanatical Paranormal Romantical New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Victoria Danann, introduces the epic saga that reset the gold standard for paranormal romance. "My God, this is spectacular." - Quote the Raven I accidentally ended up in this dimension.I had nothing.I knew no one.I barely survived the journey, but landed in the best possible place; an ancient society of vampire hunters with the medical means to put me back together. I can't go home, but I can use the extra-abilities I gained from slipping dimensions to work for Black Swan and try to keep my friends alive.When it comes to love, I have options. The knight who saved my life is strength and honor personified. The sexy elf who thinks I'm his mate. And an incredibly attractive six-hundred-year-old vampire.My name is Elora Laiken. This is my story.Start reading TODAY! Find out why My Familiar Stranger has been called awesome, enchanting, enthralling, engrossing, and thrilling.  

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Chosen by the Vampire Kings (The Chosen Series Book 1)

Pdf Romance Chosen by the Vampire Kings (The Chosen Series Book 1)

Pdf:Chosen by the Vampire Kings (The Chosen Series Book 1).Bestselling BBW Vampire Novel. Contains scenes with ménage.Series reading order - 1#Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2#Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3#Unlikely Mates 4#Awakened by the Vampire Prince 5#Mated to the Vampire Kings 6#Wolf Whisperer (Novella) 7#Wanted by the Elven KingEvery hundred years, tradition dictates that all eligible females in Sweetwater assemble for the choosing ceremony. Two vampire kings have separate territories within the surrounding countryside. Both are eager to pick their future brides.What a waste of her freaking time.Tanya is among the many women at the choosing ceremony. As far as she’s concerned it’s an outdated, sexist event and if it wasn’t mandatory she so wouldn’t be here. It’s not important that the two males are ridiculously rich and handsome. Deep down she knows a plain Jane like her will never be picked by one of the kings anyway. Many of the women in the town square are stunningly beautiful and model thin. Most seem enthusiastic about being a queen even if it means being mated to a blood sucker, which suits her just fine.Imagine her surprise though when King Brant sets his sights firmly on her. Once a vampire king has decided, there’s no going back. But her home is in Sweetwater. Being forced to live amongst the vampire species…big gulp…forced to mate with a vampire…is not what she had in mind for herself. Maybe she can convince him to let her go, to pick again. If not, she’ll have to find a way to escape his - very muscled and rather delicious - clutches. This novel is 129,000 wordsNo Cliffhanger!!The story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Dragon Hunt (Water Dragons Book 1)

Pdf Romance Dragon Hunt (Water Dragons Book 1)

Pdf:Dragon Hunt (Water Dragons Book 1). Dragon Shifter series set in the same world as the bestselling Bride Hunt seriesWhat reviewers are saying:***Amazing start to a new series!******Hot, cocky, and only out for some fun.******I impatiently wait for each new release and have never been disappointed!***Storm, dragon prince of the Water tribe, has decided to take part in the Bride Hunt for the first time. Does he want a mate? Hell no! Simply put, he’s bored, and the hunt sounds like a whole lot of fun. Also, he could do with a human to warm his bed. Once their allotted time is over, she needs to be on her way. He's far too young to be tied down. The female he wins is welcome to try and change his mind if she feels like it. Try being the operative word. Jolene is sick of human men. All they want is sex. None are interested in committing to anything long-term. At thirty-four she’s done waiting for her dream man. She wants a husband and a family, and she wants them now. Jolene is thrilled when she's accepted into the shifter dating program. She’s even more excited when she discovers the shifters are not wolves, as she first thought, but dragons. Who even knew dragon shifters existed? Finally, men who actually want to settle down. Men who aren’t afraid of a woman who knows exactly what she wants.  What a disappointment when the guy who wins her turns out to be an arrogant A-hole. It’s all a game to him. He doesn’t want commitment. What’s worse is that she’s stuck with him for the next couple of weeks. It sucks that she’s a little attracted to him. Okay, okay, make that, a lot attracted to him. He might be an ass, but he's a gorgeous ass. Should she try and change his mind about not taking a mate? Forget it! She has better things to do. Chasing after a man isn’t one of them.Should she make his life a living hell? That’s more like it. Right now she’s got nothing better to do anyway.Is there a chance of her falling in love with him while doing it? Dammit, but it’s a distinct possibility.Guaranteed HEA! No cheating.Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language

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Dark Widow’s Secret (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 23)

Pdf Romance Dark Widow’s Secret (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 23)

Pdf:Dark Widow’s Secret (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 23).Vivian and her daughter share a powerful telepathic connection, so when Ella can't be reached by conventional or psychic means, her mother fears the worst. Help arrives from an unexpected source when Vivian gets a call from the young doctor she met at a psychic convention. Turns out Julian belongs to a private organization specializing in retrieving missing girls. As Julian's clan mobilizes its considerable resources to rescue the daughter, Magnus is charged with keeping the gorgeous young mother safe. Worry for Ella and the secrets Vivian and Magnus keep from each other should be enough to prevent the sparks of attraction from kindling a blaze of desire. Except, these pesky sparks have a mind of their own.

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Queen Takes Queen (Their Vampire Queen Book 3)

Pdf Romance Queen Takes Queen (Their Vampire Queen Book 3)

Pdf:Queen Takes Queen (Their Vampire Queen Book 3).The Triune's attention is a deadly thing to attract. The world's oldest and most powerful vampire queens devise a plan to ensure the fledgling Isador queen is eliminated before she can call enough Blood to protect her.But Shara has already drawn formidable and famously powerful Blood to her side: Leviathan, king of the depths. Guillaume de Payne, the headless Templar knight. Wu Tien Xin, the silent invisible assassin. Nevarre, the Morrigan's own Shadow. And of course, her first two Blood, Alrik and Daire, inexperienced--but extremely powerful in their own right.Though well fed on queen's blood and well loved, six Blood are not enough to stand against the mighty Triune. Shara needs more.She needs more Blood. She needs allies.What she really needs is a queen of her own.This is a MMFFM+ polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one. #whychoose

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Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen Book 4)

Pdf Romance Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen Book 4)

Pdf:Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen Book 4).The epic showdown between the last Isador queen and House Skye begins.Strengthened by her new queen sib, Shara Isador plans to return to her mansion-in-progress for some much needed rest. She especially wants to get to know her new twin Blood and fears she may have made a mistake in taking them. She does not love them. Yet.However, the sun god and the queen of New York City have other plans.The snares are set to capture the young but extremely powerful vampire queen. Someone inside Zaniyah's nest has betrayed them, and Shara's trusted butler calls to inform her that a large package has arrived-from Marne Ceresa, the queen of Rome. A trap, surely. Or could the unknown gift be an olive branch from the feared Triune queen?This is a MMFFM+ polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one. #whychoose

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Dark Survivor Echoes of Love (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 21)

Pdf Romance Dark Survivor Echoes of Love (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 21)

Pdf:Dark Survivor Echoes of Love (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 21).Incredible and Unpredictable...Who can ask for anything more???!! This series. I can not say enough about how much I look forward to the next piece of the puzzle. I.T. Lucas is an extraordinary writer who never disappoints. Predictability in a writer is one of the worse traits I find, and can turn an enjoyable series into crap. I love that I can't predict what's going to happen next. Keep em' coming I.T.Best series ever. Omg cross my heart, this is the best book series of this kind I have ever read. I read them as fast as it will download on release day. Cant wait for the next one. I really want Wonder to meet Annani. I hope the series will continue and include all of the Guardians.I'm addicted and I love it!!! This is my favorite ongoing series. Each book justs pulls me in more. You become so close to each of the characters. I love how the stories pick right up from the previous book. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves to get into the heart of the characters and continuing plot that you know that you will never be left hanging.Wonder’s journey continues in Dark Survivor Echoes of Love.

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A Shade of Vampire 4: A Shadow of Light

Pdf Romance A Shade of Vampire 4: A Shadow of Light

Pdf:A Shade of Vampire 4: A Shadow of Light.The fourth book of the million-bestselling A Shade of Vampire series!"A Shadow of Light is by far the best book in the series yet. I would absolutely recommend this book a thousand times over!"- Pink Fluffy Hearts Reviews ★★★★★"A Shadow of Light throws you right into the heart of the Shade of Vampire series." -TeenBlurb ★★★★★"A riot among the humans. A siege at the port. A kingdom on the brink of civil war while still facing the threat of an attack from outside forces at any moment."Since the implosion at The Oasis and Derek's stay at Hawk Headquarters, The Shade has fallen into a state of utter chaos. To make matters worse, the citizens of Derek's kingdom have become suspicious of his loyalties and accuse him of siding with the enemy... At a time when Derek desperately needs full cooperation from his subjects, they wish to put their own King on trial.Meanwhile, Sofia is being held hostage by the hunters. They are determined to rid her of her infatuation with the vampire. She submits to the strict routine and training they impose on her, but the only fuel that keeps her going is the thought of reuniting with Derek - something Reuben is fighting with every fiber of his being to ensure will never happen....Until one day, out of the blue, Reuben appears to have a change of heart and comes to Sofia with a proposal; a solution that she never dreamed possible. A solution that would fulfil her heart's deepest desires and secure her and Derek's future together, forever.But can she really trust this man who is so renowned for his hatred of vampires? Does she even have a choice?Scroll up and click the buy button now to find out...Note: Derek Novak and Sofia Claremont's story is only a 7 book series. It completes in Book 7: A Break of Day, and the characters embark on entirely new adventures from Book 8: A Shade of Novak.*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*

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Dark Enemy: Taken (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 4)

Pdf Romance Dark Enemy: Taken (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 4)

Pdf:Dark Enemy: Taken (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 4)."I still can't get over just how absolutely amazing this series is!! To intertwine Greek Mythology and history in all aspects as well as current events is absolutely mind blowing! So much so that when you really look at it can certainly seem plausible...""Treat yourself to this provocative, sexy world of vampire romance. You will love the vampiric gods in this series. Each book is an exciting unique story of a couple's adventures within their clan world. I anxiously await each volume, then can not put it down until I am finished. I.T. Lucas is masterful in weaving a provocative tale. I am addicted!""Move over Romeo and Juliet!""Loved it! Exciting, interesting and hot. Love Amanda and Dalhu starts to grow on me. Highly recommended for those looking for an exciting and sensual read." "Once in while a book or series comes along that simply won't let you put it down and this was one of those great finds! I normally find myself skimming through characters to get to the ones I like, but not this time! I loved every sentence of every character introduced and simply want more!"Since the dawn of human civilization, two warring factions of near-immortals - the descendants of the gods of old - have been secretly shaping its destiny. Amanda's small clan champions progress and peace, while their powerful enemy, the Doomers, propagates ignorance and war.Descending from a single goddess - the only one to survive the ancient cataclysm that wiped out her kind - Amanda's clan members are forbidden to each other. And as the only other known immortals are their hated enemies, they've been long resigned to a lonely existence of fleeting trysts with human partners. That is, until Amanda, the goddess's youngest daughter and a researcher of paranormal abilities - makes a game-changing discovery; two of her test subjects might be dormant carriers of the immortal gene. But before she can prove it, she gets snatched off a Beverly Hills street by a huge Doomer.Dalhu can't believe his luck when he stumbles upon the beautiful immortal professor. Presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab an immortal female for himself, he kidnaps her and runs. If he ever gets caught, either by her people or his, his life is forfeit. But for a chance of a loving mate and a family of his own, Dalhu is prepared to do everything in his power to win Amanda's heart, and that includes leaving the Doom brotherhood and his old life behind.Amanda soon discovers that there is more to the handsome Doomer than his dark past and a hulking, sexy body. But succumbing to her enemy's seduction, or worse, developing feelings for a ruthless killer is out of the question. No man is worth life on the run, not even the one and only immortal male she could claim as her own...Her clan and her research must come first...This is a new and re-edited version..

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Bound Spirit: Book One of The Bound Spirit Series

Pdf Romance Bound Spirit: Book One of The Bound Spirit Series

Pdf:Bound Spirit: Book One of The Bound Spirit Series.Seventeen year old, Callie thought climbing out of her hell of an abusive home life was going to be her biggest struggle, but it’s only the beginning. Starting over in a small nowhere town in Oregon with an aunt she didn’t know existed until a week ago, she makes five new guy friends that are each something otherworldly. Something supernatural-- and they say she is too. As if high school wasn’t hard enough.In this captivating and vivid, paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on her journey of healing from the horrors of her past, while discovering that the world is far weirder than she could’ve possibly imagined.Warning:This book contains graphic violence, adult language, underage drinking, mild sexual content, and deals in sensitive issues such as abuse, suicide, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised.

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Cherry Popper

Pdf Romance Cherry Popper

Pdf:Cherry Popper.Will a chance reunion lead to more than the HOTTEST night of her life in this sexy second chance romance?* JesseI was the poor kid from the wrong end of town, and she was the little rich girl who thought she was better than me.F**k her, I told my young heart. It wasn't like I'd go without. And I didn't. My bedroom became a revolving door.Years later and she's back in my small town.Well, well, the little rich girl has become a luscious woman with curves I want to lick. Best part of all is she's in a jam and needs my help.Sure, baby. Sure, I think I might have just the tool you need...MiaHe doesn't know it, but I was crazy about him. I only turned him down because I didn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. Not that it bothered him, with his wicked smile and piercing blue eyes he went on to take the cherries of so many girls he earned the title of Cherry Popper.After college, I moved to the city, but now I'm back for my friend's wedding, and the first person I run into is him.Oh my, but he's a sight for sore eyes. The grown up, Jesse Cooper all hard muscles and oozing sex appeal, may even be able to fix my...uh...other problem too...*A sexy, curvy girl, standalone romance with HEA.

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Not So Nice Guy

Pdf Romance Not So Nice Guy

Pdf:Not So Nice Guy.#2 Overall Amazon Bestseller#1 Bestselling Romantic ComedyA full-length STANDALONE romantic comedy from USA TODAY bestselling author R.S. Grey."Oh my god. Who is that?"I get asked this question a lot."Oh him?" I reply. "That's just Ian."Just Ian is the biggest understatement of the century. Just the Mona Lisa. Just the Taj Mahal. Just Ian, with his boring ol' washboard abs and dime-a-dozen dimpled smile.Just Ian is...just my best friend.We're extremely close, stuck so deep inside a Jim-and-Pam-style friendzone everyone at work assumes we're a couple--that is until one day, word spreads through the teacher's lounge that he's single. Fair game. Suddenly, it's open season on Ian.He should be reveling in all the newfound attention, but to our mutual surprise, the only attention he seems to want is mine.He's turning our formerly innocent nightly chats into X-rated phone calls. Our playful banter sports a new, dangerous edge.I want to assume he's playing a prank on me, just pushing my buttons like always--but when Ian lifts me onto the desk in my classroom and slides his hands up my skirt, he doesn't leave a lot of room for confusion.I'm a little scared of things going south, of losing my best friend because I can't keep my hands to myself. So, I'm just going to back away and not return this earth-shattering kiss--oh who am I kidding?!Goodbye Ian, ol' buddy, ol' pal!Helloooo mister not so nice guy.NOT SO NICE GUY is a full-length romantic comedy. For a limited time, I've also included an excerpt from my #1 bestseller THE ALLURE OF JULIAN LEFRAY!

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Once Upon A Wild Fling

Pdf Romance Once Upon A Wild Fling

Pdf:Once Upon A Wild Fling.My brother's best friend has a proposition for me. Have I mentioned he's a sexy single dad? Tell me more...There are a million reasons why Miles Hart isn't the man I should date but allow me to enumerate the top three. He's friends with my brother, he's a single dad, and he's a sexy, in-demand rock star. He might as well wear an off-limits, totally unavailable, and don't-even-attempt-to-ride-this-ride sign.Then he asks me to be his plus-one when his band plays at his high school reunion, and the night unfolds in ways I never expect.***I have three good reasons to keep my hands off Roxy Sterling--her brother's my business manager and good buddy, my kid is the center of my world, and the last time I fell hard for a woman I was burned so badly that my interest in relationships has gone up in flames. But once I bring Roxy's body next to mine on the dance floor, I want all the not-safe-for-work things I can't have with her. So I make a proposition.Then I learn exactly how risky we might be.

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A Match Made in Bed: A Spinster Heiresses Novel (The Spinster Heiresses Book 2)

Pdf Romance A Match Made in Bed: A Spinster Heiresses Novel (The Spinster Heiresses Book 2)

Pdf:A Match Made in Bed: A Spinster Heiresses Novel (The Spinster Heiresses Book 2).Once upon a time there were three young ladies who, despite their fortunes, had been on the marriage mart a bit too long. They were known as “the Spinster Heiresses” . . .Miss Cassandra Holwell is too tall, too bookish, and too smart—but she does have money and a father who wants a grand title for her. Cassandra hasn’t felt a desire to marry until she meets the sinfully handsome Duke of Camberly, who captures her imagination . . . until Soren York, Earl of Dewsberry and her family’s sworn enemy, steps in the way.The Holwells ruined Soren’s family, and he’s lived on the knife’s edge trying to resurrect their fortunes . . . until he considers marrying the Holwell Heiress. Not only would her dowry give him the funds he needs, he has secretly had an eye on the independent-minded bluestocking since they both first realized the differences between men and women.She likes to read; he has no patience for books. She knows little of sex; he is a man of the world and willing to school her. Her family destroyed his; his offer of marriage may be her only salvation.Now Cassandra and Soren must learn to love each other for who they are, not what they are—and the lessons are becoming an exercise in absolute pleasure.

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I Think I Love You: An Oxford Novel

Pdf Romance I Think I Love You: An Oxford Novel

Pdf:I Think I Love You: An Oxford Novel.USA TODAY BESTSELLER • A game of seduction between two best friends goes deliciously wrong in an irresistible Oxford Novel that brims with wit and sexual tension. Library Journal hails Layne’s work as “exemplary contemporary romance.” Brit Robbins knows that dating in New York City is hard—she just hoped to have it mastered by age thirty. But after yet another promising suitor says they have no sparks, Brit decides it’s time to torch her dating game and try a new plan. And who better to coach Brit through the art of seduction than the guy who first gave her the “let’s be friends” card? Hunter Cross has always figured there’s nothing his best friend Brit can do to surprise him. But Brit’s request is a surprise he doesn’t see coming—and one he’s definitely not prepared for. Hunter and Brit have always been careful to keep things perfectly platonic, but the fake dates and faux flirting are starting to feel like the real deal. And soon Hunter realizes he has taught Brit too well. Not only has she become an expert at seduction, the man becoming thoroughly seduced is him.Praise for I Think I Love You “This girl always makes me smile—another must-read by Lauren Layne.”—New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett“Poignant, sexy, and romantic . . . I Think I Love You will leave readers wanting more.”—Tracy Goodwin, internationally bestselling author of Ice Hot: A New York Nighthawks Novel“I Think I Love You is a sweet, charming, sexy friends-to-lovers story and a fun return to the Oxford/Stiletto characters. I can always count on Lauren Layne for a five-star read!”—Jessica Lemmon, bestselling author of Rumor Has It Lauren Layne’s New York Times bestselling Oxford Novel series can be read in any order: IRRESISTIBLY YOURS I WISH YOU WERE MINE SOMEONE LIKE YOU I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE I THINK I LOVE YOU Don’t miss any of Lauren Layne’s hot reads: The Love Unexpectedly series: BLURRED LINES | GOOD GIRL | LOVE STORY | WALK OF SHAME | AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS The Sex, Love & Stiletto series: AFTER THE KISS | LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH | JUST ONE NIGHT | THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE The Redemption series: ISN’T SHE LOVELY  | BROKEN | CRUSHED The I Do, I Don’t series: READY TO RUN | RUNAWAY GROOM Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Under His Wing: A SciFi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates)

Pdf Romance Under His Wing: A SciFi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates)

Pdf:Under His Wing: A SciFi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates).How far will Nina run to escape her mother's manipulation? Straight into the arms of an alien with the body and wings of an angel.Nina hatches a plan to fend off her mother’s interminable matchmaking and responds to an ad she sees for Celestial Mates. She has no intention of settling down or finding true love, she only wants to buy herself time and freedom. There's no way she's going to end up like her sister, married to a corporate asshole. After a simple VR scan, she's off to meet her tall, ripped, handsome as sin alien match.Adonael—warrior and Commander of the Caelaran—knows his people are losing the fight against the Vorkess. His race is on the verge of extinction, the female population dwindling, and many more dying in their sacred duty of battle. A joined-mate was never a possibility until the small, enticing human female with ink-black hair is thrust into his life. For the promise of a future with a mate as alluring as Nina, Adonael will fight any enemy, face any threat to see her safe.

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Decidedly With Baby (By The Bay Book 2)

Pdf Romance Decidedly With Baby (By The Bay Book 2)

Pdf:Decidedly With Baby (By The Bay Book 2).One-Night Stand Rule #1: always check the condom’s expiry date.Oops. Career-orientated Holly Whittaker has a plan, and being a mom is not part of it. Her not-quite-a-fairytale childhood involved being brought up by thirty nannies (yes, thirty!), so what the heck does she know about being a mom anyway?  Playboy Josh Hoffer has no room in his life for a family or steady girlfriend. His hockey career comes first. Life is tough when you’re on the road more times than you’re not. Besides, what does he know about diapers and baby yoga and fairytale princesses? After Holly receives some unexpected bad news, she’s looking to blow off a little steam, and hot sex with Mr. No Commitment himself fits the bill just fine. But sex is never without consequences, and this time it’s more than her heart that is at stake. This time, Mr. No Commitment and Ms. Career need to figure out what’s really important to them and find room in their heart for another—plus one.

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Merriweather Sisters Medieval Time Travel Romance Boxed Set Books 1-3 (Merriweather Sisters Time Travel Romance Book 4)

Pdf Romance Merriweather Sisters Medieval Time Travel Romance Boxed Set Books 1-3 (Merriweather Sisters Time Travel Romance Book 4)

Pdf:Merriweather Sisters Medieval Time Travel Romance Boxed Set Books 1-3 (Merriweather Sisters Time Travel Romance Book 4).Read the first three books in the medieval time travel romance series: A Knight to Remember, Knight Moves, Lonely is the Knight, in this special offering.Book 1: A Knight to RememberFall through time...Vacation to England. Check.Haunting castle ruins. Check.Proper English lord for a boyfriend. Well, almost check.Be careful what you wish for…Lucy Merriweather’s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she lands in a tangled heap at the feet of a tarnished grumpy knight with secrets of his own and no time to spare for a crazy damsel in distress.Book 2: Knight MovesLose yourself in time…A missing sister and totally fishy story.Check.A haunting castle in England.Check.Finding out news that rocks your world.Check. And double check.Be careful when you go searching for answers…Melinda Merriweather’s sister vanished on a trip to England. When someone tries to kill Melinda Merriweather, she knows there’s more to the story of her missing sister. Determined to find out what happened, Melinda lands in England, only to get more than she bargained for.A picture she can’t explain. A wrong turn leading to Falconburgh Castle and a whopper of a storm. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she finds herself staring at the pointy end of a wicked-looking sword. A weary knight swoops in and rescues Melinda, only to find out she’s no swooning damsel in distress. Now Melinda’s greatest fear is falling in love and never finding out what happened to her sister.Book 3: Lonely is the KnightTravel through time... Both sisters lost to the mists of time.Check.Attempted murder.Check.Actually traveling through time to medieval England?Triple check.Beware ghosts trying to help…Charlotte Merriweather didn’t plan to steal the gorgeous low-slung sports car. But in her defense it was just sitting there running, with the door open, beckoning her.A terrible accident sends her traveling through time to 1330 England. Surely the handsome knight of the castle will aid her in the search to find her missing sisters? Henry Thornton has sworn never to marry. Even if he is enchanted by the odd woman he finds washed up on the shore. He'll aid her and send the lady on her way.Or not. As the castle falls under siege trapping Charlotte and Henry within the stone walls, will they risk everything for a chance at a love meant to last forever?Series Reading Order:Knights Through Time Travel RomancesBook 1: A Knight to RememberBook 2: Knight MovesBook 3: Lonely is the KnightBook 4: Darkest KnightBook 5: Forever KnightBook 6: First KnightBook 7: Last KnightBook 8: My One and Only KnightBook 9: Beyond TimeBook 10: Time After TimeBook 11: A Moonlit KnightBook 12: The Knight Before Christmas - COMING OCTOBER

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The Red Highlanders Collection: A Scottish Medieval Romance Bundle

Pdf Romance The Red Highlanders Collection: A Scottish Medieval Romance Bundle

Pdf:The Red Highlanders Collection: A Scottish Medieval Romance Bundle.A bundle of Highlander and Scottish Romance you'll not soon forget!Welcome to the world of Le Veque's Medieval Scotsmen... powerful, cunning, skilled, and sexy. And don't forget the red hair! From the sweeping Highlands of Scotland to the borders of Wales and beyond, join the Scotsmen and their fiery women for Medieval adventure and passion that is sure to please. This bundle contains:The Red Lion - A Highlander finds love, battle, and betrayal on the Welsh Marches.The Red Fury - A Scots mercenary of noble birth is bent on vengeance... but will love get in his way?Deep Into Darkness - The Red Lion and his wife, a Welsh warrior woman, find a spooky Scottish castle with a dark secret.The Highlander's Hidden Heart - When a Highlander makes a promise, it cannot be forgotten... or can it?Bonus chapters: Read bonus chapter from Le Veque's October 2018 release, BAY OF FEAR!Enjoy these tales in this special limited edition collection - for purchase or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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Highlander's Love in Captivity: A Scottish Historical Romance Novel

Pdf Romance Highlander's Love in Captivity: A Scottish Historical Romance Novel

Pdf:Highlander's Love in Captivity: A Scottish Historical Romance Novel.Living under her uncle’s commands to find a betrothed, Jane Keppel suffers a predetermined & cruel fate: trapped in a loveless marriage to a man she loathes, for the rest of her life.But her uncle is none other than the notorious Earl of Compton, the man responsible for the death and suffering of many local highlanders, including Laird Bhaltair McColl’s most dear ones - his beloved wife and father.Blinded by hatred, Bhaltair and his bloodthirsty clan abduct Jane and her father the night of her coming-out ball. Captivity brings the two heroes more close than apart, but there is one thing Jane keeps buried in her heart that the handsome Highlander must never know.This secret is Jane’s only weapon to escape…but also the path to her eternal imprisonment.*Highlander's Love in Captivity is a Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending.Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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All Things Merry and Bright: A Very Special Christmas Tale Collection

Pdf Romance All Things Merry and Bright: A Very Special Christmas Tale Collection

Pdf:All Things Merry and Bright: A Very Special Christmas Tale Collection.Le Veque… Crosby… Ridley… Tisdale… Knight… Devlin… CampbellNYT and USA Today Bestselling authors come together to bring you a Holiday Collection like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Familiar faces, familiar families. Join characters you ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE in a collection of very special never-before-published Christmas stories.Welcome to the tales you’ve been wishing for in this assemblage of tiny Christmas stories by some of your favorite authors. From the snow-covered fields of Medieval England, to the wind-blown Highlands of Scotland, and on to the merrily decked halls of Regency England, enjoy these satisfying little tales as you become part of your favorite characters’ holiday world.The collection includes:A de Russe Christmas Miracle by Kathryn Le Veque – The de Russe family learns the true meaning of a Christmas miracle when an angel walks among them.The Holly and The Ivy by Tanya Anne Crosby - Join the MacKinnon clan for a magical reunion that brings old friends and new together for a Yule not to be forgotten.A Dukes of War Christmas by Erica Ridley - The Duke of Ravenwood and his family host a house party to reunite with old friends for the holiday.Mariote’s Christmas Wish by Suzan Tisdale – Mariote from Stealing Moirra’s Heart has her own very special Christmas season.A Very Special Gift by Eliza Knight - The Sutherlands are back with A Very Special Gift in this extended epilogue of Bella and Niall's story.A Very Brethren Christmas by Barbara Devlin - Admiral Mark Douglas is a career naval man who just wants to get home in time to spend Christmas with his family.A Rivenloch Christmas by Glynnis Campbell - Spend the holidays in Scotland with the Warrior Maids of Rivenloch.Enjoy this limited edition set as Kathryn, Tanya Anne, Erica, Suzan, Eliza, Barbara, and Glynnis wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays!

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StormWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 13)

Pdf Romance StormWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 13)

Pdf:StormWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 13).The 'little' de Wolfe Brother, Thomas, is no longer little. The de Wolfe cub has become a big, powerful Wolfe all his own...1290 A.D. - Thomas de Wolfe, commander of Wark Castle, an outpost for Castle Questing, his father's powerful fortress, has come out from the shadow of his mighty father and brothers. Now, they call him StormWolfe for his fearlessness and cunning. Where Thomas de Wolfe goes, storms are sure to gather.Thomas is rightly feared along the borders just as his father was, because there is no Sassenach knight more courageous or deadly than a de Wolfe. But along with the qualities that make him fearsome, he is also know for being highly intelligent and more than a match for the reivers that run raids along the borders. In the fight against the reivers, Thomas leads the charge. But he has a weakness...Lady Maitland de Ryes is descended from a great Norman family who used to be big landholders in the north. But the family wealth was lost by her careless father, who sold off the lands to feed his gambling habits, and when he died, he left his daughter destitute but for the charity she ran, an orphanage south of Kelso Abbey. Thomas has long been fond of Lady Maitland, and the de Wolfes watched with sadness as the great de Ryes family collapsed. Years ago, Thomas proposed marriage to Maitland, once, but she declined, instead preferring to tend her charity. She had a fondness for Thomas, but she doesn't love him, much to the knight's heartbreak. He hasn't seen her in some time until word comes from the Scots that Maitland's charity was hit by the reivers.It's Thomas to the rescue.Maitland hardly recognizes the youngest de Wolfe brother, who is now big and muscular, with flowing dark hair past his shoulders. When they meet again, this time, something sparks within her, but Thomas is cold, at least on the outside. He doesn't want to be hurt again. But inside, the fires of attraction are burning yet again...Join Thomas and Maitland as Thomas appoints himself protector of Maitland's orphanage, yet deep secrets Maitland is keeping from him threaten both of their lives. The charity is not what it seems, and the truth could destroy a love that has built from the ashes of rejection.It’s another action-packed de Wolfe Pack novel that is sure to leave you breathless!The de Wolfe Pack Series is Le Veque's flagship Medieval series with 14 novels. They are stand alones and can be read in any order, but the chronological order by year in which the story is set is:WarwolfeThe Wolfe (originally Book 1)NighthawkShadowWolfeDarkWolfeA Joyous de Wolfe ChristmasSerpentA Wolfe Among DragonsScorpionDark DestroyerThe Lion of the NorthWalls of BabylonStormWolfe (pre order)BlackWolfe (pre order)

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The Majestic Impostor: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 3)

Pdf Romance The Majestic Impostor: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 3)

Pdf:The Majestic Impostor: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 3).A relentless love. An impossible choice.Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated women—possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. Aldara has left the Companion life behind her. Having returned south to her family, she thought all ties to her prince severed. She was wrong. Now she has a secret—one she must keep in order to protect the people she loves. But when her past shows up at her home, lives begin to unravel.Still grieving the departure of his Companion and the death of his father, Prince Tyron is adjusting to life under his brother’s rule. Shifts in power see him sent to Corneo to take control of the West. Amid the throes of war, he learns that the woman who still holds his heart has been keeping a secret. An impulsive decision delivers him into enemy hands with no way out. Unless she does the unthinkable…Fast-paced and lyrical, The Majestic Impostor is a medieval tale of power and the unstoppable forces of love.PLEASE NOTE: This is book three in ‘The Companion’ series and is best read after books one and two. This is not a standalone novel.

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The King's Obsession (The Companion series Book 4)

Pdf Romance The King's Obsession (The Companion series Book 4)

Pdf:The King's Obsession (The Companion series Book 4).Love is long-suffering… but she has suffered long enough.Behind every Companion is a mentor who must prepare her for the role. For nine years, Petra has existed within the castle walls. For nine years, the king has taken whatever he pleases—even her son. When tragedy strikes, Petra realises she can either accept her fate or run from it. But the man who owns her will stop at nothing to keep her. To survive, she must put her trust in enemy hands. To heal, she must learn to open her heart.Sir Leksi is the prince’s right hand man and Syrasan’s fiercest knight. He is also the kingdom’s most notorious womaniser. When he stumbles across a runaway in the woods, he is surprised to learn her identity, but even more surprised when he is ordered to protect her. Intrigued by the hunted mentor, he decides to see what lies beneath the unsmiling face and vacant gaze. What he discovers might change him forever…If you enjoy gritty medieval romance, then you will love The King’s Obsession. Please note this is book four in The Companion series. These books are best read in order.Trigger warning: This book contains abuse, violence and dark themes.

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The Common Girl: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 2)

Pdf Romance The Common Girl: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 2)

Pdf:The Common Girl: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 2).Love has never been more dangerous.Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated women—possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. But the longstanding tradition is about to change. A new trade agreement between two kings will see women sold across the border.Prince Tyron never wanted a Companion, but now he cannot fathom a life without her. But when a rebellious act brings brutal consequences, Tyron realises his feelings put his Companion at risk. As her future grows more uncertain, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.Aldara never wanted to be a Companion, but at age sixteen the choice was made for her. She never imagined she would grow to love the man who owns her more than her own freedom. But when her life at Archdale begins to crumble, Tyron sends her back to the safety of her family, where she must find a way to exist without him. As Zoelin continues to tighten its grip on Syrasan, the pair soon discovers there are no safe havens.Tender and heart-stopping, The Common Girl is a love story about family, sacrifice and the roles that bind us.PLEASE NOTE: This is book two in ‘The Companion' series and is best read after book one, The Royal Companion. This is not a standalone novel.

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The Last Pendragon: A Reverse Harem Arthurian Fantasy (Harem of Camelot Book 1)

Pdf Romance The Last Pendragon: A Reverse Harem Arthurian Fantasy (Harem of Camelot Book 1)

Pdf:The Last Pendragon: A Reverse Harem Arthurian Fantasy (Harem of Camelot Book 1). A destiny she can’t outrun. A kingdom that’s hers for the taking. And five warriors who will do anything to serve their queen. With a milestone birthday looming, newly single Carrie isn’t looking forward to the not so secret surprise party she has coming up, especially since her ex is going to be there with his brand new fiancé. But, when a strange chance encounter with the hottest man she’s ever seen sends her spiraling into a world she only thought existed in fables, Carrie soon finds that her life and identity is nothing like she imagined. Waking up in Camelot, Carrie finds herself surrounded by five-count ‘em five- smoking hot men, all sworn to stay by her side. They tell her that she’s the daughter of King Arthur and, as such, rightful queen of Camelot. But, with a dark queen already sitting on her throne, Carrie and her gaggle of supernatural protectors must embark on a journey that will bring them closer to death-and closer to her- then any of them ever imagined. With a loyal knight, a tattooed sorcerer, an immortal with a shocking connection to her, and a pair of twin dragon shifters who do everything together at her side, Carrie must find the strength to become the ruler she never thought she’d have to be…or lose everything in the process.

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THE IRISH COWBOY: A love lost. A family found. A life saved.

Pdf Romance THE IRISH COWBOY: A love lost. A family found. A life saved.

Pdf:THE IRISH COWBOY: A love lost. A family found. A life saved..READERS LOVE THIS USA TODAY 'HAPPY EVER AFTER' RECOMMENDED ROMANCE. "A remarkably powerful story of faith, love, and forgiveness. ""An instant classic.""Timeless. Tragic. Beautiful."Have you taken The Irish Cowboy challenge?"I challenge anyone not to cry tears of joy when reading this book. Loved it. Would make a beautiful movie." -Deanna Foss The government wanted his land. He just wanted to be left alone.Hap Wilkes is a spiritually fractured Montana rancher facing a painful past, an increasingly uncertain future, who now fights with everything left in a broken and failing body to keep the one thing still left to him - his pride.The Irish Cowboy is a family drama spanning decades from the time of lost love, to a family found, and finally spiritual redemption and the always-present human yearning for love and forgiveness that marks the most personal novel to date from bestselling author D.W. Ulsterman.If you read just one story this year you have to make it The Irish Cowboy!READERS CHEER THE IRISH COWBOY!"The Irish Cowboy is a 10 STAR NOVEL - MY HIGHEST PRAISE! The author has outdone himself!" -PatrioticGrandma

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A Love so True: A World War II Sweet Historical Romance

Pdf Romance A Love so True: A World War II Sweet Historical Romance

Pdf:A Love so True: A World War II Sweet Historical Romance.London – 1940 As German bombs rain down upon the city of London, Emma Bradley hastily packs a suitcase, cradles her newborn son in her arms, and boards a train with two evacuee children she’s agreed to chaperone in exchange for a job in the south of England. Although she’s only one of thousands leaving the city, Emma is fleeing more than the horrors of war. Her greatest fear is that the father of her child will track her down and exact revenge for what she’s stolen from him. World renowned Dutch concert pianist Andrej Van der Hoosen is a man who cherishes his privacy above all else. His wealth and privilege have afforded him the luxury of avoiding being around children because of a painful loss from his own past. So, when he meets the woman and children he’ll reside with for the duration of the war, he’s instantly on guard. The children are boisterous and full of life, the cottage they’re assigned to live in is small, and he finds himself intrigued by the secret Emma is so clearly trying to hide.Despite their reluctance to trust each other, Emma and Andrej soon find themselves drawn together in a world torn apart by war.

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Snowed in for Christmas

Pdf Romance Snowed in for Christmas

Pdf:Snowed in for Christmas.Three all-new holiday novellas about couples finding love while trapped together in the snow.Stranded in the Snow (Holiday Acres, Book 2) by Noelle AdamsOlivia Holiday doesn't expect to spend the weekend stranded in a romantic cottage during a snowstorm with the one man she dislikes the most. Scott is a player and holds a grudge against her family, and she's determined not to give in to the deep feelings for him she's been hiding.A Christmas Rescue (Silver Bell Falls, Book 4) by Samantha ChaseSaving a litter of puppies right before Christmas was incredibly rewarding for Bailey Walsh. But getting snowed in with her sexy-yet-grinchy veterinarian boss turns out to be rewarding in a whole other way.Love on the Edge of Reason (Pine Harbour, Book 8) by Zoe YorkTom Minelli doesn't know why Chloe Davis has fled Pine Harbour, but she's pregnant with his baby and he wants her back. But a winter storm rolls in just as he finds her, trapping them together in a cabin on the lake.

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It Started One Christmas

Pdf Romance It Started One Christmas

Pdf:It Started One Christmas.One crisp December night, Keira Carlesso takes in yet another stray—this time, a man. Dalton is a brilliant scientist with no home for the holidays. As Christmas works its magic, two strangers become friends, then best friends, then something much, much more…Susan Mallery’s heartwarming charmer proves that true love is the greatest Christmas gift of all!“Heartwarming…this book is sweet and will appeal to readers who enjoy the intricacies of family drama.” —Publishers Weekly on When We Found Home

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The Dukedom of Deception: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Pdf Romance The Dukedom of Deception: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Pdf:The Dukedom of Deception: A Historical Regency Romance Novel.Love is blind, they say... and doesn't mind riches. Such is the love of a merchant's daughter, Louisa, and the charming young nobleman Felton. Crazy in love and emboldened by the passion of their youth, they seek for their families' blessings for their union.However, the Duke, Felton's father demands of him to marry a certain Lady of the peerage. As his family's obsession lacks any profound reason, Felton will try to investigate this mystery only to be caught in a web of shameful lies and political scandal...Felton's parents are willing to sacrifice their son's happiness for their own good and will do anything to break the two lovers apart. He took an oath to fight for Louisa's love against all odds, but she is too hurt to carry on...*The Dukedom of Deception is a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

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The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo (Victorian Rebels Book 6)

Pdf Romance The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo (Victorian Rebels Book 6)

Pdf:The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo (Victorian Rebels Book 6).Kerrigan Byrne returns to her captivating Victorian Rebels series with the USA Today bestselling The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo.The bravest of heroes. The brashest of rebels. The boldest of lovers. These are the men who risk their hearts and their souls—for the passionate women who dare to love them…He is known only as The Rook. A man with no name, no past, no memories. He awakens in a mass grave, a magnificent dragon tattoo on his muscled forearm the sole clue to his mysterious origins. His only hope for survival—and salvation—lies in the deep, fiery eyes of the beautiful stranger who finds him. Who nurses him back to health. And who calms the restless demons in his soul…A LEGENDARY LOVELorelai will never forget the night she rescued the broken dark angel in the woods, a devilishly handsome man who haunts her dreams to this day. Crippled as a child, she devoted herself to healing the poor tortured man. And when he left, he took a piece of her heart with him. Now, after all these years, The Rook has returned. Like a phantom, he sweeps back into her life and avenges those who wronged her. But can she trust a man who’s been branded a rebel, a thief, and a killer? And can she trust herself to resist him when he takes her in his arms?“Byrne is a force in the genre.”—RT Book Reviews

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Catching Caden (The Perfect Game Series)

Pdf Romance Catching Caden (The Perfect Game Series)

Pdf:Catching Caden (The Perfect Game Series). If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough.It was my home run ball that shattered her face.Right along with her modeling career.Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.And get her to love the game that she hates.The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she'll just be another casualty of my three-strikes rule. The rule I have to protect my money, my future, my heart.No girl has ever broken it.I've never wanted one to.Until now.The question is ... will I let her?Catching Caden can be read as a standalone romance. It is Book One in The Perfect Game Series.Samantha Christy's collections:The Mitchell Sisters seriesPurple OrchidsWhite LiliesBlack RosesThe Stone Brothers seriesStone RulesStone PromisesStone VowsThe Perfect Game SeriesCatching CadenBenching BradyStealing SawyerStandalonesBe My ReasonAbstract LoveFinding Mikayla

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Las Vegas Sidewinders Box Set Volume 1

Pdf Romance Las Vegas Sidewinders Box Set Volume 1

Pdf:Las Vegas Sidewinders Box Set Volume 1.Are you ready to fall in love... with the Las Vegas Sidewinders?This box set includes books 1-3 of the Las Vegas Sidewinders series, as well as book 1.5 (Cody's Christmas Surprise, a holiday novella). DOM:Dom Gianni takes a lot of punishment in the hockey rink, but when he sees Molly McCarran getting beaten up by her husband, he’s ready to throw down his gloves and fight for her. But Molly isn’t about to trust another man—and Dom is already skating on thin ice with his NHL-mandated probation. Besides, how could a hotshot player like Dom really care about a woman so much older than he? CODY:After seven years of an in-name-only marriage, Cody Armstrong is determined to show his wife Size he stuck around for more than the kid. But when someone from the past shows up on Christmas Eve, Cody's big surprise--as well as his marriage--may not make it through the holidays.DRAKE:Drake Riser is a tough guy on the ice, but deep down he just wants to settle down. Major Erin Gentry has physical and emotional scars from an IED explosion. When they meet at a masquerade ball, Drake thinks Erin is exactly what he needs, but she thinks she’s too damaged to get involved with the gorgeous hockey hunk. Erin is trying to figure out what happened two years ago and put her demons to rest, while someone from her past is trying to destroy her. Drake is ready to do anything to give them a shot at love, but will they be able to put the pieces together in time to win the face-off--and the game?KARL:Karl Martennson is 6’4” of Swedish hockey-playing deliciousness who wants something more than a different girl every night. Kate Lansing is a PR whiz with trust issues who has spent her whole life battling her weight. Their one-night-stand has the potential to be more, but Karl’s crazy ex-girlfriend is determined to stop them before they reach the goal. When Karl has to go home to Sweden for a family emergency, his ex makes her move. If Kate can't find a way to trust him, she might find herself permanently benched.This book contains sexual situations and strong language not suitable for younger audiences.

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Out in the End Zone (Out in College Book 2)

Pdf Romance Out in the End Zone (Out in College Book 2)

Pdf:Out in the End Zone (Out in College Book 2).Evan di Angelo is an upbeat, good-natured goofball who loves his friends and family…and football. A traumatic accident may have ended his hopes of playing professionally, but he’s made the most of his four years on the field at a small Southern California college. He’s learned the hard way to embrace change, take chances and try things outside of his comfort zone…like agreeing to play fake boyfriends for someone else’s senior project.Mitch Peterson knows that being his authentic self is the path to true happiness. He’s grown from a shy, quiet kid from a broken home to an out and proud budding internet sensation bound for grad school. An awesome senior project is the key. It’s unlikely anyone will believe the hunky, straight athlete is Mitch’s new lover, but it’s worth a shot. However, as their tentative friendship blossoms into unexpected attraction, the lines between reality and fiction blur for both men. Evan is forced to face old demons and decide if he has the courage to take the next step and come out in the end zone.

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Men on a Mission: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Spencer Sisters Book 1)

Pdf Romance Men on a Mission: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Spencer Sisters Book 1)

Pdf:Men on a Mission: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Spencer Sisters Book 1).Four hunky marines and one very lucky girl. We lived through war together. Literally.All five of us.Then, even in civilian life, they’re still my boys, my best friends. But suddenly one goes missing.Radio silence means danger.Danger means…. reunion. Now we’re back together. This time we’re on a rescue mission. Our biggest hurdle: passion so intense, it can cloud instinct and judgment.Our most secret desires blaze into the open as years of pent up yearning prove too much to bear.Can we save him before it’s too late? If not – I’d never forgive myself.

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The Lying Game (The Game Duet)

Pdf Romance The Lying Game (The Game Duet)

Pdf:The Lying Game (The Game Duet). Amazon Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you the first book of a sexy new duet.Living for a summer in a luxury penthouse should be a fantasy brought to life, right?Not when my roommate is Carter Flynn--my sexy ex--who hates my guts.When I'm in town for a once in a lifetime dance camp, my living arrangements fall through at the last second.I have no other option but to crash with my childhood family friend and ex...turned millionaire athlete.He still hasn't forgiven me for the lie I told him years ago he claims shattered his heart.But underneath it all, there are shades of the same boy I used to know, before his heart turned to stone.I can tell myself all I want that I hate him, too. But deep in my heart, I know I've never wanted anyone more in my life.When you're playing the lying game, the most dangerous lies are the lies you tell yourself.THE LYING GAME is Book 1 of The Game Duet. It is an enemies to lovers, steamy contemporary romance.Book 2, THE END GAME, is coming October 11th.

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The Dragon Guard's Princess: A Paranormal Romance (Separated by Time Book 5)

Pdf Romance The Dragon Guard's Princess: A Paranormal Romance (Separated by Time Book 5)

Pdf:The Dragon Guard's Princess: A Paranormal Romance (Separated by Time Book 5).Ignorance is bliss unless it denies you of your heritage.At least that’s the case for Katrina. As nanny to the Dragon King, she loves taking care of the little royals. She is content with her life and her friends, even the Dragon guard, Thonis, who has been assigned by the Dragon King to protect her. In fact, she can’t wait for Thonis to make a move since she’s looking forward to getting to know him better.Thonis doesn’t mind keeping secrets, but if that secret could change Katrina’s entire life and is being denied to her, it bothers him. Katrina is the daughter that was kidnapped from the Dragon King long ago. Now she has returned but has no idea of her heritage or that she is heir to the Dragon throne. When the connection between the past and the present starts to cause trouble in both worlds, and Katrina starts to suspect Thonis is keeping something from her, she doesn’t realize that she is the key to saving them all.Will Katrina ever find out about her true heritage? Can Thonis deny her the truth and himself the attraction he feels for her?AUTHOR´S NOTE: This is a 31,500-word stand-alone paranormal romance story with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story includes alpha male, time travel, and dragon shifter elements. Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

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Ghost Clan (Phoenix Throne Book 1): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance

Pdf Romance Ghost Clan (Phoenix Throne Book 1): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance

Pdf:Ghost Clan (Phoenix Throne Book 1): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance.Unravel the mystery of the Phoenix Throne.An embattled Highlander. A time-traveling cop. An ancient curse.When Lieutenant Detective Carmen Hendricks is whisked back in time to a mysterious corner of the Scottish Highlands, she finds herself caught in a battle against forces beyond her imagination. Back home, she could rely on her gun, but the past isn’t like the future.Angus Cameron, heir to the Phoenix Throne, doesn't know what to make of the strange woman thrust into his midst, but he quickly realizes Carmen is unlike any woman he's ever met. Not only can she hold her own in a fight that would make grown men quake in their boots, but she carries the secret to reclaiming the lost Phoenix Throne from the curse enshrouding it.Can Carmen and Angus bridge the gap across the centuries to break the curse and find lasting happiness?Ghost Clan is the first book in the Phoenix Throne series. If you like burly highlanders, mystery, magic, monsters, strong heroines, and romance with fantasy/paranormal elements, then you’ll love this exciting series. Pick up your copy today!

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The Wizard: The Nogud Legacy Book 2

Pdf Romance The Wizard: The Nogud Legacy Book 2

Pdf:The Wizard: The Nogud Legacy Book 2.This morning I’m walking down that road again. But this time in the opposite direction. I’m in a really good mood. A week ago I was headed east with no idea who I was or where I was going. Today I’m headed west, toward the west bridge that crosses the river to the north. They say a man there is looking for me.Well, they say that he’s looking for a man named Joshua, but everyone assumes that it must be me. I expect that it is. He says that he needs to give me something that he’s been looking after for a long time and he wants to be done with it. He says that it belongs to me.I think he wants to give “the haunted woods” that border Paul’s farm near the village of Bonvale. It’s strange. For some reason I want to be the owner of the woods and I don’t know why. But a week ago I didn’t know my own name. I still don’t know where I came from or how I got here.I do know that I have a place to live and three beautiful girls who love me. They were all “Nogud”, the untouchable women. What a lie. They are the most beautiful and gracious women alive. But until I discovered the truth, they were shunned and made to wear a hood and a tunic that covered them from head to toe and they weren’t allowed to have a mate or any real happiness. I changed that and I intend to change that for all of them, all of the Nogud.This morning I’m going to find a man who’s looking for me. Maybe he knows where I came from.When I get home, I’m going to spend some quality time with Raven, Lark, and Viola. They are all bright and funny and marvelously sexual. I’m looking forward to it.This is the second book in my story. The Nogud Legacy, Book 2: The Wizard. I’m not really a wizard, but people say what they say. Warning…or perhaps enticements: The story of The Nogud is filled with mysteries, humor, good friendships, a bit of martial arts, post-apocalyptic fantasy, robots, and later on in the series, horrible monsters… and a lot of sex and casual nudity. The culture where our hero lives has a tradition of having more than one mate, so that’s where the sex comes into it. His story doesn’t shy away from the graphic details of any of it. It’s an adventure story for mature adults. A vicarious romp with heroes, nymphs, and pixies. Maybe you will enjoy it. Writing it was certainly a lot of fun.

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